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  1. I seem to have bought an Armstrong Siddeley 12 hp 1934 in bits ,does anyone on here know much about them?
  2. the last training course I went on informed us that the latest in the stop start fad is to use tha alternator as a starter and drive through the auxiliary belt to save the cost and weight of a starter motor,come back siba dynastart all is forgiven!
  3. do any of the petrol heads on here have any info on Armstrong Siddeley 12 hp the 1934ish one with a sidevalve 6 cylinder 1400 engine I,ve bought one in a million bits to fettle after I have finished my second p4 Rover
  4. bangers and cash tonight ,gently entertaining
  5. thanks every one i,ll try both ways
  6. does anyone know how to get cuttings from a dog rose we have one in our garden in Devon ,and I want to plant up the boundary fence alongside the footpath adjacent to our house to deter the graffiti boys etc .
  7. we helped to clear the last bits of gear from the Myford site at Beeston last year, so sad to see all this and all the skills and knowledge come to an end,
  8. ego trips and dosh for greedy investors for no public benefit ,just like the next rip off HS2
  9. technology pah, we have just been sent an online catalogue for ordering parts,not for me,as I said to the manager of the firm that sent it , this is just a ploy to get rid of you your staff and the branch of the company you work in ,if all your customers end up using it ,I will carry on phoning the branch for bits and help keep the staff ,drivers etc in a job the maintenance company ,the people who service the vans ,the girl who brings the cobs in a morning , the corner shop ,local petrol station ,electric co ,the council rates etc ,no mate not for me!
  10. I am actually a railway fan but this thing is a bloody joke,not a transport system just a ploy to make contractors and hangers on lots of dosh, spend it on stuff we need ,hospitals etc
  11. swe62


    Why do we have belly buttons? is it for somewhere to put the salt if eating crisps in the bath?
  12. I am worn out now had to get up and switch the light and telly off manually,what a nuthouse world we live in
  13. a mere dropin the ocean at when put beside HS2 ,millions spent on a white elephant that will disrupt lives and communitys for little or no gain for ordinary folk ,why dont they improve the existing rail infrastructure and make provision for more freight as the HS2 will not be used to carry it ,and then uprate all the local lines to give more capacity for commuters travelling locally between cities,
  14. saw it on telly Hugh Filthy Whittingstal ,he also eats slugs and afterbirth pate!
  15. the old name for medlars is dogs arses ,due to the look of the fruit