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  1. annswabey

    How's your day?

    Great news, Ben. So pleased for you
  2. Thanks all. In the end, got the free bus from the station to Parliament St and then caught the 89!
  3. Live near London, not in London, and most people drive around here, but not me. I go further afield, too, but have to pay full fare
  4. Just want my bus pass, Lizzie - I don't drive
  5. Thanks both. No OAP pass for me - have to wait until I'm 66!
  6. Thanks again. I'm used to the London Oyster card - strictly no cash! How much is it likely to be, roughly, then I can make sure I have the change
  7. Great - thanks for replying so quickly. Can I pay cash on the bus, do you know? Haven't caught a bus in Nottm for years!
  8. City Hospital map and Bus info online are neither use nor ornament! Have to visit someone tomorrow, who is in Southwell Ward, which is Yellow entrance and near Hayward House. Which bus can I get from MIdland Station and City Centre, please, and, if City Centre, where do I catch it? Can I still pay cash on the buses? Thanks
  9. annswabey

    All Kinds of Everything.

    And my bus - 56 to Bilborough!
  10. annswabey

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  11. annswabey

    Memories Of Castle Boulevard

    My Dad is on that Elastic Yarns photo, but as I sent it to the Lenton Times for their website, no doubt they got it from that
  12. annswabey

    If you like soul music

    I was only 10, then, so would have passed me by!
  13. annswabey

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    I thought the same, Jonab, as many are carrying their hats
  14. annswabey

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    What a brilliant photo! Can't help with identification of where it is, though. Looking at the 1911 census, he seems likely to be Ephraim Pope Short, Photographer, living at 35 Derby Rd, Nottingham. He was still at that address when he died, in 1932