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  1. I feel I'm living something of a charmed life at the moment. My little household unit is obeying the government' restrictions and life (for us at least) carries on as normal. There are no reported cases of the virus in Grasse or its environs (including le BsL). The weather is amazingly nice and it's even possible to take a dip in the pool. I do hope it will remain like this. My sympathies go out to everyone suffering from this horror, even if not directly. Especially Italy - we're only a few Km from the Italian border which is very worrying.
  2. The appearance of Strauss' Four Last Songs on here brought these uppermost in my mind Also From Wagner, the most passionate vocal music of all time: An orgasm in music!!!!!!
  3. Boris appears to have the "royal" mild version previously reserved for Charles and Albert of Monaco.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your wife, md. I don't know quite what the Russian situation is regarding the virus but, they were very keen to keep all information to themselves for quite a prolonged period. Somewhere else that is proving something of an enigma is the situation in North Korea. It is not wholly surprising that they are keeping things somewhat quiet but it is worrying that nothing all all is coming out, either officially or by leaks. Where is all the bombast that is usually shown by the despotic leadership in that country?
  5. As of this moment, there are no reported cases of the Covid 19 virus in Grasse or the surroundings where I live (le BsL) - we are very lucky although we are taking all the precautions dictated by the government which are:- Go to work, if remote working is not possible; Go to your local grocery store; Go to a medical appointment; Take your children to daycare or to take care of an elderly person; To work out close to your home. These are much the same as in the UK, I believe. On the whole, the locals are behaving very well but, apparently there are some sinister goings-on along the coast where (mainly) the north African population don't seem to be taking situation seriously. I sympathise with nonnaB having to fear the proximity of virus cases in her village and I have concerns that, being relatively so near to Italy, a similar situation will arise here quite soon.
  6. Just heard that the heir to the British throne has tested positive for the virus.
  7. All of this will be over by Easter - the Trump says so:
  8. The Edgar Lustgarten series Scales of Justice and Scotland Yard are available on DVD. I bought them secondhand a few years ago from a record shop in Cannes.
  9. nonnaB, have you noticed the fragrance given off by lemon flowers? It is amazing. Orange flowers have a spectacular scent - which is extracted and used commercially but lemon is distinctly different. Have a sniff!.
  10. Is Andrew Sachs related to Leonard Sachs? They are not related. Andrew Sachs (real name Andreas Seigfried Sachs) was born in Germany in 1930. His family fled the Nazi regime in 1938, settling in north London. Leonard Sachs was born in South Africa in 1909 and died in London in 1990.28 Aug 2016 The Sunday Post (Newcastle): 2016-08-28 - The ... - PressReader
  11. I agree with the remarks re handwashing with soap and Happy birthday or other nonsense phrase that le pitre (the clown) is uttering. All is to nought if, even after removing every organism from your hands, you then proceed to dry them on a dirty towel. By dirty, I don't mean manky,. I mean merely one that is anything other than sterile. The alcohol wash is the method favoured in France but, really, I wonder if any of these procedures are of any real use?
  12. My point about going off topic applies on this thread because of the importance of the subject matter. Normally, I don't care about this.