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  1. The Pianoman

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    I thought it was an Armstrong Siddeley at first but it isn't. I know someone that has got an Sapphire which is STO 'low number'.
  2. The Pianoman

    Can't access the site via p.c.

    My right mouse button has stopped working! Need to borrow Denshaw's hammer
  3. The Pianoman

    From Basford

    I did mine at Chalfont Drive
  4. The Pianoman

    Laskys hi-fi shop Lower parliament st

    I bought my hi-fi stuff from Laskys a little later than that, probably around 1984-85. It was under the Council House then opposite Primark.
  5. The Pianoman

    Wollaton Hall History

    Went to Highclere Castle many years ago to a Rover Club car rally. I thought it was in Surrey even then. Just had to check and yes its in Berks.
  6. The Pianoman

    Wollaton Hall History

    Yes I knew it was used as Downton Abbey - not that I ever watched it either. according to Highclere's own website it was rebuilt as a castle by Charles Barry. Reckon it was in the Nottingham Evening Post where I read that they were both designed by the same person. I'll say no more
  7. The Pianoman

    Wollaton Hall History

    Isn't Highclere Castle in Surrey have a similar story? Or was it just designed by the same person? Here it is:
  8. The Pianoman

    World War One.

    Great Uncle George Harvey
  9. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Been there, done it, etc. (Not trolley buses I might add). It just amused me how the passengers just sat there like dummies making out they didn't notice!
  10. The Pianoman

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    The building with the three round windows has been built into the front of the chapel quite recently. I remember being asked to go into the chapel to do some work on the (or a) piano, or possibly I was asked if I wanted to buy it or something. I had to work my way in around the builders. It wouldn't have been more than 10 years ago.
  11. The Pianoman

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Loppy
  12. The Pianoman

    Oldknows factory, St Anns Hill Road

    Got it thanks. Just went on Streetview and that factory suddenly appeared in the middle of my screen. I know why it looked familiar now.
  13. The Pianoman

    Oldknows factory, St Anns Hill Road

    Is this actually on St Anns Hill? As in St Anns Hill off Woodborough Road across from where I was born. I can neither find it or remember it being there but the building seems familiar.
  14. The Pianoman

    Is this grave enquiry fair?

    Very likely
  15. The Pianoman

    Is this grave enquiry fair?

    The car park is still there. Whether you are allowed to use it still is a different matter.