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  1. nonnaB

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Only an observation, snide comments aren't in my character.
  2. nonnaB

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Yours or borrowed photos, have seen quite a few before. You can't be that famous.
  3. nonnaB


    So sad to see you go although we've not met or had any communication, its always sad to see a"boss" go. good luck in whatever finds you next.
  4. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Day for shorts and bathers?
  5. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    The same thing happens here . The cat isn't here. ( il gatto non c'e) translated the cat is not there. But not il gatto non e' qui. ( The cat is not here). Lots of words in italian like french seem to fit the phrase when in fact its not needed and in fact is quite out of place. But then when they're corrected they ask " why do you say it that way and not this way" and why and why and why. Maybe you know the answer if you remember your grammar which I don't . So now I tell any prospective pupil I tell them "only conversation" Until recentley I had two 5 yrs old boys. It was fun and we did all the nursery rhymes and the questions were nearly always " why" , ." Why did he say that" etc. I was sorry to tell them I could no longer help them as my physio interrupted their lessons. Their favourite was the ginger bread man. It was a real tongue twister for, run, run.
  6. nonnaB

    Sight for sore eyes!

    I remember seeing an ad on tv, don't know if it was here or UK. It was an ad for PJ's very classy ones and the models were shopping, taking children to school etc. So maybe thats where its all coming from but theres a difference in classy and cheap stuff but you still go out in your night wear. I wouldn't dare to let the dogs out in mine and we don't have many neighbours and live in the country.
  7. nonnaB

    Your oldest memories

    Sorry no. Can't remember the name but I remember a the male twins who were very good at acrobatics.
  8. nonnaB

    Sight for sore eyes!

    Is it a new fashion?
  9. nonnaB

    Your oldest memories

    Cliff Ton I don't recognise anything there, I can't get my bearings. I know Shelton st was a way from Huntingdon st, meaning it was round a few corners. I only lived there until I was ten so memory a bit vague. Another memory I have is going to Cayton Bay and camping in a chalet. My brother and I were in bed on the shelf whilst my parents were in the main part. We sat on the bed eating strawberries and I always bit into mine first. Good thing too I found an earwig inside. Now everytime I see one that memory comes back.
  10. nonnaB

    Your oldest memories

    I went on to Huntingdon st school but don't remember the sweet shop. Not like me to forget sweets though.
  11. nonnaB

    Your oldest memories

    Waddo I too went to Shelton st infants and my first day at school is very vague but I remember my teacher. She was Mrs Reynolds and I do remember she wore a flowery smock. We lived right opposite Huntingdon st School , so we got a prime view when Priness Elizabeth came to Nottingham. As for my pre Nottingham days I remember sitting and walking with my brother along in front of our house and seeing the opposite side of the road raised to the ground with bomb damage.
  12. nonnaB

    Who uses

    Carni its amazing how many have got in touch with me because our families clash. Even a Cousin of my cousin got in touch because she's researching for my cousin. It is a small world I've resolved the problem of my missing tree . Ancestry was working again so I down loaded it back. Ps hope you're feeling well.
  13. nonnaB

    Who uses

    Ancestry must be down. I've been trying to open files but they don't appear. FTM at the moment is a nightmare. I have 5-6 different trees and I'm working on one particular one or rather I was. Open FTM ok but choose file I want and it crashes. I've installed update , everything seems to be ok until I try to open this particular file, it crashes. Now trying to sync with Ancestry . I shall be mad if it doesn.'t sync. It only has one more item to analize so we shall see. Its taking ages. I have problems with birth dates for 2 brothers, my maternal grand father and his brother ( died at 11 yrs of age) They go from 1893 -1895. Both are given 1895 for their dob but feel sure they weren' t twins. I am reduced to certain dates Parents married 1891 and by 1904 the father had died. The only possibility is that they were born in the same year but different months. Dec and maybe January. Can't find much info on the brother. I want to know which one was born first. I also use family search will try Find my Past for a change.
  14. nonnaB

    How's your day?

    Well the great snowfall ( as promised) has up to now failed to show its face. It's sleeting now , don't know what to expect tomorrow.
  15. nonnaB


    The last snowfall. You can see Monviso in the background in the first photo and the rest of the alps in the others