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  1. Yes mini ones to sell in Deborah’s restaurant .
  2. Today just mixed 6 kg of dried fruit 1/2 with brandy and 1/2 with gin for small Christmas cakes. Leaving them to soak for 3 days. I have enough fruit left to make about 10 jars of mincemeat.
  3. Keep safe and let us know you are safe.
  4. My nephew ( ex parachute ) was given a flask exactly the same when he was in Arnhem a while ago.
  5. Today we had invited my SIL, my niece and her son to lunch. The niece couldn’t come because her husband on his way to the airport for work in Belgium didn’t feel well and decided not to travel and went home. He tested and was positive for covid for the 4 th time. Don’t know if he’s been vaccinated or not but 4 times is too many. He could have got it anywhere as he travels all over the world. Next week he should be in India but doubt he will make it.
  6. RobL Good news and a happy recovery.
  7. Thankyou Margie, I wasn’t sure about posting here but thought it might interest any wine drinkers. We have been awarded “ one of the most beautiful villages in Italy” It shows the general layout , vineyards, the vendemmia, pallavolo and concerts we have in summer . The film was taken in the top part of the village which is very pretty and wasn’t shown in the film. The village is split in two, the newer part is in the valley and this is the historic part. My sons restaurant is glimpsed with 2 people sitting in the courtyard at the table drinking wine. Another piece is the chef plating
  8. Where I live
  9. What a day!! I accompanied my daughter to a hospital in Alessandria to have an MRI. We left home at 10.30 am to take the train in Asti. Then after looking at a few shops we headed for the hospital, appointment at 3.45pm We were still very early so sat in a small park opposite and hoped to watch a bit of the Queens funeral. No internet. As soon as we found which of the many corridors we needed and as soon as we sat down the lady next to us told us there was an hours delay because the RMI machine was out of order.We waited 2 1/2 hrs We had missed 2 return trains and hope to catch the last
  10. I agree Woody. I was unable to watch the funeral yesterday so Im hoping to watch it today. I was interested to see what the Italian thoughts were on TV last night when I got home. Of course as in everything there are mixed reviews but I was proud when one journalist said " yes the whole thing was long but it was beautiful to watch, nothing can compare with the British way of ceremonies like that and I think we have a lot to learn" Well done Britain.
  11. I'm catching up too, sorry Loppy you had ascare or rather your wife but you'd better take care cos we want more news from
  12. I feel old when i see my neices and nephews. It doesnt seem 5 minutes since we were all celebratings their births. Most of them are married now and have children of their own.
  13. Hoping because you heard a bit of English that it would encourage you to go in and spend. Its true when you hear your own language spoken in a foreign country you stop and reflect ( where are they from etc) Its called attracting potential business.
  14. We have been constantly watching tv. There was a great deal of concern for the Queen in the previous days so i presume everyone was expecting the worse. Have been watching also this morning. It has been very emotional.