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  1. I don't know the hotel, but look at Tripadvisor and for the hotel, for photos and reviews
  2. Trial by court decision too. Let's see what happens before blame is cast
  3. I'd much rather go to Brighton than Skegness. Lively and interesting with good bars and restaurants although the beach isn't the best. I think homophobia from a number of you is a major consideration-not to me or plenty of others with a live and let live attitude. Move on from the 40's/50's mindset
  4. We watched the match on TV though I could hardly bear to watch the last 5 mins or so. Forest were brilliant and what made their win even better, is that my husband, a Southerner, is an Arsenal fan!
  5. I was at the National Archives today and just had time to look at both of sets of Grandparents with children, for free. My Mum and Dad didn't appear as they were born in late 1921 and 1922. Interesting to see an Uncle and Aunts I remember so well and my Grandads employers are known. More work to do!
  6. I'd forgotten about March of the Mods, but as soon as I saw the title, I remember it exactly!
  7. I don't remember Linden Lea at all. What about My love's an arbutus, The dashing white sergeant, The Birdcatcher, Sweet Kitty Clover, The Miller's Flowers and plenty more
  8. I was a bridesmaid too, at that church in 1964. I was 7 and so proud of my lovely outfit!
  9. I loved Ilya Kuryakin as a child, purely because of his looks. Dr Spock admirers should only be nerdy men -stay away from them!
  10. I know him, Jill. I can ask him, if you want, or I can ask him if it's OK to give you his email address. Or, you could contact him via the Lenton Times website