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  1. The other day I was frantic looking for my debit card. I had been shopping and paid with the card, put the shopping in the car and drove 20 km home. Got on preparing dinner and something clicked....I couldn't remember putting my card away. Hastily looked through my wallet and purse and everything else i had with me but no card. Got into the car, pouring with rain freezing cold driving along country roads with headlights blinding us and numerous speed cameras. Finally got to the shop and card found. On the way back home we said the first thing to do was inform the bank but first go the th
  2. Dont know if someone has said this before but can you still get Friars Balsam. Mum used to give it to us on a spoon of sugar for sore throats.
  3. I was bridesmaid to a friend in that church in 1969. I was lucky to be there as I was never allowed a saturday off work.
  4. I suppose we will be lucky with our boosters due at the end of December. We are a village and theres only one place they can use complete with voluntary ambulance staff ( close by in fact right opposite) They use the church hall . Wish it was tomorrow and its finished.
  5. Those of you who had AZ did you have to wait 6 months after to get your booster? Everyone here who had Pfizer for first 2 jabs have had their booster but not sure if it was Pfizer again. They say AZ lasts longer than the others and thats why we have to wait for booster.It will be Pfizer.
  6. Colly, glad everything went ok for you.Thats my problem not drinking enough water. I was told by the surgeon that I should drink at least 2 litres a day ( water I might add) I find it difficult sometimes especially if I'm busy or into something interesting but I have got it sussed. Take 4 half litres and divide them through a 12 hour day, 9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-9. It works if you concentrate or have an alarm of some sort. I have a tracker and it tells me to drink more water but sometimes I ignore it or cant be bothered to find one of the many bottles I have lying around. You'll make a lot of
  7. My sister in law almost died with taking a cocktail of pills. Fortunately my brother in law found her still asleep and had a job trying to wake her. She was taken to hospital where she was kept under surveillance for a while. She s a very hard worker but was pressured into doing what should have been a mans job ( heavy lifting ) her immediate boss bullied her. She now walks miles alone along with her music in her ears and it seems that its all she lives for that and Karaoki. But shes happy and still talks about the stupid thing she did.
  8. Thats what I used to think years ago until a very sad thing happened. My neice in France was involved in a car / lorry accident and consequently died. I immediately travelled to France to be with the family. They are big cheese eaters and not to be rude with their offerings at mealtimes I started very gingerly to try them. I now practically eat all sorts of cheese. My brother could get through a pound of cheese in one sitting but I couldnt even stand the smell. Your tastes do change over the years, but having said that although I eat most things and I'm not faddy , I draw the line at some thin
  9. Jill I cant imagine rum truffles with Alba truffles. But I too like the rum ones. Phil , Alex does that, either sits at home dog sitting while us girls go shopping or rushes round everywhere so that we dont see half of what is on sale. Around lunchtime today we decided to go to Aldi, a new lowcost supermarket ( new to us anyway). Wanted to go as well to Lidl as they are near each other but it was pouring with rain and the car parks were pretty full which meant running to get shelter. Don't reckon much to Aldi but heard so much about it from mum when she lived in Uk. Lidl tomorrow, I dont
  10. Typical 1st November day, dismal, grey almost dark and raining. Its almost become extinct as its not rained for months. Today is a bank holiday, All Saints Day which is massively celebrated here. I cant remember in U K whether this was celebrated or not. But being in a village theres a massive influx of " Stranieri" who come to vist the graves of their long lost relatives. The shops are full of crysanthimums which are considered flowers of the dead. Its also the start of the truffle season. Both restaurants of my son and daughter have been absolutely booked out for these 3 days. Everyone
  11. I have a slip of paper in my purse that was written to my mum from my dad. Its a quote from the film Carve her name with pride. The love that I have The life that I have, is all that I have, And the life that I have is yours. The love that I have of the life that I have, Is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have , a rest I shall have, Yet death will be but a pause, For the peace of my years in the long green grass Will be yours and yours and yours.
  12. Mum and dad met in the shipyard at Barrow in Furness. He was in one part and mum in another but kept going to where mum was working. The foreman was dads uncle and didnt like dad keep going out to seek mum. One day as dad passed him he told him that if he kept this meeting up he would land himself in trouble, he also told mum a similar thing but mum replied with the retort I well knew " time will tell then won't it". Dad worshipped mum and spoilt her to death , mum didnt grow up in an affectionate family but she showed her affection in other ways.
  13. When we lived in Nottingham I always fed the birds and loved watching them from the kitchen window. Since we've been here we dont see a great mix of birds. I suppose because its the tractors and presence of farmers that keep them away, also shotguns when the hunting season comes. This morning I could see quite a few sparrows ( always present) flitting backwards and forwards but they seemed different. They were faster and swooped down towards the house and once one nearly collided with me. I cant get a really good look at them as they won't keep still but I did notice they are very similar to