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  1. Yes. No sense of scale on it.
  2. You have got me thinking that it could be the one at bottom centre. He did say that the house was at the side of the lock but never mentioned Radford Bridge. Unfortunately his elder sister died earlier this year (didn't quite make 99). She would have known but now there is no one to ask.
  3. Looks like it. Just had a look at some earlier maps and the area that is(was) nos 2 & 4 are just blank. Thinking about it, Dad said that his back kitchen was a approximately where the front lounge bar is on The Crown so yes, right at the front of the pub.
  4. No it cannot be on any photo if The Crown is pictured. He was born at No. 2 which so far as I am aware and according to what he told me was pretty close to where the front of The Crown is now..
  5. Yes I do similar for Hermes. I am supposed to be doing 2-2½ hours a day - I do it part time just to achieve a bit of regular income. When it peaked last time I was going back to the depot in the afternoon and doing an evening shift as well as all day! I was seemingly delivering more parcels than there is population. (Awsworth and Cossall). The plus side is that I have key worker status with a letter to show the police, or whoever might need to see it, so I can actually get out legitimately.
  6. Yes thanks I had seen it and it came close. Page 46 has a picture of lock No 6. My fathers house(?) was just off the right hand side of the picture. Page 49 has a modern picture of the lock keepers cottage and the toll house. They were behind my fathers house. As I have said before, my fathers house (well it was actually owned by the LNER) was demolished to make way for The Crown. Any photo would have to be pre 1930.
  7. Is it possible to get a picture of that picture? I have mentioned this before but my father was born at 2 Radford Bridge Road which was demolished to make way for The Crown. His father was master carpenter on the Nottingham Canal and the house came with the job. The house was immediately the opposite side of the road to the lock. I have never seen a picture of the house but yours may have a chance if its pointing that way.
  8. Up to a point I must agree. It's time to just get on with life - but take obvious precautions.
  9. It'll help the solar panels generate more electricity Solar panels are sore issue with me at the moment I am afraid
  10. Master of the Rolls will do. Although I've got a Rover. What does he 'ave to do? Who's Minister of Arts?
  11. This is the best reading on this thread so far
  12. I must agree. It will be with us until someone creates a vaccine. It will still be with us then. It will no more go away than German Measles, Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox etc.
  13. Their family name was actually Covell and they originated from Aspley. From memory their vans were light blue and cream very much in the style of Mister Softee.
  14. That was about it. I had a sore throat, achey bones, and general tiredness that went away after about a week or so. But on top of that I had, not so much chest pains, but a sensation that I could feel myself breathing. That lasted about 3 weeks.
  15. I don't know anyone who has had it, unless I had it myself in a mild form early January and was unaware of what it was.