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  1. Slightly off original subject. When we signed for the mortgage with the Nottingham Building Society, they put us on to a solicitor to make it all legal. We went to a little office at the top of Castle Gate or Friar Lane. Talk about Dickensian inside. The was a plaque on the outside wall saying that Byron used to lived there. It was an interesting procedure, in that we had to place our forefinger on a red stuck-on seal and take an oath.
  2. Many happy returns, Margie.
  3. What drink switches you on to Bach? syrup of figs? lol
  4. Such wisdom is only sent down from the gods to the chosen few.
  5. That was the day that Bill Haley and his Comets played at the Odeon. If I remember right, the Evening Post said 'Haley rocks Nottingham'.
  6. Two films on Film 4 that are worth a gleg. Think I might have plugged them in the past, but never mind, you probably took no notice of me last time. Wednesday 11.00 am. In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and the delightful, sultry Gloria Graham. A romance story about a Hollywood screenwriter that has a dark undertone. Thursday 11.00 am. The Bedford Incident. Probably the best Cold War film, starring Richard Widmark. Be prepared for a totally unexpected ending.
  7. Sex? What's that; what posh people have their coal delivered in?
  8. I know it is not possible with such a large structure, but if the relative could trace their finger through the incised name of the soldier, I always feel that for a short while they would be together.
  9. To prevent this from happening again - live in a bungalow.