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  1. poohbear

    How's your day?

    A braked trailer has to have the safety chain connected at all times...the penalties can be huge if the trailer breaks free and the brakes are not automatically operated.
  2. poohbear

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    I got freeview and got Virgin to drop the rest from £70 a month to £26
  3. poohbear

    The Third Trent Bridge??

    The horse bridge taken from trent bridge direction....bit blurry.
  4. poohbear

    Your Royal Highness

    A large percentage of the population would like rid of them if only the alternatives were not even worse. Look at the Yanks and their choice of presidents since Kennedy. We're stuck with what we've got.
  5. poohbear

    Your Royal Highness

    And where did they steal the Duchy from in the first place.
  6. poohbear

    Happy New Year

    Sod the New Year...another night of BANG bloody BANG and a dog shaking with fear.
  7. poohbear

    Anybody NOT seen 'Zulu?'

    It's on You Tube
  8. poohbear

    Swimming spot?

    Is that with or without Canada Goose crap??
  9. poohbear

    Nottingham....famous for.........

    Certainly not very exciting without salt....not bad in soup though.
  10. poohbear

    Nottingham....famous for.........

    He introduced the use of celery Cliff Ton...it was growing wild from the Castle Rock to Lenton Marshes.The English just had no idea it was edible.The same gentleman showed us how to make white bread rolls too.
  11. Cycles...cigarettes...hosiery...Potatoes???
  12. Doesn't ring a bell....depends on the year...I left in '59
  13. What would Nottingham suburbs look like if the old artisans hadn't had the use of a million tons of Bulwell stone?
  14. poohbear

    How's your day?

    My clocks are all correct now....cos I didn't bother altering 'em last time.