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  1. Hope you are ok Phil. Remember we are all at a certain age, me included and we don’t always do what we are supposed to do. Just come back from Asti in a sudden storm, side of roads flooded, arrived on the road to home and everything was dry. Now it’s started here the biggest drops of rain !
  2. Mrs B sorry I didn’t answer about my husband.He’s ok the hospital gave him a cortisone injection and strapped his knee up. It’s still bothering him a bit but at least it’s not as painful as it was. They recommended a risonanza so Dr tomorrow to ask for prescription to book one. Now it’s my turn I have a floater in my right eye. My optician has given me a phone number as she can’t look properly. Age I suppose. I hate going to the drs I’ve had too many visits in the past.
  3. DJ360. Things here are a bit more forward. My neighbor gave me about 4 kg of courgettes and a friend every time I see her she gives me 3 great big heads of lettuce, we can never get through it. I’ve told her not to give me so much and the next time I see her she brings me eggs. !
  4. Don’t think so Barrie. It’s easier to eat them.
  5. Eat them for breakfast every morning. Us , my daughter and my son and family ( 8)
  6. Weather here is same. Thankyou CT that’s the one. Never gave Barrie a thought not being on FB.Stressful day so far. Husband has been talento ER . The local ambulance has taken him , He’s been in agony with his knee because Friday we walked over cobbles and he’s not too steady. Dr says it’s not the menisco so waiting for news.
  7. Sorry but don’t know what else I can do.
  8. Try this one. If not it’s a drum group playing at my daughters hosts for the festival. They are so good and noisy and you really have to be there to appreciate them. There was a music group in the yard and the Timbales ( drums group) were playing along just like pop singers do when they want the audience to join in.
  9. nonnaB


    Although we live in a wine growing province I know little about wine apart from drinking it of which is Barbera.We have at least 6-7 wine producers near us.All are available for tours and tasting. Foreigners come from everywhere for their wine even USA when they visit their summer home in the village. Apparently on Saturday alone 30.000 people were in the top part of the village and as we were voted one of the most beautiful villages in Italy we had a bumper festival.
  10. nonnaB


    My dads wine had that effect too.
  11. nonnaB


    Our Wine festival has just finished tonight. Food and wine , what more do you want. There were 22 wine producers from around this area and 22 groups offering different types of food from Tagliatelle to sandwiches. My daughter made Gnocchi with Castelmagno and cream sauce. She went through 14 forms of cheese each weighing about 8 kg . My son didn’t participate and decided just to keep his restaurant open and serve drinks and cocktails. He said he’d gone through almost 11 liters of Gin. There were street musicians playing all 3 days each one different from the others. To start we bought our win
  12. Yesterday tremendous storm with unbelievable hail. Floods everywhere in this area. Tonight the wine festival starts for 3 days and the streets are full of mud and debris. The cleanup started very early this morning but it’s going to be difficult to get everywhere sorted before 7.30 pm. We had water entering in the house. A drain in a store area the force of the water lifted the lid. Water also came through a skylight window and ruined a dining table. So let’s start to enjoy this wine festival , get drunk and forget the b….y rain. At least for 3 days before it starts again. We did open the pool
  13. Mrs B you really were lucky. This morning it was just spitting lightly then the sun came out. Unbelievable, I hoped it would spread to Emilia Romagna. It’s heart breaking to see the sadness of the residents there. Some haven’t even got a change of clothes because they were covered in mud even up to 3rd story of their apartments. The car rally was noisy, we walked up to the corner to watch a little and that was enough. They came through our short cut which is a windy hilly narrow road not enough room for 2 cars to pass. The summit is uphill and they had to turn left uphill immediately and tu