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  1. I didn't know any of their 'professsional' names. Their 'Gerard's' names were very ordinary but I don't recall any of them.
  2. I should have mentioned, perhaps, that a number of the 'ladies' offering their 'services' were employed at Gerards on the soap packing lines and some as strippers at the Old General (and other places).
  3. I worked at Gerard's 1974 - 78 and one of my assistants lived in the flats. Hers faced Gregory Boulevard - I seem to remember it was on the third floor and it looked out on to a brothel where (apparently) she would spend many hours each evening watching the comings and goings (mostly the former I suspect) in said houses of ill-repute then come into work the next day and tell (in lurid detail) what went on and how disgusted she was with it all. It was often pointed out to her that she had no obligation to watch but she said that she felt obligated to keep an eye on the place in case anything illegal was going on. We found out later that she was a regular visitor to the local cop shop with reports of the 'happenings'. The Gregory Boulevard houses where the brothels were are located between Noel Street and Radford Road. and, from Google, look to be quite respectable nowadays.
  4. Lots of memories there - few, if any, happy ones. Doesn't look much improved in the pictures taken after I left in 1978.
  5. The milk available here is nearly all that dreadful UHT stuff - which the natives seem to really appreciate. Fresh milk is available if you know where to look but it is mostly looked down upon as something inferior (and perhaps toxic?). I never take milk as it's so revolting (it has a "plastic" like flavour - which may be from the bottle it's in). I drink black tea and I take coffee black also but very occasionally, in a restaurant, say, will have a soup├žon of cream (which they don't mess about with so much).
  6. Pleased to help. It's been at the back of my mind for a long time and this new thread re-sparked my curiosity.
  7. Just found this:
  8. Regarding the name of the boulevard, someone told me once that there was a Gregorian monastery located in the area. I am unable to verify this and it seems a little bit unlikely considering the lack of any other even vaguely associated indicators of the presence of religious orders there.
  9. A little aside to the thread. When I worked at HATRA (on Gregory Boulevard) the staff decided to go carol singing to collect money for the patients at Ellerslie House hospital which was next door. So, there we were, ten or so of us dressed (as far as we could) like Victorians and complete with a lantern on a pole. Our area was just the other side of Mansfield Road in Mapperley Park. We did a few houses and collected a reasonable amount (after we had explained ourselves). Then we came to a big house (might have been a Fothergill Watson design) and gave an extra special rendition thinking that they would be well off and might encourage a better donation. Anyway, part way through the first carol the front door opened and a man, a woman and two kids appeared with a trolley of hot drinks and asked us to carry on whilst they fed us cakes and hot cocoa. After a few moments I realised that I slightly knew the man to whom we were carolling. He was the Rabbi at the Shakespeare Street Synagogue (who I knew through a friend of a friend). They seemed to appreciate what we were doing and they gave us huge donation (relatively). I can't remember how much now but it was a lot more than all the other donations added together. The Rabbi's name was Rabbi Posen. Anyone have any recollection of him?
  10. I worked on Gregory Boulevard 1964 - 1974 and watched it (and Forest Fields) deteriorate from a nice affluent area to the beginnings of a revolting ghetto - this was the time I considered that it was becoming an unsafe place to be in. I did, though, move to live on Second Avenue (just behind the Boulevard) in about 1972 and stayed there until 1978 when I left Nottingham. Even at that time there were the rumblings of unrest and a rapid deterioration in the quality or standard of life which, as we all should know culminated in the Hyson Green riots in 1981. Even though those riots were described as being in Hyson Green, I understand that the civil disobedience extended as far as Sherwood Rise - very close to where I had been living. My other memories of Gregory Boulevard (apart from Goose Fair) are being a patient at Forest Dene (my dad had TB and I had to have a 'special' BCG vaccination - which made me quite ill and left quite a severe scar on my arm). That was when I was thirteen(ish). At 25 or so I became a victim of the leprechaun dentist (butcher) of Gregory Boulevard, Ronald Acton - who has been spoken of at length on these pages
  11. Can I strongly suggest that you ask for your email address to be deleted from your post. It can be dangerous to reveal any personal information such as that on a public platform as that there are all sorts of 'nasties' constantly patrolling the Internet looking for opportunities to attack.
  12. I also went to a secondary modern school. I've written about some of my experiences in my early days on here. I recall they were entitled NOOB. My schooling was pretty useless and I consider myself self-taught in many of the things to do with life or living. I've done reasonably well - some of it due to luck and a lot to do with hard work. If you read some of my past posts on here you will see that I live near the French Riviera in a large(ish) villa that overlooks the Bay of Cannes and, on a clear day, I can see as far as Corsica. I can afford to employ domestic staff (which is not unusual here) mainly because I am physically disabled now (I also have a full time carer/valet/driver). I'm trying not to boast but to point out that education is not the be-all and end-all of one's existence. I also own property in England (which I am selling urgently as I have now taken French citizenship and will soon, most likely, be classified as a foreigner in the country of my birth). I hated my time at school. Naff premises, naff teachers who gave little or no encouragement to anyone. Thanks to People's /College and the Technical College on Burton Street for giving me some direction in life.
  13. Very sad too see all of that. So many memories.
  14. ^^^Hence the warnings on toilet bowl cleaner to the effect of 'Do not mix with other cleaners.'^^^ I've heard of at least two instances of people being gassed in a similar fashion by using one of the more modern hydrochloric or phosphoric acid based cleaners and, probably after it didn't clean very successfully, poured bleach in the bowl as well. This results in the generation of very highly toxic chlorine gas - the same stuff as used as 'gas' in WW1.
  15. Rozalex?