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  1. Used to be a rite of passage that, on buying a car, I also bought a Haynes manual for it. Those days are long gone as modern cars are far too complicated for me to consider anything but the most basic of maintenance (fluids and filters). Hence why my plug spanner and feeler gauges are enjoying a happy retirement in the old toolbox.
  2. Not all gadgets and gizmos are beneficial, though. I can use any control on my car without taking my eyes off the road ahead. Contrast that with something like a Tesla, where just about everything is controlled from a touch screen in the middle of the dashboard and you need to look at it to see what you’re doing, even activating the wipers or changing the heater settings. And then there’s keyless entry, where you have to hide the key in a metal box at home or risk the car being nicked off your drive. Although that’s done wonders for sales of Krookloks!
  3. Then there were those after-market centre consoles for when you ran out of room on the dashboard for dials and radios.
  4. Like my Anglia had. It did have the optional heater fitted, though. To add to the list, positive earth electrics. Made buying a radio that would work impossible even in the 70s.
  5. If you haven’t already, catch up on Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets. He revisits some of those early Floyd tracks with a band including Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt.
  6. We used to give our collie those Good Boy choc drops. Until my brother got peckish one day and ate a whole packet. Didn’t cause him any issues, although he had to steer clear of lampposts for a while.
  7. After weeks, I’ve found out how to log off in Safari on my iPad. I normally use the iPad in portrait mode, but on turning the iPad 90 degrees, settings appear in the top right of the page, including the option to sign out.
  8. Got a Dunnock nest in a pyracantha near our back door. Like the pair of blackbirds in our hedge and various other birds (sparrows, blue tits, coal tits) that frequent our garden, their nest is well insulated with surplus dog hair from when we brush our Labrador.
  9. Daughter’s job means that I’m frequently driving through the city centre late evening to pick her up, which means that I’m occasionally meeting these yellow perils being piloted by people who have had a few drinks. Nearly wiped-out two of them when they were riding the wrong way, against the one-way traffic, on Burton Street by the Guildhall. There might possibly be some benefit of them in daytime to allow people to move around the city, but not when the drunks fall out of the bars.
  10. Very few of those guests on the site are likely to be real people. They’re mostly webcrawler “bots” which trawl the internet looking to find key words for indexing for search engines like Google.
  11. Record the dog barking, then play it back to her in the middle of the night after she’s gone to bed. If she complains, you can argue that you don’t have a dog.
  12. Probably would get a refund, but it’s not the same as being there. Especially as it’s my birthday present from our daughter.
  13. Hmm. Government announces four week delay in lifting restrictions, which takes it to 19th July. I’m due to go to the F1 at Silverstone on the 18th, along with thousands of other people who’ve bought rather expensive tickets. Oh well.
  14. @Beekay, Max Spielmann advertise that they still do 35mm processing, but only to CD/DVD/USB stick.
  15. Quite possible that my dad is in that film as he’d qualified as a mental health nurse in 1936 and, apart from being in the army 1938-1946, spent all his working life at Mapperley, retiring in the mid 1970s. By all accounts, Duncan McMillan still walks the corridors as a number of people claim to have seen him.