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  1. Michael Booth


    Happy birthday, Carnie. I hope you're enjoying your special day.
  2. Michael Booth

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday, Sue. I hope you're enjoying your special day.
  3. There's been many stories and videos regarding Forest's time under Brian Clough and Peter Taylor but this video includes many hilarious stories and videos that I've not seen before. Well worth a watch before tonights big game against the Rams at the City Ground. https://www.youtube.com/embed/_CxgKy00O_g
  4. Michael Booth


  5. St. Faith's church, The Meadows.
  6. Here's a photo of St Faith's interior.
  7. Nottingham’s heritage assets to be celebrated and given extra protection I wish they'd done this years ago before they ripped Nottingham apart. Nottingham’s historic buildings that are not currently formally recognised are going to be given extra protection under a new scheme being introduced by the City Council. The council has approved the adoption of a heritage local list, which will ensure that a number of the city’s most treasured heritage assets currently not given national protection through Historic England listing, are protected and remain a key part of the city’s heritage for the benefit of future generations. Many of the city’s most significant historic buildings and heritage assets are protected either by national listing, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments or Registered Parks and Gardens or due to their location, such as being in a conservation area. However, many more significant buildings, historic landscapes and archaeological remains are not formally recognised, meaning they are at risk of being overlooked and being lost through demolition. Local Lists help highlight key heritage assets, which showcase the city’s history, providing a link to its unique past. Local Lists differ from national schemes as they draw attention to assets that are special because they are locally important. Nottingham already has an established Local List, developed by the Nottingham Civic Society from an earlier list produced by the council some years ago, but the list is not officially adopted and therefore offers no additional protection. Improving the list and formally adopting it means the City Council can now consider these valued assets as part of the planning process. This will provide some level of protection, including in any future developments, and so help to put them to best use as Nottingham grows. Local residents will also be able to put forward possible entries for the list, recognising and celebrating the city’s diverse heritage and the contribution communities have made to the history of the city. Councillor Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing & Heritage, said, “A number of projects are underway to help transform and regenerate the city. We’re really proud of Nottingham’s fascinating history and heritage and we’re working with partners and stakeholders to help restore and preserve some of Nottingham’s much loved historic buildings and assets. “These assets not only showcase the city’s unique character and history but by preserving them and in some cases protecting them and bringing them back into use, they also help boost tourism and create jobs.” Nottingham is a hive of activity when it comes to heritage led regeneration. In 2017 Nottingham was named one of Historic England’s Heritage Action Zones where grant funding is available for external works to historic buildings, including shop fronts in the Old Market Square, Lace Market or Sneinton Market Conservation Area. One of the Heritage Action Zone projects helps local people to enhance the draft Local List. Grant funding towards the cost of conservation projects is also available in the Carrington Street Area, where a number of projects are underway to help restore and preserve buildings and shop fronts under the Heritage Lottery funded Townscape Heritage Scheme.
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    Photos to cheer us up

    I feel like joining them.
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    Happy Birthday LizzieM

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday, lizzie. I'm sorry to have missed it but i''m on holiday in portugal.
  10. I've just found this photo that may be of interest to some of you.
  11. Michael Booth

    Coal Mining in Notts

    Is Nottskaren and CarriebidaeCarabidae the same person?
  12. Michael Booth

    How's your day?

    My wife and I have sat talking tonight about the Omagh bombing which happened on the 15th August 1998. The Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA) set off a car bomb that killed 29 people and injured over 200 others. My wife had flown to Northern Ireland to look after my youngest sons two children while he and his wife went to a special occasion which meant an overnight stay. On the day of the bombing my wife got the children ready and was going to take a walk into Omagh. She hadn't gone far before she realised that she'd probably get lost so she took them to a local park instead. On that day I remember being at home and making a coffee. I switched on the TV and the news channels were all covering the atrocity that had occured. I was numb with shock, wondering if my wife and children were safe. I couldn't bring myself to phone her in case she'd been hurt, or worse. When she rang me to tell me she was safe I was so full of emotion I could hardly speak. She told me that she'd only took a short walk with the children because she didn't know the area and didn't want to get lost. When the bomb went off the doors in the house slammed shut and she told me that she'll never forget the sound of the explosion. It was such a sad day for so many innocent people.
  13. Michael Booth

    How's your day?

    I find it annoying when I get a crumb in my keyboard and get a gh hhhhg gggh hjjhgg hhhghjh gghhghhhghjhhhgjghhjgjhhhjhgjjhjhhjhjjh
  14. Michael Booth

    How's your day?

    No, I wasn't in shock, MargieH. I'd forgotten about it two minutes later although it would have been a different matter if I'd hit him. Like catfan and Ian state you just have to be aware and expect things to happen although there's not much you can do about the idiots, young and old, who race around causing carnage on our roads.
  15. Michael Booth

    How's your day?

    I nearly killed a child today. I was driving along the road and could see a lady with some children walking towards me on the pavement. As I approached them a young boy dropped his ball and ran into the road to retrieve it. I managed to swerve and just missed him. Thankfully, I was only doing 30mph. Any faster a lot of peoples lives would have been changed in an instant.