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  1. siddha

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    It is a Triumph Roadster Stylish with art deco resonances and an interesting dickey seat
  2. siddha

    Another Coigach walk.

    Again! Brilliant to see …………. I hanker after these landscapes. You are so lucky Compo.
  3. siddha

    Another Coigach walk.

    Fabulous thank for posting this. I love this area for scenery and walks.
  4. siddha

    Wasp nest under the boat:

    Wasps are a nuisance however they are also important pollinators; if we can it is better to co-exist.
  5. siddha


    “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.” ― Bertrand Russell, New Hopes for a Changing World
  6. siddha

    Car dealers

    There were a number of variants of these made with probably the most common being the Swallow body. I am not sure who made this one; the rear end looks as if it could be a fabric construction in which case it might be a Hoyal's body. I do like the ACE discs covering the wire wheels. From the Minor web site At least 24 separate British coachbuilding companies manufactured bodies for the Morris Minor chassis. A number of these companies produced more than one model, the most prolific being A.P. Compton (Arrow) with 8 models and a total of 6 different body styles. CMS, Gordon England, Maddox and Hoyal also included more than one Minor based model in their ranges. Those U.K. based companies known to have produced Minor Specials are listed below: Arrow (A. P. Compton) Boyd – Carpenter (B.C.) Brainsby (Trentlein) CMS (Coventry Motor Sundries) Colmore Depot Cunard (Stewart & Ardern) Duple Gordon England Hoyal Jarvis Jenson King Bros. (K. B. Special) Maddox Maltby Martin Marshalsea (Taunton) McEvoy Merlyn Mulliner Page Salmon & Sons. (Tickford) Sullivan SunRayn (Page & Johnson) Swallow
  7. siddha

    How's your day?

    I don't have a truly pretty car at the mo! Anyway sounds like an excellent bash...……….
  8. siddha

    How's your day?

    All the very best both of you. You didn't want a wedding car then?
  9. siddha

    How's your day?

    Changed vital fluids and serviced a 1929 Chrysler this am!! Goes really quickly but suffers with fuel vapourization in hot weather. Mowed lawn and felt virtuous pm so early pint tonight!
  10. siddha

    Classic cars

    Possibly an Argyll or less certainly a Swift??
  11. siddha

    Classic cars

    No not a Talbot checked that with those that know...……………….. Swift ? Argyll? there were so many small manufacturers then. Charles Rolls made 3 small cars like this before he got together with Royce. I will keep looking...………..
  12. siddha

    Classic cars

    Well funny that it is on Talbot Street ………...the flairing where the radiator sits on the chassis rails is reminiscent of Talbots …………….. I am doing more research.
  13. siddha

    Classic cars

    Bullnose Morris Prince Henry has a more pointed rad and the fluted bonnet
  14. siddha

    Where is This?

  15. siddha

    I am a primary school teacher

    Shame about primaryschoolteacher ………. I agree. Ian123 you know what an odd world we live in where some will flock to diminish the nicest folk, others, willingly (though not always knowingly) will ignore the most appalling things . This is why we are led by a selfish elite and why we move towards Brexit.