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  1. Ten Years Of This - Gary Stewart
  2. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Paper Towel
  3. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Shopping Centre
  4. DaveN

    John Lewis

    Wasn't John Lewis on King Street prior to the Victoria Centre being built?
  5. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Shopping Trolley
  6. DaveN

    New TV Channel

    Glad to have been some help colly.
  7. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Queen Victoria
  8. Papa Loved Mama - Garth Brooks
  9. Baby Rocked Her Dolly - Frankie Miller
  10. DaveN

    Keep One Drop One

    Street Map
  11. South Of The Border - Clay Blaker
  12. Farmer's Song (We Ain't Gonna Work For Peanuts) - (Joel Mathis)
  13. DaveN

    Vanished shops

    Many years ago there used to be quite a number of D & P shops when we used to use film in cameras.
  14. Mirrors Don't Lie - Marty Stuart