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  1. And for enthusiasts (if there are any) History: Vickers Armstrong Ltd, Eastleigh, July 22, 1947. - Loaned. US Embassy, Civil Air Attache, Hendon, UK, January 27, 1948. - Registered as NC74138. Vickers Armstrong Ltd, Eastleigh, 1949. Shuttleworth Trust, Old Warden, 1950-1983. - Static display, 1950-1975. - Moved to Duxford for rebuild to fly, August 30, 1975. Roland Fraissinet, Marseilles, France, April 14, 1983. Roland Fraissinet, East Midlands Airport, UK, June 6, 1983-1987. - Registered as G-PRXI. - Rebuild complete. - First flight, East Midlands, July 18, 1984. Doug Arnold/Warbirds of GB L
  2. Battle of Britain ‪#‎spitfire‬ ‪#‎WWII‬
  3. However I will tell you about the greatest event I ever witnessed. In 1958/9 at the height of the cold war I saw on several occasions both squadrons of Vulcan`s scramble one after the other (617 first.) To see one vulcan take off is awe inspiring but to see the whole 2 squadrons take off IN PAIRS was the most inspiring event I had witnessed of these aircraft. The noise was thunderous. You do not realise how momentous these events are,at the time.
  4. Sincere apologies for the flippant remarks above.Freedom of speech etc is so rapidly vanishing.
  5. Ian and Fly, ...........take it this is what you mean? (# 15)
  6. Hello Joy and congrats on a wonderful day yesterday. Now can I ask you(as we were neighbours (up until 11 anyway) if you new Johnny Hardy, Pete Coffee, Kenny Hemsley, the Grewcock brothers, and Harry Cook at the Hop Bloom? Whose class were you in at BBH. ? Kenny is trying to find Ann Cropper,remember her? Best wishes Stan H.
  7. With reference to the above it brings back memories of a wonderful English gentleman who I knew quite well. Air Vice Marshal Eric Stephenson. During World War II, his pursuit of all three almost came to an abrupt end twice, depending first on the lucky flip of a coin and, later on, through surviving the experience of being shot down over Germany in a Lancaster bomber. His return from captivity at the end of the war allowed him to pick up where he left off with fiancée Freda, and saw him become a country doctor in Norfolk. In 1955 he also resumed wearing Air Force blue, only this time in Au
  8. Again entirely Mick`s decision . Of course you are allowed an opinion but you are bound by his rules on his forum. I do not like the decision to exclude my very middle ground political opinions on here,but that is the rule. I suppose you are aware of the difference between democracy and benevolent dictatorship?
  9. Mick`s Forum.....Mick`s rules Ok?
  10. Mr. or is it MS? Brenton,The lady?gentleman doth protest too much, has been used as a figure of speech, in various phrasings, to indicate that a person's overly frequent or vehement attempts to convince others of something have ironically helped to convince others that the opposite is true, by making the person look insincere and defensive. He/she certainly PRESUMES too much. You don`t seem to be aware that this forum is entirely owned and paid for by Mick2Me. It is entirely up to him to decide to do with it as he please. If people want to quote and are prepared to donate to make that poss
  11. #33 I for one think an extra $250 a year on top of Mick`s already very generous payments is something that he should not have to add. All very well talking about the extra cost until one tries to collect. I think it should be VERY WELL DONE MICK.
  12. Margie H (#28) Don`t send money ,wait until I give you ....wait for it.......... A QUOTE
  13. And (I was told most strongly never to start a sentence with "and" ) they vanished long before the above situation.
  14. Quote again....are,... you mean having an honest and logical,and middle of the road opinion,Fynger?
  15. Its called `Chemo Curls, Carni,and very common (not `common' just frequent.) Well done Mrs Booth.