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  1. I know him, Jill. I can ask him, if you want, or I can ask him if it's OK to give you his email address. Or, you could contact him via the Lenton Times website
  2. I disagree Jill-some people haven't got the ability or time to do the research themselves Be careful who you choose to carry out research
  3. Jonab I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. You've been missed - I've enjoyed hearing about la vie en France. Take care
  4. Nonna - how lovely it looks for your well deserved break. We went to Sicily for around 10 days a few years ago and loved it
  5. I never understood how fruit juice could be a starter
  6. Can't beat the Leonard Cohen version - one of my favourites of his - Sincerely L Cohen!
  7. Was the shoe shop called Mansfield?
  8. Brew. You're obviously an educated and very articulate person. Move on from your narrow opinion of Little Richard with his mascara - so what? (and the tinned carrots and peas!)
  9. I'm amazed they're still available. I had plenty of them as a child, but would never dream of eating them now, and anyway I only ever liked the pastry. The only preparation is removing the lid!
  10. I found some of it interesting, as CT says. I was expecting the reaction from a lot of you, though!
  11. I could read well too, before I went to Infant school. I've only got one book I had as a child now - a book of poems for children, and my Mum had helpfully written the date I was given it - Christmas 1964, so I'd only just turned 8. I loved Little Women, although not so keen on Heidi, but I was a big fan of Bunty and loved Enid Blyton
  12. That's great to hear Ben