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  1. Certainly used to taste like it was straight out of the river. Foul stuff. That’s why I used to stick to Pernod when I frequented the establishment.
  2. Margie, That May have been the case in years past, but these days, you get the same attitude from drivers of certain brands of German cars.
  3. Reminds me that as a youngster back in the early 60s, I regularly used to see an E-Type with BRA 36B driving along Westdale Lane. Always made me snigger.
  4. HSR, My ancestor was born in York in 1789, but enlisted firstly in the Nottingham Militia and then the 45th Regiment of Foot (Sherwood Foresters). His military records show that he was involved in twelve battles across Spain/Portugal/France, and his “General Service” medal, which was awarded in the 1840s to soldiers who served in the Napoleonic wars and were still alive, is in the Sherwood Foresters museum in Nottingham Castle.
  5. As an aside about age, I was told about a number of Polish women who came here after the war who took a few years off their ages when they went through the process of registering as “aliens” then later taking citizenship. Their only problem was that when they got to the (real) age when they should have started to draw their pension, they found they still had a few years to go!
  6. About £2.15. Don’t know about Chelsea pensioners, but when my ancestor left the army, having gone all the way through the Peninsular War, he got about fifteen shillings to bring him, his wife, and their son, back from Ireland where the 45th Regiment was based in 1820.
  7. Perhaps I was lucky, but the first proper camera I used was one of my dad’s Leica M3s - but only under his supervision! Being a rangefinder camera with a cloth shutter, all you could hear when the shutter fired was a quiet click. First camera I bought was a cheap Chinon SLR, from Dixons. Passed that on to my niece when I upgraded to a Pentax SLR. (She went on to become a senior lecturer in photography at various universities). Now use a Nikon DSLR. So much easier not to have to worry how many frames left on a film.
  8. I’ve managed to keep a few of those solar lights going, rather than binning them, by stripping them down and putting them back together properly. The weak point is the thin rubber seal between the glass and the base. Get that on right, and it stops water trickling down and rusting the battery connectors. Yes, I am a cheapskate!
  9. Most, if not all, bodies were exhumed from the various burial grounds and the occupants reinterred at Wilford.
  10. Presented by Brian Inglis. Used to really like watching that as a lad, but never understood at the time why my dad didn’t want to watch it with me. I later realised that 1939-1945 was six years of his life he preferred to forget.
  11. I can heartily recommend GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs. Both our Labrador, Alf, and our neighbour’s collie use it, and despite both being older (Alf is nearly 12), it has helped their mobility no end.
  12. On some trail bikes, the plate can be at an angle due to the design of the back of the bike. But those with small plates or tiny letters are only as bad as those car drivers with non-standard plates, i.e. they have made themselves easy targets to be stopped by the police.
  13. Shirley, Most average speed cameras have now been turned around to catch bikes as well. Certainly the ones on the roads of Nottm, especially the ring road, were changed some years ago.
  14. Couple of weeks ago, I was sat in the car waiting for our daughter to complete her visit to the dentist in West Bridgford when an Aston Martin driven by a balding middle-aged bloke drove slowly by. His car registration was “H15EXY”. First thing daughter said when she saw it was “what a tw*t”.
  15. Which Harby? The Nottinghamshire one is actually near Lincoln, so may have been reported in the local paper there. The other Harby, which is actually in Leicestershire, would be covered by papers either in Melton or Nottingham.