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  1. albert smith

    Photos to cheer us up

    Didn't we used to have reference numbers in the top right corner so as to be able to join a topic days/weeks later?
  2. Evening all, two weeks since the MRI Scan and 4 phone calls to the surgery "No results yet Mr Smith but keep calling it can take 8-10 weeks before we hear anything"! I've knocked off the codeine's and down to 4 paracetamols as the pains just a general ache around the hips unless I do something silly like putting in the bedding plants then it's a job getting out of bed next morning! Still no dancing, I just go for a chat whilst Barbara has learned to dance with lady partners, we have some very good friends who make sure we get out & about. Barbecue last Sunday, weren't we lucky!, Duchess Theatre last night so we don't do so bad! But I can't see myself walking the mile & a quarter to Bulwell Market in under 19 minutes in the forseable future, pity
  3. albert smith

    Anyone walk down Drury Hill?

    In my 'teens' I called in a barbers on Drury Hill, it's the only time I've ever been asked "Something for the weekend Sir"?
  4. I nearly put this post on the “Why” topic because that’s what I’ve been asking myself ever since my ‘ailment’ started @11.30pm on Friday, December 7th. last year! To explain I have to go back to my teen years when I saw a demonstration of ‘Indian Club' swinging’ by the Boy’s Brigade, I was so impressed I went straight down to Redmayne & Todd’s and bought myself a pair. They’re still on top of the wardrobe, unable to be used indoors ‘cos of the low ceilings. About the same time I was able to attend 2X2 week courses at the Army School of Physical Training, and qualified as a PT instructor in the Army Cadets, one of the instructors frequently used the phrase “Use it or Lose it”, an instruction I’ve tried to follow ever since, particularly since ‘retirement’ 25 years ago. Over the years a ’loose sequence’ of exercises has evolved, as much for mobility as fitness, so lots of stretching & bending, club swinging without the clubs and even ‘hula hoop’ without the hoop, and usually ending ‘punching’ towards the ceiling then slowly and still punching outwards bend down to punch the carpet 10 times between my toes, repeated three times! So WHY on December 7th. after over 70 years did I start with the stretch for the ceiling and then find myself punching the carpet? I actually came down for the 2nd. sequence when this “Catherine Wheel” of a firework exploded at the base of my spine. Such was the fury the ‘fire’ reached across the hips & down both legs worse than an electric shock because 6 months on the effects are still ongoing! To cut a long story short the transition from being possibly the fittest eightynine year old in Bulwell to a walking stick dependant semi invalid is a bitter pill to swallow together with the 8 Paracetamols & 4 Codeins per day. I'll finish my self inflicted moan with the 'Good news', I have an appointment for a MRI Scan tomorrow,Tuesday, at the QMC. Keep your fingers "X" Please.
  5. albert smith

    Sneinton Over The Years

    The caption for Picture 3 is wrong, it's looking away from Sneinton Hermitage and that'.s the Earl Manvers in the background
  6. albert smith

    Nottm At War 1939-1945.

    Re. Hutton St. picture, I was late for school (Sneinton Blvd.) watching a body being carried from the debris!
  7. albert smith

    Re Day Trips Topic

    !Nice Post Oz but as Fly says ‘Short Rest Trips’ should be great if they run as planned by the “Brains upstairs”. Most Nottingham Drivers had very good ‘road cards’ covering the jobs worked from the depot, outside of these boundaries ie. Rhyl beyond Crewe, Blackpool beyond M’chester etc. a relief crew or if cheaper a conductor/driver would be needed to the destination. Once there it usually depended on the local manpower to see to the engine etc. for the return trip. The “Raleigh” works outing is a good example of the logistics involved, 6 trains, 6 ‘Jubilee’ engines with “Raleigh” reserved for the Directors train (with dining car!) all to be assembled, cleaned & ready to depart in about a 90 minute slot from the station and fitted in to the timetable to where ever they were going & returning the same night, and that's just one station & loco on one day. Good job ‘Northern Rail’ weren’t in charge! Incidentally Nottingham MPD had a 'London short rest' all the year round rostered into No.1 link. On duty 6.30 am. work the 7.30ish semi fast express to London, engine taken to Kentish Town Loco to be turned etc. The afternoon was your own but back at 6.15 to work back to Nottingham and finish about 11.15 pm. About 1960 ? Christmas Day fell on a Sunday, the the crew turned in, took 10 coaches to London with 1 (ONE) Passenger. NONE on the evening return trip! The following year all train workings on Christmas Day & New Years Day was permanently stopped. Of course Loyalty was part of the job in those days!
  8. albert smith

