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  1. Saw Dylan at the Arena a few years ago. Warned the missus that it wouldn’t be “Mr Tambourine Man” and “Like a Rolling Stone” and that we might be leaving in the interval. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Good stage set as well. All honey light and an old time saloon feel.
  2. Best wishes, Col. Take care!
  3. As we’ve gone a bit off topic, mentioning other coins (never!), I though I’d post this. It’s a silver groat of Mary Tudor, “Bloody Mary”. Although you can’t see him it’s actually a Philip and Mary groat as you can see his name on the back. Dates from 1554 to 1556 ish.
  4. Brilliant, Ben! What memories! Saw some Camp in Sainsburys the other day, and I saved the fat off the pork joint the other week and had toast and dripping for breakfast for days!
  5. Just a bit further up the road is the bus stop where we used to display our Guy Fawkes and beg for coppers from the alighting passengers. I’m sure the bus stop was outside a newsagents then, and the shop is still a newsagents. We’d then spend our money on penny bangers from another newsagent, Johnny Wells’s, which, I think, was on the opposite corner to Marsden’s. Remember Marsdens with fondness. Queueing up with grandma, breathing in the smells. Proper shop with proper assistants.
  6. Remember shopping with my grandma in that Marsden’s, Ben.
  7. Hang in there, Ben. What d’unt kill yer, meks yer strong! Bound to get “bad” days, but all things must pass. Best wishes.
  8. Bleddy ‘ell, BK! Yo watch yersen and get better soon!
  9. When I was about 5 the young lady next door (much more wordly-wise and mature at 6) invited me to a picnic on her front lawn. Her mum made us boiled egg sandwiches with Heinz salad cream and I thought they were the best thing I’d ever tasted. I fell in love immediately - with the sandwiches. Still love them to this day.
  10. Peter Green the largely unsung hero of British blues and brilliant guitarist has died peacefully in his sleep. Co-founder of the “real” Fleetwood Mac.
  11. Sincere condolences, Nonna.
  12. Yes it’s well known for it. Dates back to WWII and the Italian PoW camp on Colwick Woods.
  13. Great novels, Siddha. Read them all - some twice!