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  1. Outside my family connection, this is in my top 5 Nottingham pictures!
  2. Fould's music shop was here early eighties, did they take over the Brentnall's premises?
  3. Apologies for varying from the bus theme..the first of the last two pic's is confusing..left of the bus .. surely Market St? the white & brown building layout little individual windows, I have no recollection of..do recall a old fashioned tobacconist. Second picture, one of only two toilet's, the other being Broad March (Horrendous Smell) that I used on a regular basis! Both had attendants if I remember correctly.
  4. Was it the Sweeney or the The Professionals or both where the good guys always drove Ford's..The bad in something British normally Jag's? early product placement? Do recall Reagan having a white mini in one episode.
  5. HSR

    Freddie Starr

    Yes ..Good Tom Jones..totally smoked Jagger when it came to a James Brown impersonation.. on holiday with my parents .Great Yarmouth Pier..also Charlie Drake
  6. HSR


    No Recollection of that pub on Derby road.Outside my limited area.Do recall the Ian Hunter Band playing the runner about '95 also Pat Traver's which I did attend. Leslie West was also lined up but unfortunately cancelled. These were day's of extortionate door charge's of 5 to 7 pounds! Remember the marine shop also. Big Grey Dinghy outside?
  7. HSR


    Also recall at the Mardi Gras..about 1985, Nik Turner's Inner City Unit .. tree trunk shaped guitars.
  8. HSR

    Notts County

    Enjoy It Oztalgian.. wouldn't be my personal preference..
  9. HSR


    John Coghlan on drums! I recall also seeing them at the Mardi Gras. Thanks for the reminder!
  10. HSR

    Notts County

    I'm a Forest fan..but sad to see Nott's go out the League..hope they bounce straight back. My fear, even with a half a million parachute that quality ground is going to take some maintenance. God forbid that ground merger idea coming back to the table.
  11. HSR


    Been thing hard..could possibly have seen the Groundhogs three times at the Mardi Gras..the support band I was thinking of was roughly 1990 but in general don't recall it being open that late. Black flying V..They were named after an Album title or song..major stab in the dark..Kings of Oblivion?
  12. HSR


    pacing mesen! Plummet Airlines & Clint Bestwood .. Brilliant Harry.. May have played the runner but don't think Dumpy was local.. Gaffa & Desperate Dan ..superb! Bad Axe?!
  13. HSR


    You mentioned the name before & I am familiar but can't put a face. Do you remember Dumpy's Rusty Nuts.i'm sure they supported the Groundhogs at the Mardi Gras in about '84. I am racking my brains to remember who supported them on the other occasion..it was a localish Nottingham Band..very good singer.
  14. HSR

    How's your day?

    Cat & Dog food..here I come! Maybe not ..it's probably more expensive than the budget range human consumption.
  15. HSR

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Thanks Cliffton the social history aspect makes the pictures even more interesting..I'll have read of that link..