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  1. Nottinham Forest v Arsenal 07-01-18

    I've just watched the draw for the 4th round of the FA Cup. Nottingham Forest are away to Hull City. It's also just been announced that Aitor Karanka has signed a two and half year deal to be the new manager.
  2. Nottinham Forest v Arsenal 07-01-18

    My initial post was taken from the Nottingham Forest website in the Nottingham Post. This will be updated daily so if you want to catch up on what is happening at the City Ground then just click on the attachment. Today there are 42 photos of the Arsenal game that capture the excitement of a memorable game. Hopefully, this could be the game that makes Forest realise that they can become a really good team.
  3. Arsenal stayed in the Forest 4-2 long. It was a great game and a report is attached below. http://www.nottinghampost.com/all-about/nottingham-forest-fc
  4. Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday, mary1947. I hope you enjoy your special day.
  5. Forest Manager

    Nottingham Forest have sacked their manager today and a Nottingham Post report is attached below. http://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/nottingham-forest-news-transfers-live-993071
  6. Happy Birthday.

  7. Real Rock and Roll

    Marty Wilde with 'Sea Of Love' which was released in 1959.
  8. Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday, Melissa. I hope you enjoy your special day
  9. Photo printing

    I think you've made some sensible decisions there, Rob. Our old photos become special to us and to those we hand them down to.
  10. Photo printing

    Rob, three full suitcases is rather a lot of work but I'll bet you enjoyed going through them all. I had to look up Dropbox to see what it was. What happens if the firm goes bust you'll probably lose all your photos. My youngest son bought me an external hard drive and I keep copies of my photos and videos on that.
  11. Photo printing

    I was in a similar situation to you, Lizzie. I had boxes of photos all over the house and one day I was trying to find a particular photo. After spending what seemed like hours searching for it I decided that I'd download them all onto my computer. It does seem a daunting task when you begin but it becomes quite enjoyable. With todays technology you can edit and crop your photos to how you want them quite easily. I started off just doing a few at a time but as you get into it you just don't want to stop. As you go through the photos you experience a million memories and emotions. At the end of it all you can find any photo straight away. Two days ago my eldest brother came to see me and during our conversation he asked me if I could remember a certain person. I told him that I had a photo of him and within two minutes I'd sent it to him via e-mail. He could then, if he wished, make a photo from his printer. So much better than how it was in the past.
  12. How's your day?

    I must add that the trifle incident was quite a while ago now. We spent Christmas day with my eldest daughter and we all had a lovely Christmas dinner that was cooked for us by her husband. All my family and in-laws were there and we all had a great time. We left around 2300 because my wife felt unwell but the rest were there until 0500. My youngest son and his family were staying at my house and they weren't very lively today, haha. My granddaughter, who'd only had a couple of drinks at the party, left just after lunch as she has to be on duty tonight. She has recently joined the West Yorkshire Police Force and is loving it. My youngest son and family are going home later on today but will be back for our New Years Eve party.
  13. Hello Michael. If you are the Michael Booth I remember from School back in the 60's, we were in a Maths lesson practicing the times table. I remember you were getting a particularly bad time from the Teacher, but suddenly you were asked what 7 x 8 was and you came out with the correct answer, 56. The Teacher was euphoric and stated that from this day forth 7x8=56 shall forever be called the Booth number. I am coming up to 71 shortly and will always remember the Booth Number. Thank you Michael.

  14. Christmas Presents, What you really wanted?

    I really shouldn't be laughing so much at your post, Lizzie.
  15. How's your day?

    carni, trifle was the third thing on my list. I love it and have trifle or yogurt for dessert everyday. My wife thought it was funny to put some in my Christmas parcel. The dogs enjoyed it as they licked it up off the floor as it all spilt out, haha.