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  1. I remember Tommy Lawton arriving at the County ground, courtesy of the Weekly Post my Mother sent to me whilst away doing Nat.Service. I could not believe that County had £20,000 to pay for him so on 'demob' leave on Easter Monday 1948 I went to the 'Lane' see the match with Southend, they didn't give him a chance to shine leaning on his shoulders every time he went up for the ball so he 'fed' the ball to Jackie Sewel & Leon Luety for a 2-0 win! 30.000 gate?? The cobbler on the corner of Meadow Grove was named Limb (Lymn was/is the funeral people) opposite was Weatherall's bakery then came Grococks, grocers, Bennets beer off, corner of Holme St. KIrk and Makey's, the corners of Grainger St. Mr. Brunton kept the post office and Wake, later Ellery had the chip shop & the corner shop on Brand St. The 'Sunday School' photo was taken outside Bitterlings mess room, a venue always available for local celebrations!
  2. albert smith

    Could you do this?

    Yes Phil I lived to tell the tale, quite an experience but the "Fan" experience the previous week was worse! we'd heard this 'ZZzzz in the roof of the hanger and then it's our turn, climb up the ladder, enter one of several cubicles and be strapped in beside a very small fan connected by a very thin wire and then told to step out onto a 'door mat' 60 feet below!!! NO hesitation is permitted and, obviously, the fan does take your weight! Incidently the balloon photo was sold to me by an RAF corporal for 6d, he 'guaranteed' it was me on the parachute & about 20 other bods as well!
  3. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Thanks Catfan.
  4. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Not posted as wanted! tried to edit without success Sorry
  5. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    I passed on the map, pic & some of the comments to my uncle and he's written back, he's 94, lives alone and I don't think he writes many letters but he does have a style & a sense of humor. I think his letter is well worth sharing so I hope you'll agree? pc screenshot
  6. albert smith

    Could you do this?

    Oh yes, I remember it well. That first jump on the parachute course from that tethered balloon raised to 900 ft. then singly from the door way, then 7 more all different exits from the old 'Dakota's taking off from Upper Heyford and jumping at Weston on the Green. We were billeted at Middleton Stoney midway between the two and when marching to one or the other we sang songs of the ilk "they scraped him off the tarmac like a lump of strawberry jam" etc All for 2/6 per day! create image url
  7. albert smith

    Thought for the day

    sign of the times!
  8. albert smith


    Yes, I think it was only when Amy Johnson went missing in fog over the Thames estuary that folk realized what a lonely, dangerous job they did, and did so well. RIP Mary the last of the 'other Few'.
  9. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Thanks DW for confirmation & picture, I'll pass it on to my uncle asap. I know what he'll say"B----- hell, spectacular way to get rid of a few fleas & bugs". But as things turned out it made for a very realistic drill and a show for the 'natives'. Margie, it was quite a lot before your time! CU on Tuesday.
  10. albert smith

    Narrow Marsh

    Just managed to contact my last remaining uncle,age 94, he confirmed my grandparents lived in Caanan St. and my father & several brothers & 1 sister being born there. later moving to Albion St. (bottom left on map) He told me that during the demolition the work stopped as the men were taking too much "livestock" home with them whilst the rats & mice were also causing problems! He also confirmed a childhood memory I have was a 'true' one, apparently the council set the Marsh on fire one Sunday morning to deal with the infestation, The University Air Squadron took advantage of this unusual event by pretending to attack the area with 'flour bombs', (not 100% about explosives being used at the same time?) The memory I have is of seeing these RAF marked biplanes diving across the Meadows and down onto the Broad Marsh area, it was definitely a Sunday morning in 1937 or '38. Are we both mistaken? Anyone confirm?
  11. albert smith

    Anyone remember the Railway Club - Wilford Lane

    Sign of the times Cliff, I bet there'll be a dozen or more houses squeezed on the site as some of those Victorian houses do occupy some land. The height of the ceilings don't make for economy when turned into flats, sorry, apartments!
  12. albert smith

    Anyone remember the Railway Club - Wilford Lane

    Yes I remember the BRSA club on Wilford Lane as one of the better bits to follow nationalization was sports facilities for ALL the staff, not just the salaried section! With another fireman,Derek Bacon, we & others resurrected the LMR Rifle club with rifles & equipment provided by the BRSA. As secretary I was on the committee which bought No.32 Wilford Lane, the chairman was Dvr. Ted Croll but the rest of the "officials"were from the salaried grade. It proved very popular with all ranks with a full house at weekends and particularly on 'matchdays'. I lived this side of Trent Bridge and like Alison enjoyed the walk along the Embankment, over Speni and the path behind the "Plaisance Yacht Club" (long gone!) and into the back gate, Happy memories. The photos show how it looked then and the original lounge. how to use print screen
  13. albert smith

    Sneinton. Hermitage. Arches.

    Hello Oz, Yes I do know these caves as during WW2 a bloke (Sav Davis ?) chopped & bundled firewood sticks there but I don't remember car spraying there. In any case the Hermitage is the other side of the bridge although there may be another cave behind the houses used as an air raid shelter but no vehicle access.
  14. albert smith

    Sneinton. Hermitage. Arches.

    Sorry Wayne, I''m a Sneinton lad (!) but don't remember any ''arches' on the hermitage.
  15. albert smith

    Help needed

    The download/print program for my Sony DSC-W800 camera “Playmemories Home” does not work on my updated W10 computer. My son in law found me an alternative via File Explorer but a recent surge of MS updates has removed it from my desktop, I don’t want to ask my son in law again (he will say it’s my fault) so if anyone can help I’d be much obliged