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  1. The weather ! It's been so hot lately, today is cool and overcast. Tomorrow the festivities start, everyone and his relatives will be here to eat and see concerts. The forecast isn't very good and the 2 nights of the more important concerts it looks like rain. I went to the local market this morning and to park was impossible. There are 2 large squares next to each other almost. One had a fairground with the parafinalia that goes with the construction. The other had a huge marque and the market stalls pushed under into a smaller space. All the streets were packed with cars, the usual overflow car park is cordened off because they are building a new and bigger supermarket. These festivities bring a lot of business into the village but where all the cars are going to go is anybodies guess. Next on the list of requirements after resurfacing the roads will be a decent car park.
  2. Apparently he was was making a " political protest"
  3. Hows this for stupidity. Just one of the tricks Rome has to put up with. No damage but he hoped the plastic balls didn't get into the ancient working of the caves and waterways under neath the fountain.
  4. I don't like souvenir shops either, I'd sooner take a photo.
  5. Folks I agree with a lot of these posts about the steps, but I also agree with why they've imposed this rule. Yes you should be able to sit on the steps ( without wearing them down) picnic no. You've seen how many people sit on the steps, it's impossible to see the steps. We see it on the news every day. Yes food stains sometimes come away but others remain. We were shown the bad stains on the steps and no amount of cleaning has removed them. Goodness knows what's been spilt..However there is nothing that I nor others can do about it .Its years since we went to Rome and like Some would find it impossible to climb all those steps without being tired. But as regards no seating available , it would spoil the ambience of a very historical ambiance. Don't think I would like to see umbrellas and tables and chairs along side.
  6. It's about time some other authorities started to make rules and fine people for doing what they shouldn't do. It might make the world a better place to live in. It's come to a head now that they realize things have been too relaxed and are trying to bring the country back to some sort of order.
  7. Its not walking and sitting on the steps it's the damage they cause by defacing the stone work. They have recently been restored and they don't want to have to restore them again for a number of years. Have you seen the videos and the comments, I think you might understand a little more. Maybe if some historic buildings were damaged in UK people might be a little more considerate. What was the reaction of Notre Dame? After all it's the future generations heritage.
  8. Jonab. Heard yesterday of a French couple who holidayed in Sardinia and brought home 40 kg of sand. They were caught and now risk a prison sentence. Thats tourists for you, nobody thinks. Next week is a week of festivities here and with a famous concert attracts thousands. We are only a relatively small village ( app 3.500 inhabitants) there are rubbish bins everywhere , the square is cordened off but every where is full of rubbish when it's all over. It's always a very clean area as a young woman daily cleans the square and is proud to wear her orange suit. Bars and restaurants have to put up with broken bottles and glasses, dropped ice cream cones , cigarette stubs, spitting etc. Not a good impression for the occasional visitor. I know what I would think, the same as a normal person would think.
  9. Brew it's not a case of sitting on the steps. Tourists have damaged the steps in some way or another. They picnic on them, stub cigarettes out, scratch initials and phrases on them.On the news it shows all the stains of dropped food and drink.( Tv news sometimes shows views of people sitting on the steps and you can't see the steps for people.)Some of the stains won't come out. These steps aren't your common or garden steps ( that would be ridiculous to ban sitting) but it's a well known tourist attraction . They interviewed tourists and locals. Most thought the fine a bit high but many agreed that something had to be done in view of the age of the steps. I don't think there are any more sitting bans in Italy. Italy has to save her heritage. There are so many beautiful places here that go back centuries, why should they be ruined by thoughtless people. I don't think they are trying to bite the hand that feeds them , they are trying to re educate the people who don't appreciate what Italy has to offer. Look at Major Oak , what have visitors done? A fence has been put around to stop entering inside. Probably too like many ancient buildings in the U.K. that have been damaged. The former beauty can never be restored. Another thing in Rome is that every now and again someone puts dye into the fountain and it has to be drained, cleaned and refilled. Funny maybe to some but the culprits are almost always tourists. Anyway that's the way it is, at first I thought it was a stupid thing to do to fine people but on hearing the report I agree that it was the best solution. And, No I am not patriotic just appreciate the beauty here and hate it being damaged. Tourists are made very welcome but they have to learn like they do in other countries and that it isn't nice to leave your rubbish in some one else's garden nor damage next doors garden swing or fence.
  10. Just the topic I was looking for. Many things do pee me off but watching a clip on tv should be available to everyone everywhere. The latest forbidden thing to do in Italy especially in sea resorts is not to go around with, men, bare chested, women in costumes or bikinis. Otherwise 250€ Fine. Other sindaco's have also introduced rules for the public such as smoking on the beaches and leaving litter, dogs only allowed on designated beaches. Sitting on the steps in Rome and the lists go on. The fines are pretty hefty, maybe not to everyone's pleasure but tourists do not respect the beautiful country that is Italy. Every year the tourist resorts spend thousands getting the resorts back to their original state only to return the following year expecting the same disorder.
  11. Success, did a bit more research and found who I was looking for and had a lovely conversation over the phone catching up on families. They happened to be in Winthorpe not Winkburn. Thanks Phil for the info.
  12. Yes I saw Brian Watchorn when. I was searching but it's Neville Alan or Alan Neville I'm looking for. He married my boss's daughter. But I've lost touch but know they were/are farmers. Thanks Phil I may be able to get a bit further. Strange but I dreamt of her ( Mary) last night. Haven't thought about her for years so why it came into mind I don't know.
  13. Sorry if this is out of place but I thought of trying to contact someone who lives / lived in Winkburn. Their name is Watchorn. If its not the place for this post please delete it, before I have complaints about it.