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  1. Can anyone remember if this building used to be a public toilets years ago?and why have nearly all the toilets been closed demolished or sold?
  2. my day was ok till I tried to do a D B S check for a new business ,I am now full of rage ,and cannot contact them till tomorrow by phone I hate computers with a passion
  3. Has anyone managed to renew a C.I.U membership this year Ihave tried at Beeston Victory Club who-say they have had no contact and direct to their website to no avail
  4. mowers are too noisy for a play thing ,its just a whim
  5. does anyone know how to tune up a disability scooter Ii have seen one on you tube ,electric powered that will do 0 to 60 mph in two seconds and close to 90 mph .I fancy a bit of that I,ve bought a pride colt to play with its 24 volt but the ECU is kaput I am trying to find an uprated one and motor with no engine brake ,any ideas?
  6. swe62

    Pete Farries

    I don,t think that was one of Pete,s creations.
  7. swe62

    Pete Farries

    thats Pete ,if you look under Pete Farries cars on google there are lots,he was also a great pilot and flew his 1941 Auster till a few months ago.
  8. swe62

    Pete Farries

    no that was Chris ,but thanks for asking Lizzie
  9. swe62

    Pete Farries

    We sadly said goodbye to my long time mate Pete at Bramcote yesterday,True to form he turned up in a London bus ,I had a lifetime of laughs with the mad bugger,lt was great to meet a few old faces again too ,RIP Pete we are gonna miss you, Swe and Lyn
  10. swe62

    telly adverts

    Is it just me being a miserable old sod ,but some of the ads,especially the one for the card machine with all the oooooing makes me turn the telly off and miss the rest of what I have been watching,mind you the programmes are such drivel that we don,t bother switching it on most nights
  11. wait till lane assist and self park systems need repair and reset £400 for reset ,around £10000 to purchase the kit and training to use it,
  12. what do nottstalgians think of e scooters? I personally like them but it seems unfair that you can whiz round town on a rented on but not one of your own, perhaps they ought to be made legal and regulated in some way i.e. insurance cover and some sort of i.d.
  13. lots of simpson pics on google,there was also Challands and Ross off highbury road Challoss motor bodies
  14. I had aa Austin Sheerline Hearse years ago ,built by Simpson and Slaters lovely car, I sold it to an american airman who was based at Alconbury ,I wonder if he managed to get it to the USA ,strangely enough his name was Mayhew and the reg number MAU
  15. I was talked into selling both my Rover P4,s and now regret not keeping one,I needed the lucre to rebuild my model T project, I will have another one when I can ,I never rated them until I rebuilt my first one , I think they are the best made classic car of the lot
  16. my pal has 1934 morris 8 its a great little car we rebuilt the engine a couple of years ago lucky you
  17. model T Ford bits wanted if anyone has anything to sell,
  18. perhaps a meet up would be good if this covid thing ever ends
  19. Merry Christmas,and a happy new year hopefully covid free to all Nottstalgians from Swe62 and Lovelace
  20. nothing will happen its a gravy train
  21. Sorry to hear that Benjamin ,I just had six weeks off with flu or covid getting over it all now though ,lets hope 2021 is an improvment
  22. well our oven croaked today ,so Lovelace put the joint in her new pressure cooker ,it came out superb,I don,t know whether to fix the oven now, oh and for cooking types she put some stuff in with it including oranges!
  23. just looked at your photo of the P4 ,have you lost a hubcap? Let me know I reckon I have one somewhere

    1. The Pianoman

      The Pianoman

      Hello Swe.  No, both the rear hubcaps are off because the wheels kept getting taken off for one reason or another. One day I shall do something with that car - or let it go.