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  1. jonab

    How's your day?

    My first full day of being French. Can't say it feels any different apart from being detached from that total farce happening in Westminster. (I don't consider that as being a political statement, the UK is now in an utter mess).
  2. I take sublingual (under the tongue and fast acting) GTN spray occasionally for chest pain. It always has an effect in the nether regions. It doesn't have that effect on everyone though. GTN is glyceryl trinitrate - nitroglycerine (as in Dynamite!)
  3. ISMN, ISDN, GTN and related nitrates can sometimes have an effect similar to Viagra in susceptible persons.
  4. jonab

    How's your day?

    There's quite a severe penalty for driving without the minimum required safety kit here.
  5. jonab

    How's your day?

    Already have one - there is a requirement for a gilet jaune (+ other safety equipment e.g reflective red triangle) to be carried in all vehicles. There isn't much of that discord down here though, it's mainly confined to the big cities - too laid back in the south.
  6. jonab

    How's your day?

    I am now 'un citoyen français' - and have 'la nationalité française'. A quite painless procedure which has given me great reassurance about the future. There are a lot of UK workers here mostly working for the perfumery companies and I was informed that a very large number have applied for citizenship in the past couple of weeks (post-Christmas).
  7. jonab

    How's your day?

    Not pain that I feel, its a feeling of relief in getting away. (Have to be careful what I state here, politics, you know). However, things here aren't all rosy with Macron proving he's not the saviour that he was thought to be.
  8. jonab

    How's your day?

    I don't need to worry about a driving licence. Being unable to walk makes driving a bit of a problem and I have a carer anyway who doubles up as a driver and general factotum. Regarding residency, I have lived here for so long I have a sort of licence-of-right to stay but, you never know. I will be much happier later this afternoon.
  9. jonab

    How's your day?

    I have been summoned to La Mairie (Town Hall) in Grasse later this morning to formalise and finalise my application for French citizenship. By later today I will be a French national. I will, of course, still have British Nationality but, depending on how things work out with the shenanigans going on in Westminster today, I may not be retaining that.
  10. jonab

    Remembering Nicky.

    I also offer my sympathies and good wishes Commo.
  11. The Albert Hotel wasn't temperance in the later days I remember it well.
  12. jonab

    How's your day?

    nonna, I really hope everything works out fine for you. If I were religious, you would be in my prayers.
  13. jonab

    Model Aircraft

    Bar sur Loup (where I live) is in the Gorge du Loup - it's a bit hilly here = The mountainsides provide good opportunies for hang gliding and such pursuits but, recently they have been prevented from doing so by being attacked by drones. This is causing a lot of irritation to the hang gliding afficionados, that's even before considering the dangers.
  14. jonab

    How's your day?

    There's more to it than not being effective, there is the ever-increasing danger of antibiotic resistance in normally susceptible organisms following indiscriminate prescribing for normally trivial illnesses.
  15. jonab

    How's your day?

    I can't believe that UK medics are still prescribing antibiotics to treat colds (and 'flu). It's been well known for many years that both colds and 'flu are caused by viruses and that antibiotics are totally ineffective against them.