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  1. One thing I learned. It must be fun being an anaesthetist. You only have to remember the start of a story and not bother with the ending.
  2. A day for me to smile. Had my cancerous prostate removed yesterday and being allowed home today. From beginning to end the journey was painless. Yes, I’ll have to carry a catheter for a few days, and may have some Incontinence for a while, but at least I’m cancer-free!
  3. And the winners of the special award for being constantly on the BBC coverage and saying absolutely nothing of any interest are Nicholas Witchell and Gyles Brandreth.
  4. There’s also a slight lag between SD and HD, and between them and 4K. Which can be a pain when the wife turns the kitchen TV up to 11 and drowns out the sound on our other TV. For some reason, she always seems to put the SD broadcast on, even when HD is available.
  5. A relative of my first wife decided to become vegetarian and declared that he would only eat egg and chips, because he didn’t like salad or any kind of green food. His local chippy in Wigan always cooked their chips in best dripping, and nobody had the heart to tell him the awful truth. Mind you, one result of his “diet” was that it caused him to suffer awful haemorrhoids.
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    The Queen

    HTTPS:// is the app/webpage most people use.
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    The Queen

    If you want to see how long the queue is to see HM’s coffin, the government have kindly provided a link.
  8. The short strip of the old road outside the farm shop was used for parking when I was bike racing in the 60s/70s as it was where the start/finish lines were for 10-mile time trial events (it’s exactly five miles from there to Oxton Island).
  9. The sticker may have disappeared when people started making comments about the name and Prince Andrew.
  10. Bit of a trek for you, but Spring Lane Farm Shop’s meat and bakery isn’t half bad.
  11. I wonder if it was arson or accidental. I remember going there and they had one of those Kamado BBQs outside for display. They retailed at about £750! Next thing, I read that it had disappeared overnight.
  12. Rob.L

    The Queen

    Pity he couldn’t find anyone to run an iron over his shirt, though.
  13. It was. Named after Robert Smith, the banker who became the first Baron Carrington, ancestor of Lord Carrington who served in Margaret Thatcher’s government.
  14. From his post-match comments, Cooper seems to realise that he has to be a bit more radical in his tactics, and a bit more ruthless in player selection. Are the likes of Worrall, Yates and Cook good enough for the Premiership? It may take a few more games for the new players to mesh, and for him to establish tactics that suit, but I’m hopeful that they’ll start to produce results soon.
  15. And then there’s Jake Bugg, capturing the spirit of Clifton. I drink to remember, I smoke to forget Some things to be proud of some stuff to regret Gone down some dark alleys in my own head But something is changing, changing, changing I go back to Clifton to see my old friends The best people I could ever have met We skin up a fat one, hide from the Feds And something is changing, changing, changing So I kiss goodbye to every little ounce of pain Light a cigarette and wish the world away I got out, I got out, out alive and I'm here to stay So I hold two
  16. Our local chippy in Arnold charges about the same. With the cost of cooking oil and electricity, added to the increased price of raw materials - fish, spuds, etc, it’s understandable. Although the quantity we get means that one large haddock and chips is enough for both of us.
  17. Hmm, that’s got me wondering. Was my sister with you? That’s about the time she met her future husband, who just happened to work for the Post Office at the time as an engineer.
  18. I used to work there in the 1970s when it was a BT office and occasionally used to use the car park which is/was under the building and accessed from Norfolk Place.
  19. I met John Nichol at a company event twenty-odd years ago. He was very open about the treatment he and Peters experienced at the hands of Saddam’s thugs - a lot of which was deemed too graphic for the book.
  20. Pedant time. TSCR (Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio) was a joint venture between BT and Securicor, and traded as Cellnet. BT later bought-out Securicor’s share. Even later, Cellnet was rebranded as mmO2 and later just O2 before it was sold to Spanish company Telefonica. It’s now in a joint venture again, this time with Virgin Media. That transportable phone you used would have cost the company something around £1500 at the time, had a battery life of only a few hours and the calls would have cost about 35p/min.
  21. Met a nice young lady while on a training course many years ago who lived in Pratt's Bottom (it’s near Biggin Hill). And I used to work with one or two people who came from Lickey End.
  22. Here we go. First PL game in 23 years. COYR!
  23. Mentioning garden sheds got me thinking. In ours was my dad’s 1948 Raleigh Record Ace and his 1936 Paragon, one brother’s Mercian King of Mercia, a Harry Quinn track bike, and buried at the back until I dug it out, my other brother’s Sheffield Langsett with Campagnolo everything, which he got in 1960. That was the one I cleaned up and got working after ten years of festering and rusting, mainly to get to and from school before I took up racing. I used it every day, leaving it in the school bike shed, or at the back of my mate’s pub. Rode it hundreds of miles training and racing. In all that ti
  24. A brief update. Rang the GP surgery at 8am. Start to finish, the call lasted less than five minutes. Got called back by the GP ten minutes later and by 9:15 I was sat in her consulting room, being tested. She’s prescribed the medication she thinks will help resolve the problem and is confident that the surgery can go ahead as planned. Got to say I love the NHS!
  25. Thanks for the thoughts and advice, all. This is all quite new to me as I’ve never really had anything worse than a cold or Covid in the last 66 years, never even been in a hospital bed, and now have two things to get bothered about on top of the wife’s recent heart problems. I’m just irritated, more than anything else, as I’ve built myself up for the operation and the subsequent recuperation period but now seem to be going backwards when there’s so many things I want to do.