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  1. HSR

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    Great picture Ian..any idea on the year?
  2. HSR

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    Thanks Dodie..I got mistaken, was it the St Philips vicarage in Sneinton? re.Bath St Police Station..Interesting that your mate lived there.. ..sure it became a Police Station again in the 1970's.
  3. HSR

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    Think the remaining graves were repositioned in 1965 on Bath St..did the police station suffer similar fate?
  4. HSR

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    ..St Philips Sneinton?
  5. HSR

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    Great pic..didn't know that station was still there circa 1945.. thus appears to have survived the 1930's redevelopment, pictures recall it much earlier circa 1910 ..my recall is it becoming a wooden shack..still a a Police Station in the early eighties.then became a very short lived bookies about 1986, Pownalls? Anybody know when the original station was demolished?
  6. HSR

    Beekay's paintings

    Good idea Brew..but way inferior to BK's work in my opinion..Gawdy & what's with the spout? People can become lazy when they persue commercial ventures. Great stuff BK!
  7. I remember those..thought the same thing at the time..in reflection fallout shelter phase 2? ..the HIV advert in the 1980's more than made up for it however!
  8. HSR


    Joking aside..I'd like to see all three clubs to be successful..Forest, Nott's and Mansfield.
  9. HSR

    Tom Strong of Sneinton

    Brilliant DavidW..really interesting. I have lots of relatives in my family tree in this area at this time. Sheridan St with the Fox & Grapes at the other end & Princess St..couple of streets down from Platoff St and many more.. i think Platoff St became the fruit distribution place across from the thankfully still there Ragged School. Think this area was redeveloped about 1931-33
  10. HSR


    58 million flogship 2020...and Magpie security..there's hope for County yet!
  11. HSR

    Poverty Capital

    Used that box to phone for a Taxi..Steve Hackett at the cathedral early nineties!
  12. HSR

    Poverty Capital

    More than a guess..I think you've nailed it there! The incline of the road duped me..first I thought Pelham St..then somewhere off Mansfield Road..both obviously no no's! The incline between Derby Rd & Wollaton St is spot on.. I have no recall of Wollaton St this high up..other than a mismatch of buildings circa 1980's..and a few long forgotten shops..would this road have been similar to Derby Rd at one time?
  13. HSR

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Mess.. didn't Brian and his dad make the guitar out of their old fireplace? Or is that somebody else. Not being a big Queen fan I'll probably enjoy this..most music biopics I find very flawed.