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  1. But it will be available through their On Demand online offering in due course.
  2. I think it was at least in the 1980s when it became Punchinellos. The owner was my brother in law’s nephew, who later took over Woodborough Hall when he sold the Forman Street business for £1.2M in 2006.
  3. Me too. My tin of Duraglit is on the garage shelf, next to the tin of Brasso and tube of Solvol Autosol chrome cleaner.
  4. Yes. Me, my wife, and our daughter who brought the virus back from Heathrow airport. We were all bedridden for a week with the mild dose we had. Plus a few friends, one of whom has gone from a fit and healthy singer and golfer to a virtual invalid.
  5. Thanks, Katyjay. He’s tried again without success. I’ve got his (correct) email address if it helps?
  6. Had a message on Facebook from @SussexRed to say he’s somehow managed to get himself locked out of his account when he went to change his email address. What can be done to get him back on here again?
  7. It’s alright wanting to go forward in time, but don’t you think people might get a bit suspicious if you’re winning the lottery jackpot every week? And what if you went back 2000 years and got categoric proof of whether Jesus really did or didn’t exist? Would anyone believe you?
  8. One enduring memory for me of the Post’s tenure at Forman Street was one day in 1978. I had the morning off and was driving into town to meet my mates in the Blue Bell when the European Cup draw was announced on the radio. I walked into the pub and shouted to the lads that Forest had drawn Liverpool. The two tables next to them nearly went flying as virtually the Post’s entire sports desk left their drinks and rapidly disappeared out the door.
  9. Yes, I had an ex-army rucksack. Much more useable than a satchel. Had an ex-Belgian army greatcoat as well for winter. Can’t remember if I got it from Wakefield’s, Flittermans, or somewhere else. It was lovely and warm, but weighed about half a ton when wet.
  10. I inherited a Bayko set from an older brother. It was fun to play with, but quite limited in what you could do with it. It quickly got discarded when Santa brought me a box of Lego one Christmas. As for pork pies, modern mass-produced Pork Farms are tasteless compared to the old recipe. Nearest In taste I’ve found in supermarkets is Dickinson & Morris.
  11. Normal behaviour for labs. All three of mine have loved wallowing in mud. The worst was Jamie, my first lab. While walking the fields around Harby, he happened upon a silage pit and decided to have a paddle. Twenty minutes with the hose pipe, followed by a bath, did very little to remove the smell.
  12. So how do you explain the over 65,000 excess deaths over the duration of the pandemic? Excess being over and above the average for the last five years.
  13. I used to be sent on errands by my mum to that butchers, and to Haslams grocers and Windales bakery, all located together at the junction of Westdale Lane and Roseleigh Avenue. None of them are there any more.
  14. Considering what wild animals frequent the Rift Valley, I’d sooner have an armed guard with me than face lions, leopards, cheetahs, etc, armed with nothing more than a camera or a piece of fruit.