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  1. At Christmas 1953 I did a holiday job at Shipstone’s - it was part of my education! One year I worked at Player’s, which put me off smoking for life, that year I worked at Shippo’s, and it put for off drinking Shipstone’s beer for life, one year I worked in the City Treasurer’s Rates Office, and I was put off paying tax for all my life!!!
  2. Thank you, Jill, I’m sure there’s no harm done! Another member alerted me to the age difference, and seemed to think that I should set it right. I used to know someone who lived towards the top of Bobbers Mill Road when I was little. Their name was Kennedy, and their daughter Moira married a chap called Gough, who was killed in the early years of the war, serving in the RAF. Later I discovered that one of my students at Clifton was their son, Sean Gough, and we had many conversations about his mum and dad! I went to St Mary’s RC School at the top of Beaconsfield St - in those days I was a
  3. My attention has been drawn to the fact that I have been mentioned several times on this site, and that there have been disagreements concerning my date of birth. First of all, I would like to say that I am Tony Whelpton, christened Robert Anthony Whelpton, and that I was born at 2 Goodliffe St, Hyson Green on 27 January 1933. I shall be 90 next January then. Until I began National Service in the RAF in September 1951 I lived at 418 Berridge Road Central with my parents Francis Clare William Whelpton and Alice Beatrice Whelpton née Cresswell and my two sisters Margaret and Joan. I ta