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  1. Yesterday I had the pleasure of picking my first " crop" of lemons from my €1.99 twig. There were only 6 but I made some lemon curd, only 21/2 small jars but it was so delicious. So much juice from the smaller lemons . What a great satisfaction. Straight from the tree to the jar. Today we are starting again with making gingerbread houses of all sizes.. Again a great satisfaction when they are finished.
  2. Carni , this virus is affecting us all in one way or another. I know we are all thinking about you and wish you both a speedy recovery. The awful thing about this is we don't have any physical contact with those near and dear. You are very lucky to have neighbours who are watching over you and of course your daughter who cooks for you. Giving her a hug is impossible but I'm sure she can feel one from you. I see my daughter every day but as she is in contact with her business partner ( ex husband who remarried and has children) she is taking no chances and wears her mask and stays a distance from us. Hard not to give her a kiss and hug, but she insists she's only doing what she has to do. So Carni I know exactly how you feel, she's your daughter and you are her mum, the virus shouldn't intervene but it has. Keep thinking positive and try to relax even if that's hard to do. Everything will turn out well. Love and hugs to you both.
  3. Very flattering, worse than knitted costumes.
  4. Sorry to hear that Carni but what you cant do, DON'T do. You will recover your strenghth , hope it passes soon. Take care.
  5. Necessity, perseverance, caring and loyalty. RR
  6. You are right Phil it's only natural that families want to be together but as you say "wait for the increase in cases" it seems that nobody thinks things out. " I want and I'll do what I want, I don't care about the rest and too bad if someone dies" Selfish?? Yes it is, until one of their family gets hit. Maybe they will reflect on their behavior....or maybe they won't.
  7. Christmas to our family has always been working and we've celebrated afterwards but it's never the same. As for tree and decorations, I've not bothered for the last few years. Christmas Day when we came back here has always been spent with relatives in our house or others. But things change and recently each have gone their own way. My son and his family have always gone to his mil and we've been together Boxing Day. This year I don't know what will happen. The restaurants ( ours) have always worked at Christmas depending on bookings but until the last minute nobody knows and I don't think many people will be able to pay for a family meal. Both are planning takeaway meals for Christmas Day. We'll see. Problem here is that people wait til the last minute to book, not like U.K. When everybody books in August!!
  8. Question? Will Christmas be an event this year. Talk of....yes not this year. Until it comes round nobody knows.
  9. Any precaution is valid,if it produces a result. Here temperature taking has been around forever. My husband saw the Dr this morning and said he had to report someone for going out whilst in isolation. The reply was " we've not been anywhere and have all taken care" but he'd been to Sardinia on holiday. People like this need to be reported goodness know s how many he's infected. Last count we had 47 in the village. My grandson is very careful and sensible but he got it too but at least he did his "time in isolation" . Now they have their official ok from the health service although it'll be a long time until the grandchildren can go out.
  10. Well done Nottingham.
  11. Good news Matthew had his second test yesterday and has just heard from his dr that he is negative and now just waiting for the official confirmation. We all think that he already had it a few days and my DIL wasn't well a slight cough and loss of taste but didn't think much of it. Waiting to hear if they are now allowed out of isolation. One very happy 15 yr old.
  12. A few days agoI hurt my wrist again putting the dog down after grooming her.. The movement twisted my wrist and I heard a crack. The pain was unbelievable. I strapped it up with all the things that I had for my wrist hoping to perform wonders. This was Friday ( no Drs) since I've kept it strapped up then with everything that's happened I've put up with it. Strangely it doesn't hurt until I take the strapping off. I'm just hoping it will heal on its own like it did almost like last time.