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  1. My Grandad also served at this station, he died before I was born, Mum recalls him saying he attended the Coventry blitz. When I looked into it..these crews also attended bombings at Sheffield and Hull.. Thanks Letsavagoo! ..Think iv'e shown my mum that picture before, I'll give it another try...
  2. Great Great Grandparents lived briefly for the time (7 years) roughly behind what became Rosa Villa... the track I mentioned. Right at the Chinese! Returned to where they had been for 250 years to my knowledge.. 8 years later.. farm failing truly embraced the industrial revolution... Personally I have never been to Gedling..only on the 'Mr Google tour bus' Hope it OK to post on the more intimate threads.
  3. Rosa Villa..Rings a bell with me..was it off to the left of main St ? What was the name of the building Looked like a cottage..directly facing Rex Robbo on Main Rd/Burton Rd?...just asking.,. Running parallel with a row of very smart properties..there was a track at the bottom of Westdale Lane. down to the church.take a right after the Chinese..
  4. Don't like the format of the modern internet, for me the 'Golden era' was pre broadband..Although 2006 to 2010.. will probably be remembered as the best historically. Loss of interaction between individual blog's was a major blow for me..
  5. Temporary, password restricted databases, worked in the closure of newsgroup's I was in, about 2007. Most people had no intrest in 'social media' back then, thus the community died.. To this day I have no intrest in Facebook, There's some really good Nottingham pics on PinIntrest..shame I will never be able to view them.....
  6. I'd like to know more about why the riding school was created and when it opened?.. Will most certainly be a show of Victorian arrogance over thier hard working masses. Hope the revamped castle focuses on what was lost.. through ignorance, and what they have recently 'found'. The opportunity of cashing in on Richard Greene, and perfected by Kevin Costner are long over..Hope they aren't reopening the Robin Hood Centre on Maid Marian Way! I looked at the Broad Marsh centre redevelopment..and for what it is like it.. Strange they are keeping the bridge over Collin St ! Hope the two areas dovetail together and bring some prosperity.
  7. HSR

    Royal Hotel

    No.. I do remember Mike Chambers bar on Maid Marian Way, had bikes on the walls & the Irish bar opposite. Presumably part of the hotel. Didn't the arab overload make the paper? Venue...Tunnel...Hotel...
  8. Thanks, well out of my comfort zone here. would this be similar, plot wise in 1875?
  9. HSR

    Royal Hotel

    Seem to recall it gained a reputation for various nefarious activities on more than one occasion.. Wasn't it temporarily closed when they had an influx of Arabs!
  10. Iv'e often thought about this. I have family members listed as Radford, Lenton. However after they moved out of the area, in 1911 they state their birthplace as Lenton. When my Great Uncle signed up for WW1 in 1915 he stated Radford as his birthplace on his papers..made me wonder if there was an element of snobbery? This has reminded me, does anybody know where Willoughby Avenue was?
  11. Do remember getting my hands on what I presume was a BT engineer's code..free calls from boxes, four digits? Edit...Got, for me.. the dreaded blue box when typing, after quoting Stuart's input.. I won't persue it further.. it will only get worse... hope this still makes some sense!
  12. I'd love to buy them! Thing is I dare not! Hope you don't mind me asking? Are any of them UFO or Planet of the Apes? With a mini jigsaw piece on the flipside?
  13. Interesting..I had a 94 year old neighbour called Ida who sadly died 8 year's ago. My newish neighbours have a child of the same name aged two! When I looked into my family tree I found lots of Eliza's and Elizabeth's, not one Victoria, thought this a little strange considering it was the Victorian era. Edit.. also, quite a few Mary's, more often than not, followed by the second name Ann.
  14. Perhaps the iPad has a iPlayer monthly subscription..