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  1. I think you’ll find that those councillors who made such decisions are long dead.
  2. Make a Wembley weekend of it. Stags on Saturday, Forest on Sunday.
  3. On average, the British Royal Family cost the taxpayer £43 million a year, with them being estimated at a net worth of £383 million as a collective. Individually, they each represent a substantial sum of money due to allowances and inheritances; for example, Queen Elizabeth is worth £322 million alone. However, how is this different from other royals in other monarchies around the world? There have been several republican-style debates about the usefulness of the royals and why the taxpayers should fund their lavish lifestyles. One answer of many is tourism; the money that the Britis
  4. If Putin were stupid enough to use any kind of nuclear weapon on Mariupol, he risks radioactive clouds drifting on the prevailing winds towards the Russian city of Rostov (population 1.1m) which is about 120 miles due east of Mariupol. Although, no doubt, he would still try to blame the Ukrainians for it.
  5. Bearing in mind that her husband, Darren Henry, MP for Broxtowe, claimed over £280,000 in expenses last year, I’m sure they can afford a chauffeur for her.
  6. According to the BBC… Henry is expected to argue two of the five offences were due to "emergencies", with one being when she was "very concerned for one of her children". We’ll have to wait and see whether she can convince the court to let her keep her licence.
  7. Oh well. Still a chance via the play-offs. Could have done with VAR for that denied penalty decision, though. The fact that Forest were even in the fight for automatic promotion after that awful start to the season is something they can be proud of.
  8. Quick tot-up and I’ve owned 15. Used to change car every couple of years, but had the current one for seven years so far, with no plan to change it for the foreseeable future. Although if I added the hire cars I’ve driven for work, the total would probably be a hundred or more.
  9. Had 5.25 inch discs for my first work PC. One for SuperCalc (for spreadsheets) and one for WordStar (word processing). That would have been about 1987/88. Couple of years later, it was replaced by a laptop - a Zenith 486DX running Windows 3.1 with 3.5 disc, 64k memory, 6.4Meg hard drive, and a 28.8 dial-up modem. Weighed about half a ton. Still got that in the loft.
  10. What a rollercoaster! Middle of September: Played 7, Won 0, Draw 1, Lost 6 - one point after seven games and rock bottom of the Championship. Seven months later: Played 41, Won 20, Draw 11, Lost 11 - firmly in play-offs, with possibility of automatic promotion. Only away team to win at CG this year - Liverpool. Its hard work being a Forest fan!
  11. If it helps churches to stay open and attract more people through the door, isn’t that better than it falling into disrepair or, even worse, being turned into a Wetherspoons?
  12. And just to complicate things, it was also used as a magistrates court building in the 80s or 90s.
  13. Went there once in the 70s for a “gentleman's evening”. Basically a strip show with a couple of average comedians. That event sticks in the memory because a mate of mine had a few too many drinks and heckled one of the strippers. She answered back by removing her thong and rubbing it in his face.
  14. When BT occupied 47 Upper Parliament Street, above the Post Office, there was a small underground car park underneath the building, accessed from Norfolk Place through a shutter door next to the PO’s back yard. The spiral access down from the gate was very tight. With some users, you could tell what the colour of their car was by the paint they left on the wall.