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  1. siddha

    World War One.

    Corbyn is a politician with principles, to his credit he sticks to them. I prefer his consistency to those who lie and change their minds according to personal profit or popularity.
  2. siddha

    How's your day?

    No hair left on my head...…………..
  3. siddha

    How's your day?

    Morning Men and Women and of course all those that consider themselves gender neutral, Lovely dawn here and the day looks as if it holds promise. I intend to get the shopping done soon (Morrisons for some good fish) Then, a day in the garage sorting out a reluctant gearbox linkage and reorganising lathe tools. Then to a local for some amber nectar...……………………... Enjoy the day!
  4. siddha

    How's your day?

    Rog, you could consider a dynostart off a ride on mower; that will start and charge ………... You would need a belt not a starter ring, I am looking at that on a big 4litre Sunbeam at present. If you wanted a starter ring where would you go?
  5. siddha

    Classic cars

    Does anybody have a taper reamer that I could borrow? 6° taper, 18/19 mm at the narrowest end, any shank.
  6. siddha

    The Manning School

    What a fascinating account of the beginning of the school day and the conditioning you underwent in order to take your place as a young women in society. If you were/are not a catholic then you would not understand...……...I went to The Beckett where we were conditioned accordingly so have some idea of the "mumbo jumbo" . I bet your catholic chums just sat about and told each other jokes …………… long as they had not been contaminated with non-Catholic dogma/cant then they would be OK. I was in an Anglican Scout Troop and instructed not to participate in the prayers at the nd of the meetings; I tried hard to comply under threats of God disapproving in some catholic way and being excommunicated or even exterminated. In the end I just joined in preferred the disapproval of the catholic fraternity to the disapproval of the folk that I valued.
  7. siddha

    Watson Fothergill's Home on Mapperley Road

    Yep school was not particularly interesting to me...………………………… learnt more there from the hardened socialists that had fought their way up the Co-op greasy pole than I did from disinterested teachers who taught to a strict GCE syllabus.
  8. siddha

    Watson Fothergill's Home on Mapperley Road

    Co-op Offices in the 60s. I had a holiday job there for a couple of years.
  9. siddha

    All Kinds of Everything.

    I replaced a few chassis outriggers on both models, they rotted in a few years. In the 70s I was amused to see cars with a permanent lean on one side or the other where the replacement of outriggers had been bodged.
  10. siddha

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    It is a Triumph Roadster Stylish with art deco resonances and an interesting dickey seat
  11. siddha

    Another Coigach walk.

    Again! Brilliant to see …………. I hanker after these landscapes. You are so lucky Compo.
  12. siddha

    Another Coigach walk.

    Fabulous thank for posting this. I love this area for scenery and walks.
  13. siddha

    Wasp nest under the boat:

    Wasps are a nuisance however they are also important pollinators; if we can it is better to co-exist.
  14. siddha


    “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.” ― Bertrand Russell, New Hopes for a Changing World
  15. siddha

    Car dealers

    There were a number of variants of these made with probably the most common being the Swallow body. I am not sure who made this one; the rear end looks as if it could be a fabric construction in which case it might be a Hoyal's body. I do like the ACE discs covering the wire wheels. From the Minor web site At least 24 separate British coachbuilding companies manufactured bodies for the Morris Minor chassis. A number of these companies produced more than one model, the most prolific being A.P. Compton (Arrow) with 8 models and a total of 6 different body styles. CMS, Gordon England, Maddox and Hoyal also included more than one Minor based model in their ranges. Those U.K. based companies known to have produced Minor Specials are listed below: Arrow (A. P. Compton) Boyd – Carpenter (B.C.) Brainsby (Trentlein) CMS (Coventry Motor Sundries) Colmore Depot Cunard (Stewart & Ardern) Duple Gordon England Hoyal Jarvis Jenson King Bros. (K. B. Special) Maddox Maltby Martin Marshalsea (Taunton) McEvoy Merlyn Mulliner Page Salmon & Sons. (Tickford) Sullivan SunRayn (Page & Johnson) Swallow