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  1. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    On my holidays in the 60's and 70's at Portsmouth and Sunny Southsea the only buses I remember seeing of Portsmouth City Council were Leyland PD2's. Even the two open top ones that ran the sea front service were Leylands. They were pre-war reg RV **** one of which is preserved.
  2. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    No, never drove one. they were obsolete before I had a licence.
  3. The Pianoman


    R100 was Barnes Wallis and was successful. R101 was a flop and yes, it crashed. My father would have been a three year old in 1931 but that may well be what he told me about.
  4. The Pianoman


    I vaguely remember my Father speaking of that. He would be 90 now. It was either R100 or R101. We need someone who knows more about airships to come along.
  5. The Pianoman

    Giant safety bicycle

    Giant is available here too. I have seen them in in a cycle shop in Long Eaton. Virtually all bikes now are made in Taiwan.
  6. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Yes. Looking again, it was before July/August '66. Trolleybus wires are still up.
  7. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Bus will be about 1954/5 registered. Photo is later than that. It'll be winter at about 11.25!
  8. The Pianoman

    hyson green

    In the row of shops in the first picture, there was and ironmonger/tool merchant by the name of I & O Chandler. Been in there many times for tools.
  9. The Pianoman

    Barber Walker & Co and Major Barber

    We moved onto the adjacent estate in 1959. (I wasn't quite 3). I don't remember it being anything other than derelict.
  10. The Pianoman

    Where is This?

    The Coop has gone down to Giltbrook. They converted The Old White Bull. Another pub gone! The old coop shop in Eastwood somewhat enlarged over the years now stands empty.
  11. The Pianoman

    Where is This?

    The Congregational Church in the distance has long gone to be replaced with what is now Iceland. Otherwise all the buildings in that picture are still the same. Barclays have just vacated the bank in the foreground and that now stands empty.
  12. The Pianoman

    Where is This?

    Gone downhill you say? It's all but vanished! Just a few rubbish shops and a few others that you don't bother looking in that just come and go. It was also taken before I was born but moved to Eastwood in '59.
  13. The Pianoman

    Where is This?

    Eastwood, Nottingham Road. A well published picture. Used to hang in Morrisons, not noticed if it still does.
  14. The Pianoman

    Raglan Engineering - St Anns

    Some ML7's sell for good money. Super 7's sell for stupid money! Far more than they are worth IMHO.