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  1. Started to post my answers but got bogged down with a mini blog to q8, see members blogs! 6 right & a guess too.
  2. On seeing q.8 in Marys pub quiz my mind went all the way back to a Monday early in March 1948, I was on demob leave after my 2 years Nat. Service and needed to go to the National Insurance Office on Derby Rd. to become a civilian again. First surprise of the day came when my father said he would take the day off work to ‘show’ me where it was? So off we walked along Meadow lane. to catch the 43 trolley bus along Arkwright St., Carrington St. Lister Gate Albert St. Wheeler Gate then the ‘dog leg round’ Queen Victoria’s statue then on up Chapel Bar onto Derby Rd. and our stop at the RC Cathedral. Dodging the two way traffic we crossed the road where Dad said he would wait in the ‘Scotch Bar’ at the Albert Hotel. I was soon back as a civilian with ID & a ration book and joined him for my first pint! Dad remarked it was some time since he’d been in the “Hearty Goodfellow”, so back across the road for the second , George & Dragon for another where dad asked “had I ever been in ‘Dabel’s’ “(yard?). As I hadn’t we set off along Long Row, missing out Yates & the Bell, where I think this photographer anticipated the ending of our ‘together jaunt’. Approaching the “Black Boy Hotel” we turned up this yard and there was “the Locomotive Bell” or Dabels as it was better known (is my memory wrong?) We’d only been there a few minutes when 3 flower sellers came in, perished after their stint on the Market Square the barman knew them and was already pouring bottles of Guinness (Dad said ‘Fettled Porter’) into saucepans on two gas rings behind the bar adding one or two ‘additives’ he heated them up & served them in tankards to the waiting hawkers who soon drank them down! A repeat order soon had them rather vociferous so exit and across the road to another ‘new’ pub, the Guildhall, just the one and then through a narrow passage onto St. Peters Gate and a warning re the 8 Bells ( I already knew!). Walking on down Albert St. to the junction with Broad Marsh we stopped on the corner, I knew Dad had been born ‘down the Marsh’ but now standing there I had chapter & verse of his early years told ‘on site’, being born on Caynyun St. (his pronunciation, Canaan?) Attended St.Patricks school, warned twice for playing football in the street, fined 2 shillings the third time by one particular policeman! How most housewives on Saturday mornings would black-lead the fire grate-clean the windows & holystone the front door step etc. and how personal pride both in themselves & surroundings deteriorated the further into the Marsh one went Narrow Marsh becoming so bad that the Police patrolled in 2s & 3s but come Saturday night everyone would clean their selves up as best they could and be in one of the numerous ‘boozers’ singing their heads off and then come outside and settle any dispute with their fists! Poor wages and too many children meant a poor standard of life. He went on to say that the 11am mass at St.Patricks down the road was the fullest church but the poorest collection plate, the better off had already been & gone. Turning round he pointed across the to the Sawyers (Yees Q.8 in Mary’s Quiz) he said he remembered a Zeppelin air raid about 1915-6 dropping a bomb outside the pub causing a lot of damage to the frontage but no casualties but how bad the casualties could have been a couple of hundred yards away! All this talking had made him thirsty so we had to check how the damage had been repaired, again just the one then on along Carrington St.. missing out the Lincoln ‘cos some of his mates might be in there, likewise the Bentinc, I think the Queens had our custom then on down Arkwright St. missing the Crocus (barred some years previous) Sir Richard Arkwright didn’t like the beer, but had to call in to say Hello to Fred Nason at the lovely green tiled New Bridge pub. his usual Saturday lunchtime call, I’m not sure about the Greyhound before we crossed London Rd. and definitely not the Navigation on Meadow Lane ‘cos it was now past 2.30 pm. closing time! And so back home to a right ‘verbal rolling pin’ of a welcome “spoilt dinner- coming home in that condition and where have you been till now? etc. Well it was Monday so dinner was probably ‘Bubble & Squeak, cold meat (from Sunday) home made beetroot & pickles so not spoilt at all! Dad was soon asleep in his arm chair so I said I would go and lay on my bed for an hour, I couldn’t have been that bad because I took my uniform off and put it on its coat hanger,(it was the last time I wore it!) I even took my tie off then crashed out on the bed till 11am next day. Although we enjoyed his company for some 40 years after I never quite repeated the ‘time together’ of that day but I do wish I could remember all of the Nottingham history lesson I had that day.
