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  1. Remember years ago I had terrible toothache and that tooth had to come out. Like you DJ I didn’t have any breakfast and passed out after. The dentist wasn’t very happy, she shouted at me when you have an injection you MUST eat a hearty breakfast.
  2. Don’t know but it’s been the same here in Italy for 3 days.
  3. On Sunday we had a car rally in the village. They all met very early and one by one they set off. Our road wasn’t closed off but at the corner were the marshals directing straight up the road. We only live 200 m from the corner and it’s a narrow country road, we have space outside the gates for maybe 6 cars so fans of rallies decided to park their cars outside our gates leaving us very little space to get out. We did manage then put notices no parking and the odd paving brick to stop them. This morning driving out from home I pass a short cut which can be the joy of ralliers, up down dips and
  4. DJ The gnocchi my daughter makes is served with a cheese called Castelmagno. Don’t think she’s taken the rind off them all yet.
  5. Just dropped my daughter off at work. She has to prepare a cheese sauce for the gnocchi she will serve at the wine festival this weekend. She has to take the rind off the cheese and cook it into a creamy sauce. Seems straight forward but she has 32 x 3 kg cheese forms to do. Adding also 120 liters of cream. She has made this dish every year for the festival apart from last year and it’s very popular. All the nearby exhibits exchange dishes because from morning til midnight they have to eat
  6. This practice has been in force for a long time many more years that the 2 years in the article ( which i saw after i replied to Brew) It does work, we hear thunder rolls a couple of times, hear the cannons and then we dont hear any more thunder. It just rains.
  7. Brew not sure if these are cannons we hear but thats what the farmers call them. They use them when theres a great chance of heavy hailstones. In this area every spare piece of land is a vineyard and to have a heavy hail storm at this point will be disastrous as well as reducing the quality of the following years wine. We are famous for Barbera wine so to us its important . Barbera d'Asti. We have quite a few producers in the village and surrounding areas and they get very upset when the storms threaten.
  8. My latest work, a chef for my sons restaurant.
  9. Last week the weather was beautiful, plenty of sun and warm evenings. We bought a gazebo for eating outside ( we face south so we get the sun all day) the gazebo was erected by my husband and 2 friends. We invited them and their wives and 2 in-laws for dinner Sunday night. Around the time when we were getting everything sorted we saw a menacing black cloud and heard the farmers shooting into the clouds because of a threatened storm . As our guests were arriving it looked a bit brighter but as we all sat down( the precise minute) it started to rain quite heavily. It didn’t last long but it had
  10. Not so many years ago ( say 35 yrs ) some of my in-laws visited us and were horrified that there wasn’t a bidet i the bathroom. Even the oldest houses had one so for them we were a dirty lot. When we moved to R.O.T. my brother reorganized the bathroom to accommodate one.
  11. After 2 years of Covid 19 and all the inconveniences it brought today we are getting ready for the summer thats come to us with a vengeance. Missing so much in not being near family and friends we have decided that any excuse for a bbq A coffee or just an icecream just to enjoy outside sitting at the side or even inside the pool which will be opened finally tomorrow. We spent a while washing the cover and taking it off ready to be cleaned tomorrow. Robbie' s been brought out of the dark shed and had his first chore. Filter and pump will be in action in the morning and once its topped up we'l
  12. This coming weekend is our Wine festival in fact Festa Della Barbera. 3 days along with specialities in food. Barbera is our local wine and i wouldnt drink any other. We are surrounded by the vineyards so what is there to not like about it, at least we know exactly where it comes snd who produced it.
  13. One of the Ukraine refugees is now working for my daughter in the restaurant. She speaks Italian and English and seems to be happy to be working. She didnt want to accept money for the few hours she had worked. It was accepted after reasoning with her. Hope shes happy here but no doubt thinks about her husband that had to stay to fight.