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  1. I got drunk in there one night and proposed to my first wife...wish I'd stuck to lemonade that night. Couldn't back out as half the pub congratulated me and bought me a drink....'Sigh!!'
  2. Four of us sat at table outside pub when two others joined us at the table.I got up and moved to another table...My move was greeted with derision.Told 'em like it or not I was not prepared to sit shoulder to shoulder. They think I'm a funny sod but bugger them....IT HASN'T GONE AWAY AND I DON'T INTEND BECOMING A STATISTIC.
  3. I've always thought a model village including the castle as it was when in it's prime would make an interesting attraction.
  4. My Grandfather after coming home from the Great War decided that after doing his bit for the country he would take a share back. He decided to build a new fangled bungalow in Colwick Woods....No permission of course. My Mother told me accompanied by his daughters he drove a horse and cart into the woods with the materials for the foundations,and was doing nicely until a bloke with a bowler hat turned up and explained that even in 'A land fit for heroes' this wasn't the Wild West and you couldn't just build on Public land ....Those foundations could still be seen 50 years later.
  5. Helluva turning circle on the Heralds too....fantastic to park
  6. Asian woman said she was calling from Virgin...I said what's my name?.......CLICK!
  7. Same subject year in year out and every year totally ignored by politicians. All the majority are asking is a legal limit on the explosions,and tougher laws to stop the yobbos getting hold of them. Have your pretty lights and flashes to light the sky and promote the "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" But for Gods sake do we need the Howitzer explosions that rattle windows and disturb humans and animals every year. Maybe a few backhanders and knighthoods are needed to get something done.
  8. Just read that INTU Vic Centres owners have gone into administration
  9. I'm afraid you might find Goose Fair is cancelled due to the possible demonstrations declaring it to be 'Goosist'.....half the local population calling each other 'Duck!' hasn't helped.
  10. No doubt in North Korea tens of thousands will die,nothing new for them with the years of starvation and oppression. And when it's all over no doubt they will claim that 'Our Beloved Leader' is responsible for saving the nation.
  11. Mate just rang...said the pubs are open in Matlock????
  12. My carer sees to all that for me...like many others she still has to work looking after us oldies.
  13. I wouldn't know if I got it apart from developing a temperature. Having severe COPD for years, coughing and shortness of breath is just part of life especially in the mornings. My ritual on waking is to go on my nebuliser for ten minutes and take breathing excercises...only afterwards am I able to get dressed. By ten oclock my breathing has settled enough to enable me to get on with household chores with some semblance of normality. Living alone with no nearby relatives I have no problem of avoiding others. Don't want to be a harbinger of doom and gloom but its poss
  14. Used to deliver to the old ladies address in the Park.Rear entrance of course....just like going back in time....talk about Upstairs Downstairs.... And they were still using the bells on the kitchen wall to tell the servants when they were needed and where.
  15. Me too.....gonna be a cold night