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  1. 20 minute film about Raleigh on Talking Pictures next Wednesday 3,50 pm, made in the late 1940's. Love to see a couple of familiar faces but ain't holding my breath..
  2. I only ever went here once, on my birthday & had been to the Mardi Gras, very likely a sunday..asked the bar staff where we could continue the night... I didn't want it to end with Frank Marino's cover of Purple Haze! ..Took our about 12 strong entourage ages to find.. remember the DJ playing Gabriel's Sledge hammer that was released a few months earlier..
  3. Anybody attend the Fairport Convention convention at Rock City., I won free tickets on Radio Trent to the first.. there were at least two..about 1980-82.
  4. Happy Anniversary Beekay ! You are over 60 years of age and thus fit the current criteria. Does make me wonder what represents Nostalgia however. If you don't talk about 1980's Nottingham record shops especially early morning, this is a great site... Currently a ten month old..and spitting out my dummy..
  5. This was about 1975 first broadcast on TV..by 1984 i had a video recorder and had about 12 shows on VHS (long binned). Dave Dee name cropped up always in the end credits. Possibly just some minor UK distribution thing. Have about 40 DVDs of the Radio Bremen archive. They Looked after it..unlike the BBC. There's a real tantalising clip of Free doing The Hunter ..9 secs only! If I remember correctly Aachen Festival 69. Probably the earliest known live film footage. Whole song might be there now with utube etc..haven't had broadband since 2014. regarding RSG.. Possibly contract disputes blocking release and as I'm sure you know, lot's was wiped.. What is it you'd like to see? I have a few boot DVDs of the show but think they are probably the common stuff.
  6. Couple of others.. Ballad of easy rider..Byrd's or Fairport..would be my personal favourite interpretations. The Weight by the Band.. great song..also liked Smith's version over Spooky Tooth's which probably charted in the short term..
  7. Totally agree, obviously some form of military instillations.. Ignore the map..Take another look at Paddy..the original posters enquiry..
  8. Lyrics, to me, are pretty much irrelevant. On paper can appear nothing, factor in everything else and a brilliant piece of work can be created. But they do catch the ear. Compo..I would have picked that also & Conquistador. A Couple of others. Bus Stop..The Hollies Paper Sun..Traffic I will leave out Syd,.. Beekay...How lucky to see Glen Campbell! I saw I few legends in intimate venues. Thing of the past nowadays! I Blame the internet! Could ramble on..
  9. Agree Fly.. Cliffton.. 'Dinner with Jimi' is worth a watch, DJ.. Dave Dee, i think, still owns the right's to the fantastic Beat Club footage..way superior to OGWT. Feel a calling to listen to Brian Setzer doing 'Nightingale sang' & his big band orchestra in general!
  10. Call me a knob as much as you want.. Easy price to pay for all the brilliant pictures & info you post!
  11. As previously stated..happy to be wrong.. Glad to know that they appear to be Military instillations. Had visions of Halfway Houses or possibly overspill... Dark Angel...I know nothing about raiiways but i do recall reading about hospital trains arriving at Thorneywood Station during the First World War.
  12. Paddy..your recollections appear to be in living memory, So I hope I'm totally wrong here! I'm sure I read a reference to a 'hospital' on Ransom Road pre 1920. CT..what date is the map?
  13. Moonlight flits..me thinks Mary1947, Grandad born 1891 recalled being 'on the move' constantly as a child under ten years of age. This was Manvers St to Bath St area. Grandad was the youngest of four..all baptised..all birth's registered with different street names. The 1880's.90's and 1901 census had the same results.
  14. Ann..Spent three hours looking into this earlier this evening.. achieved nothing but a headache! My ancestor was a gunner..thus I made the assumption 6 guns 4 men equals 24, there were 10 companies in total only three served in his Theatre(72)(probably wrong). Have his discharge papers and this all appears to fit..feel a total ignoramus however when it comes to infrastructure, facts & figures.
  15. DJ.. interesting stuff, what bit rate do you burn your vinyl to CD conversions at? I remember the 20 bit super enconding disks that were very good. My vinyl conversions were all done at 24/96. Personally i couldn't tell the difference using 192. 24 bit always sounded vastly superior to me. This was over a decade ago, sadly developed, in recent years hearing issues so no longer up to speed on such things..