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  1. siddha

    Raglan Engineering - St Anns

    Looks a good proposition. I do like tools like this and enjoy messing with them. I recently got a Murad interesting thing. I think my old ML7 is going on Ebay soon.
  2. siddha

    Reggae track name

    I and I at a blues on Tennyson Street..............................
  3. siddha

    Central Market

    Could be an Aston but no Bertelli pics showing the split rear windscreen. Also I do not think AM would cover their wire wheels, though of course an owner may fit them at some time in the cars life. If we could see the detail on the bonnet louvres then that would help e.g. Riley's diamond.
  4. siddha

    Central Market

    Well exposed rear wheel......... as Pianoman says MG but this was a characteristic of VdP bodies so could be a Talbot Earlier than some cars there as it has exposed headlights. Cannot make out wheels but if not spokes does it have Ace Wheel covers? If so into larger cars Jaguar (SS), big Humber or Rover?? Don't think I have helped ........... Sorry
  5. Dragline = proper bloke..........
  6. One of my favourite films! A most perceptive link!
  7. siddha

    Classic cars

    Only a month away !! Nottm Autokarna is on Sunday 3rd June at Woolaton Park always some good bits of metal there. If I can keep a car running dependably then I will take something.
  8. siddha

    Happy Birthday

    Carni, Congratulations for completing another trip around the sun! Have a fab day !
  9. siddha

    Mia House ,Derby Road.
  10. Are you sure you heard them clearly?
  11. siddha


    A good man willing to share and contribute to an interested group of folk. I will miss his very balanced and trenchant contributions to this forum.
  12. siddha

    Where is This?

    Excellent! Querneby Rd was where the Scout group I went to had its buildings. 105th St Judes. I walked down that road every week for some of my formative years.
  13. siddha

    hyson green

    Yeah well I remember Paul Brown and his sidekicks........................ Not so easy!
  14. siddha

    Duchess of Cambridge

    Let's use the Windsor wealth to ease the financial burden on the National Health Services. I think a council house semi for each Windsor family could be found somewhere in the north east for as long as they could go out to work and pay the rent. The older ones in retirement would presumably draw a pension commensurate with the arduous toil they have undergone in their working lives. Sort of what happens to most folk................................
  15. siddha

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    Fab pics ! Thanks for posting them. They evoke all kinds of memories, some good others less so. Regarding cycling I used to do West Bridgford to school then back home on my bike to Mapperley up both hills every school day and most Saturdays for 5 years. I must have been fit!! I still cycle but modern traffic is a constant worry. When at Gussies primary school (age 9 or 10 ) I escorted a very pretty girl home all the way down the chase and up Donkey Hill to her house ...........I omitted to let my Ma know and on arrival home very late but happy was severely chastised.........couldn't sit comfortably for a day or two!!