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  1. Gedling Church

    Just got back from Ted’s talk on Francis Lovel at Gedling Church. Much of the story is as I put down in the article I put on OneDrive, but Ted’s now added a few more pieces to the puzzle. His further research touches ... The escape route from the battlefield at East Stoke and the significance of the position of the old Nottingham-Newark road. If the tomb isn’t Lovel’s, whose is it? All other rebel knights are accounted for. Knights of Henry’s army would surely not have been buried miles in the opposite direction to his army’s advance. Lords of the manor, and influential clergy (even though they wouldn’t have worn armour) are accounted for. The alabaster slab may be Lovel’s, but might have been moved from its original location during one of the extensive refurbishments the church has undergone. Interesting talk attended by a few members of the Richard III society as well as the locals. Only had time to say a brief hello to Ted, as he was off showing the audience the slab, but I’ll email him to see if he’s written it up in article form, and see if I can get get a copy.
  2. Things you don't see anymore

    Chocstix! Completely forgot about them. Used to love them!
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    Oh yes! If there were 2 of us and only 1 pair of skates we'd balance a Beano or Dandy annual across the skate, sit on it and zoom down the pavement. Straight off the kerb, onto a bum-jarring cobbled street! Thank God there wasn't much traffic around!
  4. How's your day?

    Thanks, Margie!
  5. How's your day?

    Trouble is, I can get in it, but I'm not sure what to do when I get there! Must get my grandkids to give me a lesson!
  6. How's your day?

    It’s my other day really, but I’ve been busy! After reading the NEP article about Long Stairs that Catfan posted in the “Then and Now” thread, I got in touch with Janine Tanner who led the team that cleared up the steps. As she doesn’t have a website, I signed up for a Facebook account (at my age!) so I could keep up with future projects, that the group might get involved in (“Notts History – Honour our Heritage” if anyone’s interested). She also has another group called “Nottingham’s Railways Remembered” so I signed up for that an all! I’ll soon have thousands of “friends”! Their “header” image is a lovely painting of the Weekday Cross signal box by Rob Rowland, who I’d never heard of before. Don’t quite know what the situation is with PostImage, so I’ll just put in a link to the painting .. Lots of lovely back-street paintings with a railway theme, bit like Jack Vettriano. Then I stumbled across “Nottingham – Way Back When”, so I joined that too. What with Nottstalgia and all my new “friends”, my input to my son’s new garden, school runs, baby sitting …. how did I ever find time to work!?
  7. Events in Nottingham

    Used to love the Rag magazine. All those dirty jokes!
  8. Air Raid Shelters

    To resurrect (is that how you spell it?) this thread ... Does anybody know anything about the Players shelters which, I believe, were huge? I worked there for 30 years, but never got to go in them, or even know where the access points were. Very remiss of me. How big were they? Can they still be accessed?
  9. DJ360's new camera

    Blood-ee-hell, Col!! Been thinking about getting a TZ200 myself so I downloaded the user guide to have a look. It’s a computer! It’d take me months to understand all those functions. What a camera! Can’t wait to get one. Keep us posted on your progress!
  10. Post Image Gone?

    Me too. Bugger!
  11. Things that pee you off

    I see some large gentleman has removed the flowers again .... and stamped on them!! Give him a medal!
  12. Then and Now

    Reading the latest posts it seems that a few fold are looking out of their windows at workmen resurfacing roads. Bet it doesn't look like this! Obviously Lower Parliament Street. Spent lots of time there dreading the coming of the Number 45 that would take me to school at Mundella!
  13. Then and Now

    Thanks Alan. Really interesting to see that after snooping round them for so long. Trust me to be snooping at the wrong time!
  14. Characters

    Sam Williams was a teacher at Manvers school on Carlton Road where most of my mates went. Apparently if anyone “broke wind” in class he would shout “WHO FOULED DE AIR!!!?” We also had Rupert, who would walk around singing hymns. Mrs. Bancroft the local beer-off owner refused to sell him Kit-E-Kat because she thought he was eating it himself! Well, he didn’t have a cat! There was also a father and son “act” who always stood on the corner near Don’s wooden beer-off. Dad wore an army greatcoat and a beret, son (who was mentally challenged) wore mostly rags and was known as Sammy Eggo.
  15. Fox and Grapes 1963 - murder

    For me, always was, always will be. Nottstalgia for ever!