  3. Well done Denshaw, 2 right anyway, anyone get a full house? 11 WOLLATON 12 EDWALTON 13 LOWDHAM 14 BINGHAM 15 NEWARK 16 EDWINSTOW 17THE MEADOWS 18SANDIACRE 19 EASTWOOD 20 MANSFIELD
  4. The previous time I used this quiz was at the 1/2 yearly wine/beer competition when in the 40-45 minutes the Judges needed for the 30 odd bottles entered a quiz gave them a bit of quiet, very rarely did we get a full house in the time allowed but it was only a bit of fun. But I was a little surprised when 10 correct answers were posted within 2 hours or so of being posted! Anyway for what it's worth here's the other 10;- Nottinghamshire Quiz (2) allpoint atm
  5. Time for another quiz? let's see how good you are with local geography, one or two clues may be a bit dated but it's only for fun innit?
  6. a lot out of practice so I hope this is right!
  7. Quite a few years back I was taking a stroll across Beachy Head, the path had worn away the turf through to the chalk beneath, I had taken several paces before i realised that one of the chalk fragments was too round to be natural. Retracing my steps I picked it up and on feeling the weight I almost went on my knees 50 yds. in both directions but only found the one. On visiting the castle Museum I was told it was a Roman Penny and collected by the bucketful on most Roman sites, it would be a very heavy bucket if they're this weight !
  8. After watching a rather farcial Formula 1 advert ridden replay I looked for something 'lighter & even humerous', out on freeveiw 81 I spotted "Sunday night at the Palladium" with Jimmy Tarbuck. OMG The show (date not shown) had already started and on stage was Michael Bentine doing exactly the same act that we saw him do umpteen years ago at the Empire, even at the end of his act when using a 'plumbers plunger' as a prop he did a (now aday) non pc impersonation of Paul Robesion singing 'Old Man River' and then leaving the stage with the plunger on his head a a trolley bus, at the Empire it was a 44 trolley bus going down Parliament St!. Tarbuck was Tarbuck with the "Batchelors" topping the bill, quite a trip down memory lane.
  9. Whoever 'Smudger' was he had an unusual tribute this morning when a light 'plane flew over Hempshill Vale towing a banner showing "RIP Smudger Loved you Dad XXX"
  10. Hello Bk Yes still 'present & correct' but a bit jealous of Margie able to go out walking, on an uneven path too! The furthest we've been is across the fields as far as the M1, the path is tarmaced and quite overgrown but it's amusing to see the "passing points" that have been trodden down at the pathside. Several outside jobs are on hold waitng till the grandson can come round, i told him on the phone the other day that I'd bought him a new 'toy', a cordless hedge cutter, as my side of the neighbours lleylandi hedge is due for it's annual cutback. That reminds me ,I'll be glad when Barbers can reopen as I've got quiet a curl onto my collar! CU keep taking the medicine (mines made in Scotland) ATB
  11. Just had a ‘mental blip’ whilst practising on a newly acquired IPad, my Grandson set it up and included the NS icon, so clicking on I scrolled down to ‘Pete’s Transport Forum’. For some reason it opened at page 8 and the bottom topic was headed “Mansfield Junction”, dated August 2011. 12 replies included 3 Photos from “Ashley”, one showing a Midland Compound with a nice background. So I decided to go to my computer and print off this photo only to find it was “No longer available”, back to the IPad which now confirms the computer “n l a” post. If I had seen this topic back in 2011 I would certainly have added to it but have no recollection of it so did the ‘IPad dream it or did I? PS Please don’t tell me it’s an age thing! PPS My post would have said that Mansfield Junc. was the exit point for all loco’s leaving Nottm, MP Depot.
  12. Nice photo RR and Yes I was there, quite early so when we saw the hugs & kisses the 'uniforms' were getting we dashed home to put our Army Cadet uniforms on and enjoyed the rewards! It was all very sociable and I don't recollect any drunkenness, probably due to the shortage of beer with lots of pubs closing mid evening. Back then there were two flag poles in front of the lions this Canadian Pilot officer climbed the right hand one and sat on the 'button' to a tremendous cheer and then climbed the council house wall onto the balcony to shake hands with the Lord Mayor to another cheer.Anybody Good at jitterbugging would soon clear a hole in the crowd otherwise it was singing the war time songs and rocking along to them until someone started another 'Conga' line around the square. On the saturday Uncle Fred Frost organised the street party ably supported by the Brand St Mums, as usual Bitterlings messroom was readily available for social functions.