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  1. Rowena White

    I think she studied Drama at Clarendon College in the mid 60s around the time Dick Beckinsale was there.
  2. Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    Yes I thought they were good for a local band. I think Geoff (Jeff?) Bowering , brother of Chris that worked in the L ,played sax in this band. They often played at The Beachcomber.
  3. Classic cars

    Excellent window on the A1 and vehicles of the period. I wish it were as quiet these days. I guess its about progress you needed some brass to be running a car in 1939.
  4. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I understand completely...................................
  5. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I don't blame them for President Trump or the demise of Carillion or for the plight of the soft steel worker twats that have compromised their pensions and so on
  6. Nice Nave!

    Pugin was the architect for Mount St Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire , I think it may have been the first Catholic Abbey to built since the Henry VIII 's reformation in 16th century.
  7. The Chateau, Wilford Lane

    Well it was a cool place to go in the mid to late 60s with a girl on the back of my scooter. I recall the barrels being down some stairs..............but could be mistaken
  8. The Chateau, Wilford Lane

    Reindeer at Hoveringham we rubbed shoulders
  9. Nah mate never went to the Zoo with Gussies .............I suspect that in my day you (the school that is) couldn't ask folk for the money for the trip with voluntary or otherwise contribution. My recollections of steam train jaunts was the weekend ramblers trains from Victoria Stn out to Derbyshire in the mid 60s........ Lovely
  10. How's your day?

    Take care do not fall if you can possibly help it. In contrast to falls from greater heights, ground-level falls – essentially falls from a standing position, with feet touching the ground prior to the fall – have traditionally been considered minor injuries. A new study suggests older adults – who experience ground-level falls are much more likely to be severely injured. Oh whilst I am handing out advice its a good idea to get younger folk to go up ladders for you they are more likely to bounce.
  11. Old school books

  12. How's your day?

    Stick to cars mate you know where you are then..............
  13. Cathedral Youth Club and the one at St Pats were early stomping grounds of mine. I think some years earlier than Max Romeo................. I would have liked to have been there!
  14. The Jarrow March.

    Interesting isn't it . My Grandfather ( secretary of the local NUR ) was involved in finding places for some of the men to stay.