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  1. hi MargieH, if I Remember right the light was about the size of an old sixpence, it certainly was not the moon or the sun..regards don
  2. hi, Back in about 1957/8 at trentbridge juniors. at about 0845 in the morning we were inplayground . In the sky was a big bright silver light, it was stationary, some of the kids shouted to the teacher to come and have a look,, I think it was Mr. Addlem who came , at first he thought it was Venus but he then changed his mind, so he went and fetched miss slack and mr. Pearson but nobody could agree.... Cut a long story short it was still in the same place at break time about 10 o'clock,,, just as bright and as big, so one of the teachers phoned for copper. he came and he did not know w
  3. why is it that we can say the nick name of certain people and no one bats an eye,, I.E kiwi for new zealanders,,, ausies for autralia,, frogs for the french, paddies for the irish, jocks for the scots,, limies for the english,, but when you say nigger for the africans, or pakies for the asians the world falls in ,, can some body give me the answer,, after all they are only words, I am 75yrs old and in my live I have been called some very nasty names ,but I have just shrugged them off,, is it just the P.C brigade trying to control what we say and do,, a case of the tail wagging the dog.
  4. things that p..s me off is begging adverts on tv day and night !!!!! especially when you are sitting down for something to eat,,, Christ enough is enough!!!! we have had this for years now.,,,, also death policies being touted on t.v,, jesus its all doom and gloom.
  5. I worked at harry wheatcroft the rose grower in edwalton in 1959. for a 56 hour week I got £2. 1. 6p and boy did you have to work hard,, it was slave labour,, I stuck it for about 2 months and bugered off ,, I went to wood bastow in clifton as a storeman and got £6 10s for 38 hrs a week
  6. I say all these photos of bell st. and bell terrace,, and surrounding roads absolutely magic, in one of them I can just see the back door of my old house,,, my family were not very well off ,,,, but such memories,, ,,all those memories!! thanks keep them coming , thank s to you all
  7. hi stuart c, sorry its took so long to get back to you but I,ve got the builders in, the place look like a bombs hit it,,,,,yes I do remember the swings ,, I used to go over the top of the crossbar until some body off Bunbury street got tangled in the bar,, . cor you should have seen the claret,, oooo yaa ….. Christ that picture paints a thousand words!!!! can you remember Boughows on bell street, we used to ring the delivery bell on those big doors,, the doorman used to go bloody barmy!!!
  8. was mick Clifton polish, I think he lived next door but 2, I seemed to remember having a fight with him ,, after the fight we were best mates, if my memory is correct …. Talking about memories ,when I was a lad when women wash their stocking they would put penny in the toe of the stocking and then hang em out to dry,, me and my mates used to go around the back yards armed with a pair of sissors and cut the toe out of the stocking and swipe the penny, We got away with this for about 2-3 weeks ,, but alas one day the women were waiting for us,,,,,Jesus Christ they din,t half make us
  9. I know this is very long shot but has anybody got any photos of bell st, or bell terrace the old meadows.. I used to live in bell terrace in the 50,s, no. 4 to be exact. does any body know where I can get some from .. I am getting on a bit and the memories are starting to fade,, I remember playing in the street , tin can leerky,, dicky dob, we used to put a tennis ball in a stocking then stand against the wall and swing the ball from left to right, Christ I could go on for hours boring every one ,, such great days, do you know kids on our street did not have lot , only holes i
  10. heres one I have never for got ,, Roundtree's fruit gums yum yum yum, five fruity flavours in your tum tum tum,, one things for certain beyond dispute in Roundtree's fruit gums you taste the fruit,, now whats the other one whats the beer that's always best whatneys red draught barrel, the only beer that always best whatneys red draught barrel.. But there are some modern adverts that piss me off and that is the bloody begging adverts that come on when you are about to sit down for tea for gods sake don.t this country give enough money away ,, where is the help when
  11. hey kit e kat is not made of total bollucks its got a bit of beef in it as well
  12. don,t talk to my missis I have been controlling her for 50 years, sheis very luckyIlet her sleep with me!!!!
  13. why is it that if you voted to leave the e.u you are considered a racist by the cranky brigade , Ivoted to leave the e.u because Iwant immigration stopped ,its costing billions to keep these people ,the nhs is straining under the pressure of immigrant births .Iam sick and tired of unelected diktats making laws telling us what we can say and do,, sooner we get out the better. and if you want to call me a racist so be it ,, sticks and stones
  14. Alfred wheatcroft and harry wheatcroft had a rose growing business in bradmore back in the 50,s but the 2 brothers fell out and harry left In 1960 Harry eventually join his 3 sons and started a new firm called harry wheatcroft & sons (formerly called D.C. roses ltd) on landmere lane Edwalton. I worked there for about a year,it was bloody hard work!!!!! I worked with harry on many occasions Jesus he was a slave driver. He live on Melton road the house was called The Paddock.
  15. I think there is a medieaval hall at the angel at grantham