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  1. The words to this are beautiful. A song composed by Lucio Dalla
  2. I don't mind operas. Never understood them but nice to listen to. Now I find they are more interesting when listening to them. When I saw the video of Gigli I thought what a strange title as I'd never heard of it and translated seemed an unlikely title for opera.Then listening to it, one phrase is "laugh, clown" and I would have said that was something in the title. I enjoy listening and watching the young men called Volo. I watched them grow on tv and now they travel the world doing concerts, opera as well as other serious music. Three very disciplined and pleasant young men.
  3. I love the bagpipes my cousin lives in Melbourne Australia and he often takes part in games in Scotland and in Aus. His daughter also plays.
  4. I think you're taking the Mickey? I know you're taking the Mickey but thanks anyway you cheered me up.
  5. Just sat down to my lunch , 2 cannelloni that were the last two from freezer. I'm just starting to eat a vanilla peach, but having problems holding them. My own fault as I've emptied and sorted out 2 high cupboards. Won't do that again. Appointment Monday with dr, couldn't get one before then.
  6. I did learn play years ago but didn't carry on with it now I regret it but don't have a piano.
  7. My day like most lately is starting out badly in the sense that arthritic hand is driving me mad. It doesn't stop me from doing anything because I'll do it anyway but rather more slowly and painfully.. PP said that exercise is better for arthritis rather than sitting down. I agree but apart from waggling my fingers and wrist around what else can I do. I admit to myself and you that since lockdown my routine has completely changed. During that time I, like the rest got very bored, did my usual routine , jigsaws and baked cakes and biscuits ( I love baking) but unfortunately due to boredom I put on weight. Everyone tells me they don't think I have but when my clothes tell me the opposite I think I have to do something about it. My hand is painfull getting dressed, holding a pan or plate even trying to get out of bed to haul myself up. The support that our relief dr advised me to get hasn't been much use ( another € 50 wasted.) he told me no medication. The relief dr before him gave me some Etoricoxib for 5 days. They worked but then the pain returned, tried again and again. Now they don't work at all. Our usual dr has returned to work after an illness so hopefully I will be able to make an appointment. Im going to try and eliminate some of the foods that are bad for arthrosis and try to exercise a bit more. We have some beautiful scenery around here but it's very hilly so until I get back into my routine of last year when I walked every morning and swam every afternoon, I will ease myself back into it. It turned cold for a few days so swimming was out of the question , then the pool developed an algae that took a few days to clean and clear ( more pain in my hand.) Yesterday my husband was telling me that some Germans who are staying at a house rental further down the road from us are still using their pool and they said the water is great. Last time I tested ours it was COLD but last night the temperature had increased so maybe this afternoon I will venture out to try and swim a bit. Hope everyone has had a better day.
  8. Thankyou Carni, have just got back. Everything ok but he had me worried for a few minutes as something didn't seem right so he phoned the radiologist who did the last tac to check on it . Everything fine the only thing now is I thought it would be my last follow up appointment but he wants me to check when the last colonoscopy was done and I have a file almost 6" thick to wade through. I have appointments in April for blood tests and ecograph and after that he will arrange for this colonoscopy if it's been more than 5 yrs ago. So in a way relief all round.
  9. That's the one Oz. I was trying to post a photo of it but as usual my iPad won't post correctly and I'm waiting for the photo to appear on my laptop. Glad it gives you a video on how it's used, because although I've drunk the wine from this method I've never seen it done. We are or I am learning all the while.
  10. Thankyou Margie. I always get a bit fidgety a few days before a visit but then once I'm on my way to the hospital it passes.
  11. Sorry Oz I thought I'd explained it wrongly. I remember when my son bought this new piece of equipment I got the idea it was a new thing. I had heard of a syringe that helped to pull the cork, very handy if it was damaged. BK I will have to get some more info as I'm not sure how this works. All I know is that he uses it when someone wants only a glass of an expensive wine.
  12. My oncologist has just rung me to bring my appointment forward from Friday to this afternoon. I've waited a long time for this appointment from having a scan , blood tests etc. .I haven't usually waited so long between but is probably due to holidays and covid. I can't wait to get it over with as I think it may be the last one. Getting a bit agitated as per usual .
  13. Oz the syringe that my son uses only extracts the wine not the cork and doesn't allow air into the wine.
  14. My grandchildren start back to school tomorrow. They've already recuperated something but don't suppose it's much. Talking to my DIL there are so many things they can do and can't do besides the usual there's the worry of them not being able to have a snack at lunch times. They don't have school dinners, the two boys who are now at the same school have a bar nearby where they can get a sandwich, a slice of pizza or whatever but social distancing can be impossible at lunch times . Their sister is at a different school for her first year . There is no restaurant or bar nearby. Which means that she has to take something from home, but there's a restriction, they aren't allowed to take food from home because of any allergy problems. if they happen to,share their food. She's not a baby and is very sensible so it's unlikely that she will share her food. So not sure how she's going to go on or what she's likely to take. They all leave the house at 7 am to get to school for 8. Catching the bus here to Alba and then having a long walk to school. By the time lunch time comes at 1 pm they will be hungry. At the moment they don't know what their hours will be but it's always a long day for them. Then there's always extra homework they have to do.
  15. Just been talking to my son. The half bottle of wine on the shelf Brew is as you said someone has been having a nip or three and also as I said a wine tasting. When customers go to see the cellars they invariably taste a sample. Now to open an expensive bottle of wine to just maybe try one glass can be very expensive. James has a special piece of equipment basically a syringe that is used to penetrate the cork and extract the wine. Then it is squirted ( not the correct word but you know what I mean) into the wine glass. That way the wine stays exactly as it should with no air entering the bottle. Turning the bottles. Those he has do not need turning as they have already had their full treatment before being sold. Champagne is regularly turned by 1/8 to mix in the yeast and left slightly tilted. When the champagne has had this treatment they are ready to be sold with no more treatment. Plastic corks are usually placed in cheaper wines at least here he didn't know about anywhere else. Besides selling wines with meals the restaurant is also an enoteca so tourists from other parts of Europe take delight when tasting a wine they like they are able to have the wine sent or take cases with them. Im glad I asked James about the wines as I don't know much but I've have learned quite a bit more today. Oz most of the wineries around here have gone on for generations but there are a few new younger ones around , one in particular who have introduced some new wines which are popular. The wine festival here is the place to be for trying all the different wines from this area. Unfortunately this year covid spoilt it. Hopefully next year will be a bumper year who knows.