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  1. What really, really gets up my nose (apart from a test swab!) is the sheer irresponsibility and cockiness among the younger generation who take delight in not wearing a mask knowing that there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Went to the arena last night to watch the ice hockey and most of the spectators were complying with the requirement to wear a mask. However a certain “element” seemed hell-bent on sneering at everyone else. Three young men sat behind me - no masks at all. Not eating or drinking all night and impervious to my “hard stares”! What’s the odds on three gu
  2. As my avatar would probably say, “A Merry Christmas to all our readers!” Best wishes, folks, for a peaceful, joyful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.
  3. It was very “interesting” being taught music by Barton Hart at Mundella in the late 50s! A real character. A one-off, and an inspiring teacher.
  4. Me too, Jill. “Discovered” Buddhism in my early teens and although I wouldn’t call myself a practicing Buddhist it’s always in the back of my mind. Went to Thailand, my first Buddhist country, about 30 odd years ago and liked the atmosphere and people. Like the tolerant attitude and the fact they don’t bang any drums or try to convert you. Went to see the Dali Lama in Nottingham years ago, and was impressed that when asked if he thought people should convert to Buddhism he said no. People should find spirituality their own way in whatever “religion” they are comfortable with.
  5. I used to live in Eastwood, right down near Langley Miil, and used to meet a mate for a few pints at the Hayloft in Giltbrook every Thursday night. I’d invariably miss the bus (oh, all right, just one more) and decide to walk home. There was nothing sadder than walking home up the deserted main road on a windy, wet January midnight with the switched off council Christmas decorations swinging in the wind. The end of Christmas hope and a return to cold reality. Drove me to drink! (It’s being so cheerful keeps me going!)
  6. My heart goes out to you, BK. Words totally inadequate - so I’ll shut up.
  7. Did you know a Pete Hornby at High Pavement, Col? He must have been in your year, or perhaps one above.
  8. I might have mentioned that my son has developed (no pun intended) an interest in photography, to the extent that he sometimes drags me out to practice the latest technique he’s learned ... which I’m quite pleased about as it’s rekindled my interest as well. His latest is ND filters, very dark filters which extend exposure times, leaving stationary things in focus and blurs anything moving. After spending a couple of hours up to my knees (in wellies, of course) in a Derbyshire stream I was quite pleased to produce some fairly good shots, of which these are an example ....
  9. My grandma used to say, “You’ll ‘ave the lining out yer ‘at”
  10. Me too, Phil. Built some quite complicated stuff on Lotus 1-2-3 until we were forced down the Excel route by Head Office. I still think that the macro writing in Lotus was far, far easier than Excel - but that’s “progress”. Can’t let it go, and still use a far too complicated spreadsheet to reconcile my bank account! (But I did enjoy building it!)
  11. Spent many, many frustrating hours building spreadsheets to try to arrive at the value of the stock in the Bond. Not an easy task, as it wasn’t used in chronological order, so you could have stuff bought years ago at one value, and then the same grade of tobacco from a different year crop bought at a different price. Bloody confusing, even to the external auditors who went all glassy eyed when we presented the leaf accounts to them! Who was your Dad, Mrs B? Might remember him.
  12. I asked Alexa to marry me. She said, “I think that’s against the law of robotics” They think of everything!
  13. Sorry. Should have said “histories”!
  14. I remember going with school to see Henry V at the cinema as well. I seem to remember the scene where the French cavalry start at a walk (the jingle of bits and spurs), then into a trot, a canter, and then a split-arsed (pardon my French) gallop. Fantastic. Made my hair stand on end and probably sparked my interest in Shakespeare’s histories.