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  1. Col. I was so pleased to listen to Gigli singing Vesti la Giubbia. My Dad's favourite -a normal working class bloke with a desperately poor background, who loved operatic arias. Another favourite of his was Jussi Bjorling - I love this
  2. Pleased to hear things settled down. Take care
  3. Thinking of you. Hope all is well and you can make your escape asap
  4. Nonna - I know the toilets in Italy aren't like that, with the rationed loo roll, these days! We've been to Italy on holiday several times in recent years, and we love it - it's our favourite country to visit
  5. My memory of Italian loos, again in the 70's, was having to give the woman in charge of the ladies some silly amount in lire, to be allowed a couple of sheets of loo roll before entering!
  6. Happy Birthday Lizzie. Hope you have a lovely day
  7. Ben, it's very difficult to know what to say, but I'm sad that so many things have changed for you. Just to add that you brighten up NS, as you're the funniest person here (funny ha ha, that is, not funny peculiar, as we used to say as kids).
  8. All of the boys at my school had haversacks - I remember one had Eric is God inscribed on it in biro. I lived on a council estate, went to Grammar school and had a satchel - was that allowed?!
  9. Take care BK and I hope you'll soon be recovered
  10. I had margarine (revolting) and Anchor (too greasy) as a child. Only Lurpak for me now, but also like President and other good quality French butter
  11. Oh Nonna, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, but I'm pleased you saw her finally, although it wasn't in the best of circumstances. Losing your Mum, as I well know, is just so difficult and so sad
  12. Having worked in France for a while and had lots of holidays there over the last 30+ years, I developed a liking for goats cheese. When I gave some to my Mum, she thought it was just like Colwick cheese. Goats cheese in France is often unpasteurised, and haven't noticed huge numbers of deaths from eating it
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this, Ben
  14. Tony, you need to give some idea of dates please (of birth, death and who they married and when, if you know)
  15. Bit late to this, SG, but Happy Birthday anyway