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  1. Frank Gray was a fine player, like Curran, if your face don't fit...one man don't make a team.. Young man...
  2. Me to Mrs B, Bus out off broad marsh..empty by Cotgrave..1989.. Could be wrong.. wasn't it isle 11 directly facing the exit from broad marsh shopping centre. Two buses, early roughly 10.30 pm terminated Bingham, later branched out in to the vale villages
  3. Showing my age here, my favourite Forest player was Barry Butlin, then... Terry Curran..the anticipation when he received the ball..forget Robbo. Keep Curran..no million on Francis.. Anybody else have a trial at Forest..and go home with a fistful of old programmes for your trouble?
  4. Yes Oz, remember Monkey vaguely, a character ran his finger over his lips to cast a spell? Back on topic, Radford Red posted a video of Percy ages ago, he used to play in the subway on Parliament St Saturday nights earley 90's, also Running Horse on Mondays with a mate, both lefty's and semi acoustics.. Also, Remember a chap. that busked in that subway, had aspirations of setting up a mobile burger van business.. Red, no time to slum it abroad, get back on focus mate.
  5. Was thinking of going fairweather fan. Now TV..one off 12.99 Noddy was a character, and loved... If Forest got a corner, Call from Trent End, Noddy, Noddy, give us a nod..True affection... Watched some utube clips....of recent.. What happened to 'tell me mammy mam, I don't need no tea?
  6. Ben, When leaving, was there a cloakroom to your right? a left, followed by a right, to exit? I vaguely recall the name, where?
  7. Did the entrance downstairs move, from the back of the building to just left of the front door..? Post photo? From the layout I think the original downstairs entrance had been here.. I have mentioned this before... .
  8. I noticed UK time, between 9pm and 1am last Thursday, the pound, euro, and dollar took a minus, roughly around a 2 percent hit, this was returned to an even playing field by 5.30am UK time...... Everybody with a mobile smart phone is surely an 'independent' journalist, The car's that remained untouched by 'fire' from a clearly derelict building are intresting.
  9. The definitions are done abroad, always better to study the original... Eg.. Transcript : Car Women officer.. Innitial Me: Did they have female traffic wardens in '39? Nope, on reading, it was,.. Char Woman, Office...! There's loads of others, window for winder, the most common...
  10. Jill, You state, still alive..and declared as deceased? Iv'e never found that.. Seems unacceptable to me. My great Uncle appeared twice on the 1891 cenus. Imagine the confusion on the latest one...!! Was there a cencus 2021? If so, totally bypassed me!!
  11. I learnt something, I can view utube videos through links on here, however if I want to post something myself, I have to update though the Google play store..., Won't happen, what year did Google purchase utube? about 2018? It did work until about 3 months ago. When I said I was disgusted with the utube advertising, I wasn't referring to Jimmy Saville, The stuff I tend to view on my tv utube is mostly amateur history based, the advert 's are full of boileroom scams(iv'e researched a couple) also get rich schemes that would stretch the imagination of the ultimate delusion
  12. Incorrect, if I want to view youtube I have to update my 'app'. Only access, for me is from tv.. have you checked their youtube advertising? It's disgraceful... Back to Philamore, I have the CD, song 4 is called Early Sherwood, and a totally Nottingham reference based song. He did also write Temma Harbour. Maybe still with us..I think.. Shout the name loud enough, you never know, might pick up that somebody's talking...lol
  13. Woody Kern and Philamore Lincoln..? Last time I spoke to Mick Wheat, he was working at South Nott's training college...on Canal St..! As for Philamore...only one song on utube, It's a great period album, reminds me of '67 Moodys.. Anybody post playable links to Nottm artists? I only have an ancient phone...
  14. Apologies Stuart, i have had a dislike of Facebook since it's beginning, won't elaborate, I'll just say I still have my milk delivered and it comes in a glass bottle! Like to think somebody could help me out, Anybody remember the shop that had the piano in it, my have been an art gallery, looked very posh to me, just down from richer sounds, opposite side about mid eighties. When I was very young I recall an odd shop, Got of the bus Queen St and started the walk to Goose Fair with Grandparents, think it was on the opposite corner a pub, which name escapes me, Ha
  15. Had a look at the Wiki page, amazed at the lack of info ..hmm.. 295m could be right though i'm pulling hard on the lead with more, but it does feel like a solo trail !