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  1. It's the time of year. Some find January the most depressing month, for me it's February.
  2. Yes. I remember in an interview on the tele when he first got in with Meghan his words were something like "I know it looks like history repeating itself". The idea should be to learn from history - ie don't do it!
  3. I think it is high time all the people who complained about Jeremy Clarkson's now well know comments should give him a public apology!
  4. That's interesting. Things must have changed between you doing your PSV and me doing mine. I did mine (I think) 1990 and my instructor had me going along Awsworth Lane, Cossall, running towards Coronation Road when he hollered at me "what did it say on that sign?" Me "what sign?" I wont go on 'cos there was loads of questions but suffice to say it was (and still is) a low bridge sign. He continued - "How high is this bus?" (ex Salford City Transport, Metro-Cammell bodied 1967 Leyland PD2) Easy I thought big sign above windscreen "14ft 6"" says I. "And what is the minimum clearance required?" s
  5. MGO and Trent buses had them as well. What you did if sitting on the front seat upstairs was to put something on the top of it so Mr Driver couldn't see.
  6. My memories of the interiors are the same as BK. Cream downstairs and cream upstairs with an added brown hue.
  7. That model is/was available as a NCT Leyland/Orion. In the mostly green scheme with narrow cream bands.
  8. Today. Sink the Bismarck's on again for the umpteenth time this Christmas as well.
  9. Great Northern Basin, Langley Mill this morning. It was raining a bit
  10. I had a Volvo estate for a while. It was J816 BRA..
  11. I am 66. To qualify for winter fuel allowance you must be born on or before 26th September 1956. I was born on the 30th. Could have been worse. There must be someone out there born at ten past midnight on the 27th!
  12. Not got my tenner yet - if I get it. I don't qualify for winter fuel allowance