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  1. All night long, a favourite of Bradley Walsh on the Chase....whatever happened to End of the day'..looking back, it would be occasionally quite refreshing!
  2. What year was this Brew? I recall the Exchange as a Football pub. what we called a 'towney' pub.. Innocently sat outside the Thurland one night, old geezer gets out his car, had to offer his 'Friend' a bundle of notes to join him inside.., about '82.
  3. Looks about right Stuart, Theres a few 60's period pics, I'm sure your familiar.. What happened to picture the past on here? Copyright issues? Noticed they stepped up their watermarks about a year ago, an honest summation at the lack of current content would be welcome.
  4. Thinking about Carrington St and Midland station. The lovely wooden WH Smith was always a go to for me, from five until about 35 years of age, had a distinctive 'smell'..more than just the floor polish. When very young, the pub/hotel on the opposite corner of Station St gave me the creeps, thick drapes at the windows, never saw anybody enter, probably just my first vision of Nottingham. Looked really old with original features...recall the wallpaper looking Interesting from a bus. maybe too many episodes of the Adams Family! When much older, remember a shop, just be
  5. Looking at Radford Reds pic, I'm sure this was the site of the Mardi Gras nightclub. Entrance where it says Regina House in Red? Anybody recall a club called the Tardis? This may have been a theme night at the Mardi or somewhere around Trent Bridge, didn't last long, about '87.
  6. Safe to assume then, with the mention of hut's, Greenwood Rd end was never a mini golf course, an unnatural terrain, wonder if the debris was buried on site? On the extreme right, entering the woods i think there was a 'modern' generator, also a concrete base, AA gun emplacement? This is mid 70's... Must go, Curse of Oak island is starting..I like conclusive answers!
  7. Alan, you my have already seen it, but there's a tantalising nearby pic, aren't they all! Shows Current St on the right and the Woolpack Inn on the left, sign removed! Your shop would be just a few yards down over the photographer's right shoulder. I to, have relatives in this area in the 1860's.
  8. That's it Huckleberry's, The railway man's house on the crossing had a spiral staircase in the early eighties, no idea if it was an original feature. Does anybody recall, the other side of the crossing, running parallel with the Greyhound kennels and the road from the crossing to Netherfied, in between there was a strip of road, old buses, caravans etc?
  9. Orchestra?? Pushing your luck with four? ..Recall a a Moony hanging over the balcony, not nice when your on the ground floor...
  10. The first pub I went in Nottingham, was Yates, liked the cross section of drinker's age wise, seemed unusual to me. wouldn't be a regular haunt however. Recall seeing an old women carrying a Sainsbury's carrier, peak time about 8pm Saturday night... recall the musical Quartet? Upstairs but only on a Sunday ? Weren't the table's copper topped? Ankle chains or people wearing them? Correct Ben...1983..and they weren't old!!!!
  11. Prior to Nottingham opening, recall a bus from Mount St to Derby Dogs on a Wednesday night, about 12 people, same faces every week. When Nott's opened this went down to about 7. . Cracking Black Bitch called Lois Lane, top grade and off a handicap. Came over to Nottingham for an open race, hit the front third bend. ..job done. The name Terry Munslow comes to mind..no idea why!
  12. Apologies for the multiple postings, decided to change my arm and just 'wing it', Set myself a mini quiz which I can google later... A couple more trainers..sort off! Best I can do memory wise Tina ?? & a chap called Tompkins. Possibly Pam Timmins also, had runner's, maybe only open races, also a chap, irish, only had about six dog's, all pushing top grade, think he started unattached, occasional chat at the trails on Wednesday mornings. Recall watching one of the famous two Overt/Coe clashes (Olympics?) in the small TV room, upstairs on the le
  13. Lot's of hard working boy's and girls... https://www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk Anybody go for a meal upstairs? I didn't. The cafe downstairs did a cracking Oxo cube with boiling water, as much pepper or Mustard (Colman's) as you wanted, which was free. .
  14. Peter liked a drink if remember correctly, always remember him barking out 'time, time' when I stood in the East Stand. I stated a topic about Colwick Park greyhound's, recall Stan Bowles & Kenny Burns being there occasionally, Kenny owned a couple of dog's, the name's escape me. Thank's for digging this out, I look forward to reading it.
  15. No MargieH, me and my brother regularly used to come up to Nott's and go with Grandad, last time I went was about 1984!