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  1. Just had a ‘mental blip’ whilst practising on a newly acquired IPad, my Grandson set it up and included the NS icon, so clicking on I scrolled down to ‘Pete’s Transport Forum’. For some reason it opened at page 8 and the bottom topic was headed “Mansfield Junction”, dated August 2011. 12 replies included 3 Photos from “Ashley”, one showing a Midland Compound with a nice background. So I decided to go to my computer and print off this photo only to find it was “No longer available”, back to the IPad which now confirms the computer “n l a” post. If I had seen this topic back in 2011 I would certainly have added to it but have no recollection of it so did the ‘IPad dream it or did I? PS Please don’t tell me it’s an age thing! PPS My post would have said that Mansfield Junc. was the exit point for all loco’s leaving Nottm, MP Depot.
  2. Nice photo RR and Yes I was there, quite early so when we saw the hugs & kisses the 'uniforms' were getting we dashed home to put our Army Cadet uniforms on and enjoyed the rewards! It was all very sociable and I don't recollect any drunkenness, probably due to the shortage of beer with lots of pubs closing mid evening. Back then there were two flag poles in front of the lions this Canadian Pilot officer climbed the right hand one and sat on the 'button' to a tremendous cheer and then climbed the council house wall onto the balcony to shake hands with the Lord Mayor to another cheer.Anybody Good at jitterbugging would soon clear a hole in the crowd otherwise it was singing the war time songs and rocking along to them until someone started another 'Conga' line around the square. On the saturday Uncle Fred Frost organised the street party ably supported by the Brand St Mums, as usual Bitterlings messroom was readily available for social functions.
  3. Ok, Ok and now for something completely different!!!!.....
  4. Oooh you're too kind Cliff ton, here's a more up to date one from last year, I'd use it for my avotar if I knew how! and Yes Margie it was hand coloured, I once compared notes with Chulla over this as we both still have the Kodak tints in book form.
  5. Ooooh Shhhugar managed to get Photoimage working, even if it is too big! Thank You everyone for your Good Wishes
  6. Would you credit it? It's 70 years ago today when this photo was taken and this b----y virus wont let us celebrate. Commiserations to Burntstump Pub who've also missed out! Damn, Photo's too big and I don't know how to resize it, oh yes photoimage has also packed up ? not my day!
  7. Oops, I thought I'd copied a picture of a "Nightingale ward" at the General Hospital. I still think they were better than the 6 bed bays of 'better' & later hospitals.
  8. OMG no wonder it was flattened when this lot exploded!
  9. So long as he kept his hat on my sergeant major would have passed it!
  10. Way off topic I know but back in the 1950's I was a railway fireman at Nottingham, one of our weeks work was the 5.20 pm'all stations' to Newark Castle. The 'rule book' said that the driver must platform the train but the 'brains' overlooked the fact that the train had 5 coaches whilst all the platforms except Rolleston (for the race course!) was only 4 coaches in length! Luckily the passengers, mostly from Head office Station St. helped us to almost to keep time by occupying the coaches nearest their exit. so at Carlton we ran the first coach past the platform knowing there were nobody for Carlton in it, Burton Joyce passengers were in the first two coaches so we stopped in the platform nearest the exit, ditto at Lowdham etc but even with this assistance we were always a minute or two lat at Newark.
  11. "Where are you going Mam?"--- "Back of Doyles egging". Quite a few years on and I'm still no wiser!
  12. With apologies if this has been posted before, just pinched it off FB
  13. Yes RR an excellent post (& a good result!) This youtube clip played by a fellow Australian Oz will make your eye's water once more.