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  1. It is a busy junction Lizzie I can't imagen ever wanting to live there but I might have bumped into you a few times in the early 70s
  2. Thanks for that nonna my daughter has made it but I would like to see your recipe. The problem over here is getting lovely fresh unwaxed lemons.
  3. mmmmm Limoncello got a taste for it when I was in Italy last year
  4. Happy Birthday col hope you have a good one
  5. Thanks for that CT and yes you can see Carni's house it would take me about 30 seconds to get from my back gate to Carni's back gate. It was a well worn path
  6. Most of the houses on Main Road Gedling appear to be villas CT map looks like it ends at Albert St. You got access to the back gardens of the houses from Westdale Lane to Albert St from an entry of Albert St. I lived in a row of houses just down from there and they were villas but for the life of me I can't remember the name it was never used in the address.
  7. Sounds like a nice pub Sg could we put it on our list do you think
  8. Happy Birthday letsavagoo hope you have a good one
  9. It's not letting me go on condensed either as with you Margie I thought it was something I'd done, I've been faffing about for ages trying to put it right
  10. You just have to do your research Dj, I do know there is a black stemmed one that may not send up tap roots but I don't it's name.
  11. I agree with Waddo Dj don't go there they can be a thug, You could grow it in tubs that's the only way to stop them spreading
  12. Merry Christmas to you all and a very happy new year
  13. Ha Ha Katyjay that was a blast from the past, having six brothers it was said a lot boys think they are so clever.
  14. Sorry CT missed your post, so yes my external e mail Stuart no I don't follow anyone Carni I think your pm was from the same person as my pm
  15. No Brew I only ever go on my pm though Nottsalgia, I'm wondering if it is something the sender has done but then I don't think they have my e mail add.