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  1. Always wondered, does Lineker write his own crap pun's at the end of each MOTD? RAF Scampton next week, will the BEEB cover it? I'm guessing it won't be topic on QT.. Alerta..
  2. Correct, thanks CT, 100 percent 3 Broadway, now appears to be called Distinction. For me, Dreadful place, 30 years plus ago, house music ain't my thing.. but now I might be able to solve my spiral staircase 'fantasy'
  3. Thanks for link CT... Nice to know the Sandpiper was a gatehoused venue.. From the picture do a 180, short walk and turn left, what was this prior to being a club? I only went twice, a Friday, the neon lighting mounted in plastic tables upstairs..Hmm This is a stretch, it maybe had a spiral staircase? Definitely wooden floored, had a row of tatty leather sofas on the left, lovely long bar on the right. Like to know more about it's previous history.
  4. Would that be the place, with the tiny bar, and seating upstairs, had a circular tiny dancefloor section, but had two sets of stairs. First or second left on the right after the "old Angel". Recall nearby a venue I think called the Monastery, always had an expansive guess list. I'm not familiar, Sandpiper?.. where was this ?also Pharaoh's?
  5. Been asking around.. within my physical locality, nobody has any recollection, so i resort to here. Did you receive a 2021 census? If so, how was it administrated?
  6. Is there a correlation between pub name changes and 'fun pubs' ?
  7. Or when you smile and say 'fine thanks' before asking the person next to you, 'whats yours like?'
  8. Garthia..blame MOTD Kyiv...
  9. Yes, that's it, Stuart how I remember, go downstairs, an alcove with an L shaped bar on the right, on the left a wooden dancefloor, with a small balcony, slightly above this, the toilets. The bands I saw played the length of the room, if there was a stage, it was a temporary low addition. They were nowhere of the calibre of Thin Lizzy Yes all bands play fleapits's, but the room wasn't being utiized as a band venue. Makes you wonder if it had been knocked about by 'Tiffanys'.
  10. Recall seeing a pub on old photos.. Can't place it, did it have a main St presence? I'd of been making a b line for the Yorker! Glad to see the Peacock reopening, hope it gets the original signage back.
  11. Thank You Stuart Thought I was about to find the name of a toy shop, thats bugged me for ages, but alas no.. Located where Samuel Pepys is on the map. So many unfamiliar names for me, did Zodiac become nonsuch? I notice there's a Stuart's on there? Thanks again
  12. That makes sense, remember having to go upstairs, that's where the toilets were located. Can't access link.. regarding 3rd photo, wasn't there a pub here at one time?
  13. 10p a pint on Monday's rock night, but you had to buy twelve in a tray, went up to 50p very soon after, slightly less watered. Only two bands I can recall are Hanoi Rocks and the dreadful Spider..think these my have been Tuesday. Think I have partial recordings of their sets to this day. Looking back I should have kept everything but TDK 90s were 79p at Selectascratch..and the cheapest What was at street level prior to Vision Express, the entrance to the club was by a door to the right, i'm guessing a shop? I have no recollection...
  14. I find myself 'spinning plates' here.. Have you tried replacing the batteries?
  15. I hope the duck's were in a row..