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  1. Rob.L


    I preferred to stay in a nice dry house and watch it live on ITV4 instead. Been to too many races in the past to bother stand around.
  2. Talking of Van Der Graaf, I was sat in the Bell one Saturday lunchtime with the usual crowd, when my mate Rob Hayes (RIP) asked if I fancied going to see them that evening. Turned out they were on at Hammersmith Odeon, so we quickly finished our pints and ran to the station, jumped on the train then tube, and made it to the gig just in time. Another sprint after the gig saw us getting to St Pancras with seconds to spare before the last train then a walk home to Mapperley. Boy, was I knackered!
  3. He wasn’t the only Rob there, either. You might also be interested in the list my old mate, Chris Lewington, put together. Amazing to think of how many top bands appeared there.
  4. Rob.L

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Took the dog out for his usual walk round Arnot Hill Park this morning. Saw what looked like a piece of paper on the ground. As I got closer, saw it was a ten quid note. Nobody around to ask if they had dropped any money, so it went into my pocket. Paid for my monthly haircut.
  5. Rob.L

    World War One.

    Which statue of William Wilberforce doesn’t exist? The one outside his birthplace in Hull or the one in Westminster Abbey?
  6. They made a good job of it live, as well, when I saw them at Earls Court in 1975.
  7. Rob.L

    Where would you live today in Nottingham

    Yet they can all speak the same second language, so have an advantage over those who can’t. When my wife started school, she couldn’t speak a word of English, only Polish. Within a very short time, she was fluent in both. These kids will be the same. It would do our children a lot of good to be encouraged to learn more languages.
  8. Rob.L

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Just had an email from the RAF Benevolent Fund to say I’ve won a competition they ran recently as part of the Dambusters anniversary. They're sending me a batch of war film DVDs. Don’t know which films yet, so it will be fun to find out. I hope it includes Dambusters, as my wife’s uncle was one of the Lancaster pilots for the film.
  9. Rob.L

    Vanished shops

    A DOT was featured on a recent episode of “Shed & Buried” on Travel Channel (one of the obscure Sky/cable channels). As I recall, the owner wanted a few thousand quid for it, but I wasn’t watching too intently as I can’t stand the bloody awful Henry Cole who presents the programme.
  10. Mention of Van Der Graff Generator reminds me of staggering out of the Bell one boozy Saturday lunchtime, when my mate Bob Hayes asked if I fancied going to see them play that evening. ”Where?” I asked, thinking somewhere local like the Boat or Uni, or De Montfort Hall. ”Hammersmith Odeon. The gig starts in three hours.” Cue a mad dash to the station, another mad dash across London, just making it there in time. Then another rush to catch the last train home. Missed the last bus, so had to walk the three miles home. It was worth the effort, though.
  11. Rob.L

    My washing machine saga

    Might just be that Lada don't offer their vehicles for sale in Europe any more? Possibly because they wouldn't meet EU safety or emissions standards? As for white goods, we bought a Gorenje larder fridge about fifteen years ago, made in Slovenia and a lot cheaper than other brand names. Turns out that it was actually identical to a Smeg fridge, but with a different door and less than half the price of the trendy version. It's still working perfectly, even though it has now been demoted to being the beer fridge in the garage. Not as old as our Zanussi tumble dryer. That's nearly twenty-five years old and still going strong.
  12. Rob.L

    I WILL Impress!

    Lizzie, Male MASBs seem to appear more and more in your group of friends. Just ask our usual Saturday night guest!
  13. Rob.L

    Things you don't see anymore

    Having had to drive to pick our daughter up tonight, on roads which were sheet ice under fresh snow and ungritted, and having to avoid or pass other cars which were struggling, I'd tend to agree that we ought to have a similar law in the UK*. Either that, or making it compulsory for new drivers to learn how to drive in adverse conditions. * Although my (part-time 4wd) Hyundai has summer tyres on it and performed excellently!
  14. Rob.L

    Beast from the East

    You're right, Phil. It doesn't look like the gritters have been out at all. Perhaps they used their stocks up last time? The roads here in Arnold are lethal, with cars struggling on flat roads, never mind on the hills. Could be worse, though. My brother in law and his wife are currently in their caravan just outside Skeggie. Must be bloody freezing for them!
  15. Rob.L

    Things you don't see anymore

    When I went to buy my current car, it had the gunk kit in the spare wheel well. As I tow a caravan, I insisted that the dealer supply a proper spare, even if it was only a space saver, which they did. I did notice that a full-size spare now appears on the list of optional extras, with a price tag of £250! It doesn't help that many cars are now fitted with "unidirectional" tyres, meaning they can only be fitted with the directional arrows pointing forwards. So a spare with such a tyre could only be fitted on one side of the car