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  1. Maybe a 'shoot and Miss' there Centaur... As a child, I took alot of ridicule for having a large nose, it never bothered me. Years later, when exploring my family tree I realised that it was a family trate, 400 years my ancestors lived in roughly 7 square miles of East Bridgeford.. Much later I found Romans pillaged the Midlands, hence the feature. In my teenage years at college, girls sniggered at me, and also mocked my size 14 feet. Even when I disrobed, on the the night of the loss of my virginity, I was still accused of having a massive conk.
  2. Me too, from my experience, uncle born in 1921, the record is open, his brother and sister born 1924 and 26 closed. My Grandfather died in 1965 and record was open, Grandmother, his wife, also open. This is odd died,2001, but I did pay for her birth certificate though the traditional channel's. Best I can come up with, I'm sure the blanking hasn't changed since 1939 was placed online unless you pay for a certificate. What I find intriguing was the cut off point, and what was the criteria involved. Seems that it's not random with a cut off da
  3. I'm sure you know it's out...either way, seems worthy of mention .
  4. Just found... "Eat, Sleep, Piano: Pete the Feet - His musical Journey" .. on youtube.
  5. Further to my question, was the Beachcomber in the courtyard down the steep stairs? Regarding LIVE MUSIC? My limited knowledge is about 1982, both at 90 degree angle downstairs, were a couple of single toilets..left and a small bar to the right, which I never saw open. This seems the most likely..venue? .
  6. Always recal lthe steps to downstairs being at the rear of the building in the Metal Mickey days. Just a man behind a till. Later, entrance to downstairs was just left of the main upstairs entrance, this had a kiosk and possibly a small cloakroom, struck me as being the original? Ithis had blocked off behind fire doors This was the time of a Reservoir Dogs mutual.
  7. That's a blast from the past, instantly screams Mayall and Decca to me! There's also a inner's and outer's debate regarding this!
  8. Anybody recall the 'Nottingham Rock Memories 'forum? Very much alive, about 2006, last post in 2014 under a totally different banner..dead and dead since.. Shame....
  9. Would have been called 'Earth' at that time, have a couple of recordings in similar venues. Interesting how Tony I's guitar playing is so similar to Alvin's early in their career. Is their a listing of Groundhog show's ? Must have seen them about 40 times over the years and didn't go looking!
  10. Thanks for that clarification, makes total sense, DJ, when did you buy your CD HiFi recorder? Regarding disks, I recall those fussy buggers even being brand specific for recognition. (TDK, Sony etc). What do you see if you put a disk in a computer? If it was me, I would be looking if the header could be replicated? on a truely blank disk..I have hours to waste! I haven't used CDR's for year's, after about 10 copies used to get cyclic redundancy error, they were marketed to do 100's of copies. span widgetspan widget
  11. Exact audio copy still works perfectly, windows 10 or 7.. DJ..That reference to, for 'audio only ' is a new one on me, I still have hundreds of genuine blanks bought over ten years ago.. Red book is red book, mixed media has been around for over 20 years.. Are these 'for audio' blanks recently purchased?
  12. Visited my friend in Nott's about 2002, recall a double tremor, it was a Sunday about 3.30 pm. First one woke me up, second i was coherent, that pre-rumbling sound is very strange. Think this rated high on the scale for the UK. I could be wrong, but it's epicentre may have been offshore.
  13. Seems apt today.. Give Jimi Hendrix's, 51st Anniversary a spin...
  14. RIP Clive, I will never forget the sweet smell those rubber keys gave off, when the Speccy warmed up... Decent poker player also, if memory serves...