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  1. I have had Amazon Prime for a few years and regularly watch a film instead of boring tv. There are some good films and bad but at least there's a decent choice.
  2. Thankyou OZ I did hear that some were having lockdown in an hotel and they'd just returned from Malaysia so I must have heard more than I thought. Hope you don't live too near Melbourne. You too keep safe, Australia was doing well in keeping things under control, it just shows you how things can change in a short time.Its the states I'm concerned about, it seems to be wiping out many people. Wait for the next surge after 4 th July.
  3. Oz I heard something yesterday about Melbourne but didn't catch all of it, then just now I've had a message from my cousins who live in Greensborough. They didn't mention anything other than the wife had made some delicious chocolate cookies made with baileys liquor and sent a pic of cockatoos in their garden. Will have to phone them.So sorry about the 3000+ people that are in lockdown. Whether it's hard or soft it's not pleasant, but it's a thing that has to be done to keep this thing under control. You and yours keep safe and stay away from Melbourne.
  4. Strange hearing things in the night and not knowing what they are. The other night I was driving home and I saw a red light in the sky. It wasn't moving particularly fast but couldn't make out what it was. It certainly wasn't a plane as I wouldn't have seen it quite so plainly. Thought it may have been a hang glider seeing as we have a lot round here but surely flying at night would be dangerous. Mystery solved the following day as it was a helicopter air emergency practicing night flying.
  5. The last couple of days our new cases have increased. Today 223 and 15 deaths. Even the slightest increase is worrying. Today the govt has complimented the public for wearing masks and keeping social distancing but " there are some that don't realize they are risking the lives of those who have taken care". It's become a way of life wearing masks. I have yet to see people bare faced. Problem is when you are out and about you have to be fairly near to those who you think you recognize before you say hello.
  6. We had a golden Labrador when my children were small. We decided to go to Wollaston park. There was no one around so we let Sophie off her lead, she made a dive for the moat and washed herself in the mess. We couldn't get it all off her so we had to suffer the smell all the way home.
  7. Gem , many happy returns for your mum. Are you sure she's got her birthdate wrong? Only kidding, what a wonderful age. My mum is 98 and I'm sure she's hanging on for 100. The nurses in the care home are baffled by her. She hardly eats anything doesn't drink much either , doesn't speak or understand Italian and watches tv or sleeps all day. They say she's the healthiest of all the residents. Hopefully on 14 th we will be able to visit her. I haven't seen her in person since Christmas Day. We did wave to her a while ago when the nurses brought her to the balcony door and we were on the road opposite. Make sure you set a date for your mums celebrations, that's what is so sad about the present situation. We can all do without a pint or eating at a restaurant or even just going down the road to meet with a friend but her generation deserve better than that , make sure is a celebration for her to remember. A hug and best wishes from me for her.
  8. All tables a metre apart ready for customers who wish to eat Al Fresco
  9. Just heard this on news about Leicesters lockdown. I've been hearing bits about Leicester but hadn't paid much attention to it until today. Hope it doesn't spread.
  10. Wish I could see them. The only planes we have over here are two fighter jets that fly over low to say hello mum
  11. Just an extra on the likes and dislikes of Dyson. My daughter has an upright corded Dyson which I borrowed some years ago and it's so heavy. It felt as though it had got a mind of its own, just like supermarket trollies that don't go where you wanted them to go.
  12. Sorry to hear that OZ. My cousins are in Melbourne so I'm worried about them as they've been through hell and back when the husband was very ill. ( not cv I must add) Its going to be a very long time before this thing is over. New cases increase and levels out a while then it decreases and the cycle goes on. Yesterday we had 172 new cases with 23 deaths, today 117 new cases and 6 deaths. Yes it's going down but still far too many. Summer is upon us and it's human nature for everyone to get out in the sun for a tan and just to enjoy the mountains or the sea and country side. Not everyone is obeying the rules, but they don't realize that they may be infecting those who are being careful. I feel for Kath in Arizona and hope she is ok. I know she's posted on FB and only hope that when she's home ,if she isn't already that her local area is free of CV. Strange but I feel more sorrow for USA than I do for Italy, we are doing ok but still more care is needed. Stay safe everyone.
  13. CT I have a cordless Dyson and have had it for about 5-6 yrs. The only thing was a new battery but apart from that I'm happy with it. We have tiles throughout the house so it flits through daily without problems. It has about 1/2 hr battery life each charge and for me that's enough. I have a robot permanently in the bedroom which goes on automatically every day. If I'm in a hurry I sometimes leave it to wander aimlessly as the rest is open plan. It has 2 powers normal and boost. My Philips vac is so cumbersome that it's there collecting dust , I don't like it all . Mind you it's very old and was always getting the cord twisted and under my feet , then when the cord rewind went crazy I bought my Dyson. My son also has one for his restaurant which he finds handy instead of having to search for a power point that is never in the right position and tripping over the cord. But we are all different and what suits one doesn't suit the other. As we have have 3 dogs plus my daughters dog I look after during the day it's been a godsend. I empty it every day and at least every 2 weeks I take it to bits and give it a good clean.
  14. As an extra thought we are having a lot of English people coming to buy houses in this area.Wonder if they are fed up too.