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  1. Nottingham....famous for.........

    Certainly not very exciting without salt....not bad in soup though.
  2. Nottingham....famous for.........

    He introduced the use of celery Cliff Ton...it was growing wild from the Castle Rock to Lenton Marshes.The English just had no idea it was edible.The same gentleman showed us how to make white bread rolls too.
  3. Cycles...cigarettes...hosiery...Potatoes???
  4. Doesn't ring a bell....depends on the year...I left in '59
  5. What would Nottingham suburbs look like if the old artisans hadn't had the use of a million tons of Bulwell stone?
  6. How's your day?

    My clocks are all correct now....cos I didn't bother altering 'em last time.
  7. Nottingham & Notts Books

    'There is a thread somewhere....drivers name was Ernie....got to ride on her for a short distance when I was a lad.
  8. Berserk Aldi checkout operators..

    That's called liquorice cream rock.....
  9. Earthquake 1957

    Not me...but I wouldn't be surprised. The only teacher with a three pronged strap (Tawse) that he enjoyed using.Would have fitted in well in Dickens times.
  10. Earthquake 1957

    You're right...it was Kinder....'Alfie' or 'Rubberneck' as we called him...strict bugger he was...
  11. Old sweets, chocolates and snacks

    Nibbits....made by Crooky Crisps in Nottingham and invented by Jim Crookshanks' common law wife Bertha Power, a life long friend of my Mother.
  12. Why did seaside chips taste different?

    Goose fair in the Grosvenor......Now Bongo a well known P***head always hit the bar just before closing with an order for three pints of bitter....for himself of course! On being informed after being served one night that the pub was open for an extra half hour 'cos of the fair...he downed all three one after the other and proceeded to order three more....That man could sup!
  13. Things that pee you off

    .....Didn't see 'em having a crap either
  14. Things you don't see anymore

    Jogged a memory of Dad driving the family back in the dark from Kegworth to Nottingham...the stretch past Gotham where moths by the thousand flashed by in the headlights with the occasional 'SPLAT!' as one of the bigger ones hit the windscreen.
  15. Old sweets, chocolates and snacks

    . The brazil nut in the purple foil in Q Street was replaced by a hazlenut 50 years ago.....they kept the brazil shape though...and failed to advertise the fact.