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  1. The worst tea I've ever had is here, in France. They don't have a clue and, being French, they know best. I've related this before but, here goes again: As a rider to that, on a couple of occasions, she left the tea boiling for several minutes in the kettle (total opposite to the cat pee they normally serve here). It was atrocious. Ever had boiled tea?
  2. I've related stories about Vera/Veronica to numerous people and the majority of them think I'm making it all up. It's good to get some confirmation of what she was really like.
  3. I've had shingles. Believe me, it's extremely unpleasant. Get the vaccination - painless and no side effects (with me, anyway).
  4. My deleted post said something to the effect of: "I had forgottten her head bashing. She never did it to me but there were several I know of suffered the indignity. Nowadays she would be done for assault."
  5. I always associate Flanders & Swann and Gerard Hoffnung although, I just found out , Hoffnung was about a decade earlier. Hoffnung was extremely talented and hilarious to watch and hear. Have a listen to: or
  6. I think 'Vera' at the Albert was one in the same as 'Veronica' at the Strathdon. As I have intimated in my posts about her, it is highly unlikely there could have been two with the same attributes
  7. I had a suit made by Bob Patchit. When I was in the textile industry (working at HATRA, Gregory Boulevard) I was given a suit length of mohair and cashmere suiting fabric. I'd heard of the good reputation of Patchit (although I was a bit wary of the name) so I took the fabric down to the Trinity Square shop. The shop inside was very tiny and smelled like my grannies wardrobe - mothballs and paraffin. There were two smartly dressed men in the shop, one short who reminded me of a cartoon Eastend tailor and one very tall who only had one arm. My first thoughts were that a one armed tailor might not be my first choice but, there we go. I was meticulously measured (far more detail than John Collier's or Burton's had ever done), left the bolt of fabric and went over, most likely, to the Guildhall Tavern. I returned a week later for a fitting and then another week to collect the suit. I was amazed how good the suit was and (I was very slim in those days) they had managed to eke out the fabric enough to make a three piece rather than the two piece that the stuff was intended for. Best of all, Patchit didn't charge extra for the waistcoat. That was definitely the best suit I ever had in England and counts among the best suits I have ever owned, although it is very rare that I wear a suit these days. Note: Please don't think that mohair and/or cashmere have any connection with the furry jumpers of that era. Bothe wove into very sleek and very strong fabrics and, consequently, garments.
  8. Lack of mobility severely restricts my travel nowadays. I was last in RU Christmas 2017/18 but only managed the south of England. I have my English property up for sale. Once that's gone and considering I am now un citoyen fran├žais, I doubt that I will be returning.
  9. My memories of Nottm and surrounds are most likely more distant than yours, BK. I've been down here for thirty five or so years and my visits up north have been very few.
  10. The pubs I miss are (in no particular order): The Grosvenor (only because I lived next door). The New Inn (Mansfield Road. Now called The Carrington New Inn or somesuch. I only went in there while my washing was being done in the launderette next door). Forest Tavern. Not a very nice place but convenient for a quick pint on the way to the city. Guildhall Tavern. Very good cobs and cold sausages (leftovers from the lunch trade and quite rare). Spread Eagle Black Boy Old Corner Pin (for their Stilton sandwiches) The Bell Yates's News House Sawyer's Cricketer's Flying Horse Blue Bell Playhouse bar Strathdon (mainly for the jazz) Portland Arms and more which won't come to mind ATM. The above list makes me look like a real boozer. I wasn't, honest, guv
  11. Seems like they didn't. I seem to remember that Seller's wood is part of Rise Park and where Sankey's got their clay from. Is that right?
  12. ^^^^Blimey!!!!! In my day the Albany was THE place to go to create a 'good impression'^^^^
  13. There were some good jazz evenings at the Strathdon but, as you say, FLY2, it was for the most part a dump. The saving grace for the place, perhaps, was the indomitable Veronica behind the bar. Veronica has been mentioned on these pages before. Very interesting woman who seemed to quite like me - at least she was polite and would have a conversation with me - unlike the majority of the punters there.
  14. I remember the Hearty Good Fellow (later version) as having the reputation for a time as having the worst kept beer in the city. I went there a couple of times but hated it as all that expanse of windows made it feel like being an exhibit in a zoo.