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  1. Yeah, those smiling faces in their late sixties pseudo crash helmets, I always observed that the Velcro was insufficient for their weight and nobody ever 'stuck', thankfully had a nice soft smiling landing, however. The Gut Barging competion that was sometimes on the same bill was fun, Couple of videos on utube, one briefly quotes Nottingham.
  2. Revisted this..a wealth of information. Thank you Stephen Best. http://www.nottshistory.org.uk/articles/sneinton/sneintonmag.htm
  3. The real palais..not the renamed odean, Not sure, I think just to the right of pic', there's a pub, shared a beer with SRV's roadcrew in '85 pre, his gig. There's a film with a young Petula Clark at this venue, although given a different name, the lovely interior art deco door's and windows are a dead giveaway. Amazing the crap you 'remember', I recall the upholstery being identical to to that in the Astoria in Nottingham...?? This was 1985..
  4. Had a chat over the phone with my Daughter this evening, appears to be roughly a 90 seconds delay her end,x between the BBC LIVE red button stream.. She has a smart tele, I don't. Given that the majority have a smart tele... Has this been introduced since that poor chap fainted, a member of the Archer's or was it there from the outset?
  5. Sausage fingers on an SG..a no no..best hope a Fender..or even better..take up bass!
  6. I Can only assume you mean 'cack handed ' and until.. I suggest you check out the best Snooker player's and footballers..pro rata..
  7. HSR

    The Queen

    Thanks Katy..lol
  8. HSR

    The Queen

    Didn't they not?.. I'm not a royalist but have respect for the Queen..devotion to her responsibility.. Recall my Aunt, after retiring doing volunteer work and receiving a MBE. Put crudely she. couldn't care two s**t"s, was accused of arriving late (Wrong door) but on the job,advised only hold hand's to you are pushed away... Still..RIP Will will never see the same again..
  9. That's interesting, I also did a speed awarenesses course, over the road at the 'Grove' about '82..
  10. Frank’s grandson. If I had an interest in football, I'd keep an 'eye out' but would effect my already failing vision by 50 percent. But the Scotland squad deserves an upgrade.. commercially.. Quote
  11. A potential mismatch of memories Think it was Leeds, match called off, League Cup Semi..due to fog..Leeds fan's, barking like rabid dogs, at the bridgeford end, their buses behind.. Did away fan's buses go down such a narrow corridor? Does my memory serve? QPR Hmm... fog..thinking might be the called off memory, FA cup Quarter Final? Bottles flying at QPR, home and the replay...that I can recall..
  12. Frank Gray was a fine player, like Curran, if your face don't fit...one man don't make a team.. Young man...
  13. Me to Mrs B, Bus out off broad marsh..empty by Cotgrave..1989.. Could be wrong.. wasn't it isle 11 directly facing the exit from broad marsh shopping centre. Two buses, early roughly 10.30 pm terminated Bingham, later branched out in to the vale villages
  14. Showing my age here, my favourite Forest player was Barry Butlin, then... Terry Curran..the anticipation when he received the ball..forget Robbo. Keep Curran..no million on Francis.. Anybody else have a trial at Forest..and go home with a fistful of old programmes for your trouble?
  15. Yes Oz, remember Monkey vaguely, a character ran his finger over his lips to cast a spell? Back on topic, Radford Red posted a video of Percy ages ago, he used to play in the subway on Parliament St Saturday nights earley 90's, also Running Horse on Mondays with a mate, both lefty's and semi acoustics.. Also, Remember a chap. that busked in that subway, had aspirations of setting up a mobile burger van business.. Red, no time to slum it abroad, get back on focus mate.