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  1. The Pianoman


    Bottom Shed. Recent new (free) UPVC windows. Inside. A tip. slowly getting everything wood related out and convert to metalworking only. That front wing will get painted and put on the car eventually. The Raglan (St Anns product) steadily getting its repaint now all other rebuild work is finished. Atlas 10F (Yankee product) Dads old lathe. Second instalment to follow soon.
  2. The Pianoman

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Definitely age related!
  3. The Pianoman

    How's your day?

    A bit. Mainly, find a better way to spend £91.
  4. The Pianoman

    How's your day?

    Attended my Speed Awareness Course today.
  5. The Pianoman

    Did you do a stupid thing

    I've spent ages looking for a lost pen only to realise it was still in my hand!
  6. The Pianoman


    I use Waze and yes it is good. Still think a proper satnav is better tho'
  7. The Pianoman


    You leave a phone charging from the cigar lighter when using as a sat nav. A proper satnav is better.
  8. The Pianoman


    Better idea. Tell us all. We all mystified now
  9. The Pianoman

    Stanford Hall

    There is another Stanford Hall further south in Leicestershire. Been to few car rallies there. First time I went to rally I went to the wrong Stanford Hall
  10. The Pianoman

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks for the birthday wishes folks. I have sobered up now
  11. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Derby Road Eastwood, probably late 80's Looks like PTO 513G. Ex. NCT owned by short lived Erewash Travel.
  12. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Is it this one re-painted?
  13. The Pianoman

    Cocked hat pub

    It's not the Jacklin I had as a customer then.
  14. The Pianoman

    Cocked hat pub

    I had a customer whose name was Jacklin. Lived at Hucknall, probably no longer with us.
  15. I made a similar enquiry in Central Library Angel Row. I was told that if I couldn't find it from the map they supplied to me FOC there was someone who could meet me at General Cemetery and show me where it was. No mention of money. It may depend who you speak to at Central Library.