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    Oh yes ,I'm also known to some as Eddie.

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  1. albert smith

    Classic double acts

    This unusual pair is worth a look!
  2. albert smith

    Montserrat Caballe

    Sorry about the incorrect link earlier, this is what should have come up.
  3. albert smith

    Montserrat Caballe

  4. albert smith

    Railway Photos

    worth a look:-
  5. albert smith

    Montserrat Caballe

    Just seen a news item that Montserrat Caballe passed away on October 6th. Well remembered for this song with the late Freddie Mercury.
  6. albert smith

    Speak Nottinghameze

    Thanks Fly, I had worked out the FU bit, but? incidentally my daughter was up home last weekend from the IoW so Monday AM had a walk 'dahn town', thro' Vicky center ,nowt like that on the island, (yet!) then thro' slab square to have a look at that warehouse that Mellors bloke's had built then across to the "Malt Cross" but went into what we thought was their 'gift shop' next door (Nokky's?) Wow Nottinghamese as it is spoken but printed on every thing from fridge magnets to sweat shirts. My daughter's laughter nearly got us chucked out so on into the "Malt Cross", had a quick look at a nice selection of cask ales but settled for a nice big slice of 'Date & Walnut' cake & a coffee for just 4 quid, can recommend a visit to any one dahn town!
  7. albert smith

    Speak Nottinghameze

    "Situation Normal All Fouled Up", I remember but Foobar (Fubar) escapes me. "NAAFI" is one that could apply to quite a few individuals, particularly at the end of a phone line!
  8. albert smith

    The Old Market Square

    Just pinched this pic. off a FB site, takes your mind back
  9. I see trains are in trouble again due to "leaves on the line", it didn't happen in steam days as this picture shows the driver knew the rail was wet, he had 4 sets of points to get through and then the climb up to Lady Bay bridge. So sand is delivered under the wheels with a simple driver operated device. Obviously sand and electric motors do not mix but is a jet of heated compressed air blowing onto the rail in front of the wheels an impossibility?
  10. albert smith

    Home wine making

    Thanks Plantfit. it may be my fault as I appear to have 'saved' the copy photo incorrectly I I was going to say that all but one of these 'festivals' are now just memories due to the work involved, 14 hours on 'the' day plus judges, music & venue to be booked beforehand. The work on a personal basis has also got a bit heavy on the the knees when washing/sterilising a dozen bottles or more and as you can see all the bottles have to be finished to competition standard to have any chance of winning. ATB to Eastwood Wine Circle for their 50th. festival next April(?) I've got a couple of 'reds' and a White kit to start so I'll be seeing you all, Cheers !
  11. albert smith

    Home wine making

    It's about 25 years since my wife & I unexpectedly found ourselves members of 2 wine circles but have never regretted it due to the attached social life we've enjoyed. We soon joined in not only the making of the wine but entering in competitions with other local circles at their annual festivals taking our entries in on the Saturday morning, they were judges during the afternoon and then we returned in the evening for the dancing & presentation of trophies if successful! Oh dear, problems again with P.image ! the photo shows Bramcotes last festival 2 years ago with the entries ready for the judges but it should be up here !
  12. I remember Tommy Lawton arriving at the County ground, courtesy of the Weekly Post my Mother sent to me whilst away doing Nat.Service. I could not believe that County had £20,000 to pay for him so on 'demob' leave on Easter Monday 1948 I went to the 'Lane' see the match with Southend, they didn't give him a chance to shine leaning on his shoulders every time he went up for the ball so he 'fed' the ball to Jackie Sewel & Leon Luety for a 2-0 win! 30.000 gate?? The cobbler on the corner of Meadow Grove was named Limb (Lymn was/is the funeral people) opposite was Weatherall's bakery then came Grococks, grocers, Bennets beer off, corner of Holme St. KIrk and Makey's, the corners of Grainger St. Mr. Brunton kept the post office and Wake, later Ellery had the chip shop & the corner shop on Brand St. The 'Sunday School' photo was taken outside Bitterlings mess room, a venue always available for local celebrations!
  13. albert smith

    Could you do this?

    Yes Phil I lived to tell the tale, quite an experience but the "Fan" experience the previous week was worse! we'd heard this 'ZZzzz in the roof of the hanger and then it's our turn, climb up the ladder, enter one of several cubicles and be strapped in beside a very small fan connected by a very thin wire and then told to step out onto a 'door mat' 60 feet below!!! NO hesitation is permitted and, obviously, the fan does take your weight! Incidently the balloon photo was sold to me by an RAF corporal for 6d, he 'guaranteed' it was me on the parachute & about 20 other bods as well!
  14. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Thanks Catfan.
  15. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Not posted as wanted! tried to edit without success Sorry