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  1. The Crown would be well off the bottom of the map. Vane Street is well down Radford Bridge Road. My Fathers birthplace 2 Radford Bridge Road was directly opposite the lock at the top end of Radford Bridge Road and was demolished to build the Crown. The Nottingham Canal (if that is what it is) is only just on the bottom left corner of the map.
  2. I don't think Charles Darwin was that clever. I've often asked that and never had a satisfactory answer.
  3. Here is one of Fynger's pics without the Photobucket smear across it. Forty Bridges was huge and IMHO if one was going to to be saved it should have been that rather than Bennerley. Its hard to believe that sleepytown Awsworth today ever had these bridges at all.
  4. Yes that is it. The photographer in your pic would have been standing closer to the Gate Inn with the Forty Bridges arch behind him.
  5. Picture below is of Forty Bridges taken from Kimberley side of the first arch, which is the one that Main Street Awsworth went through. As a guide as to it its whereabouts Bridges Van Hire is immediately around the arch on the right hand side. The Gate Inn (still there, and still a pub!) can be seen at the right of the pic. The other viaduct you can see through the arch is the line that ran into Awsworth Station which was the Friargate Line. It ran from Derby Friargate to Nottingham Victoria. The two lines met at a junction well left of the picture, so both lines, Friargate Line and the one over Forty Bridges BOTH went into Nottingham Victoria. Both Forty Bridges and the Friargate Line were GNR (LNER). I believe Bennerley Viaduct was LMS
  6. Where is/was this relating to Robinettes Lane? I deliver parcels for Hermes in Awsworth and Cossall - its got me interested in the area.
  7. Ta. Is that you in the photo driving that bus or are you just saying that used to drive those buses?
  8. Happen I am missing something 'ere but wasn't the idea of sticking the engine at the back and having a full width bus at the front done to facilitate one man operation? The man with the 'X' on his back standing with his back to the driver appears to be a conductor. Didn't conductors wear dark green or was that just drivers?
  9. I doubt that I would say the same thing now about what has become Trent/Barton. I still travel into Nottingham on them from time to time and I have to say the buses are right rattle traps. And they are not old by any manner or means.
  10. I would never have gone onto Melbourne Road on a bus although I do remember the clock. Had an aunt live at 25 Melbourne. Living at Eastwood, the journey would be to travel into Nottingham on posh blue bus, B1, B3 or C5, do whatever shopping it was or whatever and then go and see Grandma on Minver on the way back home hence catching 30 or 62 on Friar Lane. The journey back home would have been either a walk around Minver, down Rosslyn and then Bells Lane to catch a posh Blue Bus on Nuthall Rd. Cinder Hill or alternatively (for a change) walk further around Minver, down Wendover and catch a posh Blue Bus adjacent to John Barleycorn. That stop still being in the same place today although John Barleycorn he is no more. Always preferred to catch posh Blue Bus at Cinder Hill though, as the highlight would be watching 6 wheeled trolley buses negotiating the then tiny island in the hope the poles would come off - which they often did! Was nice to get on a nice plush MGO Bristol for the journey home.
  11. I will take that as red. 30 & 62 is at least beginning to sound right in my head. For some reason or other I preferred to ride on one rather than the other. Used to sit on Grannies front gate at 97 Minver watching them go past.
  12. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks here as I would only have been in my early teens or more likely even younger when these bus trips stopped. I have never ridden on a number 1 as I have never been up Hilcot or Melbourne Road on a bus (I don't think). Perhaps it is just that I can remember seeing buses circumnavigating the roundabout at the top Bells Lane and being parked up on Rosslyn. I would never have gone that far on the bus anyway. Both the bus routes I have been on started on Friar Lane, went up Amersham Rise and around Minver Cresc. I have no idea where the bus went between Friar Lane and Amersham Rise. They would certainly have been AEC Regents in the later paint scheme with more cream. This is bugging me now as I need to know what I have ridden on and I have often thought about it.
  13. OTV would be 1951 or 52 registered assuming the registrations follow sequence. Ridden on 30's plenty of times too when visiting Granny on Minver Cresc. Usually caught it on Friar Lane pointing down just outside Toby's. Was the other one that went round Minver a 16? One of the two went round the roundabout at the top of Bells Lane and terminated on Rosslyn Drive.
  14. My first thought was 'I bet they won't let the be demolished as it is is Art Deco' . I guess re-locating it might be OK