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  1. Blimey!! PP. I really don't know what to say. It seems a bit trivial to say that before my ops, I could only read the bottom line of the Snellen chart through a pin-hole test lens.
  2. Happens all the time! How about this interpretation of the Liebstod from Tristan & Isolde Here is a "proper" version. The wonderful Jessye Norman performing performing
  3. I had my cataracts done about five years ago. One of the best things ever!! I had, very unwisely, neglected my vision for a while such that I was classifiable as being blind. Anyway, I had two rounds of surgery, both completely painless such that after the first, I was actually looking forward to the second. Sometimes (and it happened to me) after a few years it can happen that your sight deteriorates due to "posterior capsular opacification". This is very easy to treat with a few blasts from a laser so, it it happens to you, don't worry about it. My sight now is as good, if not better, than it's ever been.
  4. ^^^^ Music stolen from Amilcare Ponchielli's La Gioconda Act III. The Sherman rip-off in this recording begins at 2-04. Note that Disney stole another section for his film Fantasia - dances of various tropical animals - at 8-28.
  5. One of my local cheese shops!1s0x12cc2ee5a08e15b9%3A0x20f0023256640eca!3m1!7e115!!5sgrasse fromagerie - Google Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipPeAnOjPC5PAragJqDu1AGhqgWSLzecfv3AdUat&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjoktSG1YntAhVJi1wKHcrCBrMQoiowCnoECBQQAw I live just up the road at le Bar sur Loup (on the D2210). Note that Roquefort les Pins which you may see on the map is not the Roquefort where the cheese comes from.
  6. The cheese that nonnaB mentioned is Blu del Moncenisio produced on the French/Italian border. It's quite a rare cheese, only produced in relatively small quantities. I hadn't tasted it when I wrote previously on cheeses but I have now and it's very nice. I doubt it's exported to the UK - it's difficult to buy here - but if it is, it's certainly worth a try. The French town of Ambert is in the Auvergne close to Val di Susa (in Piedmont where Blu del Moncenisio is made) and that is famed for Fourme d'Ambert. The Auvergne is (obviously) where Bleu d'Auvergne - which I recommended above - is from. Fourme d'Ambert might be said to link Blu del Moncenisio and Bleu d'Auvergne. Anyway, they are all very good cheeses. I'm not suggesting they are better than Stilton, just different , adding variety to the infinite range of tastes and flavours that we can experience. If you enjoy Stilton, any and all of these continental cheeses are certainly worth trying.
  7. LizzieM do try the Beauvale I mentioned above. It's on the lines of Stilton but characteristically different. If you like French blue cheese, have you tried Bleu D'Auvergne? I prefer that to St Agur.
  8. philmayfield, interesting what you say about bread going mouldy very easily in the Vale of Belvoir. The mould cultures for Roquefort cheese (and several other French blue cheeses) are maintained and propagated on stale bread - although more scientific, hygienic methods are increasingly being used.
  9. Yates's used to sell white port by the jug. There was also a special type supposedly only sold on the original Yates' birthday. I have never been able to drink port (of any shade) since drinking that stuff. I still enjoy a good Stilton though but it's VERY expensive down here. Have you tried Beauvale from Cropwell Bishop? I was given a half cheese last year by one of my English visitors. Very nice indeed!!!!!
  10. That bright orange stuff glows a powerful fluorescent green/yellow in UV light. Be careful near any discos.
  11. Brenda, that clip genuinely made me cry. It is particularly poignant to me as my villa used to belong to a prima ballerina. I bought it at a knockdown price from her estate and the sale included many of her personal belongings - most of which I donated to museums and ballet schools but I did keep a few items, including her piano and her costume and circlet from one of her Swan Lake performances. I feel a little bit guilty sometimes as the current market price for the piano alone is more than the total amount I paid for the villa - althought it was pretty much derelict when I bought it.
  12. Strange. This thread doesn't seem to have incurred the wrath of RR (so far).
  13. Don't know about that, after my time in Nottingham. Brian May did run a pub for a time with his wife, Anita Dobson (Ange from Eastenders) in Chiddingfold, Surrey when I lived there some 35+ years ago
  14. Roger Moore used to live in the grounds around Newstead Abbey when he was married to Dorothy Squires. Their raucous relationship was well known to their neighbours, one of whom was Geoff Wakefield of Wakefield's Chemists.
  15. Am I right in remembering a maggot "factory" in Colwick. When I lived on Sneinton Hermitage we could catch the smell when the wind was in the right direction