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  1. My mistake, Kovac was Ruddington me thinks, who was Eastwood? Major discrepancy on my part, missed off Charlie Lister, think he had two separate spells. Only five dogs per race, Trap 3 vacant. The distances were 312 & 500 metres originally, can't remember exactly but there was the occasional 764. Later, the addition of 485 and 530, with 500 being phased out. Makes sence I suppose, but 500 is the distance.. Enough for today..
  2. Trainers Jack Coppin..Skellingthorpe...head lass Maggie. Tommy Smith..Long Eaton.. daughter Paula. Emil Kovac, I think Eastwood.. Christine and Shamus Lawlor..unsure. The Legend..Wilf Flint, think Alfreton but could be Ilkeston? Also trained at the Nottingham White City. Son Gordon took over the ropes. Got them of my chest..Few names that people might Google...
  3. Does anybody have any memories of the Greyhound stadium? Not the earlier White city,but they would be interesting too. Batteries going.so in will be brief Few hounds I remember and would have been my favourites. Can't Fancy.. Coppin Blanche Boy..Flint The three Kirby's..(Same litter) Coppin. Eilleens Ginger..white & fawn can't recall the trainers Name, bugged me for ages!
  4. So my scatty, reminiscent cross references get the blame! Bens reference to Boxing, i could have done it again,reminded me of a column in the evening post, back page inside or overleaf bottom, next to it was the Jim Bean Greyhound column, I will create another thread..
  5. Brilliant Bk.. think that's it, always thought that looked like an interesting pub, only saw off a bus,, walked by once after visting a mate at Uni. I assume it's near a gasometer? Hopefully correct with Radford, I went to the Gregory many times to see Dawn Trader. Also once went to a pub, Marquis of Lorne? Name sticks because I couldn't find it. I find on here it's abit like taking a quiz, where you you set your own questions! Thanks....
  6. Remember when they moved the. Staples jam from a Wednesday to a Monday,..that's when they started charging a door fee.. Great Band from Germany was early doors.. A few more prior, Old School, Friday right residency, great band. Both Leicester based but played the Runner regularly, Mick Pini Band, Bamboo Beat Band. Also..Stan Marshall Law..that's it, for the time being, I'm done!! .
  7. Green Boiled sweets, creates a distant memory of my Grandparents, Granny always had a preference for a Nuthalls Minto, Green pub.. Right hand side, heading towards the city..just coming off a flyover.. Ilkeston road.. ?? Thanks for the encouragement BK.. I will continue to post, but become more focused in future..the downside of this...zero responce!
  8. Exactly..when I first joined, comfortable musically...great to take virtual braincell tour! Must confess gave me a headache Different approach..beer Goggle's, only know this area though a mate who went to the same London school as me. he went to Nottingham University.. My Grandparents Nottingham through & through... Back to topic.. fleeting memories, out of the plainsman, first right down a hill, on the left a small entrance to a park... A substantial building on the left!!!! council???? (Third time) the fenced off area I initially thought electri
  9. BK..knew I shouldn't chance my arm with a street name!, walked down a steep hill to enter, a small clearing on the left, building on the left once in the park was substantial. Was the culvert down a hill to the right of here, near a fence, at the parks boundary?
  10. Don't know the area, but this rings a bell with me, entering from assuming Woodthorpe Drive take a left, on the left, a substantial property, council? on the right, fenced off area, is this the culvert? Definitely something there. Further down the path, a small shed on the left,issued with a putter and a five iron, scorecard the size of an underground ticket and a tee you could keep! Holes 1 to 3 heading towards the football pitch, still had goalposts up? Definitely pitch marked out...and very waterlogged... Think it was known as pitch and putt.. Edit..thinking
  11. This film has a wonderful charm, a bit before my time but recognise the chap from Crackerjack.. Was Luicille the neglected lass singing the sombre song? Given the artists and sound, I'm sure the brilliant Joe Meek must have played a part. However..best thing musically, Kenny Ball and Gene Vincent...
  12. Forgotten about Jaceys and bands, did see an AC-DC tribute band there once, live band night was a Tuesday? Not a pub I normally frequented, later became a gay pub, was well into my second pint before I sussed it...did have a American size pool table, only one I can recall in Nott's. IIRC ABK residency was every other Thursday at the runner, can't recall who they dovetailed with. The Jewsons were a great pub rock band, all classic rock covers, Steve Miller, Joe Walsh, Skynard etc. Just what you want on a Sunday after a heavy weekend.
  13. Can't beat racking up an expected zero responce!! Recall, a few more.. Stone Cold Sober, ABK, Left Hand Thread... More to come... ..or if talking to myself, should i Invest in a mirror?
  14. I searched Alfreton & Running Horse, nothing, maybe somebody could move to the appropriate place. I was thinking about the band's, Jewsons, Sunday residency, last gig was filmed, i was there,sweat box, caught Fast Ian at the Mechanic s a few days later.. Other than that, to my knowledge whole band disappeared. from the Nott's scene..
  15. All mid eighties age wise... Mum's next door neighbours already had theirs... Mum..Left as a dog with a bone! Hates to see others getting what she's also entitled.. Got on the dog..90 people in the queue.. Guessing totally unrelated..Text day after, Getting jabs in 9 days time..! DJ..I do hope that Archie's Godfather isn't hacking into your local resources..
  16. Isn't there a Nottingham connection with Kinks Lola? a Tranny and Yates, I'm sure I was told this, but Google say's Soho.....
  17. Look forward to visiting my daughter in Stoke Newington. Forever the optimist..
  18. While I have nothing against people who can handle a fart in a spacesuit.. Easier for Skinner, his chat show was brilliant in comparison to Norton & Ross. Nottingham themed, had a chat with fat Bob in the Pelham St Cookie Club.
  19. My word!.small fish..comes to mind... Happy New Year!
  20. Grandad always liked a port.. Dad recalls sitting outside the Cherry Tree, after seeing Laurel and Hardy at the Empire.. Late forties?
  21. The purple ones... Always seem to be first dibs, don't think the selection was what it used to be. Black Magic, which was my Granny's favourite the same... She liked Advor.? Sp, yellow drink, does it still exist?
  22. Spot on BK..their accuse, is it that complicated! Anyway enough moaning.. Have a nice Christmas everybody..
  23. The Western world, especially UK..doesn't do immediate effect.. This new South African variant sums it up...still assuming people voluntary self isolate.. complete nonsence. the obvious abuse of the furlough system, is a prime example!
  24. Hancock stated that tier 3 'clearly isn't working against the new variant ' .. so why have area's remained so? BK..the new measure's kick in one minute into Boxing Day..
  25. HSR


    Think I saw it here, their was excellent musical blog(by chatroom standard's) Hoped to explore at a later date.. Seems to have disappeared., or been removed..