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  1. Yesterday my daughter ordered some fruit and other things to be delivered from a local shop. The delivery man phoned to say he was on his way and she asked how much, to have the money ready. The reply made her gasp a bit. She had ordered some fruit, flour, avocados etc. Normally wouldn't have come to more than €15 but he told her € 60+ . She thought whoops delivery charge is high. But when the order came and she checked it , what she had ordered was 3 oranges, 4 apples and so on. What the shop keeper had understood was in KG so she ended up with 4 kg of apples etc. She did tell him but she said leave it because we'll get through them. I can't get SR flour so she ordered me kg3 of plain flour plus the vanilla baking powder. When I saw it I had to laugh because instead of receiving the amount I wanted there were 2 great big packs with a free pkt of icing sugar, making 14 pkts altogether. We had a smoothie this morning with some of the apples and carrots with a large piece of ginger. BTW delivery was free.
  2. Thankyou Stuart C. Yes that's the photo. Ian Finn thanks for the hope and think I will be counting sheep. If it's not sheep it's cows. Lots of fields around here.
  3. Mary I'm sure your friend would not want everyone looking at her FB page. But hope she does find some way of getting to work as like here nursing staff at this moment in time are precious. Keep safe and at home. It WILL get better.
  4. ,Ayup, delete it if at all possible. The pic was a herd of sheep outside our front gate. They were being taken up the road to graze. My daughter spotted them and took a photo. My son put it on his page on FB and I copied it . So probably that's the problem. However the caption was that I ordered a load of lamb to be delivered and the butcher got the order wrong. Thanks for letting me know. I usually post pics on laptop but this time I did it on iPad . Could it be that?
  5. I ordere a load of lamb yesterday to be delivered today. Think the butcher misunderstood. %5Burl= Dont think this pic has been a success. Tried a few times but always comes up in a code.
  6. Trouble is if we know where it is we take care and it should like that even if we don't know where it is. Too many people couldn't care less their attitude is. " it won't get me because I'm immune " or "we're ok Jack why should I bother" Some people just haven't got the sense of the responsibility of trying to prevent this virus spreading. Yesterday my son heard that his assistant chef ( to my husband) had some bad news that her mother has the virus and she suffers from other ailments and is only 45. Its almost 4 weeks that the restaurant has been closed so we have no fear that it's been transmitted to us, but it's very worrying for Sara, I feel so sorry and worried for her.
  7. Yesterday each family received 2 masks which were promised a while ago.
  8. I bought some bulbs ages ago and couldn't be bothered to plant them . When I did it was late, now some daffodils are sprouting through and I have a plant pot with some snowdrops and crocuses already with leaves on. Don't suppose now they will flower.
  9. Appeared on news but can't remember whether it was Korea south or north. But if they are caught being positive and outside they are imprisoned for up to a year. Good idea for us all to respect. Although we are still getting infected cases we are being told that we are on the decrease but not to lower our attention.
  10. My brother always had cheddar , Mum one morning bought a pound of cheddar and dad wanted to make a sandwich and couldn't find it. My brother had eaten the lot.
  11. Why are / were toilet rolls in short supply? I can understand food but TR's The only thing we are having difficulty in finding is FLOUR. I've been trying to get some for a month now, nowhere to be found.
  12. RR are you the only one that does things right. You give the impression that you are against the whole world.
  13. You must have Corona Virus then. Stay and home and take care.
  14. I wish. Pipe wood was in staffs near Rugely if I remember right