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  1. @mary1947There wouldn’t have been a mention of Eyam. The programme was about the Black Death in the 14th century, not the Plague which happened three hundred years later.
  2. Just been watching a number of people wearing orange “community service” bibs clearing the litter from my local park this morning. Gedling council have also used them to plant trees and shrubs in all of their parks, as well as clearing dead leaves in autumn. Might it also be a coincidence that you rarely see litter on the sides of motorways on the continent, where they treat professional drivers very differently, with proper facilities for them to eat, rest, shower, dispose of litter, and so on?
  3. From YMMV stands for “your mileage may (or might) vary.” This acronym is frequently used to refer to the differences between people’s experiences, preferences, or locations. It’s similar to AFAIK: “as far as I know.” It’s also a fairly common phrase in real-world conversations. The literal version, which refers to the actual gas mileage a vehicle gets, is a helpful disclaimer. Even if two people drive the same car, they might get different gas efficiencies based on their driving habits.
  4. @DJ360 The people who interviewed me for the job did comment that I was the only one who turned up wearing a suit (dark grey, tailored) and tie. (As well as black, polished, shoes) Maybe I was over-dressed, but it made the right impression as far as I was concerned.
  5. One thing I noticed when working as a Sainsburys delivery driver… Next time you go to the supermarket, look out for the blokes wearing blue suits, always about two sizes too small, no tie, and light tan pointy shoes. They’re the managers. For some reason, it seems to be an unofficial uniform.
  6. The part of Victoria Road between Forester Street and the mini roundabout with Meadow Road is one-way. The rest of Victoria Road is two-way.
  7. And while they’re all ranting and raving about Gary Lineker, they’re not saying a word about others who’ve made clear their opposition to the government’s plans. Surprisingly, they’ve not made the Daily Mail’s front page. Here are one or two of them. Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Bishop of Dover Paul McAleenan, Roman Catholic Bishop Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg Rabbi Charley Baginsky Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain Leaders from the Baptist, Methodist and United R
  8. You’ll be able to tell by the way he walks.
  9. Keep it up and you’ll soon earn membership of the honourable order of the Ikea Allen key.
  10. Meanwhile, in response to Sunak and Braverman’s clumsy attacks on ‘lefty lawyers’, the Bar Council, which represents Barristers in England and Wales, commented that “…the attacks by Sunak and Braverman betrayed “a startling and regrettable ignorance” of the role of lawyers representing clients within the legal framework created by parliament.” There are suggestions that Braverman should lose her status as KC - which she only got awarded when she became Attorney General and didn’t actually earn the hard way.
  11. It’s also quite obvious that the government has no intention of clearing the backlog of asylum claims, and is deliberately dumping asylum seekers in locations where the reaction of the local population can be predicted to be hostile.
  12. Word of caution on that link. It isn’t a government web site. It’s run by a company called IMK in Kent. According to the website, they arrange a surveyor to come to you.
  13. Just looked at how much FMP want for access at home - £199.99 for 12 months, although it says you can cancel any time. I guess that means you can cancel after the first month and only pay £16.67, once you get the balance back off them?
  14. To give you an idea of how it looked, these pictures by Steve Fisher captured the moment…
  15. They did go on to have some bands who went on to make it - The Damned, Simple Minds, Toyah, The Cure, etc.