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  1. historical Robin Hood search

    Such wisdom is only sent down from the gods to the chosen few.
  2. Good choices jonab, difficult to pick the most suitable, but my choice has the heaven-bound sound to it, even though I know I won't be going there. Think that my choice might impress the mourners more. Actually it is a toss-up between it and Richard Strauss's Going to Sleep from his Four Last Songs; has to be sung by Gundula Janowitz, no-one else. I put it in the music thread some time ago - might have been deleted.
  3. Earthquake

    That was the day that Bill Haley and his Comets played at the Odeon. If I remember right, the Evening Post said 'Haley rocks Nottingham'.
  4. So there you are, lying in your coffin in Bramcote crem, the committal is over and you are waiting for the curtains to close your life. What music would you want playing as you say goodbye to your time on Earth? For me it has to be the finale to Wagner's Parsifal. This was his last opera and this is the last music played in it. What a way to end a most wonderful career in which you showed the world what descriptive music was all about, relegating most of the earlier composers efforts as music past its sell-by date (but not all). g
  5. In my record collection I have Jerry Lee Lewis singing the old negro spiritual Old black Joe. Thought I would put it on here but then found a YT video of him singing it in live concert in 1980. With this version you get more for your money. Oh to have been there.
  6. Classic Old Films On TV.

    Two films on Film 4 that are worth a gleg. Think I might have plugged them in the past, but never mind, you probably took no notice of me last time. Wednesday 11.00 am. In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and the delightful, sultry Gloria Graham. A romance story about a Hollywood screenwriter that has a dark undertone. Thursday 11.00 am. The Bedford Incident. Probably the best Cold War film, starring Richard Widmark. Be prepared for a totally unexpected ending.
  7. Mountain Lion.

  8. Valentine prezzie.

    Sex? What's that; what posh people have their coal delivered in?
  9. Hyson Green get together

    I know it is not possible with such a large structure, but if the relative could trace their finger through the incised name of the soldier, I always feel that for a short while they would be together.
  10. How's your day?

    To prevent this from happening again - live in a bungalow.
  11. Goose Fair

    Can't see an appropriate thread to park this, but feel sure the lorry buffs will like it.
  12. Glasshouse Street

    When No.412 Air Training Corps squadron moved from Haywood school in Sherwood, I feel sure that the building on Howard Street is where we went to. This would be 1954.
  13. How's your day?

    Now it can be told. Thinking that you have had enough of my medical problems I have not reported that back in October I fractured my right shoulder. I was crossing Hucknall Road outside of the hospital; it was rush hour with the traffic solid and creeping along. I walked, safely, in front of a lorry with a big gap in front of it. I did not trip but felt myself stumbling forwards. I could not save myself and fell heavily. Keeping my head high I fell on my right shoulder. I could not get up, and the lorry driver got out of his cab and helped me to the pavement. The shoulder felt sore, the bus came and I went home. An hour later I was in the doctors, who said she could not detect anything broken. Next day I was in QMC A&E where and x-ray showed a big crack just below the ball and socket. What followed was the most inconvenient two months of my life. For 78 years I have used my right hand/arm to do almost everything. Now it was only my left hand/arm. My God, talk about inconvenience. Climbing Everest was easier than getting out of bed. Even wiping my backside left-handed was totally alien. No driving. Hospital visits for checks and exercise routines. I am almost back to normal now (but not quite). It should not surprise you that there is no-one on this planet who is more careful than me when they are walking. The only advantage of this predicament was that I had three months without drying the pots.
  14. Another idea could be to have inserts set in pavement slabs with the names of the commemorated and their field of enterprise. This is done with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard and at Palm Springs (have a picture of me kneeling by my idol Frankie Laine). The slabs in the Square would be ideal for this.
  15. Not a drop of testosterone in sight. Did they have ladies-only trains in those days? Note they all have a badge in their lapels. It could, of course, be a day out to the Wembley Exhibition of 1923-1924. Of interest, the Great Central's Sir Edward Watkin began to build a British version of the Eiffel Tower on what became Wembley Stadium.