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  1. There are plans to demolish this old cinema. This would be a real shame as it's found a new use over the last year. https://www.gedlingeye.co.uk/top-stories/majestic-cinema-mapperley-facing-demolition/ Feel free to post an objection here: http://publicaccess.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=P4YQSRLYMI800
  2. I was too knackered! It was a long way on my 11(?) year old legs and uphill on the way home.
  3. Just an aside. When I was a little boy, I found a five pound note on the road. Stupidly I told my mother. She made me take it to the police station on Cavendish Road. I walked down Westdale Lane, then down Cavendish Road. I handed it over to a bemused policeman, and trudged all the way home again to Mapperley. I should have just spent it.
  4. DavidA

    Unashamed Political comment

    I despair. Democracy is being strangled by parliament.
  5. DavidA

    Arboretum Improvements.

    This is a shame. I've been going regularly and have really enjoyed it.
  6. DavidA

    What was your first car?

    My first car was a Vauxhall Nova. It was new, but it started to rust virtually straight away. This was late 1984.
  7. My band consists of a clarinetist, a guitarist, and a drummer. The others seem to have run off to New Orleans.
  8. I have the Robertson's Golly jazz band. Not sure where they are at the moment though.
  9. DavidA

    The Old Market Square

    Can anyone remember a submarine in the Market Square? If it wasn't a dream, it must have been in the early 1970's. I got to look through the periscope at the buildings outside.
  10. Thanks. There is a lot of knowledge here on Nottstalgia (not much from me I should add). I hove to read stuff on here.
  11. No... I'm too young... and have a bad memory at the best of times! If the houses are on Chaucer Street, could it be the Patrick Spiritual Church shown on the detailed map last Thursday? On the far right of those houses I can see the tower of the factory on Talbot Street,
  12. Sorry. I'm a bit lost! Is that St Andrew's Church to the left of the houses?
  13. They are good, thanks. I was christened there. It still looks much the same.
  14. I'd love to see more photos Ian. I must look into Britain From Above too.
  15. Thanks. Where do you get these maps, this is a great one. They do look like houses and they must have been accessed from Belgrave Square. The younger me must have been looking over the cleared land once the houses had been pulled down.