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  1. I must agree. It will be with us until someone creates a vaccine. It will still be with us then. It will no more go away than German Measles, Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox etc.
  2. Their family name was actually Covell and they originated from Aspley. From memory their vans were light blue and cream very much in the style of Mister Softee.
  3. That was about it. I had a sore throat, achey bones, and general tiredness that went away after about a week or so. But on top of that I had, not so much chest pains, but a sensation that I could feel myself breathing. That lasted about 3 weeks.
  4. I don't know anyone who has had it, unless I had it myself in a mild form early January and was unaware of what it was.
  5. They sell Sloe Gin in Morrisons. £20 per bottle.
  6. I think that is what I am going to do. It seems a pity to waste them. Same goes for the blackberries growing nearby.
  7. Must admit, I have never heard of a Sloe. They are about the size of grapes. I assume they are edible?
  8. Anyone know what these blue berry thingys are? I'm obviously not a gardener
  9. I had a go at making a blackberry pie last year but it was all juice. I have seen no mention of pectin yet. I thought it was normal to use that in jam.
  10. Lots of bramble berries starting to go black. I intend making jam. Question is, as I don't have any jam jars, does jam keep OK in Kilner jars? Any help or other suggestion appreciated
  11. I thought the reason it was called Covid-19 was to do with its 'discovery' in 2019.
  12. Another photo of RB 8961 but where is the picture taken?
  13. Thanks. I knew he was the first bantam to be killed but I hadn't seen that article before. Tried to find his grave more than once buty no success yet. I had assumed it is one of the military gravestones as they are easily spotted.
  14. To post pictures on here you need to use outside hosting like I have seen your car on the rally circuit years ago. I always keep my eyes open for Nottingham registered cars.