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  1. Yes it’s well known for it. Dates back to WWII and the Italian PoW camp on Colwick Woods.
  2. Great novels, Siddha. Read them all - some twice!
  3. My daughter’s house in Mapperley still has it’s very clean and functional outside toilet. It’s great when we go for barbecues. Saves you traipsing upstairs and you can still join in the conversation!
  4. What happened there! Must have been that triple malt! You’ve certainly earned yours, DA. Very informative, thank you. It’s interesting that Henry VII’s own source (his herald? - must check) has Lovel escaping the battle and fording the Trent, which was very shallow at that time in history, and that time of the year. Lambert Simnel was a really poor excuse of a Pretender and Henry subsequently actually employed him in the kitchens, eventually promoting him to falconer I believe (I really must check my facts!). Not so the later Pretender, Perkin Warbeck who Henry obviously feared and later executed. Something to think on ... why is Lovel, ardent, die-hard Yorkist, who supported the clown Simnel, never mentioned in the Warbeck episode? Because after escaping East Stoke he died of his wounds?
  5. Me too, DA. We must live fairly close to each other. If you can find the time (and willpower) to re-write your post, I, for one, would be really interested to read it.
  6. And I you, BK! We’d have to hold our pints in our left hands though. Sure I could manage!
  7. Apropos statues, the pulling down thereof, and the offence some people like to take (as mentioned in the joke thread) I would like to propose that every building associated with Thomas Forman, the printer, be razed to the ground and every plaque that has been erected in his honour be wrenched from the walls and thrown into the Trent. My grandmother was a dark-skinned lady. Her actual origins were never spoken of in her grandchildren’s presence and it was only when granddad let something slip that we realised that her parents had had difficulty making a living due to the “colour-bar”! Her father was a bit of a rogue, in fact that is doing rogues a dire injustice. He featured in Mr. Forman’s publications a few times, one of his less serious escapades being the desertion of his wife who took him to court for maintenance. Mr. Forman’s employee, no doubt with the complicit agreement of Mr Forman himself, described my great-grandfather as a “coal-black West Indian” The article appeared under the headline, “Her Runaway Coon”. Really! Actually, it doesn’t really bother me. It was something that was considered “normal” in that day and age, and I use the story to illustrate that, not to publicly air my “outrage” so that everyone can admire the moral high ground I occupy. History is just history, and the morals of the people who lived in the past cannot be judged by the standards of today. I wish Mr Forman’s descendants well, and I’m sure he’s very worthy of his plaques! (And that little story has come out a little more serious than intended!)
  8. Me too, DA. We must live fairly close to each other. If you can find the time (and willpower) to re-write your post, I, for one, would be really interested to read it.
  9. Sorry to inadvertently bugger up your post DA!
  10. There is compelling evidence that Francis Lovel survived the battle, but died of his wounds shortly after and is buried in All Hallows Church, Gedling. This is only a taster of the research carried out by Ted White, one of the Friends of All Hallows. Me and the missus attended one of Ted’s talks in Lambley Church back when the world was normal, and it proved to be extremely interesting. If Lovel is indeed buried in All Hallows then his burial slab is to the right of the altar as you face it. A member of the Richard III Society actually paid for a photographic survey of the surface of the slab to try to “bring up” any remaining inscriptions. Unfortunately results were inconclusive. I also did quite a bit of research on the story and I think that it is a distinct possibility. I thought I’d mentioned it on an earlier post, but I’m afraid the Nottstalgia search engine is beyond me and I’ve been unable to find it. If anyone is interested I think I still have my research somewhere and I’ll try to somehow upload it.
  11. Should have written that in acrylic BK! Or should that be Cyrillic! ;-)
  12. Oh! My owls are definitely Danish! Thought it was funny. I couldn’t AFFORD to get drunk in Denmark!
  13. I’ll supply the beer, Lizzie, if Nonna brings the pastries!