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  1. i Can't See Me Without You- Conway Twitty
  2. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Source Code
  3. Mary Did You Know - Kenny Rogers
  4. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Cry Out
  5. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Training College
  6. A new website with loads of photos of Old Nottingham (over 20,000!) https://picturenottingham.co.uk/
  7. I see the Winter Wonderland opens in the Old Market Square tonight and the Christmas lights get switched on!
  8. Article with photos taken from an hot air balloon of Nottingham in the Post https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/history/gallery/up-up-away-see-stunning-2215468
  9. DaveN

    Stan Lee

  10. DaveN

    Bonfire night

    You don't see kids asking for "a penny for the guy".
  11. Website with history and photos of Notts hospitals. http://www.nottinghamhospitalshistory.co.uk/
  12. DaveN

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Loppylugs hope you have a Good day.
  13. Article on Peter's Church (including photos) on Post's website. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/history/bloody-history-st-peters-church-2172988
  14. History of the Nottingham building of stores with photos on Post website https://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on/shopping/debenhams-announces-closures-across-uk-2162634
  15. DaveN

    Alfreton Road

    Jill, the colliery was on the lefthand side of Nuthall Road as you went up Bobbers Mill Bridge from Alfreton Road