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  1. An interesting article from todays Nottingham Post. http://www.nottinghampost.com/news/news-opinion/nine-best-victorian-buildings-nottingham-769968
  2. Tea

    I know now why my tea tastes like p*ss.
  3. Do these names ring a bell ?   Philip Cox, Graham Love, Paul & Pete Cumberpatch and loads more. Arkright School ?

  4. Christmas Memories

    Well, I put a funny post on but it seems the joke is on me (why am I thinking of the Bee Gee's, haha). I just didn't 'get' your reply last night Margie as it was late and I was feeling tired but I've had a good laugh at all the posts this morning.
  5. Christmas Memories

    It was a humorous post, Margie but it seems you've all missed the point because you've not realised what type it is.
  6. How's your day?

    My wife, youngest daughter and I were stood in the lounge for the 2 minute silence. My Old English Sheepdog came up and stood between us for the 2 minutes, haha. It's his 10th birthday today. My little puppy stood for about 10 seconds then went back to playing with his bone.
  7. Photobucket.

    I've recovered lots of photos from photobucket as I want to replace the ones that were lost on Nottstalgia when I see them. You just left click on the photo, right click on the mouse and click 'Save Image As' and send them to where you choose on your computer etc.
  8. The Death Of My Uncle.

  9. The Death Of My Uncle.

    I've been doing some more research and was pleased to come across this article: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/147/pdfs/uksi_20170147_en.pdf
  10. Black Boy Hotel

    With so many of the Black Boy Hotel photos missing, due to Photobucket, I thought I'd post this article from the Nottingham Post today. There are some good photos of the Black Boy Hotel that you may not have seen. It makes you angry to see that they demolished the Black Boy Hotel and there's now a bland Primark store in it's place. http://www.nottinghampost.com/news/history/remembering-black-boy-hotel-one-694296
  11. Catfan's Blog.

    I've only just seen this thread, catfan and I'm sorry to learn that things aren't going too well for you at the moment. Hopefully, things will start to improve and you're back to your old self again.
  12. My Designer Bag

    What fantastic news, Lizzie. I was looking at the meetup photos today and thought how well you looked. I really am so pleased for you.
  13. Tea

    Jill Sparrow....teachers pet.
  14. Tea

    Greater Nottingham Co-Operative Society