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  1. jonab

    Poverty Capital

    Assez! Ce n'est pas la raison pour laquelle je suis ici. Je prends quelques jours de tout cela. Au revoir pour le moment.
  2. jonab

    Poverty Capital

    Let none of us forget what nostalgia means. As far as I'm concerned the title of the group is a play on words and I fully expect reminiscences and illustrations about the city and its environs and of people's experiences in connection with Nottingham. There's an almost infinite number of posts here that have absolutely nothing to do with what you should expect, given the name of the group. Ought these be banned/culled? The group has brought back so many memories - some good, some not good - but memories nevertheless. It has also brought back my knowledge of colloquial English which was in great danger of leaving me and for which, I will be forever grateful. I would hate to lose it but, you never know - - -
  3. jonab

    3 randoms.

    Sorry if I've caused confusion but, I don't understand your comment. I was making a statement of fact regarding Woollaton Street in Hucknall and it being a third interpretation of the spelling of the words under discussion.
  4. jonab

    How's your day?

    Well, it is March - the month when they are supposed to go mad.
  5. jonab

    3 randoms.

    To further confuse this Woolaton/Wollaton thing is that Woollaton Street is just off Hucknall High Street.
  6. jonab

    Andre Previn

    RIP Andrew Preview
  7. jonab

    Down Clumber Street.

    I don't know Grenoble but, as far as I'm aware, all the towns and cities along the Côte d'Azur have a similar pride in their appearance and employ éboueurs. Marseilles lets things down due, perhaps, to its maritime roughness and large North African population.
  8. Come Sweet Death is a magical composition.
  9. jonab

    Down Clumber Street.

    In France all cities of any reasonable size (Nottingham would easily fit into the category) have streets cleaned daily by an 'army' of council employed workers known as éboueurs. They start work very early in the morning and have finished before most people have risen from their bed. Many small towns have council employed street cleaners with slightly different responsibilities but they still keep things spruced up. Where is the pride in Britain?
  10. jonab

    How's your day?

    Something wrong with your teeth if you have to glue them in, ben! Discuss having a liner for them to hold them in place (or, better, a proper fitting set)
  11. jonab

    Proper Butchers Shops

    Thanks for that. The butchers I remember on Watnall Rd was the Co-op. I'll check it out on GSV. Checked. Well after my time in Hucknall. Surprising it's still a butchers after their debacle. I do recall the location, though. The shop on the left of Cassidy's was a posh painting and decorating business called Gospels. The Co-op butchers was much further down - opposite Derbyshire Lane, I think.,-1.2060686,3a,15y,83.32h,89.36t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1ssZqSiuDWcutbk7ZQQQbtJQ!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa3d7c418e38372d!8m2!3d53.0346988!4d-1.2058281
  12. jonab

    Proper Butchers Shops

    Just been made aware of this thread by RR. Interested in the Cassidy butchers report. Where in Hucknall is/was the shop noted in the report?
  13. jonab

    Lotions, Potions and Remedies

    Mary, don't forget the salt. Absolutely vital for the right flavour. Of course, the 'guardian angels' in government departments will soon ban every component of fish & chips. The newspaper (essential to give the correct flavour) was banned when I was young for being unhygienic. Lard was frowned upon for clogging the arteries. Salt consumption was a guarantee of a heart attack. Vinegar is corrosive and causes extreme pain if it gets into a cut or into the eyes. Anything at all which is fried causes cancer, potatoes with the slightest bit of green discolouration are said to be fatally toxic and fish is full of mercury. The only thing left to eat in fish & chips is that silly wooden scoop thingy which, if you're not careful, will deposit splinters in your tongue. What's wrong with fingers, anyway? Cynical?? Moi???
  14. jonab

    Lotions, Potions and Remedies

    In my view, chips cooked in 'good' olive oil are revolting - virgin oil even more so and it's a waste of olive oil. I prefer chips cooked in beef dripping but that is almost impossible to obtain unless you collect it yourself from roasting a joint of beef. What is good for frying and fairly readily available here is duck or goose fat. Chips cooked in either of those are very nice and crisp - roast spuds likewise. My friend who has the fish restaurant in Cannes cooks chips in lard - these are a great hit with the Brit tourists.
  15. jonab

    Lotions, Potions and Remedies

    I am lucky enough to live about half a kilometre from an olive farm which presses its own fruit and which provides my needs for olive oil. Also, my housekeeper collects olives herself and makes several types of olive preserve