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  1. That’s the bit I’m looking forward to, Margie. Spent the best part of thirty years managing teams of people (which must not have rubbed-off too much as my new manager seems a bit scared of me for some reason!) and now I’ll be doing a job I can leave at the door every day. I’m not overly bothered about the pay either, as I’ve already got a good company pension and the taxman will be taking a chunk of it anyway. It’s getting out and about and not vegetating at home that’s appealing.
  2. Today was my first day of gainful employment since I took early retirement seven years ago, and after a day of doing online training, it was almost like I’d never been away, although this is a completely different kind of job to what I’ve done previously. So when you next see a white and orange supermarket delivery van on the roads of Notts, be nice - it might be me!
  3. Read the linked report. This is what the haulage companies are saying.
  4. Not according to the Road Haulage Association.
  5. About twenty five years ago, I was helping to clear my mother in law’s garage after her partner died. He was a jobbing builder and had a tendency to “acquire” stuff that was left lying around on sites, including an ancient Record No.1 engineers vice which wasn’t working. I brought it home and it spent more than two decades in a damp shed getting rusty, then a few years under a bench in the garage where the dust stopped it rusting any more. I dug it out today, gave it a liberal application of 3in1 oil, cleaned it up, and after a bit of effort, finally got it moving in and out. I the
  6. I did notice the lack of integration when I was in Ontario a few years back. The Polish and Czech immigrants knew each other, but the Italians tended to keep to their own. And they all had their own communities and shops. My father in law got on with all of them because he was born in Poland near the Czech border, and spent a lot of time in Italy at the end of the war, so was fluent in all three languages (as well as English).
  7. Although their competitor was half Ecuadorean, half Filipino. So as Canadian as Raducanu is British.
  8. Rob.L

    telly adverts

    Nothing is as irritatingly and annoyingly bad as that advert for a card machine with different people going “oooooh”. Every time it comes on the box, I have to mute the sound.
  9. Dunno what all the fuss is about. She’s nearly as British as former British number one male player, Greg Rusedski.
  10. That might have been the Woodstock effect, as they made their first major appearance there (They were on stage just before Hendrix.) so promoters here may have assumed they appealed to a rock audience.
  11. Or the great Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough… Alternatively, did anyone shoot them in the backside with an air rifle?
  12. If you want pre-1910, there is a history of the Sherwood Foresters written by Colonel H Dalbiac in 1902 which covers much of the history from when it was the 45th Regiment of Foot through to the Crimean war. I found it quite useful when researching what the 45th were doing before and during the Peninsular War, when one of my ancestors was serving with them.
  13. Well, they did repurpose the Home Ales sign on the old HA brewery…
  14. When I used to travel to Leicester every week back in the 1980s, my work colleagues there always referred to it as the Khyber Pass, not the Golden Mile.
  15. Thanks BK. We’re not worried this time around as we know a lot more about the virus than when we caught it in March 2020. We've been vaccinated and we’re well used to taking the simple precautions - hand washing, wiping down surfaces, keeping distance, etc. Main worry is shopping, especially keeping the wife’s wine supply flowing!
  16. It’s the test you do at home by shoving a large cotton bud right up the back of your nose (until you start gagging!). You then put the bud into a solution which then goes into a bit of plastic for testing whether you are positive or not.
  17. Just when you thought it was safe! Daughter has tested positive for Covid so we’re all now isolating for the next ten days. This time around, and thanks to her having had both jabs, it’s much more like a bad cold. We’re now having to use lateral flow tests every day and have tested negative so far. Most likely, she caught it at work (she’s a waitress) from a customer now that most restrictions have been lifted and people aren’t as careful as before.
  18. Used to be a rite of passage that, on buying a car, I also bought a Haynes manual for it. Those days are long gone as modern cars are far too complicated for me to consider anything but the most basic of maintenance (fluids and filters). Hence why my plug spanner and feeler gauges are enjoying a happy retirement in the old toolbox.
  19. Not all gadgets and gizmos are beneficial, though. I can use any control on my car without taking my eyes off the road ahead. Contrast that with something like a Tesla, where just about everything is controlled from a touch screen in the middle of the dashboard and you need to look at it to see what you’re doing, even activating the wipers or changing the heater settings. And then there’s keyless entry, where you have to hide the key in a metal box at home or risk the car being nicked off your drive. Although that’s done wonders for sales of Krookloks!
  20. Then there were those after-market centre consoles for when you ran out of room on the dashboard for dials and radios.
  21. Like my Anglia had. It did have the optional heater fitted, though. To add to the list, positive earth electrics. Made buying a radio that would work impossible even in the 70s.
  22. If you haven’t already, catch up on Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets. He revisits some of those early Floyd tracks with a band including Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt.
  23. We used to give our collie those Good Boy choc drops. Until my brother got peckish one day and ate a whole packet. Didn’t cause him any issues, although he had to steer clear of lampposts for a while.
  24. After weeks, I’ve found out how to log off in Safari on my iPad. I normally use the iPad in portrait mode, but on turning the iPad 90 degrees, settings appear in the top right of the page, including the option to sign out.