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  1. Too complicated to follow Mary but why didn't you accept the refund. Wait a few days then order another. I recently had an issue with Amazon. I ordered a wall dispenser for foil, greaseproof paper and cling film. Didn't arrive but on follow pack it came up as being delivered . "Have you looked everywhere?" Yes it's not here. "Have you looked on a wall behind gate or elsewhere?" Yes It's not here and its not been delivered. " ok we'll give you a refund. A while ago received a message from my daughter who had heard from the local agroturismo that a neighbour of theirs had received a parcel
  2. I was about to ask this question. I felt sure there was at one time a statue of queen Victoria near slab square. Now I know. I'd forgotten that it had been taken to the embankment.
  3. Busy week and very busy day. A while ago we decided to change everything, well practically everything in the house. We changed the kitchen and changed the colour of the doors. Then we chose some new settees and thought the existing furniture in the lounge wouldn't go with them so everything must go. The furniture is in very good condition but I've got fed up with it after almost 35 years. So new furniture is being chosen when we can. The settees are arriving this afternoon, but we need to redecorate everywhere so hoping that the chap who usually does it can come and do it providing he's in the
  4. I used to be on FB years ago but got fed up with it. But I've recently rejoined and I've found this time that it's been more enjoyable and I hardly post anything but there are so many new things on to watch, some interesting, some ridiculously stupid. As the saying goes on here "you don't have to read it" I've found quite a few old friends and school friends , next door neighbours and even got back in touch with my penfriend from school days in 1955. So it's not all stupid and innane comments.
  5. A sad thing to post but we've been warned about dogs being poisoned especially in our little hamlet. Poisoned meat is being thrown over walls or gates. This is probably a warning that burglars are intending to be around. We live in a sparsely populated area and when one house gets burgled others follow. Many of the residents are farmers or have land to care for and have big dogs outside in their courtyards so when they are away the animals aren't being protected and the thieves are left to their own devices. We only have 2 immediate neighbours and 2 a short distance away. We have good neighbou
  6. Not quite a pet but....
  7. My first wage was £ 1.12.6. Yes you've guessed it apprentice hairdresser. I could never have a Saturday off until we got another apprentice. I could never go to friends weddings. Then I decided to put them in a situation where they couldn't say no. I booked a 3 month holiday in USA to visit my penfriend. When I returned they'd taken me off their books so they had to re employ me. All in all they were good to work for.
  8. Stuart C our list is similar to that and we are after the over 80's (78) I don't know if I'll be classed as vulnerable or not. Don't know if being in followup counts but I don't care as long as I get vaccinated. We have a cousin who has a petrol station and she thinks it's a con from the govt. won't wear a mask although she's been reported by customers.
  9. Interesting about the 60+ being vaccinated soon. I thought they'd already been vaccinated as there are lots of apparently 60+ on here. If you've been done how did you do it without being called? Just wondered as we have just started 80's and seems we are next 65-80. We will or should have Pfizer as the under 65's have Astra Zeneca. Hope we all get covered no matter what . We are once again in orange zone after being in yellow for a month. Awaiting today for new Dpcm further restrictions. It takes some keeping up with what we can and can't do.
  10. There are a lot of Italian names male and female when translated are really old names and it doesn't seem right to give newborns those names.
  11. Cables are a pain Carni ours seem to enjoy showing us all the internal wires, especially this iPad , it has a cover and there's little space to get the other end out without damaging the cable itself. At the moment it's taped up with black tape. The other iPad is 8 yrs old and the USB split in half . That's glued with superglue. They both work until the battery goes flat. Feel like putting them both outside to let the sun recharge them. It's 20 degrees.
  12. My children have never had their names shortened by me but my daughter is called Zia ( auntie) Debby by my grandchildren. My son is always James apart from his wife and her family who call him JJ Which he annoys me tremendously. When still in Nottingham his friends used to call him Squid because they couldn't pronounce the name Cannistraro which they connected to the word calamari. Now having grown up all of them they have reverted back to James. Double barrelled names for me have become a necessity. I am Cannistraro by marriage but here I have to use my maiden name by law. After years o
  13. BK I did look up the film but it's a pay for viewing . I can't remember what the paid view is called but I already pay for Prime and I don't feel like paying extra to watch perhaps one film. Yes I do have a DVD player but it is in storage. When we finally get it out it probably wont work
  14. Thankyou DJ and BK for the information of the films you mentioned. I was looking forward to watching them but I can't find them on YouTube or Amazon prime . They are just unavailable here and I can't get into Bbc iplay or whatever it's called. But thanks again for the thoughts.
  15. These photographs were taken by my father more than 50 yrs ago. The birds came back every year to his garage and always nested there. He would go out to see them every day and they didn't move so I believe they became quite tame.