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  1. Yes RR an excellent post (& a good result!) This youtube clip played by a fellow Australian Oz will make your eye's water once more.
  2. "Stag & Pheasant, first pub I ever went in Christmas Eve 1944 aged 16, ten of us all family walked home along Manvers St.,/ Meadow Lane arm & arm across the road singing carols!
  3. Ooer I clicked on to reply to CT and the picture came up preventing me replying, and it's still on my post! This particular post was 'copied & pasted' from an Email I'd received, if I'm posting a photo of my own I would use Postimage
    I'm hoping this reply will come up in 'Amusing Images'?

  4. Phew CT what a surprise that Google pic. is, if it hadn't been for the ex-railway bridge,Lady Bay, I don't think I would have recognised the area. No it's next door the bakery would have been where the 6 apex roof building is, not the 'blue, bedroom/bathroom building' although in the bottom right corner of that pic. is the start of the concrete wall i mentioned.
  5. Sorry CT, nice pic. but the confectionery/bakery was further back directly onto the river bank, a large concrete wall at that point. After the raid it was almost impossible to get into the basement to reach the casualties so a barge was tied aganst the concrete wall and a hole drilled through to complete the grisly task of recovering them. My Aunt, Hilda Frost, went into work there at 6.30 am and removed the time cards from the burning rack so it was known who were present that terrible night. The Frosts and Smiths were 3-400 yds. away on Brand St.
  6. Hooray!!! I do hope that's not premature but I've finally got an appointment for November 18th. at the QMC. for an injection under X Ray towards the base of my spine.I am advised this will relieve the symptoms in my left leg only. Any other relief appears to be a bonus! A friend of mine had a 'cortisone' injection some 20 years ago, he's now 84 and runs twice a week, 2 weeks ago he did a PB on a 'park run' of about 3 miles in a time of 37.22 minutes I'll be happy if I can walk to Bulwell Market in that time! Has anyone else had this or similar treatment with what results Please?
  7. Hi sorry for delay in replying, health's on the blink as well as the lights! Thanks Fly Chaddy's had the batteries so replaced two OK but the one shown is the one I particularly wanted to work. But no joy as the battery is inverted down that central tube with a very thin wire connecting to the terminal in the base, due to corrosion this seperated on unscrewing the 'board'. Just to rub things in one of the springs holding the glass dome to the base shot off down the garden on releasing it, so it's a 'in the bin' job. It does make you wonder though how these can be produced, put together (7 tiny scews-2 spring clips) shipped half way round the world yet sold for a'fiver'?
  8. there was a cow from hudddersfield and milk it would not yield the reason why it would not yield 'cos it couldn't stand it's udders feeled sshhh xmas cracker season is on it's way!
  9. Trust the phone to ring at an awkward moment!
  10. Honestly Ben I had not seen your post re a 'medical examination' before posting on the 'joke'page!
  11. OMG Fly, right on the doorstep and didn't give them a thought! I'll be down in the morning. Thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone for your help. I think Rr has the best idea at the Valve Shop at least the assistant will know what he's talking about as Tesco & Wilco's only know 'what it says on the tin'! Thanks again.
  13. Like so many people nowdays I have several solar lights in the garden on replacing two 'failures' the instructions state that replacement batteries can be purchased at any electrical store. The specification is AA 1.2v 150mAh Ni-MH but Wilco's & Tesco only stock AA 1.5v 'normal' batteries. Anyone changed solar type batteries recently and know where they're in stock?
  14. Just 'pinched' this of FB