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  1. Last two posts made me smile! My Partner said to me..she is looking forward to finding out what her natural hair colour is! A saving of 1400 quid a year came to mind....
  2. I Have no idea what it is, The reference to a date, suggests something more than an individual, as does the style of the motif..
  3. Sadly I think your right MargieH... Fake news does have a use, many examples throughout history...if deployed here...would have saved many lives...
  4. Justed watched..I say watched. .it was on .. that Ant & Dec crap. At the end they had hospital staff dancing in face masks amongst other things that I consider making light of a very serious situation, to say the least.. At the end of the show they appeared sitting next to each other.. telling people to keep in touch .well they did. social distance 2 inch max..golden opportunity to make a statement to the public.. It's not nice, but the cold hard facts work! Eg..the aids advert..scared the crap out of me, but it's the only way to get people to pay attention. Today on the news people hitting the slots at Skeggy..I give up...
  5. AfferGorritt...saw it on the news a few hours ago..I'm lost!?
  6. Thanks Rob..i was wondering about this..I can now add naivety to my ever growing inferiority complex! This site is great..I will try and pitch In the best I can..
  7. For what it's worth.The name rings a bell with me..oddly jacket potatoes comes to mind..nothing else..how strange..
  8. I years ago I stated that I'll hide in a broom cupboard for 6 months if it saves me from this virus. If you find a Boris beat you to it.. don't be surprised, and obviously don't shake his hand.. Being serious.. many thanks for the info, an opinion from a trusted source adds a lot more power to the elbow..
  9. Amazing how hard it is to get the basic facts...eg bleach..after going down some avenue of a miracle cure..turned out he was drinking it! I do not recommend this! So I resort to knowledge..this site Bleach..found out it kills the bugger..but maybe not outdoors..??! This was from a 'Reputable' British newspaper..site Soap and Water.. better with hot water or same with cold? I don't have hot water on tap. What happened to the public information film...I might be thick.. that's why i need it ramming down my throat!
  10. I have been looking for a hand sanitiser.. 70 percent alcohol is apparently the ideal...
  11. Too much time listening to Byrd's cover versions of Dylan? ,
  12. Only wanted to coment on 'at the moment' incredible naivety.. did the stats pre first cobra..flipped on their head had similar results. I hope that the amount of 'high profile ' cases are accurate.,.seems disproportionate .a few walking around with this my not be a bad tjhing.
  13. Just watched Sky news on freeview.. Virgin Airlines want a 7.5 billion bung from the UK government.. says it all... Lightening the mood ... But think I might be at 61 a little younger than the majority, . seemed very sophicated to me.anybody at the seaside play a brilliant stall, in my case it was at Great Yarmouth.. Started with the uplifting horn tune they play at Kentucky Derby I think..not that I have ever been there ..or have any desire to do so! Consisted of rolling balls into slots..on a pinball style grid..the higher the number the more the horse moved until the finish line when a bell was sounded! Back to reality...why are people obsessed with foreign travel..? For me..there has always been enough here..other than visiting Egypt in the Eighties.. Take Care everybody..
  14. Hi Will, an understandable query, it was Albert..I should have stated 1989/90.