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  1. Ciao Ciao Bambina Domenico Modugno's song is really beautiful as are all of his songs The title of the song is actually "Piove" (rain /raining ) The beginning tells of violins playing in the wind and of the colours of the rainbow. He's asking for Just one more kiss before she leaves, as in the fairy stories everything must come to an end. which means that the rain always has to spoil the beautiful things. (Love) His songs always tell a lovely story.
  2. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    I've been wracking my brains all day to think of the place we went to in Grasse but with no luck. The visit was a day tour that our village organizes every so often ( not particularly to France but to various areas) we went to San Paul du Vence . It was years ago but I remember it was a very pretty area. I had some photos taken there but changing hosts for them over time I don't know where to look for them. Thanks for the information about the oranges.
  3. nonnaB

    Music memories

    Think they were the best years. I have recently aquired a few cds of 60 s songs. I have them in the car and love them. Welcome to NS Paul I'm sure you'll find everyone friendly and helpful if you're stuck over something. Enjoy.
  4. I agree Loppy also here we get all the blurb about what the medication can do and what not to drink with it. It can be quite worrying fact very worrying. I tend to start taking a new medication and if I think I have adverse effects I consult the leaflet. Then I stop. The leaflets are quite explicit and so long.
  5. Oops Sorry LOPPY. I did check it too must need my eyes testing
  6. Was beginning to wonder who was posting Loopy but it made me laugh. Hope everything's ok. I need a new pair of slippers too. I need something with a raised heel to keep my back a bit straighter. at the moment I have flat fluffy ones and although they are warm they don't do anything to keep me straight.
  7. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Thanks for the info Jonab . It's years since I saw a Seville and I've never seen a Bigarade so wouldn't know. Went to Grasse to the or a company that produces essential oils. The smell was wonderful. Looking at problems you all seem to have I hope this posts. I use iPad and mac laptop and had no problems, only those of my fault. Doubt it could be the fault of pc tho.
  8. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Jonab Bigerade and seville oranges are one and the same. Just found out what they are called in Italian " melangoli". I've never heard of it . But will ask around.the only plants of fruit the farmers know the names of are the grapes ! Next door have a bitter orange tree but when I asked she didnt know what it was called and it certainly didnt look like a seville.
  9. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    I've just finished cooking my dinner in an airfryer ( a gift from my daughter) 2 chicken drumsticks and a couple of potatoes made into chips.. Not very adventurest you say but it only arrived today and I wanted something simple to try it out.I followed the suggestions but think I will up the temperature and increase the timing. Not bad for first try, it saves pots and pans which is what I hate in the winter evenings having to wash everything.
  10. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Jonab I thought the same thing that we were almost neighbours but I have asked at the markets and no one knows what bitter oranges are. Maybe a garden centre would know more. Seville oranges are the ones I used in UK. My lemon tree is coming on in leaps and bounds, it is now wrapped up for the winter, I dont have anywhere where I can leave them without protection. The kumquats are almost ripe and the lemon tree did have a few buds on but at the moment I can't see through the protection Mostarda isn't a bit like cougna' , I dont like it either. The ravioli I made yesterday with pumpkin and amaretti needed mostarda but I left it out and added some more amaretti and parmesan.
  11. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    They aren't known here either although the reaction when I tell them in august or september that I've made mincemeat or just taken my christmas cake out of the oven, they are horrified. It will go bad they say. Little do they know that especially the cake will be sozzled by christmas. But the thing is that most italians do not like dried fruit even in the Pannettone. I have stopped making christmas cake as its mostly me that eats it . It takes a while but I cant see the sense in making it. Mincepies are different I prepare them and still raw I freeze them, so that when we want to eat them hot with a bit of brandy butter all I have to do is take a few out and cook them. We also have local festivities during the year. One is the product " cougna" a group od housewives make the version and they sell this and other products and at the end there is always a winner ( usually the same one ). Persoally I dont like it. Its a concoction of fruit and nuts everyone has their own version. Apparently is has to cook for hours on end. I suppose you can say its similar to a sweetish chutney. Bitter oranges, wish we could find them easily here. I make all my own jams etc but have to use sweet oranges for marmalade but its not the same. Another thing my SIL gave me a jar of orange jam that she made so I gave her one of mine. " But its got peel in" I explained that it was typical of english marmalade ( marmellata, being the italian for jam) so difficult to explain the difference. Its like saying to an italian thats its jam ( marmalade) not jam What a lovely festa but unfortunately all the photos dont load. But I'll keep looking.
  12. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Made my ravioli today and put them in the freezer. Tomorrow mince pie. I have to use my mincemeat up, it must be very mature by now. In a near shopping centre we have a very large chinese shop that sell everything. A lot of rubbish but also loads of made in Italy things. I stocked up with baking items such as gift bags , trays for sweets etc I saved quite a bit. Going back again tomorrow once I know what I need for neighbours and friends gifts ( I usually bake cakes, biscuits , mince pies etc for them) They love them as the things I make are so different from Italian bakery products.
  13. nonnaB


    It does happen . My daughters restaurant is opposite the now disused railway station. As the meals here are usually long and drawn out very often some customers will pop outside to have a smoke especially in the summer. It has happened that people think others have paid and will return the following day to apologise.
  14. nonnaB


    Denshaw is right you dont have to pay the discretionary charge as it is what it says.We never did it and thought it a bit cheeky. Our bills had a total and grand total. Customers used to ask for the bill and when completed would ask for another bottle or whatever so we started to fill in just the total and the customer if they so wished would add gratuity. I think its a bad sign of a restaurant to make customers pay for service. I always thought it was like asking for a tip. Also you pay for the food and for the pleasure of it being served to you.In UK its quite normal to tip but its not here and my husband always tips and he gets surprised looks everytime. Neither my son or daughter have service charge or cover charge which I strongly diagree with.
  15. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Just rereading this topic and sorry LOPPY not POPPY. slip of the finger maybe anyway hope you're feeling better and relaxed, that'll play a big part to your well being.