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  1. Interesting that whoever wrote that diatribe didn’t mention Harry’s two tours in Afghanistan, or his work with disabled veterans through the Invictus Games. There again, his uncle (who shall not be named) was also a Navy helicopter pilot.
  2. Doesn’t need T-Cut. That patina probably doubles its value. Likely worth around five grand as-is in today’s market.
  3. This week is the first anniversary of our daughter arriving home from Cape Town via Heathrow, where she acquired the virus and passed it on to us. Since then, I’ve acquired Raynaud's Syndrome in some fingers, which makes going out in cold weather painful, not had a full night’s sleep, and joint aches - all of which have appeared in the last year. On the positive side, done over 1600 hours as an NHS Volunteer Responder and completed nearly a thousand tasks for the scheme, helped two clinical trials on antibodies, nearly donated plasma (no suitable vein), and saved a she
  4. Had the AZ jab on Friday at the former Wickes store in Mansfield. All very efficient. Bit of a sore arm and a sniffle yesterday, but fine now.
  5. Rob.L

    CB Radio

    Mobile phones go back quite a bit before cellular networks came into being. Before them, you could have a Radiophone fitted in your car for a couple of thousand quid. Until the Post Office introduced System 4 for direct dialling in the early 1970s, calls had to be placed via an operator.
  6. “Called Faux, the artisan butcher and deli will have meatless chicken thighs, salami, black pudding, quarter pounder burgers, meatballs, pastrami, bacon, brisket, pork belly and more.” I’m still missing something here. Why call themselves butchers when there’s no butchery involved?
  7. Could be worse. A mate of my dad had the surname Hitchcock, and everyone called him “Scratch”.
  8. Passing through Sherwood this afternoon and noticed a new shop opening just up from Boots - a Vegan Butchers and Deli. Erm...
  9. Flogged by the landlord to someone in Essex for a six figure sum.
  10. And the shilling was the same size as a German Mark but worth a quarter of it, and fitted quite nicely into German cigarette machines. Allegedly.
  11. Doesn’t look like it, Ian. That reg isn’t on the MOT web site, or on the insurance (AskMID) web site either.
  12. The whole “classic car” market has gone barmy. Cars from the 70s and 80s that were barely even worth scrap value after three years are now going for silly money. How about seven grand for a Morris Marina 1300?
  13. My nephew finally got home yesterday - sixty days after being admitted to the ICU at the QMC and being put into an induced coma while he was intubated. He spent the last two weeks being helped to learn to walk again after being stuck in bed. He’s 42 and fit, so it shows this virus can affect anyone.
  14. On the subject of Mark T, he was also a neighbour of ours and we often see him in Arnold at his shop (when it’s open). I can’t see him getting much sympathy from his other half, Brian!
  15. Thanks for the heads-up about over 65s. The wife’s now booked in for her jab. Me, I’m too young so will have to wait a bit longer - unless I get selected for the latest NHS trial.