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  1. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    My day , very hot , swimming and floating . Water is warm so going in again its 6.30 here
  2. nonnaB

    The Cadland p1$$ Artists

    I' was born in Barrow in Furness, but I don't know him. Welcome to our group hope you enjoy it.
  3. nonnaB

    The Cadland p1$$ Artists

    St Leonards riding school , there was one at Wollaton that I went to, it was my boss's husbands place.His name was Bob Davison and when he died his daughter Mary Davison took over. I know that Bobs brother also had a riding school in that area but dont know exactly where. Maybe the name was the same. When I went Sheila was the young girl who helped with the rides. Jeremy Glover the jockey used to go there too. I think he was a friend of the family. Strangely enough Mary Davison married and moved away towards Newark and eventually had a daughter named Sally but her father certainly wasnt George. The family moved from Wollaton when they were widening the road and were forced to leave , moving to Cotgrave. Maybe its nothing to do with my Davisons but strang all the same.
  4. Its true what they say, here anyway.That you know when you go into hospital, you don't know when you are coming out. Went to Turin this morning for a chat with anesthetist, appointment 9.15. Sat and waited until 10.25. My son took me , he was getting agitated because he'd got a large party at lunch time and it takes us an hour to get back here. The anesthetist hadnt arrived and I was getting agitated too for him. After various questions about whether it was possible to change the appointment ( no) I was called in. After various questions and signings I had another appointment ( Unexpected) with surgeon. More signing and questions. But to be honest when my son explained the situation he was in they did hurry the second appointment and we were done within 1/2 hr. Something I never expected them to do. Anyway we got home with a bit of time to spare. Just one more appointment on wednesday for TAC. This time with more time to " enjoy" the experience.
  5. Blood taken, xray and ECG done. They were very quick no waiting and hanging around like I have done before but have to go back Friday to see anesthetist and following Wednesday for TAC .Thought they would have done it all together. Its a huge hospital, on the ground floor are all the areas for tests, xrays etc so fairly easy to follow because each corridor has a letter even if you have to go through another corridor in that letter corridor. Given me loads of papers to read and compile. They didn't know when the op would be but they book by weeks and phone Thursday but she thought it would be towards the end of the summer as there were many having the same op. Now on monday I have another blood test for oncology with a visit on 5 th July so it doesn't look as though it is going to clash with oncology after all.
  6. Up early very early tomorrow morning. Pre recovery in Turin, I have to be there for 8 am. My son is taking me as he knows Turin fairly well and he knows where the hospital is. Looked on internet , it looks impressive. Its the top trauma centre in Italy. There are only 5 neuro surgeons who are capable of doing this new technique.. The hospital has an extremely good reputation. Hopefully I will find out the date of my recovery.
  7. Food intolerence is very common and worth having a small test through your Doctor, My daughter is intolerant to quite a few things including dairy products which not only rules out milk, cheese, butter etc. She has a long list of those which she can't touch including ham believe it or not because it contains milk. After she found out I had a test but all I was intolerant to was pulses. I do eat them occasionally but with caution. We are never really sure what we eat.
  8. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    They do but it's not all holiday they have so much homework. They start at 8am until 1.30pm with 2 days finishing at 5pm. They have homework Every day for at least a couple of hours. They don't get many breaks like in UK they only have a few days. Yes it is long but it's too hot in the summer to sit in a usually windowed classroom. Schools don't appreciate parents taking their children on holiday out of school time so it does give a wide range of dates to go away. Fortunately we are near the sea Andrew the mountains which are only a few hours away so at least can get away at weekends taking their homework with them. It's a shame that it seems as though children aren't allowed to be children.
  9. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Great celebrations today with school children, the've broken up for their summer break until mid september. Some sad goodbyes with those who don't live near anyone else but on the whole high spirits.
  10. nonnaB

    Alfreton Road

    I worked at Godfrey's on Noel st opposite swimming baths. My boss and all her family ( sisters, brother and father) . were all hairdressers and fantastic competition winners.
  11. nonnaB

    Derby Airways tragedy

    My first flight to Jersey was from Derby, many years ago.
  12. Thankyou everyone for the encouragement it does make things a little easier to know that someone else besides the family is thinking about me. I phoned my cousin in Australia this morning , he's been having a tough time.its a bit complicated but basically he has a sort of cancer around his heart.the medical explanation is a stiff heart. but after chemo its cleared and is normal. The last 4 days they have been collecting stem cells and they are quite pleased with the result. It was really a relief to speak to him as we hadn't heard how in was in the last few months. He sounded great, him and his wife have just come back from Japan and now he tells me they are hoping to see us in Sept. he's touring Europa again seeing the places he missed a couple of years ago.
  13. nonnaB

    Alfreton Road

    I found that out years ago when I was hairdressing. The children's hair I cut when they were tiny grew up and brought their own children in to have their hair cut. It took me by surprise and I would have only been 26/27
  14. Heard today that I have my pre recovery appointment booked for next Wednesday so it may not be too long before I have my op. I have to go to Turin the appointment is 8am.
  15. nonnaB

    Whatever happened to......?

    No such luck