    Railway Photos

    More TA going to annual camp.
  9. albert smith

    Day Trips

    Hi Oz they certainly would, I've put a fuller reply to your comment on 'Firbecks Transport Topic'.
  10. Re a "Day Trip" Topic. Yes Oz lots of job practices have changed since those days, Sunday working is now voluntary, on a public transport system? back then you had a booked turn every 4th. Sunday and be available on the 2nd Sunday as well. Very rarely refused as they & overtime were the only bonuses to a rather poor wage. Excursions on Sundays & bank holidays were usually called "short rest" where the crew were 'off duty' for less then 9 hours at the outward station the crew would be paid continuous from sign on to sign off as it was not practical for two crews to be used. (and cheaper!) Re. the 26hr. Saturday shift I've asked my mate retired engine driver Derek Bacon to comment, he thought it may have been 'exceptional' with the football and the Illuminations coinciding and the error with the relief train not helping matters! He also thought I should have worked out the overtime due for that day, 5,45am on duty til 1.45 normal pay , 1.45-10.00pm OT @ time & quarter, 10pm,-12.00mn.OTtime & half, 12mn.-8.00am Sunday rate time & threequarters. We made it about 27.20 OT for the day plus I probably worked a 'rest day' during the week and even with that I doubt i would have taken home more than £20.00 in the packet! As you say times & rates of pay have changed.
  11. albert smith

    Day Trips

    Let’s get this ‘Day Trip’ topic back on track as I’m old enough to remember when half the back page of the E.Post listed all the different rail trips available that weekend. (full page at Bank holidays) As a railway fireman I also worked on quite a few, the first one I remember was Easter Sunday 1950 when the Ilkeston Labour Party ran a trip from Ilkeston (run round the train via Bennerly Junc.) to Rhyl. Nth. Wales. 10 coaches & a ‘Black 5’ in charge. Bit of a ‘hic up’ at Crewe as no conductor to Rhyl waiting , 20 minutes before one turned up looking forward to the overtime he would be on! Nice day at Rhyl (muddy beach?) but had to go in the Conservative Club for a drink as the Pubs were shut on Sundays! On the return we dropped the conductor off at Crewe quite ‘chuffed’ with his ‘soft’13 hours at Sunday rate whilst we arrived back at Ilkeston just after 12.00 then ’empty stock’ back to Nottingham for a 22 hour shift! But the day trip that sticks in my mind was the first match of the 1959 football season, Forest at Blackpool and Jayne Mansfield switching on the Illuminations, which in those days went all along the seafront. 3 trains going but 1 was a summer train not returning until Sunday afternoon. We were the 2nd. excursion picking up at most Erewash stations to Codnor then over Butterly, Ambergate etc. and a conductor again from M’chester into Blackpool. Not due back until 11.50pm so my driver went to the match whilst I went to bed for a couple of hours. We still had time for a stroll onto the seafront to see the lights switch on when this big black car stopped in front of us, I couldn’t see the back seat passengers face due to the roof line but, believe me, Jayne Mansfields claim to a 44”bust was no exaggeration! Management knew from the tickets sold that 2 trains couldn’t manage the number of day trippers so had “arranged” a duplicate to us, unfortunately given our same number & timing. So at 11.50 pm we sat & watched him leave, then backing onto ‘our’ train we told the station foreman of the ‘probable’ error only to be forcibly told to P---Off”, he’d been on duty 12 hours and he’d dealt with 33 extra trains that afternoon! Passing thro’ M’chester the conductor shouted “you are Nottm. men aren’t you ‘cos somebody was flashing a light back there”! Too late to stop we carried on about 4 miles to where the conductor was due to leave us anyway and there in front of us was the duplicate train with the relief crew to Nottingham now 4 miles behind! With hindsight only one train should have been late into Nottingham but that night 2 trips had a longer ‘day trip’ than expected. So did we as by the time we got back, took the train to the sidings & returned to the Loco it was 8 am, over 26 hours after signing on on Saturday morning!
  12. albert smith

    Meadow Lane Area

    Hi Philip, 'Clifton' provided this photo some time ago. It must have been taken about the time we moved into the bottom of Grainger St., early 1930s. Then the family mystery starts somehow in the next 6/7 years we moved 'upmarket' into first 25 Brand St.then across into No.10 Brand St. (3 Beds. & a 'hall' entrance!) where Mum & Dad stayed until rehoused prior to demolition, my wife & I leaving in 1953. The only "pull" with the agent that we can put these upgrades down to is a 'clean rent book' possibly a rarity in the 1930s!
  13. albert smith

    Classic double acts

    This unusual pair is worth a look!
  14. albert smith

    Montserrat Caballe

    Sorry about the incorrect link earlier, this is what should have come up.