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  1. I can heartily recommend GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs. Both our Labrador, Alf, and our neighbour’s collie use it, and despite both being older (Alf is nearly 12), it has helped their mobility no end.
  2. On some trail bikes, the plate can be at an angle due to the design of the back of the bike. But those with small plates or tiny letters are only as bad as those car drivers with non-standard plates, i.e. they have made themselves easy targets to be stopped by the police.
  3. Shirley, Most average speed cameras have now been turned around to catch bikes as well. Certainly the ones on the roads of Nottm, especially the ring road, were changed some years ago.
  4. Couple of weeks ago, I was sat in the car waiting for our daughter to complete her visit to the dentist in West Bridgford when an Aston Martin driven by a balding middle-aged bloke drove slowly by. His car registration was “H15EXY”. First thing daughter said when she saw it was “what a tw*t”.
  5. Which Harby? The Nottinghamshire one is actually near Lincoln, so may have been reported in the local paper there. The other Harby, which is actually in Leicestershire, would be covered by papers either in Melton or Nottingham.
  6. She didn’t improve with age. I was made to do a handstand against the wall in one of her maths lessons. I was sorely tempted to let down the tyres on her old Rover P5 tank.
  7. Oh dear. From Leigh Curtis on Twitter... Breaking: No takeover deal will be completed for Notts County today. Staff outraged. Understand they’ve been told it’s ‘highly unlikely’ they will be paid on Friday. Also Colin Dodd/May still looking to do a deal. Story online soon
  8. Slightly more up market than TV. This one is in Beeston.
  9. Had our regular visit to Bonington Theatre tonight to watch a film. This time around, “Yesterday”. Really good film, I can recommend it. As we left the cinema, caught up with phone messages and found out that our daughter had won nearly £1200 at the bingo! Must remember to put her board up.
  10. Hold down the power button on the top of the iPad, then press the round button at the bottom.
  11. The only car I have had with stop/start was a Hyundai ix20, manual gearbox and tiny 1.4 diesel engine. The stop/start only worked occasionally, but was only intended to cut in when the engine was fully up to temperature, and the battery fully charged anyway. The idea was to save fuel, but as the engine wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding, I wasn’t even able to use top (6th) gear anywhere, even on motorways, so fuel economy was rubbish. Boy, was I glad to see the back of that lemon.
  12. The subtitle writer wouldn’t be able to keep up, chief. The subtitle writer wouldn’t be able to keep up.
  13. Can you afford £1500 a month? If so, you can live there.
  14. Some of us learned how to do parallel parking by watching how Reginald Molehusband did it.
  15. You mean that flash car of yours hasn’t got “park assist”, Lizzie?