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  1. Yes Jill I'm afraid of the dogs getting them. Trouble is they drop their tails when trapped and they go on wriggling for a while. Not sure but everyone says lizards are poisonous if they eat them. No doubt they would be very sick.
  2. SG you've got spiders I've got lizards. I thought we'd found where they were coming from but after sealing the hole they started coming back. They don't bother me but I have this recurring memory of years ago. I pulled the bed covers back to get into bed and one was on my pillow. The other morning going into the bathroom ( hadn't got my glasses on) I noticed a black mark on the door frame, I thought it was a spider so got my glasses on and looked very carefully. It was the head of a lizard poking out of the door frame. Rushed into the kitchen to get something to catch it but by the time I got back it had moved. Saw in scuttling towards furniture but I managed to halt it with a sweeping brush, container at the ready to cover it but it got free and I followed it into another room but then it took refuge in another door frame. I thought I'd leave it til it found its way into somewhere a bit more open but he/ she has disappeared. No doubt waiting til he thinks I've forgotten.
  3. Actually Albert they were cortisone infiltrations into the joints. They worked wonders
  4. Yes ALbert I've had two cortisone injections years ago. One in my shoulder and the other in my elbow. The shoulder one I didn't feel it at all but the elbow one was different . The pain went down to my finger tips but the pain was worth it afterwards because my elbow felt like new.
  5. Last sunday we had a lot of fun with grandchildren and Alexa. Of course being kids they asked all sorts of silly questions and listened or cancelled their favourite songs. Then my grand daughter said "Alexa, come si dice IL GATTO NEL CARBONE IN TEDESCO" ( how do you say the cat in the coal in german) Well the answer left us speechless. The reply was or sounded like ( i dont speak german) "catz in cool.". Translated In italian was "cazzo nel culo" I'll leave you to translate into english. She had heard it at school. It was funny but not from a child. I also speak italian with a slight english accent so Alexa doesn't always understand and i have to repeat. Its setup in italian and until i get another phone there are things i cant do as my phone ( iphone 5 ) cant download the Alexa app.
  6. Wish I could get some, my grandmother always gave me these for breakfast when I spent the school holidays with her, I thought they were sheer luxury.
  7. Carni an earlier post of yours regarding what you were reading by Philippe Gregory, when my cousins were here from Australia a while ago they left me a book by this author and I thought, " no don't think I'm going to read that" . I felt as though I was being a bit ungrateful not even trying to read it but I started on it and have problems putting it down. It's a thick book called "Three sisters and Three queens" Ive never been into reading history about royalty and didn't think it would hold me for long. But I'm hooked, it's written like a diary but the base is true. It's the story of Henry 8th and his 3 sisters. Katherine of Aragon ( who married Henry's elder brother Arthur and who died in young age) then married Henry. Margaret who became Queen of Scotland and Mary the youngest who becomes Queen of France. The book is written as if Margaret is writing her diary. She married at 12 yrs of age had her first child at 13. Wow thank goodness things have changed, they were old at 30.
  8. Rucola as it's called here is sometimes put on top of many things including pizza. It does go off quickly especially when it's heated but it's meant to be put on just before eating. I like it in salad and as topping. We had a job keeping it under control when we first moved into this house , it grew everywhere.
  9. Just bought Amazon Alexa and am enjoying old songs from my youth. songs that I'd forgotten.
  10. Here is what arrived, it seemed to be good, roast beef , mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, balsamic vinegar and basil and flakes of parmesan. What a disaster.
  11. Not sure this photos should be here or in the politics topic. A new Pizzeria opened in the village the other day. we went last night and I was intrigued by this offering. didn't like it all , in fact it was the worst pizza Ive ever eaten . (it wasn't even a pizza , it was a focaccia which is thicker) but it was like rubber. Is this a premonition of what is to comeĀ” to upload photos
  12. You mean to say we ate stale biscuits when we were small.
  13. I'm giving a like to everyone who posted. Me , I don't like the biscuits here in Italy they all seem to have a slight variation on the same taste. I make my own , prepare the dough, roll it into balls and freeze. When needed in the case of unexpected visitors when of course you have nothing to offer them, I whip a tray full out and bake them. By the time the tea is made they are ready and are delicious slightly warm. I make lots of different ones but my favourite is the white chocolate and mango biscuit one very similar to Border biscuits. Katy I found a recipe for hobnobs , they are as near to the real thing as you can get. Try to cut down when I have a coffee but sorry home made is always best. I end up eating far too many !!!!
  14. Lizzie Alex is the eldest of 7. He started work at 11 with his uncle on the fishing boats. Kept his family until he found a chance to move away by going to work in Jersey. He's had to learn fending for himself. James is very capable of doing many things in the home , even the grandchildren learnt to sew buttons on
  15. I won't give you a run down of my ex's but my husband especially at the moment won't give me chance to do anything. If I say I have to do something his reply is "leave it I'll do it". While he's out I've just done a load of ironing, done all the house work , had lunch so when he comes in he can doze as long as he likes on the settee. He can cook (obviously), use the washer, iron, and everything that I can do also he can sew buttons , alter trousers. There are a lot of things that he leaves alone as he's not sure about them but I can't grumble because he'll try anything.