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  1. jonab

    How's your day?

    Off to Monte Carlo for the second time today. Out to dinner at the Hôtel de Paris (supposedly the best hotel on the Riviera). I'd prefer to dine at home - which I will tomorrow as I've invited the Canadians to dinner chez moi.
  2. jonab

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Chillies grow like weeds here - well, not quite but they are very prolific. We've just pulled my this year's crop and hung them to dry.
  3. jonab

    How's your day?

    - - - or does she have some compromising pictures?
  4. Didn't Leonard Swindley run a haberdashery shop in Coronation Street? Miss Nugent worked for him.
  5. jonab

    How's your day?

    Certainly is. Only hope it's working to full advantage when it comes to the business discussions later in the week. What I'm wanting really is for the Canadians to buy me out completely and, obviously, this has to be at the right price.
  6. jonab

    How's your day?

    The dogs seemed oddly self-satisfied when they returned from the hairdressers yesterday. Usually, they are in a mood after such 'trauma'. Off to the airport shortly to greet my Canadian visitors and transport them to Monte Carlo. I suppose I'll be acting as a tour guide for a day or so - none of them has been down here before. Imagine - a tour guide in a wheelchair!
  7. jonab

    Bunny & Bradmore

    Thanks for that. I remember the Hibbert and Allsop farms in Rempstone. There was also Derbyshires. Very interesting. More and more of my memory is being jogged!
  8. jonab

    Bunny & Bradmore

    Do you remember the Christian name of the Beeby whose funeral it was? Michael Beeby was a year or two older than me (I'm now 73) but there were quite a few of them (Jack Beeby had two or three brothers) who all had offspring (I didn't know the other parts of the family except to say hello).
  9. jonab

    Bunny & Bradmore

    I very well remember the steam rallies run by the Beebies. Jack and Mary Beeby lived next door to my granny on Wymeswold Road. The had a son, Michael and a second son who "was not talked about". Just a bit further up Wymeswold Road were the engine sheds where I was once set upon by a load of angry geese. A bit further up from there on the opposite side, the Beeby's built a garage/filling station. I see from GSV that the Beeby's are still active in Rempstone and my grannies house is still there, even though its front door and privy door have been bricked up. The engine sheds have gone - replaced by bungalows for townies.
  10. jonab

    Bunny & Bradmore

    My granny lived at Rempstone so I used to travel through Bunny (and Bradmore) on the bus to see her. I remember the chimneys at Bunny but never knew until now that they made bricks there.
  11. jonab

    Empire Theatre

    Are you sure that Hair was at the Empire? I remember seeing it at the Theatre Royal in 1970 with, what claimed to be, the original London cast. It starred Paul Nicholas - also Richard O'Brian (Crystal Maze, Rocky Horror Show) and Floella Benjamin (Blue Peter and now a baroness). The show had a great influence on my life - completely turning it around into (probably) what I am today. I went to see it several times and each time I was influenced enough to go up on stage to join in at the end of the performance (if you've seen it, you will know what I mean).
  12. jonab

    Things you don't see anymore

    Attach the copper pipe to the central heating and you have a heated towel rail!
  13. jonab

    How's your day?

    The dogs are off to the beauty parlour later to have their autumn trim, ready for winter. I have a busy week ahead as I'm being visited by the CEO and senior staff of the company who licence my patents. They are coming over from Canada and insist on staying in Monte Carlo. I tried to point out that it's not anything like what they see in James Bond films but, they insist - at €600 a night. Obviously, have more money than sense, only hope they pass some over to me.
  14. jonab

    Gypsies around Nottinghamshire

    But did they pay for them?
  15. jonab

    You couldn't make it up.

    I did. I was living on Sherwood Rise (Forest Fields, Hyson Green area) in the years immediately prior to my leaving Nottingham (a place I still hold very dear in my memory). I left Nottingham at the end of the 1970's and even then there were definite rumblings of unease in the area well before the too well publicised riots. I was working at Gerard's (New Basford) and my route to work took me through Forest Fields and Hyson Green. I became increasingly cautious about the streets I used to get to and from Wilkinson Street and, towards the end, I felt safe only if I went Gregory Boulevard – Radford Road to get there. All the back and side streets I considered too dangerous, especially if I was working late in the winter. Even Berridge Road (which is quite wide and well populated) I considered no-go. I’ve recently been doing a virtual tour of the area on GSV and, I have to say I am astonished on how different things are and look now. I genuinely had difficulties recognising many things that I used to consider landmark buildings. The frontages were comparable to North Africa in appearance. (Even though I said I hold Nottingham very dear in my memory, that's how it will have to remain - in my memory. The very idea of returning would be too upsetting).