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  1. The café can now do hot food again. The arboretum generally seems much tidier than it was a few months ago. The litter problem seems to have been tackled. (I hope these are not famous last words!)
  2. I hope to see your findings one day Rachael. I live locally and helped campaign to preserve the community centre.
  3. There are plans to demolish this old cinema. This would be a real shame as it's found a new use over the last year. https://www.gedlingeye.co.uk/top-stories/majestic-cinema-mapperley-facing-demolition/ Feel free to post an objection here: http://publicaccess.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=P4YQSRLYMI800
  4. I was too knackered! It was a long way on my 11(?) year old legs and uphill on the way home.
  5. Just an aside. When I was a little boy, I found a five pound note on the road. Stupidly I told my mother. She made me take it to the police station on Cavendish Road. I walked down Westdale Lane, then down Cavendish Road. I handed it over to a bemused policeman, and trudged all the way home again to Mapperley. I should have just spent it.
  6. I despair. Democracy is being strangled by parliament.
  7. This is a shame. I've been going regularly and have really enjoyed it.
  8. My first car was a Vauxhall Nova. It was new, but it started to rust virtually straight away. This was late 1984.
  9. My band consists of a clarinetist, a guitarist, and a drummer. The others seem to have run off to New Orleans.
  10. I have the Robertson's Golly jazz band. Not sure where they are at the moment though.
  11. Can anyone remember a submarine in the Market Square? If it wasn't a dream, it must have been in the early 1970's. I got to look through the periscope at the buildings outside.
  12. Thanks. There is a lot of knowledge here on Nottstalgia (not much from me I should add). I hove to read stuff on here.
  13. They are good, thanks. I was christened there. It still looks much the same.
  14. I'd love to see more photos Ian. I must look into Britain From Above too.