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  1. swe62

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    I used to like the TR6P police bike a Triumph Thunderbird with a standard inlet cam and a E3134 exhaust cam they used to accelerate like hell and pulled like a train ,that cam set up was really good for the slower circuits. .
  2. swe62

    areas of Notts

    any chance of admin fitting in Gedling and surrounding areas ,Lambley Burton Joyce etc?
  3. swe62

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Great photos Ian realy enjoying them I had my first bike in 1964 a Triumph tiger100 1939 with a sidecar ,I bought it from my neighbour Alan Lewis who was a teacher at Bramcote Tech ,I never wanted a motorbike but I have never been without one since ,its not me in the pic but the pick up might have been my Dads or his mates Lol Andrews who was a plastering contractor , My Dads was CRR 466C bought new from Sandicliffe , a great little wagon I passed my test in it.
  4. swe62

    Motorbikes of old

    it used to be a good run for him when we did Lyyden Hill near Dover,took him 2 days to get there
  5. swe62

    Motorbikes of old

    my twin gps on my triumph sidecar had the main jets drilled to5/32" it does around 9 mpg, great times my passenger lives on Benbecula in the outer Hebrides hows that for commitment
  6. swe62

    Motorbikes of old

    never Knew George Brown was one of us Ian,
  7. anyone got any bsa m series bits for sale m20/21 or ohv, this topic has set me wanting one again,I also have lots of triumph stuff to swop sell and barter
  8. is anyone on Nottstalgia interested in machine tools ,lathes millers and stuff?what have members got to play with?
  9. swe62

    Raglan Engineering - St Anns

    is this smut and inuendo ?
  10. swe62

    Raglan Engineering - St Anns

    I managed to get the leadscrew ball nut back together on my Bridgeport,easy when you know how but a bit daunting when you don,t the secret is pack the nut with the balls into their threads with grease and make a mandrel to fit inside and over the leadscrew end and thread it on ,simples as the meercat says.
  11. I only want to post a photo of an itom ,but I dont get the computerspeak on how to get it from my photos to here!
  12. mpegs bucket flikas can somebody explain in simple english please
  13. I,ve always fancied a Harley 45 ,foot clutch hand changesounds like a bit of a challenge,there used to be a ladcalled mick who used to ride one around Beestoni in the late 60s
  14. I reckon the bike outof the dozens I have owned,for the best fun and games we did thousands of miles on it ,the dragon rally ,Isle ofMan TT ,loads of rallies it was a BSA M20 ex WD with wooden box sidecar ,cost me 3/9d in bits happy days, and millions of laughs.
  15. swe62

    Classic cars

    begorrah its a bit far for a sunday run Ian Ta!