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  1. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    That's what I thought. The fillet around the radiator doesn't look genuine because that cab wasn't originally fitted to an AEC
  2. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Just seen these on a Facebook group I am on. It is described as an AEC Regent. I looked at it and thought 'that's a bit low for a lorry' and then I thought 'AEC Regent is a bus'. And then I looked at the registration. Now tell me if I am wrong but I reckon someone has built a lorry on an ex. Nottingham City Transport AEC Regent chassis.
  3. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Bristol RE. A bit before my time.
  4. The Pianoman

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    They are women on there but most appear to be just onlookers
  5. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    DAU 462 would be a 1937 registration.
  6. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Hate to be a clever arse but that Zephyr is a Zodiac. Can tell because under the rearlight you can just see the chrome trim that ran right across the width of the car on Zodiacs only. Yes that is a brake drum. Often used as a bus stop base. Haven't seen one for ages now - perhaps health and safety again? Trip over it and stub your toe
  7. The Pianoman

    Car dealers

    It would be around 1996 when I saw it there. I used to drive for a local coach company picking up mentally handicapped and people with learning difficulties. Used to pick up opposite Oakdale Garage up a side street giving me plenty of time for a good look. Run finished at a place for educating these near the top of Ransom Road. Springwood I think it was called.
  8. The Pianoman

    Car dealers

    I came very close. It was a Nottingham city registered car (TO I think), but black wasn't available as a 'standard' colour on a P5B and was only available to special order. Even then it was very cheap at £2700. I would still like to know who the first owners were. I have no idea where the car is now.
  9. The Pianoman

    Car dealers

    Was it a black one?
  10. The Pianoman

    Anyone like graveyards?

    It seems Albert Ball's grave isn't that far from my Gt. Uncle Georges grave at Lillers, Northern France.
  11. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    They will be PD2's. The South Notts one will be only just postwar.
  12. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    It was a browny maroon and dark red I believe. The maroon wasn't as muddy as it looks in the picture.
  13. The Pianoman

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Ypu. just read the thread again properly. The one with its bonnet up is a HC.
  14. The Pianoman

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    The picture is of an HB Viva. This is an HC below. Quite different