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  1. We had a barbecue today. Or at least I was out in the pouring rain holding an umbrella in one hand to shelter the BBQ from the rain, while flipping burgers and pork loin with the other, while being watched through the kitchen window by the rest of the family. Just another normal summer day.
  2. I inherited a Bayko set from an older brother. It was fun to play with, but quite limited in what you could do with it. It quickly got discarded when Santa brought me a box of Lego one Christmas. As for pork pies, modern mass-produced Pork Farms are tasteless compared to the old recipe. Nearest In taste I’ve found in supermarkets is Dickinson & Morris.
  3. Normal behaviour for labs. All three of mine have loved wallowing in mud. The worst was Jamie, my first lab. While walking the fields around Harby, he happened upon a silage pit and decided to have a paddle. Twenty minutes with the hose pipe, followed by a bath, did very little to remove the smell.
  4. So how do you explain the over 65,000 excess deaths over the duration of the pandemic? Excess being over and above the average for the last five years.
  5. I used to be sent on errands by my mum to that butchers, and to Haslams grocers and Windales bakery, all located together at the junction of Westdale Lane and Roseleigh Avenue. None of them are there any more.
  6. Considering what wild animals frequent the Rift Valley, I’d sooner have an armed guard with me than face lions, leopards, cheetahs, etc, armed with nothing more than a camera or a piece of fruit.
  7. Sorry to hear that about Jack, Lizzie. He’s such a lovely character! But like all dogs, problems develop with age. You could always blame hubbie for the “accidents”.
  8. Primark have imposed a spending cap, though, to prevent panic buying. £1.50 per family.
  9. Although Google do blur faces, vehicle registrations, house numbers, etc, wherever possible, to protect privacy.
  10. I’ll leave this here. Taking photos in a public place is not illegal. The only time an offence is committed is if the photographs being taken are considered to be indecent. There is no law stating that you can't take photographs in public. This includes taking photos that include other people's children or taking photos of children directly. An offence will, however, have been committed if the photographs taken are indecent. "Public Place" is not defined in legislation. A public place is usually a place to which the public are allowed to have access freely and without payment or permission. This includes any public highway or footpath. The inside of a car is also considered as a public place, unless it is parked on private property. You may take photographs of people or objects (including buildings) whilst in a public place. With a few exceptions the owners of the property cannot prevent you from doing so and people cannot generally object to having their photographs taken
  11. Well, they did win the Hundred Years War, causing England to lose lots of territory across France. Although we did win a number of battles, including Agincourt and Crécy.'_War
  12. Don’t blame the French. It was the Normans (north men). In other words, the vikings who had settled in Normandy fighting the vikings who had settled in England, after the English vikings had just finished fighting the other lot of vikings at Stamford Bridge ( the one near York, not the football stadium).
  13. Apart from Portugal. We have never been at war with them.
  14. Rob.L


    I noticed that too. I hope they’re not studying English.
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    “More beans, Mr Taggart?” ”I think you’ve had enough”