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  1. Thanks. I knew he was the first bantam to be killed but I hadn't seen that article before. Tried to find his grave more than once buty no success yet. I had assumed it is one of the military gravestones as they are easily spotted.
  2. To post pictures on here you need to use outside hosting like I have seen your car on the rally circuit years ago. I always keep my eyes open for Nottingham registered cars.
  3. Bet he knew my grandmothers first husband John Henry Lakin. Notts & Derby Regiment Sherwood Foresters. Injured 1.7.1916, first day of the Somme and died in hospital in Manchester about 2 weeks later.
  4. No. I said it was on Mansfield Road/corner of Bluecoat Street when Malcolm's car (and mine) was registered in 1954. Stuart C has agreed. Trumans were on Huntingdon Street much later. You photo/ad shows C H Truman in its original place on Mansfield Road, long before it moved to Huntingdon Street
  5. No it isn't on Huntingdon Street. Its on Mansfield Road. No 61 to be precise. It says so on the advert
  6. RB 8954 at Victoria Station Hotel. The one in RR's picture above is RB 8961
  7. Welcome to the forum Malcolm, from another Malcolm with a brace of P4 Rovers, both 100's. One of mine is also a Nottingham City registered car owned for many years by John Herbert, a jeweller. Just one thing though, whilst your car would have most likely have been supplied by C H Truman, at the time yours was registered and up to sometime in the 1960's C H Truman were on Mansfield Road/corner of Bluecoat Street. Huntingdon Street came later. Give me a while and I should be able to find more info on Trumans.
  8. Notts and Derby Traction. I'd catch that to get back hom'!
  9. Spot on. The picture is looking towards Watnall and Ikea would be just off the left hand end of the picture. Forty Bridges was demolished in 1973 to make way for the A610 Eastwood and Kimberley bypass that was then built slightly further north than planned. IMHO (and many others) Forty Bridges should have been preserved IMHO (but not so many others) in preference to Bennerley Viaduct. I appreciate the significance of Bennerley viaduct but I am afraid to me it is an eyesore.
  10. BR Standard loco in the rarely photographed Awsworth Station. Forty Bridges visible in the background. Loco is pointing towards Derby (Friargate GN). Judging by the sate of the loco I guess it is in the last days of steam.
  11. just looked at your photo of the P4 ,have you lost a hubcap? Let me know I reckon I have one somewhere

    1. The Pianoman

      The Pianoman

      Hello Swe.  No, both the rear hubcaps are off because the wheels kept getting taken off for one reason or another. One day I shall do something with that car - or let it go.

  12. They actually have 4 gauges. NSMEE have 3½". 5" and 7¼". Then the museum itself has full sized stuff that they are hoping to get through to Loughborough one day when the bridge is built. Its well a visit especially if you go when NSMEE have a steaming day. Oh and hello Jomino
  13. It was the same when Ikea re-opened. They were queuing all the way around Giltbrook Retail Parks car park - not just Ikeas bit!