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  1. That's the one I remember! (near Bluecoat Street and very near to where I found the body on the road).
  2. Margie, I don't want to go off topic too much but, am I right in remembering a Judge's branch on Mansfield Road? Your description of their cherry topped buns (with sultanas in them) brought back memories (nostaglia!!) Socram, regarding Pork Farms pork pies, on my last visit to England (Christmas/New year 2017 - 18) I tried one of the aforementioned "delicacies". It bore little or no resemblance to what I remembered. My (French) carer sampled a piece and his reaction was "Merde putain terrible".
  3. The warning doesn't travel as far as here - both the mentioned topics open up as normal. Perhaps a scan with Trend HouseCall may be in order.
  4. Could be worse - it could be fox poo, or worse still down here, wild boar poo. Both really do honk and are difficult to remove.
  5. I wouldn't be without my adblockers (adblock Plus, Web of trust, Ghostery - last two are not strictly adblockers but they keep down unwelcome sites and intruders into you machine. All free!)
  6. More on the toilet roll buying panic:
  7. Thanks StuartC and philmayfield. I was looking at the wrong bit.
  8. Is my memory fading or am I correct in thinking that there was a quite tall block of flats poking out of the middle of Victoria centre. They don't seem to appear in any of the current pictures.
  9. The news here is that INTU has gone into administration, well in Spain at least.
  10. I remember a two floor Kardomah at the top of Market Street (they roasted and ground coffee near the door so the aroma would attract custom) and a smaller version on Clumber Street -that one may have been opposite the Lion Hotel. I don't recall place with a reverse auction on Clumber Street but there was County Sales on Thurland Street (mentioned elsewhere on these pages) which did something similar.
  11. We get a lot of bats. They are attracted to the fireflies (which are particularly plentiful this year).
  12. Has anyone asked these mad toilet roll buyers why they are doing such a crazy thing
  13. I was lucky in always having an indoor facility but I was very used to an outside bog at my granny's who lived on Occupation Road, Hucknall. The house is still there and the bog and coalhole buildings seem to be still there as well. My other granny lived in Rempstone - she didn't have a toilet at all. Initially it was an earth closet (boards over a hole in the ground) but her son (my uncle) bought her an Elsan chemical toilet.
  14. On the subject of the three men stabbed in a Reading park. I wonder how many attitudes and sympathies changed after it was revealed they were gay?
  15. Pleased your mother is OK, Brenda. It is worrying time for us all. With the fireflies, It's a little bit early for them here but I have seen a few which make me hope it will be a bumper year for them. Fascinating insects with a number of uses in medical science - probably including research into this ghastly virus that's plaguing us at the moment.