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  1. AfferGorritt

    Remembering Nicky.

    Condolences, Commo. Words dont help, but perhaps you can find a little comfort in knowing that so many on here have you and your daughter in their thoughts.
  2. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Very best wishes, Nonna. Hope everything turns out fine for you.
  3. AfferGorritt

    Room 101

    That puerile, vacuous, inane, unfunny, callow, infantile Michael McIntyre (and tautology!)
  4. AfferGorritt


    Continuing the theme ... Chase Farm is in now in the process of being demolished, so got in just in time. Now gated, CCTV'd etc., so no chance of getting in. Wandered down to Appleton Gardens to check out the old house that Cliff Ton mentioned. For all you terminally nostalgic folk out there (like me) took a few photos. Not quite as photogenic as the farm, but ... Looks like it was a very nice property in its day. All locked and bolted so no interiors I'm afraid. One of the residents of the flats told me that planning permission has been submitted to demolish and build, but they are protesting on access grounds.
  5. AfferGorritt

    What did happen to Mundella?

    To paraphrase Eric, “All the right words, but not necessarily in the right order”!!
  6. AfferGorritt

    What did happen to Mundella?

    Did time at Mundella from '59 to '64. Houses were Welbeck (blue), Thorseby (red), Wollaton (yellow?) and Hardwick (probably green but can't really remember). I was in Welbeck.
  7. AfferGorritt

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    I think Ocean City was at the top of Derby Road in the former premises of an undertaker. Ben Bowers was the building at the apex of Derby Road and Wollaton Street. A nice restaurant, now closed. Don’t recall a restaurant at the apex of Talbot Street and Wollaton Street, but .....?
  8. AfferGorritt

    Parliament Street Methodists FC

    My uncle, George Brooks, played for Parliament Street Meths many years ago. Known to all as "Bud".
  9. AfferGorritt

    New Years Eve

    Thanks Carni. I was wondering what to post. Didn’t just want “Happy New Year”. Then your post popped up and said it all. Perhaps I can wish us all a brave new year (with a nod to Greg Lake).
  10. AfferGorritt

    Learning the ropes

    No need for apologies, get stuck in!
  11. AfferGorritt

    College Scarves

    Now I don't wan't anybody getting the wrong idea, but I happened to read something about this gay signalling with handerchiefs thing and was wondering if that sort of thing happened back "in the old days". I seem to remember something about college scarves, but I might have got that completely wrong. Anybody remember? Not from personal experience, of course!!!!!!
  12. AfferGorritt

    Watnall Hall

    Ayup Surry! Welcome!
  13. AfferGorritt

    Season of Goodwill??

    I know I’ve posted this before, but I can’t resist. For me it really brings home the spirit that lies beneath the commercialism. I’m not even a Christian but still get the sense of awe that the last few lines evoke. John Betjeman’s “Christmas” The bells of waiting Advent ring, The Tortoise stove is lit again And lamp-oil light across the night Has caught the streaks of winter rain. In many a stained-glass window sheen From Crimson Lake to Hooker's Green. The holly in the windy hedge And round the Manor House the yew Will soon be stripped to deck the ledge, The altar, font and arch and pew, So that villagers can say "The Church looks nice" on Christmas Day. Provincial public houses blaze And Corporation tramcars clang, On lighted tenements I gaze Where paper decorations hang, And bunting in the red Town Hall Says "Merry Christmas to you all". And London shops on Christmas Eve Are strung with silver bells and flowers As hurrying clerks the City leave To pigeon-haunted classic towers, And marbled clouds go scudding by The many-steepled London sky. And girls in slacks remember Dad, And oafish louts remember Mum, And sleepless children's hearts are glad, And Christmas morning bells say "Come!" Even to shining ones who dwell Safe in the Dorchester Hotel. And is it true? and is it true, This most tremendous tale of all, Seen in a stained-glass window's hue, A Baby in an ox's stall? The Maker of the stars and sea Become a Child on earth for me? And is it true? For if it is, No loving fingers tying strings Around those tissued fripperies, The sweet and silly Christmas things, Bath salts and inexpensive scent And hideous tie so kindly meant, No love that in a family dwells, No carolling in frosty air, Nor all the steeple-shaking bells Can with this single Truth compare – That God was Man in Palestine And lives to-day in Bread and Wine.
  14. AfferGorritt

    Season of Goodwill??

    I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who’d make a donation through PayPal to take the financial responsibility off Mick.
  15. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Sorry, Nonna. Didn’t mean to sound critical. The written word lacks the nuances of the spoken word and can sometimes seem more abrupt. I’ll still talk to you, and wish you and everyone else comfort, joy and a very happy new year!