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  1. It didn't go under Bells Lane. I remember the same gate as you and the steep bit of hill going up from what was then a tiny Cinder Hill Island. (Trolleybus poles always coming off).
  2. The police were out in force yesterday when I went past on the bus. Bar Lane end. Just a point tho'. The Mrs Bee that I mentioned lived at No 27 which was at the side of that railway line. My fathers sister lived at 25. All a long time ago in the days when there was a police station on the central reservation.
  3. Welcome to the elite group. A Mrs Bee lived next door to my fathers sister on Melbourne Road.
  4. I had a recorded message from HMRC on my mobile today. Apparently I am to be convicted for tax fraud. So the next meet up might be in a big house somewhere
  5. Sorry to hear that. knew both your parents well. I even remember your birth. Now that makes me feel old
  6. Slightly amused that the bus, registration 76 LNN is parked at the side of a 105E Anglia. an uncle of mine on Melbourne Road had a 105E Anglia that was registered 600 LNN
  7. Well if Cities like Dresden and Warsaw that were bombed flat during WW2 can be rebuilt as they were perhaps its not such a bad idea to put Nottingham back as it was. Its the best plan suggested so far
  8. The one that Dunn Line had was a Leyland PD3 btw
  9. The front end on that was referred to as a St Helens Front, for whatever reason. First bus I ever drove was similar but with open rear platform, then owned by Dunn Line.
  10. I need info on Nottingham Victoria Station. Was there a passenger entrance into the station from Lower Parliament Street or was all passenger entrance from Milton Street? Was Lower Parliament Street a 'bridge' with Thurland Street being the tunnel out southbound? When in the station how did you get from one platform to the next? Was it by bridge or was there a subway? Here is a map of the station: If you click on the link and then go to No 9 on the left hand side of the page all will be revealed. You can enlarge it and move it around. https://w
  11. Dutch bikes with 3 speed s/a are OK in Holland where it is all flat.
  12. P4 Rovers are not big money cars.
  13. Had a bit of amusement to myself while sitting in the queue for the jab. Had a look around at everyone else in the waiting area and queuing outside and suddenly realised that everyone was 64