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  1. Guess that picture was taken in the late 60's. I'll bet that gatepost doesn't look like that now
  2. Re. above post. Just before I got to 'Hucknall Vicar bereaved,' I was going to say Robert Barber & Son solicitors are based on Church Street Eastwood. Suppose I need to get out of bed earlier!
  3. Hmmm! You are quite correct. A friend of mine that I tune for deals in good secondhand pianos. He has been worried that his business is going into difficulty due to not being able to sell them. He has sold at least two in the last 4 or 5 days. I think people are staying in and looking for something to do.
  4. I can well believe it. Over the last 10 days there has only been 2 or 3 days when I haven't delivered bulk pack packs of bog rolls and I am only one courier.
  5. Above us the Waves is on Talking Pictures at 17.50. Can't find anything better to watch this evening! Oh, In Which We Serve is also on but they clash.
  6. In normal circumstances how do I know that the person who is signing for the parcel IS the intended customer?
  7. That is correct but it won't show that the customer was present at the time of handover hence the customers feet. Presumably not customers face due to privacy laws or similar
  8. We at Hermes were doing the same thing from Yesterday. Include the feet of the customer in the picture, but most are being left in a safe place and a calling card left whether the customer is in or not. If a signature has been demanded (usually by the supplier) we are to put 'covid-19' on the signature screen, instead of the recipient touching the screen. Was at a customers door today at the same time as a Yodel driver. It seems they couldn't care less - they are still handing the customer the terminal to sign.
  9. Its a Hand Held Terminal. Royal Mail refer to them as PDA's. Most courier firms use the same thing but may just be set up differently.
  10. Just delivered a bulk pack of bog rolls to a guy today. He opens the door before I got there trying to grab 'em off me. Got to take a photo of them at the customers feet now they are no longer allowed to use my HHT. He says "Oh aah I didn't believe it, they are not for me they are for my daughter." Yeahh right!
  11. Apparently the test is: put it under the tap and if water will run through it a virus will get straight through it. A paper mask surely can't be anything more than a dust mask.
  12. I do 2 or 3 hours a day as a Hermes courier these days. Most of us are delivering bulk packs of bog rolls. Can't get 'em in the shops so they are buying them online instead! Saving grace is that I am getting paid for delivering them.
  13. Well today I caught 3 buses, went in Victoria Centre twice, Broad Marsh Centre once (for some strange reason), 2 different Wilkos and various other shops, so I suppose I shall be getting it? Only thing is before I did any of that I went to the doctors to get a blood test for thyroid function as I do occasionally. Nowhere, anywhere in the surgery or waiting room was there any mention of Coronavirus or Covid19! I think I shall just carry on as normal.
  14. I have lived at Eastwood since 1959 so was also a regular traveller on B3 and C5. A couple of photos would be a good idea.