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  1. Apologies if this has cropped up before.. Does anybody have any info, Nott's related on the process in the 1920's. Were the rolls done by post, or door knocking? I'm thinking the latter.. Not sure if I remembered these correctly. Any info on the definition of the following or confirmation would be helpful.. R..Resident O.. Occupier H.. Housewife What does the dash in the second column mean? Absent? I have two male family members serving in the forces that were listed as R and absent with an A..in the second column abbreviation. I have three with an abbreviation R first column and a dash..in the second column again all male.. Hope this makes some sence!
  2. Brilliant piece of improvisation there using the bin as a shield ! ben1945.. I was only three in 1965..used to use the lids aged about 7 reinacting Jason and the Argonauts! Would I have been that quick witted however! Do recall white card board pallets containing carrots left or stored in these alleys mid eighties.. Didn't know that was now a Ladbrokes, do recall the one further up..just a doorway entrance and downstairs. Opened around 1986. Edit..The Ladbrokes further up was formally a cinema..guess where I learnt that!
  3. So sad to here of Pete's passing, fantastic musician and a lovely chap.. RadfordRed..did you ever talk to him about Horse Racing? He was very passionate on the subject.. Used to bung me tips three months in advance..one being Alderbrook before going over the sticks..
  4. Sorry Ian, I don't recall the NAAFI office, way before my time..but hopefully still there now..think that whole row must have a Labyrinth of underground rooms. Went to the Hippo Club a few times mid-week in the 90's, Stretched to Byard Lane with a slight incline...still below street level if memory serves. Across the road the Oxfam Shop also had access to a basement.. I'm sure there was a 'for the area' a an amazingly expansive place somewhere near the QE (possibly a small door to left?) Used have a band on called the Randies (spelling) this was a Wednesday night about 1994.
  5. Remember crossing Trent Bridge before doing a left past the boat clubs, at the top there was a vendor on the right, little more than a 'for sale' sign with an extra board or two, used to sell big square plastic badges with cut corners and with gold pins on the back. Had the Tony Woodcock & Robbo ones! Passing the Trent End, remember some gaps in the brickwork, almost little windows where people used to sit. On one occasion arriving late remember somebody shouting, F** W***ers, youv'e missed it! We are 2-0 up! against Bristol City? comes to mind.... Funny what you remember..I had a East Stand season ticket for four years 76 - 80.
  6. DJ360..I am not a Hi-fi buff, but have often wondered about using two DAC's, one, is built into my amp, with optical input and unlikely to have true bypass ,if such a thing exists at all, when it comes to Hi-Fi..thinking guitar pedals. Amp was in the £300 price range..so nothing special. Using two DAC's does sound better to my ears but does, for me go against traditional principals!
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/billie-holiday-anniversary-death-jazz-age-cause-a8997656.html%3famp
  8. Also got Sherwood Rooms ..Astoria Ballroom wrong..but i was wondering where the Astoria Ballroom was, so learnt something?
  9. DJ360, don't dismiss the the PC so easily, Exact Audio Copy, Traders Little Helper, Cool Edit/Adobe Audition and a £2.50 wireless mouse gives me a similar setup. As for the DAC? I use a DacMagic about £199. The RME-ADI-2 is fantastic but 4 times the price!
  10. First time I saw this film was at the Odean..it was supporting Jimi at Monterey a late night showing..Big A..Andy the axeman was roaming the aisles! Spooky that Ian..was on TV tonight, part of the Tarintino season!
  11. Happy Woodstock 50th! Watched the doc on BBC4 superb.. All new film footage..beautifully crisp..I sense fourth purchase on the cards.. still got a fifth up their sleeves me thinks...
  12. Belonged to my friends dad, was very tatty, definitely not badged..I was sure that 'eye' was on top, but a very long time ago! The shape, style of the knobs and layout ring major bells! Thanks Manorcom..youv'e solved what was for me... a forty three year old mystery!
  13. I'm sure Burns were making transistor amps pre 64... but very established for the time. Never Heard of B.E.L. but from a an 'out of the blocks' start looks impressive! Slightly off topic, I remember an amplifier, looked very similar to a AC30 in size and weight, had what I can only describe as a small oscilloscope next to the volume, treble etc, can't remember the manufacturer, first letter possibility C, and sure it was British.
  14. I'm relatively new here myself CB Hunt, and must confess been sidetracked mainly by music. I came here to discuss this era and area. Where is the Bank on Lower Parliament Street? Edit..nearly forgot..Welcome...
  15. Unfortunately, iv'e been familiar with this talentless, most annoying pair for sometime... Other than the equally enjoying Sugar Sidekick, Nick Hewar (I used to like watching Countdown) It has to be, the most irritating episode ever. 197,000 ? Well I don't know where that went says Michael.....