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  1. I might be mistaken, but don’t recall a record shop in that row of shops at the bottom of Cardale. I lived at number 10, which was just 2 houses above the shops. There was a butcher (right in the corner), a cobbler (Mr Cope), a newsagent (Mr Heath). Lower down, below Linton Rise, there was a greengrocer and then the last shop was a general grocer (a la Marsdens, Ben), Mr Reeson or Riesen, sugar in a blue bag, biscuits out of tins. I’ve probably missed a couple out, but don’t recall a record shop. However, I stand to be corrected!
  2. Yes. It seems some restoration work was started on part of the roof, but although the rafters are newish, they’re not that new. Looks like everything has been “on hold” for some time. It looks as though the building is now too far gone to be rebuilt. The old church yard, which overlooks the hall, is a nice, tranquil place with some 18th century headstones.
  3. I’ve had a lot of scam texts recently purporting to be from companies giving me delivery times for goods I’ve ordered. Needless to say there’s a link, which I’ve never clicked on, to change the delivery time. The last one was very good. It was supposedly from “Burleigh”, with a DPD website link, and it so happens I’ve ordered a BURLEY arbour for the garden. I rang the company that I ordered it from and they don’t use DPD!
  4. My daughter-in-law brought a couple of 2 litre bottles round first thing. It’s nearly gone! Just shows how much we unthinkingly use. Excitement’s worn off now. I want to flush the toilet!
  5. Dry! Large water main burst on Lambley Lane, so no water. Send for Gunga Din!!
  6. Revenue from the book still trickling in! Just had another £5.04 via PayPal. Don’t think I’ll give up the day job, but Winston’s Wish continue to benefit. Must have donated nearly £100 now, so as well as being fun to research and write it’s been worthwhile.
  7. If you catch him on another frosty day you won’t need binoculars, you’ll need a magnifying glass!
  8. My son’s taken up photography and sometimes gets up at a ridiculous hour to capture the “golden hour”. I’ve been with him - once! He was in the woods a few days ago at about 7:00, so not too early, when he spotted a dog walker in the distance - completely naked! Even sans shoes! There was frost on the ground, too! He met a lady dog walker a bit later (fully clothed) who told him that she’d often seen him. Bet that’s why she bought a dog!!
  9. Not on the box as such, but have a look at a video on the BBC news website showing an Indian railway worker saving a child who has fallen on the line. Bravery of the highest order.
  10. Absolutely brilliant, BK. A few shots of my alma mater as well!
  11. According to and the leaflet in my paracetamol box they ARE facts.
  12. No Brew, it’s from me. The point I was trying to make is that it appears you have more chance of developing clotting issues from taking paras than having the jab. I was trying to say that all this suspending of the AZ vaccine is a load of b******! Perhaps I was being too sarky.
  13. According to the blurb in my paracetamol box, 1 person in 10,000 could experience clotting disorders, so that means that in 20,000,000 people, 2,000 people could experience clotting. Out of 20,000,000 people who had the AZ vaccine, 79 experienced clotting. BAN PARACETEMOL!!!!