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  1. John Axton, I really liked and dirty old town, wonderfully gritty & provoking.. What was that critism. 'holding your ear thing?' I always try to keep my posts Nottingham based and the majority of the time something slightly relevant can inspire a memory. Recall a poet, used to come on between bands at the Runner, Sal, & other's. Looked very much like John Cooper Clarke, very good and did very similar material, to this day still unsure if it was the real deal.
  2. Enjoy the railway ballads.! I was late to the party, it's me age!
  3. Thank's Roger.. Definitely my last, I know this a guitar thread but think it applies to Nostalgia in general. I had roughly between 33 to 36 guitar's for about 15 years. What's interesting is what I subconsciously chose to keep... I now have 6, two strats, 60"s Epi' & 335, The other two are probably worth 160quid max, but to me, that ding was Wrexham, another the day I lost it and did a Pete Townsend, waking up in a tent with a mouthful of soil., i would never sell.
  4. HSR

    Any clues..

    Know all those pub''s... Vine, Lamp, Bath Inn, Marketside, sadly never went inside The overriding memory for me, is standing at the bus stop outside the King Billy on Manvers St, the smell of the beer was super strong. Would have been about 4 at the time! Never experienced anything like it since, maybe I developed a taste? Regarding Sheridan, was talking pre 1930's...Half Moon? Stuck in my mind as a member of the Trickett family was the landlord.. Hardly a common name, and part of Sneinton folklore.
  5. No shawl and sandals then... Can't speak for the rest of the Chap's but me and bro' were hanging loose!
  6. Never married myself, Anybody on here have a Pagan wedding? My brother did, I was best man. Apparently he saved himself a fortune in the long run!
  7. Think they were manufactured, or more likely branded, as I recall others, as Soltek (spelling). Apologies for flooding this thread, could go on, but I'll shut up now!
  8. Thanks DavidW, I read that the treadmill had a wallchart so the 'honest" citizens outside could monitor the progress. My ancestor served six months and a whipping which is normally reserved for repeat offenders. His co accused had previous so guess he was tarred with the same brush, one 16, the other 15. Sounds like a cliche, but true, they stole a loaf of bread... In the 1850's the capacity was 80 men 10 women.
  9. Just googled Sansamp, think I"m wrong here, both did start out in the small-adds of guitar mag's however. The Russian stuff was odd, sold from domestic premises, did a excellent big muff clone, khaki green. The EL34's were robust. The names will bug me now! ...Phil Boot, Long Eaton?
  10. Just read this thread in full, great stuff, got me thinking! TBI, iv'e played an EKO 12 string, it was a really nice guitar, made in Italy if I remember. Didn't Keith Richards have a Dan Armstrong? Film backstage chatting with Jimi. Cornford amp's are great, definitely a cheaper, superior option to a hand wired reissue. Anybody owned a Gordon Smith? Regarding pedal's etc, remember the Russian stuff when the wall came down, Sansamp? & others. Built like a tank! or from a MIG fighter !
  11. Does anybody know if the inmates had to wear masks,? no talking, treadmills regime? My GGGF was in here in the 1850's. Found a brilliant link but was a direct PDF...no mention of mask's. Watched Paul Merton Who do you think you are, same set up but hoods/masks, strange question I know, but children like the ghoulish details..!
  12. If i recall it was Sound City, similar beast, The Dave Mann's reference reminded me, bought a JTM 45 from a Nottingham Music Shop "as seen" . Wouldn't let me try it do to power input, round bakelite..Bulgin? Picked one up at Dave Mann's no prob's.. My favourite set is a Strat' with a 70"s Fender Twin reverb, Also sounds great with 335 or semi acoustic epi'. Marshall's gave me ' nice' Earache, even at very low volume. Does your playing approach depend on the equipment your using? Mine does..possibly I'm easily infulenced...
  13. That PRS is nice.... Back to Nottingham.. Can I help you Sir? Given, I have just walked though the door... unlikely. This was the case in Music Inn and Carlsboro in the eighties... One Christmas eve.Music Inn...Ended up playing an Eggle through a rig Gary Moore would have been proud of! Only had 40 quid on me. Running Horse.. here I come..
  14. Seems feasible, always formed A shaped bar chords with my third finger as a youngster..developed the thumb over F approach later. Friends of mine, used their little finger for A shaped bar chords, these were people that had a Guitar Teacher. Even today, it still catches my eye, I"ll get round to it one day...