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  1. First attempt at this, appears to have worked! There's another show that has some fantastic bluegrass.have DVD.i can't view utube due to data limitations..
  2. HSR


    That's interesting.havent heard that for over thirty years. maybe some Nottingham musical connection..
  3. Battery was flat..so rush job.. Not so much a joke, more a dry cynical oberservation, Not sure if it's still the case. Fullerton plant cut"s all the parts, then 'shipped' to Mexico for assembly. Workforce often interchanges. The quality of "budget ' instruments today is amazing, the MIM Strat" I have is better than my '89 (don't tell her ). I have a "64 also, here I can tell a difference in the hardware. Second hand you can pick one up for £350, perfect playability and tuning stability..ish. Replace the hardware if fussed with Lindy's, got a brilliant guitar for about £700. The US version...2000 plus..and your still not getting the real deal..
  4. Oldie but goodie.. What's the difference between a U.S.A. Strat' and a Mexican Strat?
  5. Always liked Back Pages & Baby Blue over Tambourine Man, always thought a fine body of work, The Byrds produced, albeit, lot's of covers and Trad' derivatives, the Crosby composition's for me were the best (one of my favorite vocalist's). Most probably already know, the story goes that only Clarke and McGuinn were deemed fit to record Tamborine Man, wrecking crew took the roles, Leon Russell, Hal Blaine Etc. Maybe Crosby had a mood...or the band weren't yet fully formed...they were their for track two! Went to see them at the Royal Centre...one original, Michael Clarke...The Drummer! Think listed ads The New Byrds..Maybe an early precursor for the tribute band.. Seen McGuinn a few times locally to me, also played Newark a couple of times about 8 years ago.
  6. This is typical of the majority of my posts on here.. somebody triggers a memory, could have rambled on about Rickey's.,. Jill, you mention the Lute, I remember a shop, town end of Derby Rd, never went in, but appeared to stock esoteric instruments, Hobgoblin?
  7. Go for it! Good one & play it and enjoy! Can't beat treating yourself....
  8. Nope, Kelly always played a Les Paul, as I said female singer..hung out with her.. Saturday onwards, Think the gig was Tuesday night Anyvoody recall the Theatre Royal Series on TV.....Recall Motorhead, Girlschool..about 1980..I'm sure there were others.,,
  9. Apparently, playing Bridge over Troubled Water to cow's can increase their milk yield by over a litre a day.... Back on topic..how do you define a ballad? My guess, a slow song, probably sad, with an underlying positive message... I will have to google.., Not familiar with the majority here DJ...I will look them up when data allows... Imagine the majority to be sterile..I lose intrest in lyrics with more than two people involved..
  10. Always detested cats..used have deliveries, potatoes, eggs, etc...pissed over by a tom cat two doors up in the 1980's..nice greeting after a day out working! Flipside, Friend had two Siamese, never went outside.. briefly dated a women with two long haired, again never outside, comes down to the owners.
  11. Sherwood Rooms .Think the first band I saw here was Budgie, remember Diamond Head, I think supported by Irish band Mama's Boy's... Doe:s anybody remember the name of the band that supported Wishbone Ash?..think that's correct.. A Female singer, guitarist played a Flying V. About '85 me thinks. .
  12. Good stuff Mozz.. Never picked up on the Tull, Eagles connection..still can't really see it. was told by a respected old boy...it's all been done, being 17 at the time..i had none of it! The Vist by Jackson C Frank is worth a revist...
  13. Thanks for the info..born 1962, I have no recollection of ever using these coins..maybe the cream cake in the blue & white striped box took preference!