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  1. Wow 2 and a half pages of new posts since i last visited, which i will have to read. Thanks everyone. The update that i came to post is this: Our new ebook on Robin Hood and Roger Godberd (of Sherwood & Notts) is here . So far we have only done 11 chapters and there are still half a dozen or so more yet to do including ones on the Bishop of Hereford, Alan a Dale, etc. The small ebook is maybe written abit too technically and/or not written very well for general public though, so we might later find someone to rewrite a better v
  2. I'm going to put a new tentative theory that Robin Hood's grave is really under or near/by Major Oak in Edwinstowe in "the heart of Sherwood". Robin Hoods grave is in some sources connected with a tree? Major Oak is ca 800 yrs old and "would have been a sapling at the time of Robin Hood" or is supposed to have been "a full grown tree" then, and it might have been planted then or RH buried near/by/under it? A photograph of the "most famously of all" tree gives the impression to my imagination that the tree and site/place may well be RH's burial site. (Sherwood trees inscriptions m
  3. Maybe something biblical since i feel a bit worried about not seeking that as much as other things. I have already researched so many things ("(King) Arthur's" 12 battles battle-sites, Robin Hood, Joseph in Egypt, Moses in Egypt, Judge Crater, Jack the Ripper, Atlantis, water fluoridation, Nazareth, Popes & Emperors lists matches, 7 church ages and martyr Antipas of Revelation, etc). Have seeked and (seemingly) discovered so many things but one thing i didn't discover was life most abundant. (I also haven't yet found out about my real grandfather the ww2 Italian pow in Notts in 1946.) I al
  4. Thanks heaps folks. There is no doubt now that it is right, it is just the difficulty of having to explain it all in detail in way everyone else can easily see since we all have different ways of seeing things. We have found so quality and quantity matches now between heaps of Robin Hood names/persons (and natures) and Roger Godberd names/persons (and natures) that it is certain. Just to try break a few explanations down: name Robyn Hood / Robard Hude = Roger Godberd. The 'Gest' says "Gode Robyn" = Roger Godberd. (Robin Goodfellow confi
  5. As usual the problem is i have difficulty writing my discoveries in a form that anyone else (academia, public, etc) can read/understand and see the matches. So we have put the matches between Robin Hood and Roger Godberd (& John Deyville) in table form here: Anything i need to explain please post questions and i will hope to try answer if i am able re time, etc.
  6. Thanks for the helpful local info & ideas. Just a couple of last extra candidates for matches between Robin Hood characters and Roger Godberd characters: David of Doncaster ~ Walter Devyas/Deuyas/Deyvas/de Ewyas/de Euyas? or J/R/N/J Deyville? or Diva? (Robin Hood) earl of huntingdon ~ Roger God-berd of Swaneton/Swaninton/Swanington? Anketil of Swanington? or Gerewedon/Garendon? George a Green the Pinder of Wakefield ~ Geoffrey Godberd? or Roger de Remes? So the ballads and the writers were right not wrong!
  7. One final extra possible match: Curtal Friar/F(f)rere Tuck(e)/Tuk(e) "of Fountains Dale/Abbey" ("chaplain", "lusty/bawdy", "wore an artificial phallus", "RH offers him a lady free", "Abbot of Misrule", fool) ~ Dick Partington/Patrington ~ Richard de Gaham, parson of Schirlond (of Roger Godberd's band)? [~ Parson of Chaucer's CTs?] Also another possible link between RH and St Peter: does Godberd mean good beard, like the popish "St Peter" [and like Nero, and Papa Smurf] had a bushy white beard? I hope that this is not another case of "Babylon moher of all harlots"?
  8. Major correction update. We were wrong about Robin Hood being Robert Deyville, and wrong about Will Scarlet and Much. It turns out that Robin Hood is actually Roger Godberd after all; and Will Scarlet and Much are in list of Godberds associates. (Though we are not sure which of the few candidates Will Scarlet is, and we aren't sure of about anyone who Much might match.) Little John still may only best match John Deyville though, though there are 2 other leeser possible candidates in list of Godberds associates. Candidate matches between Robin Hood characters etc & Roger Godbe
  9. We have made some more discoveries for Deyvilles scenario from this page on Godberd . See updated "table"/lists at . (I have since been able to post there again there since that day i wasblocked from posting.) I think we have found Sir Guy of Gisbourne. It looks like sir Guy of (Good) Gisburn is more likely to be Warin de Bassingburne "who had died", rather than Walter (de_)Ewyas/Devyas/Deuyas/Deyvas/Euyas (who William of
  10. Wow thanks for that David. I was finding it difficult to find anymuch good web/net info because of the problem of spellings of the surname. Its always more difficult searching when variations of spellings of (combinations of) names (eg Gisbourne, Gisburne, Guy, Guye). Variations of spellings i have collected so far: Deyville, D'eyvill, De_Eyvill(e), D'Eyvile, d'Ayvil(l), de_Daiville, Davill, Deiville, Dayville, Deyville, Daiville, De_Ville. Yes that John D'eyvill of Hood & "Robin of Chesterfield" are the same persons as our John Deyville & Robert Deyville.
  11. Re Mr Hardcastle there is a Miss Hardcastle in CS Lewis' 'That Hideous Strength'. ----- Little John [John Deyville] was Robin Hood's [Robert Deyville's] Big Brother.
  12. p.s. It seems that 3 or 4 of {Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlet &/or Much Millersson} match with 3 or 4 of {Robert Deyville, John Deyville, Nichole/Nicholas Deyville &/or Jocelin/Goscelin Deyville}, but we are not certain which way around {Will & Much} and {Nichole ("victory people") & Jocelin ("just one")} match. Nichole/Nicholas Deyville (cousin, at Caunton, deputy Sherifff of Notts, a custos pacis, a leader of rebels). (Sir) Jocelin Davil/Dainell (cousin, valletus/yeoman, notorious, at Deighton north of Pontefract, aid of Thomas Earl Lancaster, at
  13. I think i may possibly have just solved it. Robin Hood, Little John and Will Scarlet maybe match Robert Deyville, John Deyville (strong man) and Nichole Deyville. Thanks to John M who directed me to this page which gives alot of info about them . If this is right then of course it means that EF Jacob more or less already discovered Robin Hood in/by/before 1925. John M was right about Bower & . "Merry Christ-mas" "Merry Men". Here is a first table for the possible Deyvilles scenario (all possible candidates, but gen in order of fi
  14. Thankyou Benjamin, thats an interesting idea to checkout that i didn't think of. (I have wondered if Hereward the Wake might link with Herewig ancestor of Robert Butler of Skelbrooke , and/or with Wakefield.)
  15. Someone has blocked or is blocking me from being able to post on the blue boar Robin Hood forum anymore. So i have to post this that i worked on on last 1-2 wholedays here instead. (Keep getting forbidden, no permission to post reply there today. More persecution from Rome. Or have i been banned there because i said a few negative bits? Always the way, dirty rotten secret blockings etc against me that no one else knows about. (Sorry if it possibly wrong paranoia, but is strange thing & timing that never happened before.) I tried to use my years old other yuku account (i hope i