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  1. I used to look after Tom Fletcher's piano. I have just learned today why I haven't seen him for a while
  2. I'm viewing on a laptop and have also found that the condensed button doesn't work. However I do have it in full colour (pale brown). Edit: Just noticed that it won't default to condensed either. On exiting the page it defaults back to 'expanded.'
  3. The former Yew Tree has also been in the news recently for its use as a weed growing factory.
  4. 1 shilling = 5p. x 3 = 15p. sixpence = 2½p. Add the two together and it comes to 17½p. I get same as Denshaw.
  5. I believe they started from Ripley Marketplace, Codnor, Loscoe, Heanor, Langley Mill, Eastwood, Giltbrook, Kimberley, Nuthall and into town. I don't think trams, then the trolleybuses and later motor buses all took the same route into town after Cinder Hill. Someone will no more about that than me. On that route from Ripley through Derbyshire and into Nottinghamshire there is not much open countryside. Wasn't it the longest tram route in the country? (or world?).
  6. Was going to say its a Notts & Derby Traction A1 on its way back to Ripley but that was before we noticed it was a motor bus as well as a trolley. It seems to be an AEC with the usual Notts & Derby/Midland General badge in place of the AEC badge on radiator.
  7. Here is another picture containing all of the landmarks that the picture I posted on August 13 has, namely, Forty Bridges, the Gate Inn and the viaduct carrying the Friargate Line. All in Awsworth of course. The photographer would have been standing in a field 50 or so yards to the right of the where the photographer in the previous mentioned picture was standing.
  8. I have never gone into detail with Kevan what exactly he did at Harlow Wood but one night at a club meet he was having trouble getting up out of his seat. My usual comment 'owd age creepin' on'. His comment was something like 'No, result of spending my younger days chuckin plaster casts around' I already knew that he had been at Harlow Wood so I knew what the plaster casts were. I shall ask him more next time I see him.
  9. I also know someone who worked there in the 50's and possibly earlier. He must be in his late 70's now but I can't remember his surname. His first name was Kevan - spelt with an 'a' rather than an 'i' . I believe he was a nurse but not sure.
  10. I would think she would be around 20 when she had TB so likely to be late 40's. I'll ask what ward next time I see her but she has a tendency to blot things out of memory that were not 'nice'.
  11. I have an aunt (Mothers sister) who spent 2½ years in a plaster cast at Harlow Wood with TB. Went to see her on Thursday as she is now 90. Nowt wrong with her back still! In fact there isn't much of anything wrong with her.
  12. You get broken biscuits whether you want them or not nowadays. On the end of every packet