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  1. I asked Alexa to marry me. She said, “I think that’s against the law of robotics” They think of everything!
  2. Sorry. Should have said “histories”!
  3. I remember going with school to see Henry V at the cinema as well. I seem to remember the scene where the French cavalry start at a walk (the jingle of bits and spurs), then into a trot, a canter, and then a split-arsed (pardon my French) gallop. Fantastic. Made my hair stand on end and probably sparked my interest in Shakespeare’s histories.
  4. Probably been mentioned before, but I’ve just heard “mis-cheev-i-ous” twice in 10 minutes. GRRRRR!!!!
  5. Yep. It was Player’s Sherwood Rise Stores, and was indeed for Packing materials. The Box factory was on Ascot Road, Bobbers Mill. Used to visit both places to take the boilermens’ wages on a Friday. Great guys - always made us a mug of tea!
  6. You’re lucky, Brew. Fifty-six minutes waiting for West Oak surgery to pick up the other day! The “Chill” music track went round three times!
  7. Remember the one for Esso paraffin, Margie? “They asked me how I knew It was Esso Blue. I of course replies, with cheaper grades one buys Smoke gets in your eyes”
  8. I believe it was used as infill to fill in the cutting where the old Thorneywood station was, so that the new Marmion estate could be built.
  9. Me and the missus love travelling, especially Mrs Gorritt who had severe cabin fever during lockdown. As soon as we could, we booked to go to Barbados. We were advised to download the BIMSafe app to speed our progress through Bridgetown airport, so we duly did, uploaded vaccination certs, PCR test results, contact details etc., etc. We were then advised to download the Verifly app, so did that and uploaded etc., etc. Then we were told to download the British Airways app - so we did that as well. We had a PCR before we went, another at the airport in Barbados, one in the hotel before we came ba
  10. I was at Mundella 59-64 as well! Contemporaries!
  11. Just in case you can’t place it from the links... The Mounts were behind Manvers School on Carlton Road. We used to go up Hooton Street, opposite Hogarth School and crawl under the railings on long-gone Dawson Street to get onto Manvers playing fields. The Mounts were a series of clay cliffs, off to the left, towards the Thorneywood/Sneinton Dale railway line. Once the site of clay pits which furnished material for Nottingham’s brick makers I believe.
  12. My missus was born at 138 Windmill Lane and I got my climbing bug from the Mounts - now flattened! Lion’s Head and those frightening, crumbly cliffs above the playing fields! I think I posted some pics of the Mounts as they are now. I (or Cliff!) will try to find them. Happy days!
  13. Bleddy ‘ell, Ben! It’s a wonder your missus didn’t have you neutered with Syd!!
  14. Saw quite a few skylarks at Gedling Country Park yesterday, closer than I’ve ever seen them before as well. Must have been nesting in the long grass.
  15. Congratulations, Col! Grandchildren are our reward for having children!