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  1. Mary Don't ask questions just go and enjoy it. You may have to wait a long time for another invitation. Buon appetito
  2. Private patient visits, in theory I don't think its right but in practice, when necessary I do them mostly for peace of mind or I can't bear the pain any longer. My history is mostly based as an oncology patient ( for the last 12 yrs) my treatment, visits and scans etc are all paid for by the hospitals. Lately after my last checkup the oncologist recommended in addition to an ecograph I had a CT scan and colonscopia. The hospital couldnt give me an early appointment although a CT was booked for November. Both CT and colonscopia were done privately. I had to go to Alessandria as there were no a
  3. Lizzie Sometimes I forget to take cushions in and in the mornings they are always covered in cat hairs. The other night i left my towels on the sun loungers so of course the cats find the best beds.We've also had a lot of swallows resting on the telephone wires and electric cables right at the top of the house and the droppings we see in the mornings is... well you can imagine. One morning there was more than usual and I was annoyed because I have been cleaning it every morning. As it turned out it had been a pigeon but it stayed only one night thank goodness.
  4. Brew , with us having 3 plus one dogs we also have a lot of barking when the bell rings or when someone passes the gate. ( usually walkers). We bought an ultrasonic object that looked like a torch. It worked on a couple of dogs but after a while i think they got used to it and now theres only my daughters dog that seems to have reaction with it. Its worth trying.
  5. My vaccinator was the nurse in our local health centre. I didnt feel a thing and neither did my husband. I have to have regular blood tests and she nearly always does it but tomorrow I have to have CT scan with contrast and if the nurse ( I have to go to Alessandria) cant find the vein she wants and starts looking at other sites I freeze. In the wrist or back of hand I start getting nervous. In my arm I'm very relaxed and it doesnt bother me. I am having to go by ambulance, no reason but its a private appointment and my sil is a volunteer and she says I wont have to wait too long once I'm
  6. Why can't I do that. Its easier for me to post from ipad but I never know how they will turn out. I have to use laptop but its not always updated as I dont use it much.. But thanks anyway for taking the time to correct what i did wrong.
  8. My day seems to be starting well. Lovely sunshine, delicious breakfast and modest view. Photos as usual didnt post correctly.
  9. For OZ who likes fish. Oysters, red prawns, octopus with mussels, raw salmon and raw white fish , I didnt find out what it was. This was our starter last Sunday lunchtime in Sicily. ( Trabia)
  10. Many thanks DJ .Recipes are so simple, all you need is plenty of jars or freezer space andg ofg course time. But its rewarded in winter when you can only find frozen veg. Even better if its your own.
  11. Not uploaded as I thought it might. These are veg that I've preserved in the last few weeks. Courgettes with chilli and garlic, mixed peppers and aubergines, mixed veg in tomato as a salad which is good to eat in winter with tuna and a hard boiled egg. Anyone can do these and those with gardens and vegetable plots are even luckier than those that have to buy their veg. At the moment I'm dehydrating veg that are expensive in the winter. Just bought a dehydrator so am experimenting. Just made some courgette chips au naturelle next time will put something spicy in with them.
  13. Not my day but my 4 weeks or more. My son who lives above us had a new shower fitted and a while later we noticed a damp patch on our ceiling. Ours is a very old cascina which has the original vaultered brick ceilings so it showed up like an ink blob. The plumber duly called who said the syphon ( not sure what you call it but it was the plughole and waste pipe) was loose so he tightened it. The damp patch grew so he was duly called again. He changed it as he said it wasnt a good quality but was a part that came with the shower base. Continuing, this patch wasn't going to dry out and was grad