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  1. I was at Mundella 59-64 as well! Contemporaries!
  2. Just in case you can’t place it from the links... The Mounts were behind Manvers School on Carlton Road. We used to go up Hooton Street, opposite Hogarth School and crawl under the railings on long-gone Dawson Street to get onto Manvers playing fields. The Mounts were a series of clay cliffs, off to the left, towards the Thorneywood/Sneinton Dale railway line. Once the site of clay pits which furnished material for Nottingham’s brick makers I believe.
  3. My missus was born at 138 Windmill Lane and I got my climbing bug from the Mounts - now flattened! Lion’s Head and those frightening, crumbly cliffs above the playing fields! I think I posted some pics of the Mounts as they are now. I (or Cliff!) will try to find them. Happy days!
  4. Bleddy ‘ell, Ben! It’s a wonder your missus didn’t have you neutered with Syd!!
  5. Saw quite a few skylarks at Gedling Country Park yesterday, closer than I’ve ever seen them before as well. Must have been nesting in the long grass.
  6. Congratulations, Col! Grandchildren are our reward for having children!
  7. Roughtons had one of those pneumatic, cash transfer thingys. The assistant put the cash in a cylinder, put the cylinder into a tube, and it whooshed off to some central cashier. I was fascinated as a kid.
  8. Many, many years ago, having seen him live at the Albert Hall in Nottingham, I bought a Tom Paxton album. When I got it home I realised that side 1 was Tom, and side 2 - wasn’t! Decided to keep it as I quite liked the songs, but it wasn’t until quite recently that I discovered that it was this guy. Sold the album years ago on ebay as an oddity - a “mis-pressing”, but only got a pittance for it!
  9. Sorry to hear about the school closing down. My ancestors came from Ockbrook and perhaps attended. This was a ladies team though. Although my granddaughter is only just coming up to 14, they play in the Women’s League.
  10. My yesterday really. Sat and watched my granddaughter play cricket for Gedling in gorgeous sunshine. Gedling clawed back from a poor position with some really good bowling and drew with a much more experienced Ockbrook team. Great courage and determination, girls!
  11. Looks extremely plausible, but with my track record I’m not committing myself anymore!
  12. From Dave Holland ... My apologies once again, have been looking at Nottstalgia from a different computer, and am still not able to play. (Must get my new one sorted.) Someone has posted a mystery photograph, to me it looks like the top end of Huntingdon Street, where it joins Mansfield Road. The house agents is on the corner of Alfred Street North, if my brain cells are functioning correctly.
  13. Sincere apologies! It appears I’m trying to identify the wrong photo! Doh! What an idiot!
  14. If you enlarge the original photo you can see that the e-cig store is called Grey Haze and can just make out the word “Diner” on the shop below. Google “Grey Haze e-cig store Nottingham” and you find it was at 97 Derby Road. Searching Google Maps for 97 Derby Road gives you a street view which matches the original photo. The Warsaw Diner is number 93-95 and is still there I believe.
  15. It is indeed Derby Road, opposite the Ben Bowers building. The shop with horizontal “slats” is the Warsaw Diner. The e-cig store is a barber, and the blue shop the Big Issue offices. Not sure how to post a Google maps street view!!