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  1. That map also shows the mineral line under Woodthorpe Drive into the brickyard extension between Woodthorpe Drive and Breck Hill. When did that close?
  2. Rob.L

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Just finished catching up on Concert for George on Sky Arts, from earlier. Memorial concert from 2002 for George Harrison featuring quite a few stars, as well as George’s son, Dhani. Eric Clapton absolutely nailed “While my guitar gently weeps”.
  3. Pity the pillbox isn’t marked on this map...
  4. Definitely the golf course. It was perfect for sledging down in winter, provided you steered for the bridge across the stream at the bottom of the hill, and not the stream itself. Used to get there through a gate on Digby Avenue.
  5. Rob.L


    That’s the most likely explanation, nonnaB. And, yes, I think the management were trying it on. As regards service charges and tips, a lot depends on company policy. I object to having a service charge imposed on the bill by default, but I’m quite happy to tip waiting staff 15 to 20% in cash if service is good.
  6. Rob.L


    Talking of people doing a runner rather than paying... My daughter was coming to the end of her 12-hour shift at one of the more “upmarket” restaurants in town last night when a table of four left without paying their bill of about £180. She was told that it was policy that as she was looking after their table, she’d have to cover their £60 drinks bill out of her earnings. Luckily for her, they came back today to apologise for forgetting to pay, and to settle the bill in full.
  7. While you can’t get into the tunnel any more, the approach is still there but now has Weaverthorpe Pre-school and Woodthorpe Scout hut there. Most of it is overgrown.
  8. Also confirmed that Richard Pearson, mentioned earlier in the thread, was indeed in the year above me as I thought. My memory isn’t as bad as I thought it was!
  9. By the time I started, Mr Makin was the history teacher.
  10. Richard Pearson rings a bell. He may have been in my year or the one above. I do recall a Sally Pearson, though, if she’s related.
  11. I’m not on that list either, in fact none of the class of 67 are. As for Ann Wood, my main recollection of her was when she took our class for Maths and noticed that I was wearing white socks (was late changing after cricket). She summoned me to the front of the class and made me do a handstand against the wall, then stand in the corridor outside the classroom. I was sorely tempted to go and let down the tyres on her Rover!
  12. Rob.L


    Ah, but a Cherokee is a bit smaller than a Lanc! I must admit that when this doddery old bloke told me, I was a bit sceptical, especially when he also said that he was the first pilot to land a helicopter on the roof of a building in Britain, but it’s all documented here -
  13. Rob.L


    Talking of Lancasters, my wife’s uncle, Tadeusz Szuwalski, told me once of when he had the task in the 1950s of piloting a Lancaster over Ladybower at less than 40ft with a cameraman hanging out the side, for the Dambusters film. It should have been 60ft, in line with the original raid, but the director thought it would look more effective at 40ft. (At least he was allowed to do it in daylight!)
  14. Rob.L


    Like it! My brother has a photo somewhere that our dad took of our mum outside the pub in Derwent village, with the tandem they used on their honeymoon.
  15. Rob.L

    Notts County

    Well, considering their star player in his youth was Viv Anderson, I think you’d be OK.