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  1. No doubt in North Korea tens of thousands will die,nothing new for them with the years of starvation and oppression. And when it's all over no doubt they will claim that 'Our Beloved Leader' is responsible for saving the nation.
  2. Mate just rang...said the pubs are open in Matlock????
  3. My carer sees to all that for me...like many others she still has to work looking after us oldies.
  4. I wouldn't know if I got it apart from developing a temperature. Having severe COPD for years, coughing and shortness of breath is just part of life especially in the mornings. My ritual on waking is to go on my nebuliser for ten minutes and take breathing excercises...only afterwards am I able to get dressed. By ten oclock my breathing has settled enough to enable me to get on with household chores with some semblance of normality. Living alone with no nearby relatives I have no problem of avoiding others. Don't want to be a harbinger of doom and gloom but its possible the emergency could go on much longer than the predicted few months.A video on UTube.... SECRET HISTORY KILLER FLU ..regarding the 1918 pandemic (made before this outbreak) shows just how serious these pandemics can become.
  5. Used to deliver to the old ladies address in the Park.Rear entrance of course....just like going back in time....talk about Upstairs Downstairs.... And they were still using the bells on the kitchen wall to tell the servants when they were needed and where.
  6. Me too.....gonna be a cold night
  7. Michael....and still making sweets at 78
  8. Never work out why Lidls / Aldi & co all stock marmite and oxo but none sell bovril.
  9. There was a cafe just round the corner in the photo....Midland Cafe....went in there every workday morning for a couple of years.
  10. Might have been at that time...in the fifties Stansby the chemist had it...twin sons. Crappy apples hardly worth scrumping
  11. Just found out that as of midnight, Monday 8th January 2019, all cameras on the M1 and M25 went live, set at 72 miles per hour. Auto ticket generating system with 6 penalty points. Watch your speed and please tell everyone else. Any speed over 90 MPH is an instant ban and possible custodial sentence.
  12. Ditto...Cinderhill park 60 years ago
  13. There is no way a team of decorators,carpenters and laborers could gut and refit some of those restaurants overnight, Ramsey or no Ramsey.
  14. poohbear


    Mine has his own remote....
  15. Can't comment further Im' afraid...I was just a kid and picked up bits of info from my Mothers chatter.I remember seeing him though and visiting his farm that he bought to grow his own spuds.On the left side of the Ollerton Road up to the Burntstump turn off. Always remember him showing us a grass field of his and clapping his hands...the whole field erupted into hundreds of rabbits.