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  1. Did you know Lenny Goldblum ?
  2. AfferGorritt

    Buses in Nottingham

    Was there one at the 45 terminus at Trent Embankment? Vague memories from my schooldays!
  3. AfferGorritt

    Out and about with Compo

    Here she is over my back garden in Carlton a few years ago. Tried to use a slow-ish shutter speed to catch the propeller blur and it's come out sort of "painterly"
  4. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Today my 11 year old granddaughter makes her debut playing cricket for Notts Girls against Leicestershire. Dead chuffed!!
  5. AfferGorritt

    Mount Street Bus Station

    Used to love the MGO crews. In bad weather some of them would pick you up between stops, and the conductors would borrow your paper to check the racing results. After seeing my girlfriend (later my wife) in Nottingham I’d catch the A4 Flyer, first stop Hilltop, which was generally used by the drunks going back home. One guy from the Jolly Higglers used to play his mouth organ, and the others joined in the songs! Always a great humorous atmosphere - never any trouble. I used to help them search for the invariable lost keys, hats, gloves etc., etc!
  6. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    We like them, Nonna. Only thing is, each series seems to be an amalgamation of 2 or 3 novels so there’s a lot going on and it’s sometimes hard to keep track. The novels are excellent - in my opinion (and I’m told I’m hard to please!)
  7. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    To my wine addled brain, this was amazing ... Was watching “Bosch”earlier on Amazon, based on novels by one of our favourite authors, Michael Connolly. Mentioned to the missus that another author I like, James Lee Burke, has a main character who has an adopted daughter called Alafair. Burke himself has a daughter called Alafair who is also a novelist. 10 minutes later 2 characters in Bosch, meet in a cafe. One has a book and you can see from the cover that it is by ...... Alafair Burke!! Oo-er, spooky! Wonder what the odds are? Too late to buy a lottery ticket!
  8. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    When I was a kid there was a man who bought Kit-e-Kat from our local beer-off. It was widely rumoured that he was eating it himself as a sort of fish paste substitute. Eventually, Mrs. Bancoft, the owner stopped selling it to him when she discovered he didn't own a cat!
  9. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Love Mijas as well, Lizzie
  10. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Thought I knew it. Could remember walking down a wide paved road to the bullring and admiring the statues. You’ve jogged my memory, Ann, That is, if we’re right!
  11. AfferGorritt

    Skinflint tips.

    Not quite the same, but ... I went on a TV show once and was advised to go to Next and get several tops, try them on at the studio to see which the cameras liked, and take the others back after.
  12. AfferGorritt

    Harry Wheatcroft and Gedling

    It’s that kind of forum, Martin. Only bin on 5 hours and got yer feet under table already! Put kettle on! Welcome!
  13. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Really resonate with that! Just moved into maisonette with fairly large, blank canvas garden. Can’t wait to get stuck in. Already got stuck into the cider!
  14. AfferGorritt

    Fish & chips

    I remember Staniforths chippy. Lived in the flat above the launderette next door. My aunt worked in the pork butchers on the corner of Denehurst and later owned the little grocery shop next door.
  15. AfferGorritt

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Moving to our new maisonette tomorrow, which means I’ll have a garden again. Have spent the last couple of days Googling ....... SHEDS!!!