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  1. How's your day?

    Now that you've lowered the tone again Katy! I've just been reading these latest posts and was amused by Phil's post of about an hour ago, when he talks of having an inside and outside loo and a sitting tenant!
  2. Co-Op on upper Parliament Street

    The Stephen King version I think!
  3. How's your day?

    And I wonder why they called it a jerry?
  4. How's your day?

    My lad’s just come back from the shops. Took him an hour. Cars all over the roads, hills impassable. This is Mapperley, Gedling Road, Arnold Lane, Somersby etc.
  5. Co-Op on upper Parliament Street

    As a kid I was terrified of that staircase. I remember it had black mirrored walls and for some some reason I had a fear of falling through them. More spookily I was terrified of being PULLED through them! By what I don’t know!
  6. Tram losses

    According to Nottingham City Transport’s own website, in 1936 “the trams finally gave way to progression with the last tram running on 6th September” So have we progressed backwards by bringing them back? Personally, I could never see the rationale in bringing them back. Fixed routes, serving a few, no flexibility, one breaks down and brings the whole line to a halt, fantastically expensive to build and maintain etc., etc .... Was it just an ego trip for a few councillors wishing to leave their mark on history? HS2 seems a similar project to me. A lot of expense to arrive in London a few minutes earlier. Mind you you’ll lose those few minutes by having to travel to the HS2 terminal!
  7. Nosatalgia, what's it about?

    Yes! Nostalgia is bitter sweet, and sometimes more bitter.
  8. Things you don't see anymore

    Compo, as an ex (currently - but who knows) metal detectorist that's a fantastic job of cleaning! What on earth did you use???!!
  9. Nosatalgia, what's it about?

    I often wonder if anyone is taking photos of Nottingham and other cities/places which will become the “picture the past” database of the future? A lot of people seem to take photos on their phones nowadays, which are probably lost when they swap phones. I started to find old photos online, and then go and take a modern shot of the same scene, the criteria being that there should be some object recognisable in both photos. Wonder if PTP would be interested in my modern shots?
  10. Image Attach Test

    Thanks, Katyjay
  11. Image Attach Test

    Oo-er! To actually post the image do I use ... Link Direct Link Markdown Thumbnail for forums Thumbnail for website Hotlink for forums Hotlink for website ???
  12. Image Attach Test

    Just started using imagepost, so just testing ...
  13. How's your day?

    Good for you, mate! I might not be as forthright as you, but I talk to strangers too. We’re all from the same species and all going in the same direction, and apart from a very few wrong-uns, were all basically decent with the same fears and hopes as everybody else. Hurts no one and helps many.
  14. Fox and Grapes 1963 - murder

    I was 15 at the time and I remember the police knocking on our door during their house to house enquiries. My prize possession was a Bowie knife in a leather sheath - my grandma hid it under the mattress! One theme that ran through all the rumours was that the murderer was someone from the gay community and that nobody spoke to the police because they were, at that time, breaking the law!
  15. Noel Street Baths is now the Nottingham Climbing Centre. Gives a whole new meaning to climbing out of the deep end.