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  1. albert smith

    Sneinton. Hermitage. Arches.

    Hello Oz, Yes I do know these caves as during WW2 a bloke (Sav Davis ?) chopped & bundled firewood sticks there but I don't remember car spraying there. In any case the Hermitage is the other side of the bridge although there may be another cave behind the houses used as an air raid shelter but no vehicle access.
  2. albert smith

    Sneinton. Hermitage. Arches.

    Sorry Wayne, I''m a Sneinton lad (!) but don't remember any ''arches' on the hermitage.
  3. albert smith

    Help needed

    The download/print program for my Sony DSC-W800 camera “Playmemories Home” does not work on my updated W10 computer. My son in law found me an alternative via File Explorer but a recent surge of MS updates has removed it from my desktop, I don’t want to ask my son in law again (he will say it’s my fault) so if anyone can help I’d be much obliged
  4. albert smith

    Embankment and Memorial Gardens

    Judging by some of the comments posted here the present War Memorial is lacking in maintenance so build another one in the same grounds? Incidentaly does anyone know when the balustrade & steps on the river bank were removed and what happened to them? post image
  5. albert smith

    Photos to cheer us up

    I can’t remember being prompted by the “Mirror” headline into taking this “My Home” photo but after stirring the ‘little grey cells’ the sequence was remembered! First, extend the tripod-remove camera from e r case-attach flash unit to camera (pre hot shoe!)- screw camera & flash to tripod-check view through eyelevel view finder- press button to open camera front extending bellows/lens mount-connect flash cable to synchro plug on lens mount then insert flash bulb into socket- set focus distance- set aperture- set shutter speed to 1/25th.-& ‘cock’ the shutter. The pneumatic ‘delayed action device’ was pulled out & locked, then screwed into the cable release socket giving about 10 seconds when released, for me to unstick daughter Sandra from my right leg, put her on the rug-sit myself down with the paper showing the headline “My Home” and wait for the flash to go off. “Easy”? obviously Sandra can’t sit still even 10 seconds when Dads playing with his toys! screen shot windows
  6. albert smith

    Old railway station

    Hi Ian, nice pics. did you have access to the East Block roof for the 3rd. picture? I posted a couple some time ago looking the other way taken from the Print works roof. (I was in the Litho dept. for 12 years, 1980-92)
  7. albert smith

    A few random photos - 2

    Catfan, are the gent's toilets on the left now a 'fast food' outlet?
  8. albert smith


    Well said Jill Sparrow, Chulla would have loved your poem! Regretfully I won't be at the funeral but I will be raising a glass of the amber liquid elevenish on the 18th. to the memory of a truly Super Nottstalgian. RIP Chulla
  9. albert smith

    16mm @ Elsecar

    Have I clicked on the wrong Postimage Link?
  10. albert smith

    16mm @ Elsecar

    3 Of us ignored the weather forecast last weekend but put a shovel in the boot, just in case, and went off to the model show at Warwick. More for 'garden layouts' this time like this "Jubilee", just another model till you look in the cab to realize what a fine piece of engineering it is Quite a few American diesels but those box cars seem out of place indoors and, of course, a few novelties like this "Leggo layout" but I was pleased to see one of my favorites again, the "Tin Plate Society" layout with some stock rattling around that's older than me! but I think the 'best' exhibit was unpacked just as we were leaving so was unable to get any details re the power units, the detail in the coaches was outstanding! another excellent show and "Yes" we ran into the snow when almost home so didn't need the shovel.
  11. albert smith

    Plastic waste

    Well worth a try, but will the councils &/or public take it on ? It looks like we (the people!) will have to make more effort at home too!
  12. albert smith

    Christmas Memories

    Sorry senior moment! A Very Merry Christmas to Everyone and ATB for 2018. Albert
  13. albert smith

    Christmas Memories

    I've just reminded a bloke in Oz that i may have been with his Father on Christmas day 1947 with the RM in Malta GC. We were 'duty troop', provide the Guard & all fatigues with 6 of us assigned to the Officers Mess, it was after their party the previous night, all those bottles & glasses to empty & wash! we were as p----d as newts by 11, the coffee laced with rum didn't help but somehow we managed to see the Sergeants take over the guard so the men could sit down together to be served Xmas dinner by the Colonel & Officers, very enjoyable but passed out on my bed afterwards so have no idea who cleaned up after the officers meal!
  14. albert smith

    16mm @ Elsecar

    I'd never heard of or seen a "Shay" loco until i saw the 16mm model earlier this year but now I've found this You Tube clip of 5 of the 'real' things but what the hell are they burning, oily rags?