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  1. HSR


    Hmmmmmmmm! It’s a mystery Should the scientific expert's be looking for a correlation with fake car insurance claims?
  2. I like tennis.. but the only sport's I could watch repeats of are Snooker, Football, & Dart's.. hmm..social profiler? Got 14 episodes of Walking through history with Tony Robinson still to watch, TV will be in the garden for extra authenticity..
  3. This recollection, regarding the Milton's Head, fits with my Dad's.. I Recall a old pic and i was thinking the Milton's was what is now Burger King..
  4. Lot's to look forward to BK..'Wimbledon' starts tomorrow! These repeat's are annoying and yet understandable, but why on the main BBC channel's? Some good stuff on Quest, NASA unexplained, Mummies Unwrapped, still unsure, should these programmes be categorised as interesting or inconclusive! Must go...Finding Bigfoot is about to start..
  5. Would Lincoln St be the one that had Jonathan James on the other corner? When I looked at the original pic, I was thinking back entrance to Littlewoods.. Don't currently have access to maps, Google etc.. Unrelated. i recall seeing a picture that show's Bradley's/Virgin being a music shop in about 1900, possibly could have been music related, for close on 100 years! Looked on Google the entrance/alley to the right, was blocked, but the outline can still be seen today (well..4 years ago) Again unrelated but when walking from Clumber St to the back entrance of Littlewoods, on the left before entering, there was a large expanse that resembled a wasteground, remained like that for year's to my knowledge, what's there now?
  6. Wish i could, always had issue's with the Nottingham live site, 3 pic"s then black squares, site fully loaded & scrollable. Good things to say about Broad Marsh, BHS Restaurant, John Menzies, Wimpy & Argos.. & Situls gift shop!
  7. A little confused, Where would the Kardomah Cafe be today, does the building still stand? I'm thinking facing McDonald's... I remember the remnants of the old photographic studio, up a flight of stairs, had the name in frosted glass in the early 80's, looked for it on Google earth years ago, modern market stall was the best I got, also looked like the building behind had been modernised.. Think the studio was taken over by Joules? (Name/spelling) in 1930, they also had a branch on Arkwright St, and branches Nationwide/Manchester. Can't recall off hand what the studio was called previously..
  8. In the mid to late Seventies I recall a shop, roughly next to the Lion Hotel, doors were always wide open, so the chap on the mic could be heard, Never went in personally but did find it interesting! I quote... 'not asking 20 quid, only looking for a tenner, a sea of hands go up.. tell you what, a fiver, sorry folks..the lady there got it' Used to see these sort of shops regularly at the seaside, this is the only time I recall seeing one on a main high street. Some real tat, but did throw in luxuries like a toaster etc... probably reserved for the 'chosen few '..
  9. Watched it, last week's had at least four, what would be considered un-pc moments in the first fifteen minutes! Tonight's wasn't much better, refreshing to see a programme broadcast without those silly warnings. Best bit..Big Rock Candy Mountain, at the end..
  10. Ronnie Hawkins.. Recall reading that Robbie's vocal mike was never plugged in!!
  11. Was Pieces the club that had Trad' Spanish dancing lessons on the top floor? Different premises from above..stated below.. Prior to being the new cookie i recall it being selective and focused on the dance all-nighter scene. About '93.
  12. Too much waffling mind by me there, apologies.. Should have said does anybody remember a nightclub with a spiral staircase? and possibly the same place.. A small cave that was used as a dancefloor?
  13. Agreed Radford Red, Cookie Club was Pelham Until St James's St watched a video years ago, they said move was 1990, more like '95 Anyway, reason I searched this out, was there a club that had spiral staircase in the lace market? Was thinking Beetroot but memory did a virtual tour & not sure! After going through the door large wooden bar on the right, staircase beyond, on the left a row of leather sofas, had a bare wooden floor. Now this is where I think my confusion kicks in, the upstairs could be accessed from both sides, from the left, you were greeted by a row of seats with round ultra violet tables, to the right a bar, with a narrow walk space in between. Another flight of stairs downstairs that I don't recall being spiral on the right. Hope somebody"s still reading this, directly ahead was a very small space, could have been a dancefloor for about 10 people max, the space carved out of the rock.
  14. In about 1996 stall charges were £15 if I remember correctly, regular traders had a reduced rate, seemed a lot at the time, but people used to run to get in when the barriers came down at 6.30! 50p entrance...
  15. HSR

    Wimpy - burger

    There was a place that survived, roughly facing the St Peters church, next door but one to Either Weathermans or Flittermans, very small in comparison, could have been possibly Radio rentals or fusion, picked up a recon' video recorder there for £35 with a 3 month guarantee about '97, clapped out after about 5 months, but served its purpose.