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  1. I have got a couple of those that don't work or are iffy. I also have one that does work!
  2. I've always thought that Suthull was the correct pronunciation used by older locals to Suthull. The locals that pronounce it South-well are immigrants to the area that think Suthull isn't snobby enough for them. Might be rong of course!
  3. I do that deliberately nowadays. Same with Percy-phone.
  4. Derby Friargate through to Nottingham Victoria and beyond I assume.
  5. Presumably you don't need a licence to watch ITVX if you are not watching at the time it is broadcast?
  6. I'm on a desktop and my opening screen defaults to the screenshot above.
  7. Not quite. Gardening and dancing are a definite no no.
  8. I have done that for years. I only have two feet so I can only wear one pair at a time so why have more?
  9. Thanks. I thought the Guys were wartime.
  10. Musicians do think differently. I certainly do. I am also aware that I am 'different' to the point that I am proud of it.
  11. That is the one that did the last service July 1966. Sandtoft or someone involved with Sandtoft also have 578. I believe there is also one of the 4 wheeled Karriers now complete and running.
  12. We moved to Eastwood in 1959. We would have been travelling to Nottingham and back. I don't remember any Guys although I am aware that MGO had them. They were wartime products.
  13. So its quite possible that we have been on the same buses at the same time between those dates!