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  1. You need an elephant bike for when you need to ride on trunk roads.
  2. If it wasn’t for the fact that his team have the best defensive record in Ligue 1, conceding the fewest goals, currently lie second behind PSG, and have qualified for the Champions League, I’d suggest Forest go after the goalie for French club Lens.
  3. Forest goalkeeper Ethan Horvath is off to Wembley for the Championship playoff for the second time in two seasons, this time with Luton, where he is on loan. And if Coventry beat Middlesbrough and get to Wembley as well, it’s possible that another Forest loanee, Jonathan Panzo, will be up against him.
  4. Like many Forest fans, I was happy to see Notts get promoted. Until I heard the video of what County fans said outside their ground.
  5. The Fox & Hounds at Blidworth Bottoms is a lovely little pub, with decent food. If you’re planning on walking around Blidworth woods, though, don’t go there late in the day. I used to walk our Labrador round there and it took a while to work out why there were so many cars in the car park and nobody walking. I found out later that it was a hotspot for “dogging”.
  6. Couple of bits of trivia. When the king entered the abbey, he was preceded by the current (ninth) Duke of Wellington. The duke was wearing the exact same robes that were first worn over 200 years ago by his ancestor, the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. And, as the representative of the government of Grenada approached the abbey, she was preceded by a non-commissioned officer in uniform carrying the Grenadian flag. He was saluted by every soldier there, even the Colonel at the entrance. None of the TV commentators seemed to notice anything about it.
  7. It’s only called Trigger in the version of the film that Channel Five puts out every couple of weeks or so.
  8. Well done, Notts. They only need to beat Chesterfield now. And in other results, Sheffield Wednesday beat Derby, and with Peterborough also winning, it means Derby are going to have to spend another year in League One.
  9. If it’s anything like round here, you can confidently call them Bulgarians with beaten-up Transit vans.
  10. As long as it’s not that other Fergie and the pizza delivery bloke.
  11. Remember seeing Linda Lewis perform at the Knebworth festival in 1975. Everyone was there to see the likes of Pink Floyd and Captain Beefheart, both of whose music was somewhat at odds with hers, but she put on a really good performance.
  12. At the middle of all this is the £800k loan he arranged for Boris Johnson, which he didn’t disclose during his application to be the chairman of the BBC. Makes you wonder why Johnson needed such a loan, considering that he has “earned” nearly £5M since his party kicked him out of Number 10. Has the Child Support Agency been after him again? Or does his current wife need some new wallpaper?
  13. My family were perhaps fortunate in that both of my granddads got through the first war. One was in a reserved occupation (policeman), while the other was deemed too old to serve overseas so went into the Royal Garrison Artillery, manning coastal defences. He did lose his younger brother on the Somme, though. No known grave but he is commemorated on the Pozières memorial.
  14. @philmayfieldTry Rolleston Drive chippie in Arnold. Servings are that big that a single large haddock and regular chips is more than enough for me and the wife. Currently £10.50.
  15. Just finished SAS Band of Brothers by Damien Lewis (the author, not the actor). One of a number of books he’s written about the SAS, including SAS Rogue Heroes which was recently turned into a TV series. They’re all true histories of SAS actions during WW2, based on official records and the recollections of those involved. What makes it most interesting to me is that one of the men featured in BoB was Cpl Ginger Jones, from Wigan. A real hard case, liked a drink, useful with his fists, and expert with a Bren gun. He was captured by the Gestapo, imprisoned, tortured, and
  16. And on the 1883 map, as well as houses, it also had a smithy, a school, and the Fox & Crown Inn.
  17. As it used to be known, “Lucas, Prince of Darkness.” Or, as the company motto reportedly said, “Get home before dark.”
  18. Having experienced the demise of good old blue Ever Ready batteries in bike lights while riding at night on unlit roads, I’d definitely prefer a dynamo. Although modern lights are a massive improvement on both. Even putting the battery in the oven to eke the last bit of power out of it didn’t help much.
  19. @mary1947There wouldn’t have been a mention of Eyam. The programme was about the Black Death in the 14th century, not the Plague which happened three hundred years later.
  20. Just been watching a number of people wearing orange “community service” bibs clearing the litter from my local park this morning. Gedling council have also used them to plant trees and shrubs in all of their parks, as well as clearing dead leaves in autumn. Might it also be a coincidence that you rarely see litter on the sides of motorways on the continent, where they treat professional drivers very differently, with proper facilities for them to eat, rest, shower, dispose of litter, and so on?
  21. From YMMV stands for “your mileage may (or might) vary.” This acronym is frequently used to refer to the differences between people’s experiences, preferences, or locations. It’s similar to AFAIK: “as far as I know.” It’s also a fairly common phrase in real-world conversations. The literal version, which refers to the actual gas mileage a vehicle gets, is a helpful disclaimer. Even if two people drive the same car, they might get different gas efficiencies based on their driving habits.
  22. @DJ360 The people who interviewed me for the job did comment that I was the only one who turned up wearing a suit (dark grey, tailored) and tie. (As well as black, polished, shoes) Maybe I was over-dressed, but it made the right impression as far as I was concerned.
  23. One thing I noticed when working as a Sainsburys delivery driver… Next time you go to the supermarket, look out for the blokes wearing blue suits, always about two sizes too small, no tie, and light tan pointy shoes. They’re the managers. For some reason, it seems to be an unofficial uniform.
  24. The part of Victoria Road between Forester Street and the mini roundabout with Meadow Road is one-way. The rest of Victoria Road is two-way.
  25. And while they’re all ranting and raving about Gary Lineker, they’re not saying a word about others who’ve made clear their opposition to the government’s plans. Surprisingly, they’ve not made the Daily Mail’s front page. Here are one or two of them. Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Bishop of Dover Paul McAleenan, Roman Catholic Bishop Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg Rabbi Charley Baginsky Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain Leaders from the Baptist, Methodist and United R