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  1. nonnaB

    Shopping on line

    At least I don't have to fork out any money for their returns.
  2. nonnaB

    Shopping on line

    Pair of jeans , too big. They are being collected on Thursday. How's that for service. One pair of shoes were big enough for a mans size they are going back too but have to wait 48 hrs before asking for refund. The actual refund is paid immediately on receiving goods in wharehouse. Just waiting for another pair of casual shoes.
  3. nonnaB

    Shopping on line

    For quite a while now I've been looking for shoes. I threw a load out during the winter. I'd had them quite a while and they were getting a bit scruffy. During the winter I wear boots and as I have 4 pairs they never seem to wear out. I have sandals that I bring out year after year and they never seem to wear out either but shoes , I'm desperate. I can't find any shoes, they are either trainers, tennis shoes, trainers with block soles etc. Shoes have vertiginous heels or open toes. I invariably come home without . I have tried practically all the shoe shops I can imagine and was about to give up. My husband said to try internet, so I did and found just the type of shoes I liked . So I ordered 4 pairs from a popular site here ( not amazon) to register they gave me € 20 discount and all the shoes were discounted by 75 %. Both sites have no fee for sending back if not suitable. Just pack them back into the original packaging , inform them on site that you are sending things back , print out the return label, the courier lets you know when they are collecting. Just hand them over and thank you jobs done. They are arriving today and if they look cheap or I'm not happy with them or at worst don't fit they will be sent back. I know it's not the same as shopping for them and trying them on but I ordered more than what I require so if they are ok I get more for paying less and I didn't't get the hassle of not finding what I wanted.
  4. nonnaB

    Faith In The Lord.

    Yes they have started a public collection. I saw Notre Dame many years ago before I was married traveling with my parents. Sad yes but glad I had the opportunity to see it in all it's splendor.
  5. nonnaB

    Faith In The Lord.

    Yes I'm just watching it. Looks like the roof has completely gone. How sad, hope they get all the valuables out in time. What a lot of damage in just One and a half hours, frightening.
  6. nonnaB

    Faith In The Lord.

    Similar thing here too. In laws had many problems and wishes ,for each one there was a prayer until one of them had a brain tumor. Everyone spent the entire day in relays in the church praying for her. Fortunately she came through and they said it was their prayers had been heard. But what about the skill of the surgeon? Didn't he enter into it a bit. I don't condone anyone for what they believe in , as long as they DO believe and don't start to convert others.
  7. nonnaB

    Cafes around the Old Market Square

    I'm vegan when I just eat fruit, I'm just human
  8. nonnaB

    Faith In The Lord.

    Oh really
  9. nonnaB

    Cafes around the Old Market Square

    Jill I've just read this thread . What is your definition of a foodie? You could consider me a foodie but I don't consider myself one of them. I love food of all types, gourmet food, peasant food, Chinese, Indian etc the only things I don.'t eat are fast food particularly hamburgers and tripe. I have been involved with restaurants since 1970, working and cooking, I have enjoyed it. Now I am basically on my own , my husband is a chef and works lunch and dinner as does my son. My daughter is also a chef and works the same hours. So the only cooking I do is whatever I fancy be it something complicated or simple like a sandwich, I please my self. Very often just a yoghurt I'm not fussy. But food plays a big part in our lives and Italian food is very good. Sorry if this sounds I'm trying to pick on you or cause a long discussion, it was just a strange comment for you to make.It's not a criticism and I hope you don't take it the wrong way because that's not what I intended . I'm sure the comment wasn't directed at me but was just curious.
  10. Some medications cause itching as well. Does your medication give you a leaflet to read? I read mine when I have an unexplained reaction. Yes Loppy it sometimes has that effect but as time passes so does the inconvenience. I was recommended it when I first discovered I had cancer in my colon and now have been taking it since2010. Arborscens is more effective and stronger that the normal aloe. I don't take it every day but when I do I only take it for 10 days and stop. After 3 days it really works well and clears your system. My colon had a big chunk taken away and it caused a lot of problems but with Arborescens that's been solved. If you can get the leaves it's cheaper than the ready made stuff and you know what's gone into it. It has many properties. It may clear up itching too . DavidW.
  11. DJ I use aloe vera for many things even drinking it. My daughter when she was younger had problems with her skin and she was recommended e45 cream. She had to lather herself in it and take a warm bath and soak for 1/2 hour. She has never had any more problems. I have had a bout of itchy skin but I put it down to not drinking enough water to remain hydrated. I ordered a load of E45 products from Amazon.UK as we cant get it here. We can get it from but it costs twice as much so I ordered it from UK. I started using the cream and the itching subsided, then the care home where my mother informed us that her skin was very dry and wanted us to buy a cream for her but I've told them not to get anything for her without informing us. (they get it from the chemist and don't care what they pay. ) anyway I gave them my E45 cream 500ml. its doing well for her skin. Now I have to order it again for me. BTW the Aloe Vera that I drink is Aloe ARBORESCENS. I buy the leaves and make it up myself. Have you also tried Calendula cream?
  12. nonnaB

    Sense of humour

    Wise words Ben . A bit late but think more people would laugh at our silliness. It makes the world go round and laughing is the best cure for a lot of things. Wish there was more humor in the world.
  13. nonnaB

    Buses in Mexico...

    Please don't start posting lollypop sticks. It could get a bit sticky or cool. As you like it. This is starting to be fun again. Anyway I'm glad I don't have to catch a bus, horrible smelly things.They only go to one place, turn round and go back where they came from.
  14. nonnaB

    Buses in Mexico...

    Put me in the " nots so old category " PF even though at 76 , when I was young it WAS old.
  15. nonnaB

    Buses in Mexico...

    Nottstalgians are normal people taking an interest in what other Nottstalgians are doing. They wish each other happy birthday and enquirer after families . It's called friendship.