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  1. Did you call people who laid cobbles, cobblers?
  2. As I read this I thought - 'he's got a Peugot'. Couple of years ago I hired a Peugot Partner van for a week. Every time you turned the ignition on the blessed radio came on - no means to turn it off. When I took it back I said 'how do you turn the radio off?'. He says 'I don't know'
  3. Cost of Mac is very offputting. If it wasn't for that I would swop
  4. Well I am looking at buying a new computer in the not too distant future. What I buy may well have Intel i5 processor. Every new computer from a decent manufacturer that has Windows 10 installed comes with a free upgrade to Windoze 11 when it becomes available. You will still be able to use Windoze 10 in any event.
  5. I see in that article Wellglade Holding have a 12.5% share in the trams. Wellglade also own Trent/Barton
  6. You mentioned Manton's shop ages ago on this site!  I was a Manton girl called Felicity and my sister is Alison. Our family had Manton's shop on Nottingham road, Eastwood and we sold fishing tackle, batteries, televisions ; all-sorts. If this is like using Facebook ; I don't know what I'm doing!!!! What is your real name?

    1. The Pianoman

      The Pianoman

      Aah. Forget Facebook. This is supposed to be a Nottingham history forum but seems to be used for social media. My name is Malcolm Harvey. Knew you from school but that will be Devonshire Drive. Knew your parents much later from having done time in Eastwood Conservative Club and also knew your Mother and the Australian she married.

    2. Felicity


      Wow ! you have been in Eastwood a long time to remember me from Devonshire Drive school and then Mrs. Manton who married Gordon; who regularly frequented the Con. Club. My Brother still lives in Eastwood, and his wife used to work in the club. Felicity.

  7. Thanks folks. All done - 'til next weekend
  8. Yes. Seems that a lot is down to preference. I had intended putting them into meals size bags to freeze so I can't see that is a problem with them sticking together.
  9. I am about to freeze a load of runner beans. Some are saying I should blanch for 3 mins some are saying 2 mins. Which is best and is it that critical?
  10. Thanks for all the info folks. As the planned railway is to be set just pre war ( with some licence) I am pleased to say that I can forget trams. Now I know what type of trolley buses for NCT and NDT and what the colour schemes were.