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  1. Had a scare yesterday morning. In my car I heard such a loud bang. I knew I hadn’t bumped into anything but looked in my rear mirror and saw what the damage was. A man was walking towards almost on his knees with apologies. He hadn’t looked before opening his own car door and knocked my wing mirror to bits. Whilst we were discussing I saw the carabinieri coming slowly towards us so I stopped them and they took over. The result was he wanted to pay there and then but he said he had problems as he had a rented car. Then he just wanted to exchange phone numbers. The carabinieri wrote everything d
  2. We aren’t vegetarians but we do eat a lot of veg. With just a few ingredients you can create a very tasty meal. Here we do have a good variety of vegetables though so it does make it easy. The other day I emptied the fridge and picked 2 fennel bulbs 2 carrots and 1 potato , it made a really nice soup. Crusty bread to accompany it what more do you want.
  3. Yesterday afternoon i wanted to make some rum butter to use with the mince pies id made. As i sat at the kitchen table having a cuppa my husband brought in a bottle of rum ready to add to the butter and sugar. A few minutes later my sons family came in and promptly sat down eyeing the tin of mince pies. They were in a Heroes chocolate box ( tin) mince pies up to the brim. We got glasses out and a couple of cocacolas and little by little the bottle was emptied and only a few mince pies were left. So now im left with rum butter and no mince pies. Oh well we wont be eating them tonight , not afte
  4. “Tu scende dalle stelle” is my favourite Italian Christmas carol. There are so many variations from Pavarotti to Boccelli but I love it sung by children . Happy Christmas everyone. Here it’s very damp and foggy hope it’s better where you are. USA hope you’re not too snowed in , keep warm whatever however you want.
  5. Here’s to wishing you all a very happy Christmas and an extremely peaceful new year.
  6. We have 2 bins, one for paper and one for plastic collected every two weeks. Un recyclable bags collected every week and kitchen waste in the compost bin if you have one and live in the country. Our kitchen waste goes to my daughters restaurant into their bin. Other rubbish such as leaves can go as kitchen waste or to the tip if there’s too much.
  7. Very very occasionally we can get Stilton but not sure which. I love gorgonzola dolce and normal and it’s delicious with polenta. Just the right food for cold weather.
  8. I think I’ve mentioned this before about piddling. We had a restaurant on Thurland st years ago and at the side of it was a corridor that at the weekends was a favourite place for men to relieve themselves. My husband was fed up with having to disinfect the area so he connected an electric wire where they urinated. I can’t remember exactly how he did it but it worked, the first one to piddle had a mild shock certainly not enough to do any damage but it made sure no one else did it.
  9. Snow has all but gone after a severe frost the other night. Now we can see exactly what damage it’s done to the gazebo. Think it’s beyond repair. Only got it at the beginning of summer.
  10. A good description of colour when needed. Sugar bag blue
  11. My husband and i get a small small pension from Jersey, He worked there for a short while but ive never worked there. This pension goes into an account in UK. We dont use it, but the bank keeps sending debit cards to both and a credit card to my husband. I havent had an english cc for a few years and every so often i used to be able to go online for checking the account. Now for some stupid reason i cant get into the account. So phoned the bank and got an indian gentleman. Dont get me wrong he was charming and very helpful but it took him ages to understand what i was asking for. At the finish