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  1. Perhaps your best bet is to trace his family - children or grandchildren of his siblings, or relatives of his wife, if he married, may have a photo
  2. Must say I don't recognise your descriptions of Bilborough Grammar. A mix of good and bad teachers, but overall I loved my time there. For a council estate girl at that time (started there in 1968), it was a great opportunity to get a decent education
  3. I liked this one, in the Telegraph yesterday All time-low turnover of desperate man tailed by Inland Revenue. (5 letters) The answer is nadir (all-time low) Turnover of desperate man is Nad (Desperate Dan, turned over), Tailed by Inland Revenue is IR on the end of the word
  4. I love cryptic crosswords too. Have a look online for clues and how the answer to them is explained
  5. The newspapers are at the Local Studies Library, but if you're planning to visit, you should check with them whether they hold them for the dates you need. Thinking about the death cert again, it may be worth contacting the appropriate Register Office and asking them to do a search, rather than GRO. Here's the contact details for City of Nottm Register Office, which perhaps isn't the right office, but they should be able to advise which one is!
  6. There was a Derek Bull born in Nottingham in 1939, mother Nellie, I think. A man of that name died on 15 Jan 1973 and was buried in Notts on 5 Feb 1973. He doesn't appear in the Index to deaths, though. I was going to suggest you get the death certificate, which might give you a little info, but you couldn't give the necessary references from the index to enable you to order it. You can apply for the GRO to carry out a search for it, and, if they have it, get a copy. There is a charge. The Nottingham newspapers aren't online for the period you're looking for, but you should be able to view them in Nottingham. There's also the possibility of Coroners records, which would be held locally, but they are often destroyed, so they may not be available
  7. Thanks for your write-up of the reunion. The only teacher you mention who I don't remember much about was Mr Mahoney. Was he a Maths teacher? Mr Nicklin, Mr Jacob and Mr Robinson all taught me - Mr Robinson and Mr Jacob being amongst my favourites, and it's good to hear that they are still around.
  8. I think Bob McKinley is on there, but he was Scottish, I think
  9. A lot of coroners records haven't been retained, but might be worth finding out if they still exist, once you have details from the death cert
  10. If the death found by Jill is right (death was registered in March quarter, so a death in Feb would be covered by this), it would be worth getting the death certificate to find exact date of death and cause of death
  11. annswabey

    Help Needed

    Can't see anything in the online local Nottingham newspapers of 1929 about the club
  12. The Robin A Soar who married Madeleine B Dewhurst in 1962 (found by Jill) emigrated to New Zealand in 1967 with his wife and 2 children. He was naturalised in New Zealand in 1977, date of birth given as 1 Feb 1941 and birthplace as Attenborough, England. Unfortunately he appears to have died in Auckland in 1999
  13. CB Would be helpful if you could give approx years of birth, who they married and your Mums name and when and where she was born