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  1. AfferGorritt

    Montserrat Caballe

    I believe Freddie’s sister still lives on Mapperley Plains.
  2. AfferGorritt

    More New Members

    What I do, Beekay, is tap “Activity” in the menu, then “All Activity” in the sub-menu underneath. All of the latest posts are then shown in descending order. Otherwise you’re faffing abaht trying to keep up from the main forum subjects - not easy! Apologies if you’re already doing this!
  3. AfferGorritt

    Douglas Shelton

    RIP, Doug from another old Players employee.
  4. AfferGorritt

    Carlton rd/Carlton Hill memories

    Had a drive down Thorneywood Rise and Holly Gardens the other night. Holly Gardens is still cobbled, with HUGE potholes!! Never got out of 1st gear. Not going back unless in 4WD!
  5. AfferGorritt

    More New Members

    Quite a few years ago we used to have large family Christmas lunches at ours, for which my wife bought everybody a small but well thought out table present. One year she bought several of the gents a small book called “The Little Book of Essential Foreign Swear Words”. Well, you can imagine the hilarity as we all threw abuse at each other - especially as more and more wine flowed. It had all of the usual well-used curses, but also some quite surreal ones worthy of Monty Python - such as “Are you dribbling, or do you have rabies?”, and “Can you drink the water here or does it taste of p### like your beer?”. My favourite, “I have you down as a bit of a pigeon licker.” Merry Christmas!
  6. AfferGorritt


    If somebody taps on my window tonight I’ll poo mesen. I live in a second floor flat!
  7. AfferGorritt

    Show us yer bits!

    Another one of my bits. This is a George III "cartwheel" penny, so called because of its size and wide rim. It was the first copper coin, the first to be made by mechanical means (rather than by a guy with a die and hammer) and only minted for one year, 1797, because people were fed up with its size and weight. In fact the two penny piece minted in the same year was bigger and heavier! You wouldn't want a pocket full of these! Had to photograph it in a strong side light to show the little detail left.
  8. After my bypass apparently my statins are absolutely necessary. Then I was told I’m borderline diabetic. Today’s headline in the Express, “Statins give you diabetes”. More and more I’m coming to agree with “The Latest Decalogue” ... “Thou shall not kill, but needst not strive/officiously to keep alive”
  9. AfferGorritt

    Hello Nottingham!

  10. AfferGorritt

    Berni Inns....

    Used to live in Eastwood. Don’t think Shipley Boat was ever a Berni. For most of the time it was a dump. Think it was once owned by a minor pop celeb. We said MFN, as it later became known, stood for Miles from F@#£&@*= Nowhere!
  11. AfferGorritt

    Show us yer bits!

    Half the fun was researching and cleaning, although the cleaning needed to be done very carefully. I once decided to experiment with a home-made electrolysis set-up. Old phone charger, stainless steel spoon and a salt/lemon juice solution for the electrolyte. Completely fried a George III halfpenny! Very clean, though!
  12. AfferGorritt

    Show us yer bits!

    If I found any cash on a beach it went into the Lifeboat box.
  13. AfferGorritt

    Show us yer bits!

    I was going to put this in "Hobbies", but thought I'd encourage a wider audience to show us their bits as well! For several years I was a not very successful metal detectorist. After a particularly lean 12 months with regards to finds (enough silver foil to have bought several guide dogs) I packed up and sold my detector. Wish I hadn't now, but trying to get a piece of land to detect on (as an individual rather that in a club) is very difficult, and I came to believe that the land that my club were detecting on was worked out. Anyway, this is one of my perhaps more interesting finds, discovered in a field in Norwell. It's a Roman brooch of a type called a fibula. Just like a big safety pin. It would have been beautifully enamelled when it was last worn almost 2,000 years ago. I donated it to the Roman Southwell Community Project as I knew the archaeologist there and it supported his theory that a roman road ran north-east from Southwell, past Norwell. Finding this would encourage you for months and months even though it has no intrinsic value. It really is the "thrill of the hunt" that's so interesting even if you're only finding old buttons, musket balls etc. Perhaps other folk have interesting old bits and pieces they's like to post?
  14. AfferGorritt

    Things you don't see anymore

    Ever noticed ... when you put a jug in the microwave, it always pings when the handle’s at the back.
  15. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Me too, Jill. Even catch wasps if they venture inside and then let them go outside. Ditto flies and spiders. Still eat meat though. Hmm!