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  1. I don’t think I need ‘em Jill. I think I’ve just heard on the new headlines that Dr. Suess is racist! Weird, yes. But racist?!
  2. Saw (again) on the midlands news that in Leicester takeup of the vaccine amongst the asian and black communities is considerably lower than amongst the white population. Wonder how long it will be before somebody tells me it’s my fault.
  3. We’ve just had our June Alaskan cruise cancelled. No cruise ships allowed through Canadian waters until 2022!
  4. Oops! Guess it’s the Evening Post! The above might help then - when everywhere opens up again.
  5. As has been said before, the British Newspaper Archives is online, but only covers Nottingham papers up to 1950 (I think!). The Central library had microfiche copies of the 1980’s Evening Post which you can access for free. However, I think the library is now closed permanently, pending the opening of the new Broadmarsh library. I would imagine the microfiche archive has been moved to the Nottinghamshire Archives building on Wilford Street - which is currently closed. However, after all this waffling I notice that you haven’t said which newspaper you’re looking for! All of the above mig
  6. Welcome! I lived in Eastwood from my late teens for about 25 years. Sure you’ll find lots of interest on here, and some nice folk, too!
  7. Sorry! Couldn’t resist! I worked at Players, so could often be found in the Boulevard.
  8. Ignore - edited my original. Doing myself an injustice! I was 20!
  9. I am an interloper - I wasn’t at Berridge! However, I first saw my future wife, from a distance, on the night Kennedy was shot. Friday 22nd November 1963. I met her properly in summer 1964 when House of the Rising Sun was number one. She was 13, and call me a cradle snatcher but it really was love at first sight. I was absolutely infatuated. I used to walk the long way home just to pass her house and catch a glimpse of her. Bitter, sweet memories! We began to “go out” in the summer of 1965 when the Help! album was release (You don’t realise how much I need you ....) We were married in 1968, sh
  10. That would have been Mercury Sports owned and run by the one-eyed ice hockey player Archie Stinchcombe. Archie won gold with the British (largely dual-national Canadians) team at the 1936 winter olympics, the only time GB has won gold in ice hockey. He went on, I believe, to captain and coach the national team. We had our skates sharpened there as well, instead of the stadium. Archie knew how to sharpen them properly!
  11. Must be the smell of the lace! I worked at Simon & May for a short time, and we office lads only went into the factory in pairs. True!
  12. Words of wisdom, Ben! As I said, the missus jokingly said I’d get done for assault - and I think I nearly did!
  13. Not sure Ian. I remember the B1 Ripley, B3 Alfreton and the C5 which, I think, went through Jacksdale. There was another one that turned right at the Three Ponds and went through Moorgreen. I remember a particular MGO conductor called, if memory serves me right, Roland, who used to sing (badly) Gilbert and Sullivan light opera as he collected fares. One day we left Nottingham as a B1 going to Ripley but when we got to the main bus stop in Eastwood he realised he’d got the wrong number on the front and changed it, and the destination of course, to B3 Alfreton! When I got off he was still s
  14. After my bit of excitement yesterday I decided to phone the police. The young lass in Boots seemed so pee’d off that nothing ever got done and I thought that if the police knew I’d been threatened they might take it more seriously. Had a follow up phone call from the police today. The “interview” was definitely skewed towards why I had pushed this guy. Was it in self defence? Did I feel threatened? Why did I push him a second time? By the time she’d finished I definitely felt that I was defending MY actions. Never again!