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    Bramcote and Wollaton History especially in relation to Canals and Railways. I have lived here since 1968. I am originally from Southampton. Now in Nottingham 84 miles from the sea!

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  1. Graham

    Moor Lane cut-through

    May I return to an old question and that refers to the cutting on Moor Lane Bramcote. When was it made and to what purpose? Again mining is thought to be involved and a possible gravity railroad connecting the nearby canal to the Trent and Mersey Canal in Beeston. Does anyone have any old photos ?
  2. If you leave the Victoria Centre going North up Mansfield Road, go through the traffic lights where the road turns right to Woodborough Road , then go first right (sometimes a long wait to turn!) At the next set of traffic lights, opposite,where you wait to turn right onto Huntingdon Street, was where the old Welbeck Street was situated. My wife ,was born in Welbeck Street in the late 1940s. We have not been able to find any photos of the old street and houses Any photos, or reference to any photos would be very much appreciated
  3. My wife was born in Welbeck Street, off Huntingdon Road Nottingham in the late 1948s.


    We have been trying to access any old photo of the street but so far have been unsuccessful.


    Does anyone have any old photos of the area or know where we can find one?






  4. Thanks for the above response. The 2013 posting is very informative but the photos never materialised. I would be very interested to know if any photos, especially with the Green Dome , actually exist?
  5. The Golf Club was opened in the 1990s Was it built on the site of a former hospital? I seam to recall a large building on the hill with a green roof
  6. Graham

    Things our parents used to say

    Noisy as Billy Balls Tap Room and Throng as Throps wife.
  7. Graham

    Things our parents used to say

    That's should read Throps Wife
  8. Graham

    Things our parents used to say

    Noisy as Billy Balls Tap Room and Throng as Thrips wife.
  9. Graham

    Spar Garage Wollaton Vale

    Hope the food won't taste of diesel !
  10. Graham

    boring routines!

    Having a family is never boring. Putting yourself as No 1 ahead of everyone else in the family is Boring !
  11. Graham

    Trinity Square Cafe 1960s

    Remember the TSB on the corner. Friendly staff and no security shield!
  12. Graham

    TV help needed

    We have recently had a new Virgin TiVo box and yes it can take a while. If the TV has not been used for a while (eg overnight) it has to " Wake up" and that can take about 40 secs. If it has been used within a few hours it takes 10 to 20 secs. Its never instant. It will turn itself off if its been in use for about 4 hours but an on screen notification is given.
  13. Anyone know what's happening ? The garage has been demolished.
  14. Graham

    York House

    I went to York House in the autumn of 1967 as a student at what was then Trent Polytechnic. I recall that we had at least three floors of the building. Yes it was a basic 60s building with no frills but we had a good view of the railway for the first few months. Our main building was The Newton Building and we did a lot of visits to the public library next door. On many days we went to The Mayfair Chinese restaurant on Mansfield Road where you could get a three course lunch for less than 4 shillings. I can remember one bloke walking out because his mushroom fried rice didn't contain a mushroom. One day we went to the Yorker pub and Jet Harris formerly of the Shadows was downing a few pints. Shame he became an alcoholic and died of this illness. We went on a geology field course in 1968 and I did not possess and walking boots. I remember purchasing a stiff leather pair from the Army and Navy Surplus Store nearby. Remember them? They had a hell of a lot of surplus! Nothing lightweight and very little waterproof apart from oilskins !
  15. Graham

    A new Trent Crossing

    Stoke Bardolph. At least you could collect tomatoes in season ( if you see what I mean )