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  1. Recall Ten Years After playing at a TV series based in Nottingham about 1985. Possibility called Roadblock? Advertised on Radio Trent, Tickets were free or 50p picked up at the small kiosk in Victoria Centre near Jessops and Victoria market. Gig was in the Radford area, guessing Cental studio. had at least two overhead cameras that were constantly on the move, I was standing at the rear but really annoying if you didn't want to appear on the tele! I i coudn't make it, but think Hawkind also appeared in this series,
  2. Sussed it! Went to visit my daughter today, she has the internet, Google maps, it was the Old Vic, this is interesting to me as I am familiar with it, must have been my first visit and didn't get in..sold out. Makes sence..I saw John Hammond Jnr solo here later and it was packed & I mean packed! Occasionally caught a glimpse of the headstock and the first two frets of the guitar, fantastic gig ! a real highlight. I'm sure this was promoted by the Nottingham Blues Society..any recollection or info?
  3. 1997 for me Beekay, gets the grey matter ticking over don't it! Took a snapshot of the mural picture, gave me the ability to zoom in. think it's not a rat run! I only ever caught Buses here at night. If I remember correctly all the aisles are roughly right of the photographer, unlike Victoria nothing on the mural side and it was dark in there. Think there were about thirteen aisles in total..The bus I caught.went to Bingham, can't recall the number of the bus but the aisle was about where the pic was taken. No 12? If I approached from the Subway my head would do a left.. what's that bl**dy stench! like the chap in the picture! Where the vertical pole of the fence 'points' behind the car.. would that be the Sherwood Rooms?
  4. Inappropriately posted the first part of my Jack Bruce in Nottingham memories in the 'what are you listening to' thread. The three times I gained entry, all at the Palais were1984 twice and 85-86. The second time was Clem Clempson on guitar also I think third. I recall Clem having to leave the stage do to heat exhaustion on one of the occasions, possibility fainted? Also recall Jack Doing 'Theme for an Imaginary western' solo on keyboard and stopping after the intro...a few expletives later starting the song again! Fuzzy about the fourth time, didn't get in due to sold out..somewhere a left at the top of Hockley.
  5. I have no recollection of that mural in pic 3 ! Was it a long term fixture? Do remember the smell of the public toilet's though! Great pics and memories ! no 8 is a my favourite.
  6. Remember the Trinity square pet shop, thought the animals appeared well treated. Were they Piranha in the tanks? high tanks to the right of the door, certainly looked like it. Remember feeling sorry for the Mcaw, not for sale me thinks but got lot's of attention! Shame to see loss of the high street pet shop, recall a good one in Arnold. Didn't know that aquatic supermarkets existed!
  7. HSR

    Help Needed

    Back on topic did a quick search, I'm sure others picked up on, references to the Robin Hood Bicycle Company Nottingham. Maybe connected but a very generic name. Their adverts in The forties quote bikes in 'austerity colours' ?
  8. HSR

    Help Needed

    Gave you a like DJ, not sure about the ambivalent though. Mentioned before about a couple of close shaves with pavement cyclists and had another one since! Thankfully relearnt my highway code to incorporate this. Pavement..no lights or bell..I am sure many people must have been injured by these Ba**ards! My great uncle was a leading airmen in the RAF based at RAF Grantham from 1921 to at least 1932 (not as grandiose as it sounds, his duties where anything from general maintenance to making cups of tea). In 1924 he was fined for having no front light on his bicycle and I bet he wasn't on the pavement!
  9. HSR

    Things that pee you off

    I'm sure there is a thread along the lines of 'bands you've seen In Nottingham'. Used the search feature..can I find it! .
  10. HSR

    Things that pee you off

    If your TV has freesat..many do nowadays, simply attach the coaxial cable from the dish to the input on the TV.
  11. HSR


    Very true! But to me it's a record label, In regard to Free Cavity Wall insulation..my local dentistry doesn't provide it!
  12. Must confess, I thought the Alexis Korner show was April '84, so much so I plonked my size 13 feet on the ladders to the loft..normally when I want something I leave it to my more nimble daughter! I was looking for a cassette tape..Spot on Cliffton! June 5th spoken by John Shaw on Trent, the Folk show, this was broadcast a few weeks later, Grandad recorded it for me as I didn't reside in Nottingham. At one time it was on utube, don't know if it still is, but missing the interviews with Jack, Iain Stewart and Jimmy Page. As for the gig itself, while being very well attended it didn't feel overcrowded, listening to the interviews think it was kept a little 'hush hush' who was appearing..a truly magical night, if I could 'revist' this would be the one. Sorry for the ramble..Jack Bruce part 2 to come
  13. Could talk Jack Bruce & Nottingham, saw him three times in the eighties and refused entry on another occasion, due to being sold out. Amazed that a certain gig hasn't been mentioned on here!
  14. HSR


    Went to a couple of Glastonbury's 1983-86 , for me the best performers were off the main stages.. Courtney Pine! Never heard of him previously. MeltonStilton..recall Hawkwind at Stonehenge was it '84?. In a similar vein Nostell Priory about '82 Jethro Tull. & Acid days at Finsbury Park again Hawkwind.
  15. HSR


    Regarding set times, I think they had it right in the 70-80's. Roughly 30 mins openers rising to 45 mins mid set, third on the bill 1 hour, second 80 mins. Headliners full set.. 100 mins to 2 hours plus. Radford Red, 45 mins wouldn't leave much time after a Bonzo drum solo! I have no way of knowing if this is fact or fiction but a music forum mate attended a Deep Purple gig at the Nottingham Ice Stadium roughly 2006, Styx were supporting and had tech problems, thus show running 20 -30 mins late. Deep Purple had to shorten thier solos to complete the set list in the specified time. Every minute they ran over incurred a fine, unlikely to bother them, simply running over the allotted time wasn't an option.