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  1. I live in Canada most of the year but spend January to April in England catching up with old friends. Always happy to meet old friends and catch up on their news. 

  2. nonnaB

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Knitting for pin money Kath. I did that as I had a knitting machine. I knit all the jumpers and cardi's for both my children also a little pleated skirt for Deborah gloves and mittens with matching hats. I made quite a bit making for a small shop but then it became too demanding. My mum and dad both had machines and knitted to sell. My brother was in the army and dad designed a chart with the emblem of his group. The first time he wore it he was called into the office by his superiors and he thought ohoh I'm in trouble for wearing my new sweater. He was interrogated as to how did he get it and who made it etc. When he told them his dad had designed it and knitted it while his mum had sewn it together , his superior said " ok we want 22 of them making and they havent to be repeated to anyone else." Talk about busy bees there was navy blue wool everywhere. These were made for the "Blowpipe" troup and were a great success. It started a craze for having special designs made for kids and adults alike.
  3. nonnaB

    New today

    Welcome Stavertongirl . So sorry of your sad loss but feel sure that you will enjoy our group and make many new friends here. The meetups are great if you can manage to get to one. Don't worry about not knowing anyone they will soon make you feel at home.
  4. nonnaB

    Here and There

    I've got carried away trying to locate the area where Occitan is spoken and quite surprisingly its spoken very near to us and as far afield as Calabria in the south of Italy. Its also spoken in Monaco and Liguria. Theres a video of a town called Guardia in Calabria that have had an Occitan week with all the national costumes etc . Very intersting. It is a mix of spanish, french piemontese and if I remember well Rumanian.
  5. nonnaB

    Here and There

    I was aware that there was a Spanish lilt somewhere. I keep listening to it
  6. nonnaB

    Here and There

    My goodness Jonab no wonder you can't understand it. Listening carefully it sounds like a mix of languages ...I'll have to listen to it again. Yes the tendency is a bit Piemontese and theres Italian words that are very clearly recognisable. I don't speak French but understand a little ( BIL lives in Grenoble so do hear it spoken frequently) but if I listen to it carefully maybe I would be able to understand. The subtitles wouldn't help me.
  7. nonnaB

    Here and There

    Jonab if the dialect is similar to Piemontese I'm not surprised you can't get your head round it. Wonder what part of N Italy.? Our next doors neighbour was True piemontese and she would always speak to me in her dialect. I continued to tell her I didnt understand but it made no difference. I have a few phrases that I understand but for the life of me I can't say them.
  8. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Margie its true we both could do with a rest. My husband should have retired by now but helping your own offspring things don't quite work out well. My husbands assistant chef , a 22 yr old girl and brilliant chef has decided she wants to live with her boyfriend. Nothing wrong in that and I'm happy she's in love but she has left to live quite a long way from the restaurant. My husband now besides his own work is now in the difficult and frustrating situation of training 2 new assistant chefs or rather apprentice chefs. So he has less time at home, is very very tired and sleeps when he gets home so I don't see much of him. We keep contact by telephone calls. There is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel though. Christmas day the restaurant is closed and after New Year they close for about 2 weeks so we're hoping to go away then. I'm used to this sort of life after 48 yrs. Things have changed a bit because in Nottingham we would close whenever we liked to go away. He won't walk away from his devotion to his work no matter how tired he is.
  9. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Thanks Loppy I do try to not let it get to me but I'm a very positive person. It does help.
  10. nonnaB

    Did you do a stupid thing

    When we were returning home from Australia my husband had bought a big chefs knife. Being on the safe side we declared it, no problem we're still using it. It was in hold luggage not carry on baggage.
  11. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Thanks Margie. Mum is bedridden through her own fault.When she came out of hospital she went into a rehab home and was there a month ( a month in hospital too) The physiotherapists started her walking again but she never wanted to do the exercises. The consultant told me before she came home that she would never walk again if she hadnt got the will to do so. She started with the bedsores in hosptal last september which were being treated but she kept coming up with these big blisters so it got a vicious circle. The nurses turned her every 1/2 hr but she would always lean over to one side so she'd eventually end up on her back again so the nurses began putting a pillow behind her to stop her sliding back. Before she came home we bought a hos pital type bed, a large walker one that you rest your arms on , a wheelchair and everything else that she had and used in hospital. We found a carer that was able to lift her out of bed but mum grumbled at being disturbed and eventually refused to walk. The district nurse came every week sometimes twice a week and was treating her BS which were coming and going. Barrier cream was used but nurse was worried that it would cause an infection as they weren't getting air around them so back on her sides again with nothing on them until time to sleep. The bed in the care home is anti bedsores so is the correct thing for her. The nurses and orderlies are in and out all day. Our Dr does his rounds every morning there before surgery and the least thing is attended to immediately. The cream I got was called DIPROBASE the nurse had been looking for it at the chemist because she said it was the best type of cream for her. But it wasn't available here , she looked at Boots but they don't send here. I found it on which was cheaper than I found it on Now they are saying that she needs another sort of spray to help it along. So thats the situation, upsetting and worrying. Thanks again Margie
  12. nonnaB

    Here and There

    I love accents . Even in nearby villages it can change. Here theres a variety of dialects some I understand and some I get the gist but others forget it. The dialects here are also written dialects not just written how you think it should be written. We live in Piemonte and I have problems understanding some who speak at an incredible speed. Sicilian I have no problems .
  13. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Not a good start to the day. Went to see mum this morning. She's beginning to or rather getting worse for not realising where she is. This morning she told me I looked like death warmed up. ( nothing new in that as she's never given me a compliment) Anyway she started asking me about the bank of grass opposite her bed. ( she has a view of someones garden) and if there was a tea chest, because there was a man who came to feed the fox ( remember her pal Freddie who came to be fed in her garden). Then this man went around the schools telling children about slugs and snails and to look in their garden for them. One little boy took 32 slugs to show him ! She was convinced that where she is was still in Scotland. I told her she was in Italy and she said she knew but this ( her bed and room ) was number 3. Its so sad to see her, shes cheeky with the staff but doesnt understand what they say to her and they dont understand her. Every day theres something new at the moment her skin has a reaction of something, she has bedsores that started healing with cream I got on internet( I hasten to add it was on the nurses recommendation but here was VERY expensive. I bought 4 for the price of one here) now they are saying its not working so another spray has been introduced that only lasts 2 days. Apparently yesterday she pulled her catheter out and was soaked from head to foot so she managed to strip herself off. I feel so helpless and sad. I dread what to expect on my next visit.
  14. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Beautiful Lizzie a bit like Cinque Terra here.Maybe not quite so high though. Glad you enjoyed it, looked like you'd caught a bit of the last of the sun.
  15. nonnaB

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Yesterday I was looking for a standard lamp that we moved out of the way. Its not an ordinary lamp the base is wavy with hooks to hold 3 fairly large lanterns for candles. I looked everywhere but couldn't find the base. I already had the lanterns cleaned. It was in the middle of 2 armchairs that were pushed together. I just couldn't see the base. With everything being upset we just can't find anything.