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  1. AfferGorritt

    Weird Headlines

    Nottingham Post, “Crowds celebrate as firefighters rescue iguana from Bulwell roof top.”
  2. AfferGorritt

    Three words to sum up your day

    Ger-man-eee, ha, ha ha! (Can’t count!)
  3. AfferGorritt

    Things you don't see anymore

    The top one, remember coming home in the early hours after a long trip back from Manchester with the missus and my son, a big lad, asleep in the back. Got cut up on the island just before turning into our estate and flashed the guy. Heard him do a handbrake turn up the road and follow me in. I got out with the wheel lock dangling from my hand as my son woke up and lumbered out of the back seat.... smell of burning rubber .... Bye!
  4. AfferGorritt


    Love you too RR!!!!!!!!
  5. AfferGorritt


    Oh! Aslo had opening bars of Voodoo Chile, the Stevie Ray Vaughn version.
  6. AfferGorritt


    I used to have “O Fortuna!”. I used to enjoy saying, “Excuse me, it’s the Prince of Darkness calling!” Got fed up of some t**** saying, “Oooh!, X Factor”
  7. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    Just got back from “Pretty Windows” where the quiz had just started. The quizmaster should be made a honourary Nottstalgian ... ”Today is Bjorn Borg’s birthday. Ahroadizzeh?”
  8. AfferGorritt

    Favourite clips from films, adverts, soaps.

    Love the bit where Brian is trying to tell the crowd he is not the Messiah and they keep repeating everything he says ... Brian: ”You are all individuals!” Crowd: ”We are all individuals” Michael Palin: “I’m not!” Clever!
  9. AfferGorritt

    When did you get your first television?

    First telly was back in the late 50s, I think. Rented from Redifusion. I remember praying that the man would get it set up time for the Man from Monte Christo. When me and the missus were first married we bought an extremely cheap, second-hand, b&w telly which we ran off a coat hanger aerial. We had a bit of paint left over from the front room, so... We used to say we had the first colour telly on our street - wedgewood blue! Er... the Count of Monte Christo! (Getting him mixed up with the Man from Del Monte!)
  10. AfferGorritt

    How's your day?

    But we’ll be banned after Brexit!
  11. AfferGorritt

    Senior Moments

    Last Friday I had a letter from a credit card company confirming that they had changed my address as requested. In the interest of security they had sent the letter to both my old and new addresses. Mmmm ... I’ve been at this address for two years now, and did they think this was my old or new address? In addition, I thought I’d cancelled the card some time ago. I decided to ring them. The lady on the other end of the line said that she had to conduct a short security check, and what was my birth sign. Well, I’d never been asked that before, but I replied “Virgo”. When she could eventually stop laughing she said, “No, FIRST LINE, what’s the first line of your address!”
  12. AfferGorritt

    first book

    Anybody remember “Classic Comics”, classic novels, but in comic form? I remember particularly H. G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” and “War of the Worlds”. Also, Rostand’s “Cyrano De Bergerac”. Still love them today. Always thought they were a brilliant way to introduce kids to “real” literature.
  13. AfferGorritt

    first book

    Me too! My favourites are the 1:25000.
  14. AfferGorritt

    How did you choose your login name?

    I used to know the reason why I chose this name buraffergorritt
  15. AfferGorritt

    Then and Now

    Quite a modern then and now, as "then" was only a few weeks ago... Long Stairs before .. And after .. Went down today to help them dab some stump killer on the buddleia roots. They've done a fantastic job, and have permission from the council to keep the steps clear in future. Hope Postimage is working again. Here goes ...!