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  1. Would have been called 'Earth' at that time, have a couple of recordings in similar venues. Interesting how Tony I's guitar playing is so similar to Alvin's early in their career. Is their a listing of Groundhog show's ? Must have seen them about 40 times over the years and didn't go looking!
  2. Thanks for that clarification, makes total sense, DJ, when did you buy your CD HiFi recorder? Regarding disks, I recall those fussy buggers even being brand specific for recognition. (TDK, Sony etc). What do you see if you put a disk in a computer? If it was me, I would be looking if the header could be replicated? on a truely blank disk..I have hours to waste! I haven't used CDR's for year's, after about 10 copies used to get cyclic redundancy error, they were marketed to do 100's of copies. span widgetspan widget
  3. Exact audio copy still works perfectly, windows 10 or 7.. DJ..That reference to, for 'audio only ' is a new one on me, I still have hundreds of genuine blanks bought over ten years ago.. Red book is red book, mixed media has been around for over 20 years.. Are these 'for audio' blanks recently purchased?
  4. Visited my friend in Nott's about 2002, recall a double tremor, it was a Sunday about 3.30 pm. First one woke me up, second i was coherent, that pre-rumbling sound is very strange. Think this rated high on the scale for the UK. I could be wrong, but it's epicentre may have been offshore.
  5. Seems apt today.. Give Jimi Hendrix's, 51st Anniversary a spin...
  6. RIP Clive, I will never forget the sweet smell those rubber keys gave off, when the Speccy warmed up... Decent poker player also, if memory serves...
  7. Just watched my Motorhead boot dvd copy, superb.. trailer add's a couple more to the list. Joe Jackson and Martha & the Muffins... Does anybody recall the Cig' kiosk in the Sherwood Rooms / Astoria.? Fag machines had been the fashion for decades. Don't get it.. A payed human.. dedicated solely to.cig's..before you ask..yes they were all female ?? Remember those Pretty girls hitting the inner city pub's with a free 5 pack mid nineties.
  8. I think theres mini leagues within leagues, Fulham, West Brom, Bournemouth off to a fast start, no surprise, nice to see Brentford promoted.. Anybody name a team the benifited from Europa league qualification? Ok..Man United..
  9. Recall seeing Zoot Money twice in London mid seventies, I can't recall the band/s name, Jon Lord, Bernie Marsden I think were members.
  10. Wasn't Henri a leftie? Like Go on Scratchmyitch...
  11. Unless you are talking quite recently, about 16 years ago a bookies without fag smoke was unheard of! However, I do recall a small non smoking Ladbrokes on Pelham St about early 90's. Where there anymore?
  12. Thanks Rob, I'll get that book, I think a little early for major clues, but has potential one liner's. No Nott's connection until late 1879 ag but an interesting read. Other side of the family, 1907, signed up for seven years attestation, still called Nott's & Derbys.. Think Stuart's right, it"s complex! No military connection Nott's wise before 1889. Rob, I see you trawl online newspapers, I found out lot's 1820's 1840's, only single sentence, called troop movements, can't recall the paper, might have been the London Gazette. It was very Gr
  13. Thought the same Ben, but where's the facts? Stuart, thanks for link, I have downloaded a few war diaries over the years. Excellent emotive reads.. but WW1 only. I've never been able to put a name to the 'author's,' The 'best' are..in my opinion, written by junior staff Officer's... Cross reference with the division can also also provide a rewarding insight. Back to pre 1910.. i have Nothing! Musket training in Newark? 1880's, anybody suggest a potential venue?
  14. Love the window street view.. I can't recall it.. Total rebuild?