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  1. Just thinking about it, might have to go easy here, if he gets too much, i can see the government using any surplus going towards the bloody HS2 project!!
  2. Any one on here know how to put the captain forward for a knighthood or medal ? I'll go along with whatever is suggested.
  3. Well done captain, and wishing you a very happy birthday. You have done more in the last couple of days than the government has done in weeks!!.
  4. Ironic really, one of my workmates would have been there if I had not dragged him out of bed to do a bit of overtime at 'cappa pass ' in Hull!!
  5. Welcome Geoff, look forward to reading your posts and memories. The one thing that stood out to me was, the mention of Duncan McKenzie. Now I have to explain, what I know about football, you could write on a stamp with a felt tip pen. But, as I remember, couldn't Duncan do a standing jump, sideways over a mini?. Just curious!
  6. So, from what I've just read, HS2 is coming across as the most important thing in the UK at the moment!!. Someone, somewhere needs to forget about 'money ' and get focused on a more serious problem. Covid 19!! For heavens sake.
  7. So sorry for your loss Deepdene, please accept my sincere condolences.
  8. Don't seem to have any problems sleeping, can do it with my eyes shut!!.
  9. In my own experience, as a instructor for the CITB, i totally lost all interest in the NVQ system, it just seems to be a short cut. We always said that NVQ stands for Not Very Qualified, and judging by what I have seen in my trade, appears to confirm it. Most of those out there, I wouldn't pay with holes in washers.
  10. Beekay, perhaps if you stopped any payments, they would soon be in touch. Usually works in restaurant s !!
  11. Trouble is Den, it's probably not they're car!!, Just do what they do over here, give them a bit of a 'bamboo massage ', they then toe the line, i can assure you!!
  12. Tell ya what BK, if we get to a meet up, I'll get you a pint as a prize.
  13. So just enlighten me please, is Easter a celebration of Jesus or something to do with the celestial happening s? I just don't understand the change of dates!!
  14. You just have a great day, and lots more.xx
  15. Well done BK, hope that you didn't use mr g oogle for the answer!! He,he.
  16. What can be more transparent than, "stay at home and don't go out" until the experts say differently!!. And no doubt, Boris will give him a call when he feels better!! Just to keep him in the loop.
  17. It happens to some of us Brew, it's called ode age!
  18. At least you got some exercise, without jogging round the country infecting people or catching anything.
  19. What's he doing with the spade?.
  20. Well I do know, none of those plane's are coming for us yet! Hopefully, might get back by the end of the month!!. With a bit of luck, things would be on the downward trend by then. Fingers, legs, eyes and arms crossed.
  21. I'm with you on that one PP. My thoughts exactly, there is too much cover up from China!!. I know we had our moments, but it didn't get to this level. When I inspected a chimney at porton down many years ago i had to wear something that Buzz Aldrin would be proud of before they would let me get to the top of the stack!!
  22. that type of scum need tying to a tree and spraying with corvid 19
  23. No disrespect Brew, but I thought that the 'essential ' exercise was meant for people. Horses can run around in a field!. My point mainly is, do people have to go out to exercise?. Exercise can be undertaken at home , thereby reducing contact with others. I thought that was what is is all about.
  24. I agree Brew but they don't have to have someone on they're back!!
  25. SG , i don't think that riding a horse would court as exercise, selfish gits!!