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  1. annswabey

    Help Needed

    Can't see anything in the online local Nottingham newspapers of 1929 about the club
  2. The Robin A Soar who married Madeleine B Dewhurst in 1962 (found by Jill) emigrated to New Zealand in 1967 with his wife and 2 children. He was naturalised in New Zealand in 1977, date of birth given as 1 Feb 1941 and birthplace as Attenborough, England. Unfortunately he appears to have died in Auckland in 1999
  3. annswabey

    Hello - Shore family, Basford

    CB Would be helpful if you could give approx years of birth, who they married and your Mums name and when and where she was born
  4. annswabey

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    There are records of his burial on the Deceased Online website, although there's a charge for viewing them. Cost for the 3 items appears to be £6 burial register summary last name Maxfield first names Raymond Aubrey burial date 19 September 1950 location Nottinghamshire further information available The following information is available for purchase. Once paid, you may revisit this information using our service for up to 6 months. During this time you may also make your own personal copies of the information. This record is sold under an agency agreement with the supplying authority. When you view information relating to this record you are forming a contract directly with the authority rather than Deceased Online Limited. Please note: Where burial or cremation registers contain information about possibly living people, the personal details in the scans of these registers may be masked to comply with our obligations under the UK's Data Protection Act and individual preferences of the contributors. Please see the entries in the Participating Cemeteries and Crematoria section (available via the Coverage link in the top menu bar) for specific details. Description price
  5. annswabey

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    What was his christian name and what year did he die?
  6. I did my A Levels at BGS in 1975 and passed 3. Don't know the figures for our year, but can think of quite a few who passed 3, certainly more than 9, I would think. Something a bit dodgy, though, about A Level French grades that year!
  7. annswabey

    Notts County....

    So sad. I'm a Forest fan but was so sorry to see what happened today. Hope they'll soon bounce back
  8. annswabey

    How's your day?

    Ronda, Lizzie?
  9. annswabey

    need some info on a shop and a factory in nottm

    H Perry & Co, Underwear Manufacturers of Russell Street were in the Nottingham Phone book of 1976
  10. annswabey

    Nottingham cinemas

    Think this must be the cinema I used to go go in the 70's. They showed arty subtitled European films, often with strange titles - I remember going to see The Goalkeepers Fear of the Penalty - a German film, I think
  11. annswabey

    Unashamed Political comment

    Documents lost in a fire is often the standard reply concerning adoption - ask for proof
  12. annswabey

    Who was your first crush on ?

    Think your definition of men to avoid, Jill - immature, rowdy, badly turned out thickos is spot on!
  13. annswabey

    Can your dialect tell, where you are from

    And me - very clever
  14. annswabey

    Notts Schools Trips

    You missed out on a good experience, Jill I went on an exchange visit to France from school when I was 13/14. Very nerve wracking at that age - first time on a plane and having to stay with strangers and cope with the French language all day. Ended up being good friends with my French friend who came to stay with us in Nottm a few weeks later.
  15. annswabey

    Henry Mellish

    I for one loved school. Grew up on a Council Estate, passed the 11+ and went to Grammar School. Not a perfect school but always grateful for a good education. Both my Mum and Dad passed to go to Grammar School in the early 30's, but neither set of parents could afford for them to go