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  1. Great post Michael, If I remember correctly, St Stephens underwent renovation, in 1908. There's a lovely pic, roughly facing, have nailed the frontage, music teacher, fits census, What's going on behind?
  2. and the most expensive cover to Manufacture, all hand done, regarding pic's, plus gold leaf, I have this..an only American release? I'm sure a read that Physical Graffiti was the most expensive to produce, obviously..much later.. The first CS&N was the one with the blotting paper cover, as you previously stated first Joni, is Textured.
  3. Remember the occasional auction at Colwick on Sunday Morning's. The 'Stars' of the show were listed.on the front of the auction programme. Alway looked for the tenacious, unlucky second or third finisher. Log book, remained in our back pocket.. despite numerous requests from the auctioneer.
  4. Hi Rich.. Relating to Nott's, I miss the, overly long production of the photo finish resulting in a hound that looks like a proboscis monkey and the groan that went up as the hare driver took his foot of the pedal, between the second & third bend! Happy days! Recall the name Dave Conway at Colwick, don't think he was the Racing Manager, was it a Father and Son team?
  5. A good day to you, Apologies for the amount of posts. I find it amusing re-reading this input. Gives me an insight into my younger self. Was there a record shop on Cardale Rd? Before my time, but think my Gran my have mentioned it.
  6. Can somebody please explain why I now appear to be to be talking to myself. How assumptive.. Please pull my posts,
  7. I also saw Zeppelin at Knebworth, there was two shows, also Stones in '76, and Deep Purple in 1985.
  8. I did my best, but gave up.. DJ, When was the last time you posted in a thread over 2 years old without being prompted?
  9. This site, needs to exploit it's strengths eg.. unique, The name should say it all. If potential new member's didn't have to wade through 'social media waffle' which, in general, they are bombarded with elsewhere.. They may feel more of a SPECIAL connection, it's simple marketing..
  10. Quite a few of the 'older' blues players Oz. The two that immediately come to mind are Albert King and Otis Rush. On a modern theme, the Amazing Eric Gales, still have tickets to see him, now over a year old!!
  11. Less than one new contributer every 8 months?
  12. Without even counting the sub-headings there are at least 55 topics specifically about Nottingham or some aspect of it. Paste hasn't worked, this is in reply to Brew, i joined 2 years ago, how many new members, made over ten posts in this time? I'd guess under 5, if you bin, drop one, keep one. I wasn't schooled in Nott's & have never worked there, I found Ian123 contribution's superb. I have been in forums, since the newsgroup days, mid nineties, I have never known people criticised for too much content, normally, they are thanked, for their hard work!
  13. Gonna' read some wiki, Then I'll Dust My Room, Where do you find this stuff? Lonnie Johnston, Robert Johnson, Son House?