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  1. I think it was posted on FB by "Nottingham from the Past" but it said it was Hempshill Lane, a comment asked ''was it the darts Team outing? Typically FB took it down next day but I thought DJ360 might have recognised it!
  2. Reading all these post makes me feel very much a 'newbie' but the calendar tells me that in two weeks time we will have live just off Hempshill Lane for 35 years so Thanks for the history lesson. I had never heard of the Black Horse before DJ360's post but just this evening whilst catching up on some FB notifications this pic. came up!
  3. Many Thanks everyone for the Good Wishes and Yes we (I) had a very good birthday & even better Christmas day when our youngest daughter & 2 grandsons joined us for dinner and an extended 'chat' into early evening. Our sons present was a 'video phone' device on the TV so we can see them, this really paid off this afternoon when our elder daughter 'phoned' from the Isle of Wight to show us a picture of our third Great grandchild due to arrive on July 11th. OK it was only a scan but so clear you could almost say 'Hello', but No, GD in Law doesn't want to know till his/her birthday so we'
  4. Well 3rd. try seems to have worked but as the saying goes "wine cannot be appreciated whilst the cork is in the bottle" I'd better see if it's true screen shot windows 7 Yes it's true so if it's not to late here's to a Happy &
  5. How about these for a combined birthday/Christmas present
  6. But what happened to those concrete warehouses, obviously demolished but why leave the basin?. I don't think it's been used since the barges stopped coming.
  7. Good advice Oz but in these times of 'on line' shopping there has to be an element of trust, obviously with this product it's been abused. Garden Shop on FB, Garden fields Aix le Provence72 on my CC account were the culprits. I'm pleased to say both the £29.99 & the 'extra item' @ £19.99 have been credited to my account
  8. Re battery powered tools, in the past 6 weeks or so over 30 different 'firms' have advertised on FB a " hand held, battery powered chain saw", all ( but one, Stihl!) used the same demo video which made it look so easy! As I have some heavy pruning to do I fell for the first one I saw, my order was acknowledged twice but I noticed the second Email had a different number so after 9 days I emailed again asking "why the delay", the reply blamed the virus problem but said the order was 'on it's way' it also pointed out "No refund due on discounted items" . A check on my credit card account showed
  9. Harry & Andrew were they missed? The occasion was minimal but just as emotive as was the Beebs offering last night some of the tributes were very moving. One item will stick in my mind when this poem was read out. Written by a Canadian Pilot Officer shortly before he was killed in the Battle of Britain I photographed it some years ago at Fenny Bentley, Fighter Command HQ, I have posted it before but I think it's worth repeating>
  10. Started to post my answers but got bogged down with a mini blog to q8, see members blogs! 6 right & a guess too.
  11. On seeing q.8 in Marys pub quiz my mind went all the way back to a Monday early in March 1948, I was on demob leave after my 2 years Nat. Service and needed to go to the National Insurance Office on Derby Rd. to become a civilian again. First surprise of the day came when my father said he would take the day off work to ‘show’ me where it was? So off we walked along Meadow lane. to catch the 43 trolley bus along Arkwright St., Carrington St. Lister Gate Albert St. Wheeler Gate then the ‘dog leg round’ Queen Victoria’s statue then on up Chapel Bar onto Derby Rd. and our stop at the RC Cat
  12. Well done Denshaw, 2 right anyway, anyone get a full house? 11 WOLLATON 12 EDWALTON 13 LOWDHAM 14 BINGHAM 15 NEWARK 16 EDWINSTOW 17THE MEADOWS 18SANDIACRE 19 EASTWOOD 20 MANSFIELD
  13. The previous time I used this quiz was at the 1/2 yearly wine/beer competition when in the 40-45 minutes the Judges needed for the 30 odd bottles entered a quiz gave them a bit of quiet, very rarely did we get a full house in the time allowed but it was only a bit of fun. But I was a little surprised when 10 correct answers were posted within 2 hours or so of being posted! Anyway for what it's worth here's the other 10;- Nottinghamshire Quiz (2) allpoint atm
  14. Time for another quiz? let's see how good you are with local geography, one or two clues may be a bit dated but it's only for fun innit?
  15. a lot out of practice so I hope this is right!