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  1. All the best, Col - hope all goes well x
  2. I remember her well, but I don't know about her partner
  3. I got married when I was 33 and had children mid-late 30's. I'd never have considered marrying in my 20's - much too young!
  4. I'm so sorry, Nonna. Thinking of you all
  5. You're very disrespectful about Margie's friend. Your'e not the best informed, are you?
  6. I'm late too, but congratulations to you both for your Anniversary and hope you enjoyed your evening and continued to criticise the Tories!
  7. I was at BGS from 1968 and belonged to the choir, but probably after 1970, as all I remember is Faure's Requiem and the Messiah. Colin Jones was my music teacher 67/69 and 71/78
  8. I first went to Central Library when I was at BGS, I think, around 1973 and later, when I was doing History O and A Levels. I loved it there I was a regular visitor at Bilborough Library too, for many years, although when I was around 18+, they didn't hold the sort of books I wanted to read
  9. What a wonderful thing to do - it made me cry!
  10. My paternal Great Grandparents lived in St Paul's Avenue for many years, up to their deaths in the 20's. Pleased to see the house is still standing
  11. I've posted this before, but the Forest team I remember from when I first went to Forest games with my Dad in 1967-69, when I was 10-12 was Grummitt, Hindley, Winfield, Hennessey, McKinley, Newton, Lyons, Barnwell, Baker, Wignall and Storey-Moore