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  1. we used to go in the 70s with john (rick ) rickaby on his thunderbird ,me on myT110 and hammo on his A10 we used to see Dave Moult and Ralph there good times
  2. Sucky Bogger!

    Gedling too
  3. Tram losses

    beeston & stapleford u.d.c. used direct labour for years had their own jcb ,jetter gulley wagons etc were the richest council in the midlands railings were painted roads mended schools looked after had their own parks dept that grew their own bedding plants ,they payed the staff good wages too,now with privatised utilities to coin a phrase its a sh"73hole
  4. Plates

    talking about plates does anyone know how the saying on the fiddle came about,?navy types usually know
  5. Plates

    how do they keep the gravy. on a plank or slate?
  6. photos

    thanks Sue I got to the copied bit then it went to rats, have given up for today
  7. photos

    hi Cliff Ton spent twenty mins trying to send photos to flickr to no avail I hate computers
  8. photos

    howcan I post a photo from my ipad to the forum?
  9. Your first date

    you misconstrue old boy
  10. Nottstalgia usage stats

    ayup mick are the stats still accessable?
  11. Classic cars

    philmayfield if I remember right the wandering blob was the one Dennis used for trials Georges is the red 1947 one with the steel framed body that the racing lot wont allow ,although its about the only one left with the original rivetted up chassis, what an experience to drive these 3 wheeler they are epic
  12. Classic cars

    Ive nearly finished my P4 that I bought on a whim in a million bits ,I never liked the P4 much and wanted a P5 3 litre but as I have got on with this project I have realised what a fantastic quality car the P4 is ,how the hell did the British motor industry lose its way so badly in the 70s?
  13. Classic cars

    ayup commo ,e93a morgan three wheelers whizz along nicely, my mate george owns one that he raced for years, he didn,t need good lights as the white frightened face of his passenger lit the road up for a hundred yards round it,it used to be owned by Dennis Rogers from Lowater St!
  14. Old Lorries.

    great pics, Flyhave you tried rubbing vick on your feet and wearing socks over it in bed ,it always stops my coughs and our lass swears by it too ,worth a try and doesnt cost a deal