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  1. One of the teachers at Carlton le Willows had one in the late 60s. He always made sure it was locked and visible from his classroom window to keep us little scrotes well away from it. Mind you, there still seem to be a lot of Mk1s around which have been given a Lotus paint job and badges, but not the Lotus mods and running gear, to enhance their value.
  2. Yes. I use either my phone or my watch. Hardly ever get my card out of my wallet these days, and the £20 in notes has been in there for months.
  3. Having spent the best part of forty years driving up and down virtually every motorway in GB (exceptions are M77 and M876 in Scotland), the only journey I can honestly say was enjoyable from start to finish was actually in France, travelling back from Caen to Calais on the autoroutes. Good road surfaces, well signed, drivers sticking not only to speed limits, but to lane discipline as well, lovely clean services (aires) with good food. Made the journey pleasant. And then came the M20 - Road works, tailgaters, congestion.
  4. Don’t mention Audi drivers. Especially ones that don’t indicate. Someone on here will get annoyed.
  5. As I recall… “Eveninks and morninks, I drink Warnincks”
  6. During the first lockdown, I ordered a mixed case of beers from a local brewery. Included was a “Cherry Stout”, which they describe as “Natural dark cherry fruit flavour added to our rich smokey stout, packed full of roasted malt flavour with added sweet fruity dark cherry creamy flavour.” I tried it once and it was horrible. Not what I want beer/stout to taste like.
  7. Two good results today. Consultant confirms my PSA level has dropped dramatically, so he's as confident as he can be that I’m now free of prostate cancer. Then, I get a call from Virgin to offer me a deal, after I’d dropped most of what I had been paying for up to last month. Net result is that I get my broadband speed doubled, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, free calls anytime, and they’re even throwing Netflix in. All that for less than half of what I was paying before, although it will cost me an extra 1p a month over the basic package I had moved to.
  8. The laws around licensing private hire vehicles were changed by the government in 2015 to allow local authorities to compete with each other. Wolverhampton charges a lot less than other LAs and now issues far more licenses than the city has PH drivers, while sending its inspectors all round the country to check up on those who are licensed by them. Daft, isn’t it!
  9. Only partly. Most of the £29.4m came from the National Heritage Lottery Fund (£13.9m), D2N2 (£7m), as well as money from Arts Council England, plus fundraising by the Nottingham Castle Trust.
  10. The Castle was being run by a Charitable Trust, not the City Council. The Trust determined admission prices, and it’s the Trust that has gone into liquidation. The council still own the Castle and it appears that they will take over control.
  11. If it’s right that they’re charging £12.50 for a bottle of gnats urine, I doubt there will be anyone who can afford to be a lager lout.
  12. Surprised Aldi got away with that.
  13. And with Forest having now reached 13 points, the record held by D*rby County for the lowest points in a season remains intact. Unless Wolves somehow manage to lose every one of their remaining 23 games.
  14. Rode up it a couple of times in my youth on club runs, on a touring bike with low gears (thankfully!), but attended quite a few hill climb events where riders used fixed wheel bikes with just a front brake. Wouldn’t fancy descending on one of those.
  15. When they invaded Ukraine, there were reports of Russian soldiers stealing toilets and washing machines - even though many of them wouldn’t have had indoor plumbing back home.