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  1. Think every now and again they do a detour and pass over here and say hi to their mums.
  2. Theres plumbers and plummers. We had a radiator that was cold at the bottom and not knowing how good the local plumbers were we called one. I was convinced that the radiator was sludged up and needed cleaning but.....Nooooo it just needs bleeding. No No I think and I'm positive it is sludged up. Ok go ahead. Radiator bled, no air. Ok lets try something I cant make it out. I can , its sludged up. No its not, yes it is. Ok lets try this......result, sludge all over a floor length curtain and wall and oh dear didnt think it was. We had obviously chosen the wrong plummer. Lesson,
  3. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary. Have a great time and hope the weather is kind. Splash out, have a paddle.
  4. Congratulations BK have a good day. with her new vacuum you sweep the floors instead of tiring her.
  5. My dad started to teach me when I was 17 , He took me out into the country lanes and stopped on a hill around Mapperley plains ( cant remember exactly where) Stop and start again try not to slip back. Ok , but I'd stopped short of the brow of the hill and couldnt see the oncoming traffic. " Now what are you going to do" Gear in 1st hand break off and all the rest... shot across the road and stopped right in the middle. That was enough for me, it frightened me to death. Next licence came and dad sorted me out with one of his colleagues who had taught many police officers. He was a brilliant in
  6. Plenty of courgettes and you're stuck for a meal and you don't like them fried or boiled? Chop them fairly small along with a ripe tomato or a few cherry tomatoes, cook them with a garlic clove in a little oil when they are almost cooked add a good handful of fresh basil. Don't drain , serve with pasta or rice. This is a dish that we love, its fresh and light and you dont feel podged when you've finished eating.
  7. Ben is it really 3 yrs ago? It doesn’t seem possible but glad you are getting back to normal and looking good. As regards to electricity aiding pleasant music listening, I wouldn’t know as I listen to day time music but I have noticed if I do my ironing in the evening it always turns out better and smoother.
  8. Yes its always a problem just when you need the space. We gave our upright to my son and bought a 1.50 x 60 chest freezer. We bulk buy a lot of fresh meat from wholesalers and as we are in the country its not always convenient to nip down to the shops. So really its been a godsend for us and if my son or daughter need space the lid is always open for them or should I say for their excess food.
  9. All the artists of this era are leaving us as we will be leaving the younger generation who have never had the joy of listening to these artists. Most of the songs are still with us today and have survived the passing of time. How many of todays songs will be able to survive for more then 50/60 yrs and still be popular?
  10. So sad I loved them. Was Don the eldest or Phil. R.I.P.
  11. Was going to say open freeze them but Margie beat me to it.
  12. We do have a doorbell, a common or garden doorbell that when it rings you can hear it 10 km away. Its so loud and we cant lower the tone of it. Good job we dont have too many neighbours.
  13. Along with asking Alexa "how do you say "The cats in the coal in German" then translate it in Italian. ( de katz in de cule") sorry my german is non existent and the spelling is probably wrong. The answer is rude.
  14. Isn't it easier to tell us what youre not interested in and then we can all stop posting
  15. Took my 6x 1kg jars out of the sterilising pan this morning. Three lids just slipped off much to my anger. I'd overfilled them with sugar syrup and boiling water does what its supposed to do and forced the lids. Never mind we had one for a sweet at lunchtime, gave another to my son and froze the other. They were nice and had kept their colour. Thats enough preserving for now .....maybe, it depends whether the price comes down again. I saved the peel from the peaches and dehydrated them and ground them into a powder ready to use when making cakes and biscuits. I'm dehydrating marshmallows