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  1. The link didn't work, hope all is well?


    I'm interested because I passed the scene on my morning bike ride through and around t the city. The memory has stayed with me for sixth years and curiosity finally landed me here. Are copies still available?


  2. A surprise and missed opportunity. Don’t know whether I’ve posted this before. About 20 years ago me and the missus went on a touring holiday in Thailand and visited, amongst other places, the Death Railway and Kanchanaburi war cemetery in the North of the country. I noticed that the headstones commemorated quite a few Sherwood Foresters, but thought no more about it. Years later I was researching the wife’s family history and discovered that her 1st cousin once removed (I think!) was captured by the Japanese and worked and died on the railway. He is buried in Kanchanaburi war cemetery.
  3. Santa’s been! He’s left me a small polythene greenhouse!
  4. Had a leak under a patio once. Took a tip from a Severn Trent guy and got a steel rod, long enough so you I didn’t have to bend over too far, and stuck a bit of wood on one end (I used an old wooden doorknob). Put the end of the rod on the paving and ear on the bit of wood and you can actually hear the slight hissing. Where it’s loudest is where the leak is. Simples! (Sorry! I hate meerkats)
  5. Belated Happy Birthday, Col! Grandkids are the reward for having had kids.
  6. And peas! Never turn your fork over and use your knife to push them on. Peas should be speared on the tines of the fork in small groups. Ye Gods! I’d be at table all day! I just lean back, open my mouth and good old Jeeves shovels ‘em in with a spoon!
  7. My butler confirms that this is the correct way to use cutlery. NEVER hold a knife like a pencil! I’ve seen young whippersnappers holding a fork vertically by intertwining it between their fingers! What is the world coming to!
  8. A genuine antique would cost you in excess of £250 ...... thousand!
  9. Sorry, senior moment. Mike Long’s shop, when I used to frequent it, was on DERBY Road, opposite, and just up from the Cathedral. Antique japanese swords are worth thousands. They are still being forged by expert smiths in Japan, but they usually go into the safes of rich business men as an investment. At one point I was quite “into” the subject. I went down to the V&A which had some beautiful examples, but it put me off a bit when I realised I would never be able to afford anything like those. Post hijack over!
  10. Just an aside. M. Long must be Mike Long who had “Arms and Armour” on Mansfield Road. An expert on militaria. And japanese swords are worth considerably more than £15 nowadays!!!
  11. Ooh! Cranachan! Toasted pin oats and whisky (a cheap one for a big flavour), folded into whipped cream. Tall glass, layered raspberries and cream mix. Gorgeous!
  12. What really, really gets up my nose (apart from a test swab!) is the sheer irresponsibility and cockiness among the younger generation who take delight in not wearing a mask knowing that there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Went to the arena last night to watch the ice hockey and most of the spectators were complying with the requirement to wear a mask. However a certain “element” seemed hell-bent on sneering at everyone else. Three young men sat behind me - no masks at all. Not eating or drinking all night and impervious to my “hard stares”! What’s the odds on three gu
  13. As my avatar would probably say, “A Merry Christmas to all our readers!” Best wishes, folks, for a peaceful, joyful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.
  14. It was very “interesting” being taught music by Barton Hart at Mundella in the late 50s! A real character. A one-off, and an inspiring teacher.