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  1. I think thats what it is. I only know it as verde rame ( green copper ) in any case where a variety of fruit is grown you don't know what they spray the trees with and the wind however slight , blows.
  2. Most of our fruit sold here is local but I still wash it, not because I think it has dirt on it or is dusty, but because we live in the middle of vineyards and the vines are sprayed a few times a year. Nothing poisonous, its to keep the fruit from going mouldy. Think its copper sulphate they use . Verde rame in italian. So its washed off the fruit.
  3. That's right Margie, they make excellent broth . I learnt that from my mother in law.
  4. Unused meals?? Thought a 5 star Michelin restaurant prepared their meals to order and then were served and eaten, or are they in vending machines? 5 Star, I wonder.
  5. Sunny...sort of today. It's keeps peeping out to have a look and then hides behind the nearest cloud. Yes we eventually had water coming through the house but it wasn't too bad, it mopped up easily but it's made us realize that at the back of the house more work has to be done. Years ago we had a courtyard at the back of the hose and we had an extra room built along with a couple of store rooms. It was ok for a few years until we had "the rainy season" . We didn't know until a neighbour told us that the builder that did the work didn't put in drainage as the land slopes down towards the house. We called him back and the answer was " you didn't tell me to" Whose the builder here? Anyway the wall was knocked down and it's been ok but this seems now to be coming through from either next doors cantina or upwards through the tiles. The house is about 150- 200 yrs old so probably hasn't got today's standard of foundations. But it's still standing.
  6. Well where do I start. Thankyou for all your encouraging comments. The rain here is due to finish at 1pm tomorrow. Last night one of the dogs was sniffing around in the corner where the tv is and I noticed the floor was shiny, it was wet with a fair sized puddle. Moved the tv and place bath towels down to absorb water. I couldnt see where the water was coming through and I imagined it was like a few years ago when it was coming through the power points. But they were dry and so I supposed it was coming up between the floor and skirting boards (tiled both of them). After mopping up everywhere seemed dry but just in case I placed 3 bath sheets down . This morning 2 of them were wet through and I noticed a shiny streak coming down the wall, looking closer it was coming from a crack in the wall but only losing water on the bottom part. I think the ground is so bogged down that its obviously got to come out somewhere. Our road has been closed further down and there are other roads that are dangerously close to flooding that are put on standby. I suppose in a sense that we are lucky, just hope it doesnt get worse for those already in a disastrous state.
  7. Beginning to get a bit worried tonight. The rain hasn't stopped for about 5 days and it's going to continue until the early hours of Monday morning. My daughter has just sent me a photo of our road, it's already flooding. I haven't been out of the house today so haven't seen what's happening. We have an orchard at the back of the house that goes uphill which continues onto a vineyard belonging to our neighbours. I'm always worried of a landslide. There are quite a few trees holding the earth so we can only hope. Taking account of our position today I realized that the house is a fair way from the road and it slopes down towards the road. ( I did know but saw things differently today)The pool is covered and the rain has topped it up so much that I think it might overflow. No doubt quite a few properties in the village are already flooded as it happens even when the rain is heavy and the drains can't cope. Wish us luck. One thing I'm thankful for is that we aren't as hard hit as Alba ( Ferraro factory which has been closed due to flooding) We are between Alba and Asti which also is flooded.
  8. Happy birthday BK from me too, have a good one and I don't believe for one moment that you're only 21
  9. Well the stove is now in perfect working order. It wasn't the pump, it was the thermostat was set too low. We never move it and haven't done for years so don't know how it was moved. Anyway it never rains does it? Last night I put some towels in the washer. After a while I heard the spin speed had increased unbelievably and went to have a look, switched off immediately as the bathroom was full of smoke. We bought this machine last year in Sept so I immediately thought " bet it's out of guarantee" but it wasn't. This morning we went looking for another washer in case. We phoned the call centre and within 3/4 hr they got back to us and they're coming to look at it tomorrow afternoon. The call centre seems to think it will be completely replaced. Hope so as I'll refuse it to be repaired because I couldn't trust it again We always grumble about after sales service but we can't fault this. We've had many makes of washers and had to wait for services etc but this washer is Japanese and can't say " they are like all the others" because the service is perfect ( up to now)
  10. Giorgios chippy. Welcome Arlette. Enjoy our site. You mentioned Giorgios chippy. I presume its some relative ofGiorgios continental store that was in Sneinton. Is it the same one?
  11. SG so sorry to see you have lost Wolf, he sounded such a wonderful dog and obviously was happy with you. Kai will probably grieve for him but it shows just how much dogs have feelings. I hope you both come to terms with your loss and think of all the good days you all had together and continue to have Not exactly on the same theme but this afternoon my husband took the eldest dog ( a pinscher) out for a walk. Its wet and muddy but she needed to go. All the time they were out Lulu my tiny chihuahua cried and howled because she ( Misty) was no longer in the house. I know she cries if she can't see her sister Lily and its the first time Ive heard her cry so much. When they came back Lulu examined every inch of Misty checking that she was ok. Give Kai lots of love , cuddles and chicken and try to do the same things you all did together. Give him a cuddle from me. Take care of yourself too.
  12. Compo we have a pellet stove and it's been caput for almost a week. Called our usual firm to come to fix it but they were unindated with work , called another firm and they were the same. The second one rang today to say one of his colleagues was in the area so he called in and found it was one of the pumps that had failed and he wasn't qualified as he was an engineer for stoves,but said for the first to bring a pump when they come tomorrow. It's cold and hasn't stopped raining for days so we are suffering with hot water from immersion heater, electric fires and a godsend of a Camino which has 3 outlets and is at present burning logs. Hope they remember to bring the pump tomorrow.
  13. Good but tiring day today. Had my checkup this afternoon and all is well. X-ray was in agreement with the last one I had in hospital. I can now take this re enforced corset off and boy oh boy what a relief. I've also been given the ok to drive providing I don't do too much swiveling. Next checkup in 6 months. Now very tired but happy.
  14. I too have 75 spring bulbs to plant in containers but at the moment it's just not going to happen. I can't do it and everyone is too busy to buy the compost and plant them.
  15. I need to walk to help my back to get stronger, I got into a routine and felt good but this rain has put a damper on it and now the snow This means I go walk about in the house or go across to my daughters and walk on the treadmill. That seems to be the correct thing to do but I'm not sure I can climb the stairs. I can't climb into the car without pain. Roll on Monday when I have a checkup again in Turin. Oh well...let's see if I can find some hidden corners of the house to appreciate.