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  1. Had a bit of amusement to myself while sitting in the queue for the jab. Had a look around at everyone else in the waiting area and queuing outside and suddenly realised that everyone was 64
  2. I got my sticker! I applied online, put my postcode in when asked, the only Nottinghamshire centre available to me was Pinxton. Everything else was in Derbyshire, even as far away as Derby City Centre. I went to Horsley Woodhouse. Although NG16 postcode does go into derbyshire, I wonder if this is being done to make the figures look better for Derbyshire
  3. Well I'm pickled now and my jab is tomorrow afternoon. Does this mean that the jab won't work or will something happen to me?
  4. Overriders are on the wrong sides. Where in Basford is this to be viewed?
  5. Blanchards on main road through Watnall. My father also worked there
  6. Having my jab on Wednesday. I am going to Horsley Woodhouse of all places. Could have gone to Pinxton but not many appointments available. (And besides I haven't got a spaceship)
  7. Hello hello. I went to Eastwood Secondary School.
  8. While out delivering my parcels, I delivered a parcel to a regular customer (that I know has artificial grass) a parcel that went 'glug glug'. (It was square and I thought it might be a bottle of Jack Daniels). Customer answered the door and I said 'this parcel goes glug glug.' She says 'yes its weed killer for my lawn.' So I says 'but you have artificial grass.' She says 'Yes but you still can get weeds coming through.' Apparently weeds and moss are normal and the weed killer I was delivering was a special week formula that doesn't discolour the artificial grass.
  9. The 'proper' Eastwood accent has almost disappeared now and has become infiltrated with that very ugly Derbyshire accent from Heanor and Ripley areas. The old Eastwood accent is very much the same as Nottingham accent but is much 'thicker'.
  10. All I have got on default now is large white panels on the palest of grey background. It is making the whole thing very difficult to look at.
  11. I've just changed mine from 'Old Skool' to 'Default'. I don't like it but I can see everything now.
  12. Homepage looks like this for me now. Not keen. Can it be put right?
  13. Sure as 'ell nothing between their ears !