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  1. Alfreton Road

    Wonder if the Rover in that pic survives?
  2. Arkwright Street

  3. Arkwright Street

    Googled it in various permutations and getting nowhere.
  4. Alfreton Road

    That looked rather derelict last time I went past. Riding on buses has its advantages - you get time to notice things instead of having to look where you are going!
  5. Arkwright Street

    P6 had ally boot and bonnet as you say. The front and rear wings on them were dirty great mud traps. Half a dozen bolts and they were off tho'.
  6. Alfreton Road

    There is a pub opposite side of the road to Running Horse and a bit further down that seems to have all its windows bricked up. Would that be the Rose & Crown?
  7. Arkwright Street

  8. Arkwright Street

    Doors, boot and bonnet were ally up until mid 1962. Correction, they were actually Birmabright.
  9. Arkwright Street

    I have seen that picture before. Mad Rover owner drives down wrong side of road!
  10. Alfreton Road

    Pub is Running Horse and yes it is still there. Never seems to be able to make its mind up whether to open or not.
  11. Alfreton Road

    Yes I remembered the pumps as soon as I saw the picture
  12. Bio Gas buses

    Wouldn't be surprised.
  13. Bio Gas buses

    Diesel engines and the injector pump need the oily nature of the diesel fuel for lubrication. Gas doesn't have the oily content so there is an increase in wear. Biogas engines probably don't have an injector pump as the engine will be fed by gas pressure alone. Biogas engines might even be derived from petrol engines rather than diesel. I shall have to find out now I have suggested it.
  14. Buses in Nottingham

    Trents Volvos were normal B10B's with Alexander bodies