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  1. annswabey

    Who was your first crush on ?

    Think your definition of men to avoid, Jill - immature, rowdy, badly turned out thickos is spot on!
  2. annswabey

    Can your dialect tell, where you are from

    And me - very clever
  3. annswabey

    Notts Schools Trips

    You missed out on a good experience, Jill I went on an exchange visit to France from school when I was 13/14. Very nerve wracking at that age - first time on a plane and having to stay with strangers and cope with the French language all day. Ended up being good friends with my French friend who came to stay with us in Nottm a few weeks later.
  4. annswabey

    Henry Mellish

    I for one loved school. Grew up on a Council Estate, passed the 11+ and went to Grammar School. Not a perfect school but always grateful for a good education. Both my Mum and Dad passed to go to Grammar School in the early 30's, but neither set of parents could afford for them to go
  5. Thank, Ian - a while before I was at the school, then
  6. Don't remember there being such a Society at Glenbrook Junior Girls - perhaps a bit before my time
  7. annswabey

    Remembering Nicky.

    I'm so sorry to hear this and thinking of you and your family
  8. annswabey

    How's your day?

    So sorry Benjamin, that you've lost your mate
  9. annswabey

    Season of Goodwill??

    I don't agree with a lot of things you say, but that wasn't the point I was making. I can ignore things I don't agree with but don't feel the need to criticise personally on here
  10. annswabey

    Season of Goodwill??

    Malicious comment could be levelled at a few members here, sadly
  11. annswabey

    Season of Goodwill??

    Have no objection to often interesting posts and photos, but if you're not interested, it's easy to ignore
  12. annswabey

    Season of Goodwill??

    Think I know what you're referring to, Lizzie, and I don't agree. Must say, as an intelligent Nottstalgian that I'm more annoyed by the political/racist/sexist view of some members
  13. annswabey

    Season of Goodwill??

    Disappointed to see so many critical comments on here today/tonight, with personal comments. The majority here are lovely - 2 or 3 people I would never agree with, but easy to ignore. Just skip anything you don't want to read - easy enough
  14. annswabey

    World War One.

    Ernest O Croft served with Royal Garrison Artillery, Regimental no 75184 and Royal Engineers, Reg no 252987, according to his medal records. His service records have actually survived (so many didn't) and there's no mention of Sherwood Foresters
  15. annswabey

    My new home

    Wonder whether your sister might have been nearer my age - what was her name and roughly when was she born?. Ooh you were posh in those days, to have a car!