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  1. Can you be more specific on dates, please? When did George Allen marry Mary White and when were both of them born and where and when did they die? Who were the parents of Louisa Allen and where and when was she born? When did she marry? When was Clarice born and where?
  2. So sorry to hear this SG - hope Kai will settle, too
  3. My brother worked at NAAFI too, some time in the 60's (Bottle Lane, I think, although I was only a child at the time, so not too sure)
  4. I can't stand tea, so never drink it. My Mum and Dad drank gallons of the stuff, though - generally Typhoo with sterilised milk (yuk!). It had to be strong, otherwise it was described as Mazzewatter, which they must have thought of as weak (after an actual tea brand, Mazawattee). I still use that word now if I see someone drinking weak tea
  5. You could try the Electoral Roll for 1935/36, assuming his home address was given on the Death cert and as long as you know who he may have been living with at the time. There's a burial on 7 Feb 1936 for a George Henry Smith in Notts on the Deceased Online website, if the burial date seems to fit There's a small charge to get more details and the record mentions that there's one other burial in the grave, which MIGHT be a family member. There's also an article in the Nottingham Journal of 8 Feb 1936 saying that a man of that name died in Hospital following an accident at work. He was 59, lived at 31 Cosby Road, and the article mentions a daughter and 7 sons and that his wife was too ill to attend the funeral. Don't know whether this is your man?
  6. HSR. Not sure what you mean by "researched down to 24 or possibly 72 men" Don't you know his name?
  7. Soldiers could qualify for a pension either due to injury/illness attributable to their service or for length of service. Out pensioners were those who stayed "at home" and in pensioners were those who lived at Chelsea Records may survive for your man, but lots haven't. If you don't already have his records, what was his name?
  8. You're right, it's not just as simple as that. Your local library may give free access to Ancestry and other sites, though - just check with them
  9. Very nice, Lizzie! Think I was about 3 when my Mum entered me and it was rather more than 40 years ago!
  10. We had Fairy Soap and Lifebuoy. My Mum entered me for the Miss Pears Competition - I didn't win!
  11. Perhaps your best bet is to trace his family - children or grandchildren of his siblings, or relatives of his wife, if he married, may have a photo
  12. Must say I don't recognise your descriptions of Bilborough Grammar. A mix of good and bad teachers, but overall I loved my time there. For a council estate girl at that time (started there in 1968), it was a great opportunity to get a decent education
  13. I liked this one, in the Telegraph yesterday All time-low turnover of desperate man tailed by Inland Revenue. (5 letters) The answer is nadir (all-time low) Turnover of desperate man is Nad (Desperate Dan, turned over), Tailed by Inland Revenue is IR on the end of the word