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  1. swe62

    Classified Ads On NOTTSTALGIA

    any chance of a members wants ?
  2. swe62


    saw it on telly Hugh Filthy Whittingstal ,he also eats slugs and afterbirth pate!
  3. swe62


    the old name for medlars is dogs arses ,due to the look of the fruit
  4. swe62

    The Railway Inn

    this used to be a great Shippo,s house, but druggies started to use it and I may be wrong but one of the former tenants was reputed to be involved in it all ,it was latterly a really nice restaurant, and has now turned into a tea shop,
  5. swe62

    Home wine making

    I used to make loads of elderberry wine, a good tip is to cut up an overripe banana and chuck it in the mix,it takes the strong tannin taste away that the skins impart,lovely stuff ,our french friends would not believe it was not made from grapes
  6. swe62

    Motorbikes of old

    the superblend bearings were the mains I used to have them ground to fit triumph cases and you could rev them till the valves floated with no ill effects ,I have about a dozen pairs of triumph cases with the sides blown out that testifies to it working bodge or not I never broke one after we used the superblends
  7. swe62

    Car dealers

    it was when Youngy did a massive burn out ,the neighbors rang the police and complained about him testing his brakes ,ah the fickleness of youth, I don,t know how we never got pinched
  8. swe62

    Seagull Outboards

    is anyone into or know anything about Seagull engines I,ve bought one on a whimandit seems to have a lot of crank end float ,I dont know themodel yet, but looking on google
  9. swe62

    Car dealers

    imp engine in this one and fully road legal ,if I remember right reg no was WVO3M,good days them we all used to go in the Carlton Hotel with Nottingham Drag and Custom Club,Dereck Hodgetts had a nice jag powered Capri and a strajght 8 Buick ,DaveYoung had a PlymouthSport Fury and a 59 sedan de ville ,Malc Donovan had a 56 I think Pete hadAPontiac ambulance and a single deck london bus then.
  10. swe62

    Car dealers

    its Pete Farries by the way
  11. swe62

    Car dealers

    Pete also built the Doctor who three wheeler flying saucer berger viton tin of paint roller skate all on google he also built to my mind the best model t this country has seen with a 389 pontiac in it hes just finished an el camino ,a sixties style t with a small block chevy and is currently working on a sports car project we,ve been pals for more years than I care to think about ,oh yes he still owns and flies his vintage Auster plane.
  12. swe62

    Car dealers

    Barry is still around Notts he was brought up on Emerys Road in Gedling him and his brother Dave started racing with a jag engined Austin seven called Pony Express,Barry went on to be one of the best european top fuel racers ,he started drag racing at about the same time as us ,he worked for a firm who used to make audio cables in Beeston and Dave used to work the doors in Notts clubs ,they are still hiring out cars for film and tv work from around the old tv studios in Lenton
  13. swe62

    Car dealers

    my Rover P4 was sold by Zipsers on Radcliffe Road in 1993 and was strpped and left in Myfords garage in Beeston for 25 years,I bought it in a million bits and rebuilt it ,Marysia Zipser is still in business in Beeston she is Mytiek Zipsers daughter,The Rover still has the Zipser sticker in the back windowand an unused tax disc holder in the glovebox
  14. swe62

    Motorbikes of old

    Blacknells made the sidecar bodies on the wharfe at Lenton on the canalside ,I cant remember the exact location but it was around the tv studios ,the Garage and pumps was at Trent Bridge end of London Rd ,they sold petrol over the pavement served by an extremely busty young woman!
  15. swe62

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    just out of interest the reverse set up on a bond was called a siba dynastart it had a switching arrangment with which you could start the engine backward and four rverse gears ensued it was lethal above about two miles an hour ,the early ones you had to open the bonnet with a carraige key and kick start the things ,very amusing for onlookers if you stalled at the lights.