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  1. She's an african/Indian opportunist.. Who cares.. I do, but what's the point.. people aren't wiseing up. Jumped on Reform at 500/1 about 9 months ago now 150-1, sold some on exchanges at 250-1 to 140-1 made £800 all to charity. As things worsen I expect the price to drop.. still sitting, my integrity says don't sell.
  2. Covered this about three weeks ago. The Canadian approach is somewhat...
  3. Really?... Have you checked out their uniform's nowdays? Applies to many other's also.. Imagine paying union subscription to the people you refuse to talk about.. I find it very sad.. we can't vote our way out of this...
  4. Your previous references prior to my quote were investigated... Resulting in a 6 year prison sentence.. Obviously, It's a delicate subject. But i do find your attitude somewhat blase..
  5. 142 so called charities/NGO's and counting.. Pure grift... Expected better.. The PM clique here, just throws up more conformation..
  6. I think his name is Klaus, why didn't 'Tall Paul' get the job?
  7. I was terrified.. But had heard the stories.. I was lucky. Moved on...
  8. Is their career choice calculated? Iv'e always wondered... I had encounters with PE teachers at school, sent to a cold small pool, cold water, made to wait, and then made to jump up & down spraying hot water pump up my arse.. At the time, as a seven year old thought nothing of it. Played school foolball, top group, hence school team, six a side, said teacher in goal. Teacher side 2-0 down, five minutes to go..he lost the plot pushing 9 year's olds out the way.. with new schoolteacher backup.. The determination and angst, I knew I'd had a
  9. I haven't worn a watch since I left school... Personally, I can't see an issue, if I wanted to know the time, I would be reminded of the stupidity of war... It's an object.. If it was a shrunken head I would agree with you.
  10. Unlike Tim..my nutrients will be committed to Mother Earth. With all this rain, should be a bumper crop of shrooms this year. Wollaton Park..the long grass directly facing was always fruitful..40 years ago. Foragers are out in force nowdays..even the deer are having their food removed from their table. Yes.. quality of music in times of crisis..and back on political topic.. Give me an F..give me a U etc.. Country Joe. Jimi Star Spangled.. Goes beyond music, priceless historic moments. Nowdays.. From John
  11. Some Quality musicians on the sessions, Duffy's a bit shit..I like Joe Meek...more than templeman...it's a feeling thing. Second time of asking DJ & personal number plate, brew.. Can you pair cobble a Utube channel together? Streamyard...I prefer prism..
  12. YouTube...come and play children..stream yard or prism .
  13. The Forum Moderator? Hmm.. I'd never heard of Duffy Power.. and I think they have something in common.,
  14. l have my Grandad's watch, took it of dead German soldier sometime between Dec 1915 and Oct 1917.. Iv'e taken it for repair, been told it will always loose roughly 3 seconds a day.. but it's solid gold...
  15. The spineless, always knew more, my Aunty travelled with vulnerable children in the back of a Police Car. Always referenced certain houses, all WB.. about 1984?? There was a symbolism around the canal at this point.. small flags in trees, carvings etc.
  16. Can't understand why this echo chamber was brought to the forefront.. (but I think I know) Must be very off putting to new.. Specific Nottingham and even general nostalgia folks DJ360..do you have a Utube channel?
  17. Realised my error after edit time out, should have said Colwick Rd roughly facing the former Owd Boots (a pharmacy not a pub..)
  18. Yes, those masks, I must of undergone them a few times, but as a stubborn 7 year old I thought I could beat it. There was a toy shop over the road, Got to pick my car beforehand..still have it today. This reminds me, hope it's still there, haven't been on street view for over 10 years.. Why does the Church on the corner of Sneinton Rd have a reference to, ?? might have been Dunkirk, Basford but definitely not Sneinton. This alway's has puzzled me. Big stone in the side wall
  19. A Couple of my Aunt's, born 1921 and 1926 rented property when first married in Notintone Place, pre WW2. Are the street level property, on the right new builds? Brew..we my not share the same dentist, but likely shared the same rubber Gas Mask.. Like me, your a DR Killinski supporter, in the surgery the smell of TCP was greater than the fag smoke... But he made House calls... He was a large chap by my recollection, but always wore a waistcoat with his suit.
  20. Premises, prior to Akin's on Colwick Road, was an interesting shop up to guessing roughly 1962 Brew...Rental properties, Notintone place mid fifties, Never seen I picture from this period. Has Manor St/House, Sneinton been covered ?
  21. Ask a civil question, to be greeted, by an unspecified, apparently 'two word' answer.. Has to be two word incivility surely.. My best guess was Foxtrot Oscar..hardly civil.. Addressing my question would have been a mature approach. ..
  22. He has, AKA Col, already been pulled for having a second account and reprimanded, with presumably a narcissist mirror ip, and was pulled by this site..for speaking to Himself!! Please don't excuse me of being uncivil and dishonest.
  23. I am currently, on a daily basis, searching for my 'White Privilage'. It's a somewhat thankless task. When I achieve this, I will address my 'Unconscious Bias. Is it NHS funded?
  24. Fishy food smell to me, think it was dried bug's, if you have an issue, take it up with Wilko's and pass on your knowledge.
  25. Thing is, it's not good if they are out in the daytime, but what do you do? Had a hedgehog in our garden, built a home out of pallets carpet and leaves, and he/she took to it, over winter. Following June, during lockdown, clearly had a leg injury, nowhere open, else would have taken to a hospital. I take comfort in that he/she had some great meals, sloppy cat food, on a bed of dried crunchy fishy food (smelt awful) both from Wilko's. They can eat an incredible amount. Lived for about 4 months.. Buried in the garden, never know in 14 years time, anoth