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  1. Most will have seen this before but someone has very kindly colourised it and added sound. makes interesting viewing:-
  2. There was a joke shop in that group of shops as well.
  3. Thanks for that. I am aware that Robinson was offered the job of CME for the LNER. He is reputedly supposed to have replied "You had better give the job to that Mr Gresley".
  4. This just appeared on LNER Society Group on Facebook. It should be here. Ex GC Robinson 4-6-0 in Nottingham Victoria. Unfortunately I don't know one Robinson 4-6-0 from the other with the exception of Immingham Class. Someone can perhaps enlighten. While I am at it and I don't know whether I have posted this on here before: B17 'Footballer' 2866 Nottingham Forest in Nottingham Victoria. 1936. A photo I bought at a train and toy fair years ago. Another Robinson loco in the background on this.
  5. Don't like gravy on chips - sends 'em soggy
  6. At 12 litres it will not and cannot be too big. There is more chance that a smaller one won't be big enough.
  7. Mine is one of these:- I did get it direct from NinjaUK as it was as cheap as anywhere else - then! It was nowt like that price they want now!
  8. I did a "Are airfryers any good?" type google search before I bought mine and the best bit of advice I took notice of was to buy the biggest that you could afford or had room for. I did that and I think it was good advice.
  9. Wouldn't be without my air fryer now
  10. My mother used to use 'all over the option'. it was a bit like the place 'looking like Jackie Pownalls'! 'Oppit' was like 'get lost'!
  11. I was offered one in the same text message as I was offered a flu jab.
  12. I'm about to book a booster, also flu jab and blood test for thyroid function. I shall be like a colander!
  13. I eat with my fork in my right hand. As you use your fork for eating I maintain that I am correct - everyone else is wrong
  14. Left handed/right handed, I am a firm believer that it is just the way you think. I have the ability to do most things with either hand but it is not because I have learned to do things left handed. I just take the view that I am doing exactly the same thing whichever hand I use. It used to wind my father up somewhat if he saw me hammering something in a place I couldn't get at too well with my right hand and I would (and still do) just swap hands and do it left handed.