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  1. I was a hairdresser and can remember all the customers and how often they used to have their appointments. As for school friends I also remember them and have bumped into quite a few over the years. Here I can't remember anyone unless they bump into me.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I loved Upstairs Downstairs. Don't know if anyone thinks the same as I do. Children, actors or anyone you knew when they were younger always seem to me to remain ( in my mind) the same , they don't grow up or get older. Its only when they die that it brings it home to you that you are getting older too. R.I.P. Christopher
  3. Love B&B pudding. My inlaws were amazed when I said not to throw the bread away. Its become a " can't remember how you make that B&B pudding" its never been forgotten. When we were at the restaurant that we opened here in 1989, my SIL was chopping tomatores and eliminating the top part where the stalk was. I told her to save them all and not throw them away. She was a bit puzzled and thought I was going to save them to eat later. When we had finished serving I set to to make some tomato chutney eliminating the stalk part. It only made a couple of jars but it was delicious and a thing that wasn't known or used here. They've begun to think differently about the english ! They seem to think we live off fast food or can't cook. I shoad 'em.
  4. Sorry its a bit late Carni but happy anniversary. Hope you had a good day and your grand daughter got her chips. Its our 50th in May. Can't believe it where have all the years gone? Ps that was on another post about your g/daughter
  5. glad I didn't eat at your house
  6. I too don't go too much for whisky unless it is in coffee.Brandy is better and we always keep a bottle of Cardinal Mendoza in. Its not often I drink but that goes down a treat as does Sambuca and the occasional glass of Barbera.
  7. Can't get ours yet. Going to Sicily for the weekend next.
  8. My sons restaurant also serves wines of a certain category by the glass. Now, you say the rest of the wine will go "off" but no my son is so uptodate with everything to do with wine. He bought a gadget that will extract the wine but no air will enter the bottle thus preserving the wine for the next connoisseurs. Its a gadget that most sommeliers have.
  9. Nothing BK but they are a bit old fashioned in restaurants. I could eat them continuously though.
  10. Thats what I'm planning to eat tonight.
  11. You're joking Thanks Cliff Ton. I had no idea how that came about. I couldn't get my photos to upload and saw my daughter had put a composition on FB so I copied them. Think I had better tell her . Sorry Phil I thought you were joking, it happened once before when Chulla joked but there was nothing untoward in the post.
  12. vJust a view of some starters before they left the kitchen.
  13. I didn't really like the idea of naming children after their parents and grandparents but, my husband named our daughter after my permission ! He loves the name Deborah and wanted to add Sara after his mother called Rosaria ( Sara to everyone) I named my son James and Malcolm after my father. James happened to be my grandfathers name and 2 generations back but I liked the name James and it was only afterwards I realized it was after the gf and 2 gg fathers. I don't like shortening names either and don't use it unless I've been introduced to people using a shortened name.
  14. Thanks Lizzie but I was able to get back to NS ,now it's the iPad and pic that are causing problems. Tomorrow I'll see to it.
  15. Lunch over at my daughters. Everything perfect. We sat down 1pm and left at 5. 30pm. The restaurant was full mostly large groups. Compliments flying so we were very proud of her. She'd worked very hard this week so now she deserves a rest. Took pics of almost every course so will post tomorrow. Hope everyone is happy and are now having a snooze.