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  1. The Pianoman

    Digby Colliery

    I wasn't actually meaning what the pits name REALLY was. It was always known, to me at least, as Digby Pit.
  2. The Pianoman

    Digby Colliery

    Just worked out wot sounded wrong with this. It's Digby Pit. Not Digby Colliery.
  3. The Pianoman

    World War One.

    I'll have a look for that book. All about the little people, not necessarily in stature tho'
  4. The Pianoman

    World War One.

    My Grandmothers first husband was injured at Somme and died later. He was also in a Bantam Regiment. Notts & Derby Regiment Sherwood Foresters.
  5. The Pianoman

    Water Meters

    I was paying £33.51 per month with my old water rate. Had a water meter about 2 years ago. My meter was read last month I shall now be paying something like £14.52 per month. (can't be bothered to check). Down from something like £17.60 something or other for the previous 6 months. (can't be bothered to check exact amount). I live on my own, no shower (I do have a bath occasionally), dishwasher, washing machine, loo and all the other stuff. I don't do anything to save water.
  6. The Pianoman

    St Ann's and surrounding area

    Posted on the Facebook St Anns pre Demolition this morning:
  7. The Pianoman

    Free bottle of Lucozade

    I tried Dandelion & Burdock a few weeks ago. That doesn't taste like it did 50 years ago either.
  8. The Pianoman

    Catstone Hill Farm, Strelley

    I am just being nosey here as I have now become interested in the whereabouts of Catstone Hill Farm. Doing my deliveries today I have been to Turkey Field Farm. I came up Robinettes Lane from Cossall Village. I can't usually get far up the lane to Turkey Field as there is a gate and the owner of Turkey Field doesn't have a key. (Its not his gate). However today I followed a lorry through and was able to drive up to Turkey Field Farm. Did my delivery and was allowed out through the top gate giving me access over the M1 into Strelley Village. I came out directly opposite Strelley Hall. Was Catsone Hill Farm near here and have I just driven up the lane highlighted in the picture above?
  9. The Pianoman

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    No, Woodborough Road - 264.
  10. The Pianoman

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    My origins are just above there. Does that make me more heavenly?
  11. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Nice to see a picture of a bus in a proper colour instead of that dinjy green
  12. Different bedroom for every night of the week too
  13. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    I should have said bus shelter. I remember it because I always (and still do) considered it to be the worlds ugliest bus shelter.
  14. The Pianoman

    Buses in Nottingham

    Is that bus stop in the second picture still there? Can't say that I have noticed a different one since my memories of that one.
  15. The Pianoman

    Hilltop, Eastwood in the 70s

    PPP's. Can't think it was anything else at the minute. Had a workshop on Barber Street late 70's/early 80's so was on that corner frequently.