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  1. My post here is a hymn from the Russian Orthodox Church where the only musical instrument permitted is the human voice. How about
  2. A friend who worked at Thomas Forman told me of an incident where many thousands of calendars were printed with April 31st included.
  3. I remember the building as PP Payne 1960s - 1970s. Next door (city side of Hucknall Road) was Thomas Forman, carton and calendar printers.
  4. I noticed on BBC World News yesterday that the PoW visited his ailing dad in hospital. OK! fine but he was followed by a flunkeywearing a tailcoat. What century are these people living in?
  5. Just realised I gave a "foreign" link for the hair clippers. Here's the UK one
  6. Remington Quick Cut I'm sure this model is available in the UK. The cutter is much wider than most - hence Quick Cut
  7. I have made a search as you suggest and, indeed, have found some of the items I remember.
  8. Isn't there another thread with a title similar to this one? I remember making some contribution to it, in particular Yates's white port and the Talbot Trio (not quartet).
  9. I had to locate the Newton building in order to orientate myself. It was much easier after that.
  10. Apparently he spent December in Barbados (The Times, February 1 2021).
  11. I know just how you feel, SG, having lost one of my dogs a year and a half ago. Things will get better and you have all the happy memories of your two boys to keep you inspired and remember better times.
  12. Almost certain it's Gerard's chimney. Looks somehat different without the factory buildings at the base but the decorative brickwork persuades me.