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  1. Hear we go again.. buzz phases.. What next .. optics? I agree with some of your sentiments, but I wouldn't call them a republic protest... I consider the extended Royals 'liggers on'.. There's one, I have only heard once, in 1973._
  2. My dad is Convinced it's bent, he has a point.. I hope Everton go down.. a breath of fresh air. .. & Obviously Forest stay up..
  3. Would that beard be ginger by any chance? The amount of officialdom..with said, I find a little strange!
  4. I lost the plot with the BBC years ago. Some think thier right wing, others left..LBC still propagate this... Chilli Spag boll on Utube...
  5. I Wasn't very clear, I was talking about people who died in the field, it is a very small sample, maybe not typical, under 70 men (64) if I remember. I have read, due to 'time' soldiers were placed in mass graves. I know many people were reinturned after the war, was this from recognised graves? from what I have read the majority were from previously 'established' nearby staging posts. Does anybody know if soldiers buried in mass graves, were documented? and the Graves charted? I appreciate that there is no definitive answer...
  6. My Great uncle died 13 July, Somme, known as the second push. 7th division. Joined the Scottish Fusiliers, a Meadows lad, may well have been recruited on Bridlesmith Gate. His older brother by 11 months (My GF) joined the Sherwood Foresters in 1907 aged 17, previously employed at Clifton Colliery..he was still in the army or claimed to be on the 1921 census..He.. to the family is the true Mr Elusive.. I apologise for waffling Back to the Fusiliers, they were going into a salient, the Somme offensive was 'successful' in the south, very few trenches..but
  7. Wonderful sentiments Oz.. If you don't mind me asking.. Do you consider yourself an Ozzie or a displanted English man? I watch History Debunked on utube.. It's very interesting..
  8. The Old Angel on Hockley, about 27 years ago, had walls full of buyable art.. I Don't know if this was the case, decades previously..
  9. Who funds the Socialist Workers party? You keep avoiding any ballpark, unusual for one who normally.. Has a heavy Copy and paste .. Nearly forgot. DJ360
  10. A simple one word answer, yes or no, would suffice. Was I assumptive on your affiliations? maybe so, but why so rude? I thought the question was open to everybody, I apologise and repost.. Do the socialist worker party protesters get payed? and if so, only until 2pm? PMQ's....
  11. I detest this terminology, recall asking Young chap at my 'local' What doe's FYI mean? He explained it, he was a nice chap, educated me on how working for the minimum wage was superior to a 'Zero Hours' contract which he defined as "Hell on Earth".. He was sacked..I few months later,... As for YMMV...? You make me vomit?
  12. Never heard of that before Jill, Jimi Hendrix makes more than once, a similar reference, one on video..he's thinking here.. Suggests a thinking mind, are you musical?? Congrats on your self-diagnosis in your twenties, Age 59.. diagnosed with Autism.. My best mates 'got it' also by my secondary observation, iv'e always found myself drawn to these sought of people.. The old man who gave me Grubby apples, he would have been born about 1870 !
  13. Visted my daughter in London last weekend.. DJ360..do the socialist worker party's protesters only get payed an hourly rate until 2pm? Iv'e heard this on more than one occasion... Could you clarify?
  14. Always wondered, does Lineker write his own crap pun's at the end of each MOTD? RAF Scampton next week, will the BEEB cover it? I'm guessing it won't be topic on QT.. Alerta..
  15. Correct, thanks CT, 100 percent 3 Broadway, now appears to be called Distinction. For me, Dreadful place, 30 years plus ago, house music ain't my thing.. but now I might be able to solve my spiral staircase 'fantasy'
  16. Thanks for link CT... Nice to know the Sandpiper was a gatehoused venue.. From the picture do a 180, short walk and turn left, what was this prior to being a club? I only went twice, a Friday, the neon lighting mounted in plastic tables upstairs..Hmm This is a stretch, it maybe had a spiral staircase? Definitely wooden floored, had a row of tatty leather sofas on the left, lovely long bar on the right. Like to know more about it's previous history.
  17. Would that be the place, with the tiny bar, and seating upstairs, had a circular tiny dancefloor section, but had two sets of stairs. First or second left on the right after the "old Angel". Recall nearby a venue I think called the Monastery, always had an expansive guess list. I'm not familiar, Sandpiper?.. where was this ?also Pharaoh's?
  18. Been asking around.. within my physical locality, nobody has any recollection, so i resort to here. Did you receive a 2021 census? If so, how was it administrated?
  19. Is there a correlation between pub name changes and 'fun pubs' ?
  20. Or when you smile and say 'fine thanks' before asking the person next to you, 'whats yours like?'
  21. Garthia..blame MOTD Kyiv...
  22. Yes, that's it, Stuart how I remember, go downstairs, an alcove with an L shaped bar on the right, on the left a wooden dancefloor, with a small balcony, slightly above this, the toilets. The bands I saw played the length of the room, if there was a stage, it was a temporary low addition. They were nowhere of the calibre of Thin Lizzy Yes all bands play fleapits's, but the room wasn't being utiized as a band venue. Makes you wonder if it had been knocked about by 'Tiffanys'.
  23. Recall seeing a pub on old photos.. Can't place it, did it have a main St presence? I'd of been making a b line for the Yorker! Glad to see the Peacock reopening, hope it gets the original signage back.
  24. Thank You Stuart Thought I was about to find the name of a toy shop, thats bugged me for ages, but alas no.. Located where Samuel Pepys is on the map. So many unfamiliar names for me, did Zodiac become nonsuch? I notice there's a Stuart's on there? Thanks again
  25. That makes sense, remember having to go upstairs, that's where the toilets were located. Can't access link.. regarding 3rd photo, wasn't there a pub here at one time?