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  1. Would you say you have a good memory. Thinking back I remember such a lot from my early childhood. Some of it mistaken no doubt but having a happy childhood probably more than most. One thing That amazes me though is that my phone number in the early fifties was 76923 and my dads car in 1951 NTV 351 costing £1000/8/1d So why the hell can I never remember either that I use today.?? ... And why every day do I walk into a room and can't think for the life of me what for.
  2. I may be mistaken over the price of the drink and thinking back I don't actually recall buying anything for a farthing. I do however remember always having the coin in my pocket and didn't it have the Jenny Wren motif on one side? I remember at the time my pocket money being 3d
  3. The bottles I remember were the 1/3 pint same size as school milk...The amazing thing is if they were a farthing that's 4 for an old penny so an incredible 960 for a pound at 240 to the £.....Not bad eh? I also remember home delivery of in a van Gadds bread....The slogan on the van naturally was 'By Gadd that's good bread!
  4. Reading through this post orange flavoured juice was mentioned on the milk floats If my memory serves me right they were one thing that could be purchased for a farthing...anyone can go that far back?
  5. I remember in the fifties there was an ice cream place round the back of the Swan garage on Nuthall Road...Never saw a name but it must have been there a while. There were a couple of 'Stop me and Buy One' three wheel bikes round there with weeds and thistles growing through them.
  6. Next to Dorothys was Yeomans greengrocers and Barclays Bank. It was Dorothys that grassed me up to my Dad. I nicked a pound note of his and spent most of it on coconut ice at her shop.That earned me a thrashing off my Dad......My only good hiding ......and to this day I cant stand coconut ice.
  7. Good old George...I was one of those kids. He won big on the pools and figured he wouldn't get pestered if he told folks he had a win but much smaller...it worked. The other shops in that block was a dry cleaners and Newbolds beeroff
  8. Paul was just Paul Halfpenny when he lived near me as a kid...ie No 1, Llanberis grove in the fifties. Brother Rodger and Mum and Dad...Strict Mother .....couldn't come out to play on a Sunday... His Dad I think had a decorating business and was very interested in sports cars.
  9. Ditto....1936....Dad was a sax player in the band.
  10. I got drunk in there one night and proposed to my first wife...wish I'd stuck to lemonade that night. Couldn't back out as half the pub congratulated me and bought me a drink....'Sigh!!'
  11. Four of us sat at table outside pub when two others joined us at the table.I got up and moved to another table...My move was greeted with derision.Told 'em like it or not I was not prepared to sit shoulder to shoulder. They think I'm a funny sod but bugger them....IT HASN'T GONE AWAY AND I DON'T INTEND BECOMING A STATISTIC.
  12. I've always thought a model village including the castle as it was when in it's prime would make an interesting attraction.
  13. My Grandfather after coming home from the Great War decided that after doing his bit for the country he would take a share back. He decided to build a new fangled bungalow in Colwick Woods....No permission of course. My Mother told me accompanied by his daughters he drove a horse and cart into the woods with the materials for the foundations,and was doing nicely until a bloke with a bowler hat turned up and explained that even in 'A land fit for heroes' this wasn't the Wild West and you couldn't just build on Public land ....Those foundations could still be seen 50 years later.
  14. Helluva turning circle on the Heralds too....fantastic to park
  15. Asian woman said she was calling from Virgin...I said what's my name?.......CLICK!