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  1. The 'Topic' says ''Vikings on the Trent', I recollect reading an account of these 'invaders' not the title but I feel sure it was by Bernard Cornwell, one of his very good historical novels.
  2. Oh Mary ,do Saturday night 'sing songs' still happen? 20mins. ago I could give several but click on 'reply' and my minds a blank, Uncle Len could give a good rendering of "If you were the only girl in the world" whilst my mate ,Jack Thompson, had the ladies attention with "That old Black Magic". Dad's contribution was usually sung outside after about 20mins. saying "Good night", ' It's just a little street where old friends meet I'd like to wander back some
  3. PS to previous post, when I say 'by hand' we did have spades of course!
  4. Sorry HSR but there was a 'Pitch & put course' at the top of Greenwood Rd. opposite Ripon Rd. tickets to play were 'bought' at the Bowling Green keepers hut, trouble was it was out of sight of the keeper so if you had your own clubs no one was around to check you, same problem at Southwold(?) so we lost both of them! Colwick woods have some very good memories for me being in the Army Cadets at Jesse Boot School (1942-46) and training in the woods but before that during the war time "Dig For Victory" campaign the playing field at JB was dug up by hand, quite a lot by Sneinton Boulevar
  5. Many Thanks for replies, sorry i was a bit short on the tecknics 'cos I'm not too sure myself. The camera device is a "Portal" installed as a Xmas present by my son and it clips on top of the TV, it's served via my computer router to my Facebook account and as far as I know my daughter uses a 'messenger app' on her phone to connect Up to last week it's been brilliant as you can see in the first photo it's like having her sat in the corner of the living room, every thing except the glasses clinking! My son will call us tomorrow for his weekly chat but he'll be on a laptop, just a thought I'll
  6. Help needed (again!)2weeks ago Can anyone tell me why the picture has changed, my daughter lives in the Isle of Wight and we have a "drink together" every Wednesday but this week both the image and sound were u elp?
  7. Thanks for the Good Wishes, I'll pass them on. Highlight of the day was at 3pm. when the 'Portal' device (Xmas present!) on the TV lit up and my Daughter in Law had programmed a family meet up, son & wife,2 grandsons & wives, the 2 great grand children and then our daughter in Arnold joined in so we had 5 pictures on the screen for an hours chat. They closed the chat when the light started flashing again and our daughter & son in law down in the Isle of Wight came on for another 50 minutes chat, very thirsty time so good job I had a couple of bottles open.
  8. I 'cut' it with a stiff broom several times a year otherwise NO maintenance required and from a short distance it still looks good but a close look does show up several small patches of moss which is why I asked for suggestions for removal or prevention? i.e. do the chemical 'Moss killers' etc. stain the 'grass' ?
  9. Many years ago my English teacher told the class " there is no such word in the English langwidge as 'GOT', I usually try not to use it but as Compo say's there are times when you just have to! The worst culprit I know is Alexander Armstrong on the TV program 'Pointless' when he turns round saying "and on the board we have GOT......",
  10. I know its not every ones favorite but i have a 'labour saving' front lawn, it's on plenty of sand plus a membrane and is 5 years old. While sweeping some debris off it I noticed i now have several patches of moss, the stiff brush helped but its definitely not labour saving. Does anyone have an answer Please?
  11. Still not sorted this photoimage, i tried to put these two together for comparison but got it wrong. This one is from a OS1940 edition map, the previous is I think more 1970s. so shows quite a bit of the building that taken place, including the completion of Aspley & Broxtowe estates also the Apollo & Snapewood estates The mini estate I'm on, Meadow Rise, is fitted in between Hemp. Lane, Low wood Rd. & the cemetery.
  12. I think it was posted on FB by "Nottingham from the Past" but it said it was Hempshill Lane, a comment asked ''was it the darts Team outing? Typically FB took it down next day but I thought DJ360 might have recognised it!
  13. Reading all these post makes me feel very much a 'newbie' but the calendar tells me that in two weeks time we will have live just off Hempshill Lane for 35 years so Thanks for the history lesson. I had never heard of the Black Horse before DJ360's post but just this evening whilst catching up on some FB notifications this pic. came up!