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  1. My Surname isn't Messy but family name was Hessey, when I married though I took our lasses name.
  2. 300 of them according to the activity log, either extremely popular with lurkers or the bots have multiplied.
  3. Although I was too young, there was next to the showcase cinema which was built the Black Orchid which I think got on the telly a few times for the Hitman and her. On the same side was Browns bakery which has since gone which was on the edge of the round about underneath the over pass, it also had Makro and Hyperama , I think John Players was down there. In town there was a nightclub owned by Barry Noble, who had Noble amusements.... I do wonder if I remembering the name correctly.
  4. I remember we had our school meals served in them not used for class rooms as far as I know.
  5. I thank you for your reply, presently all I have is memories, which as in the case of the summer house which was actually an air raid shelter shows that we do paint over and touch up our memory landscapes. I am writing this all down as there will be a point when it will fade away. Also I am being very introspective at the moment, sometimes to get the most out of the present day you have to understand what you are actually working with and for a lot of the time I have been ignoring the rattles as much you might on the car, but it has become a clunking sound now, so need to investiga
  6. Thank you, one thing that can be said about me is that if you ask me the time I will tell you how the clock is put together.
  7. Blues and greys were my remembered colours, I had a blue blazer and cap, with grey shorts. School photo I turned up for had blue shirts I recall.
  8. Serendipity, has a strong influence over my life, so lets go with the flow and it seems that Mountford House is to be the starting point and this Oo ar yer thread a place as good as any other to home my thoughts. It is not just the audience asking who are you? But the writer that of them self. Mountford House wasn't actually the first school I went to it was the 2nd. My first venture into the education system left me with a funny little line which I tell to folks when it takes my fancy of how I was expelled after two days at school. I didn't do nursery as a kid, my nan would look a
  9. Life has been a funny old thing, and although 50 these days is half way through life, it still gets you to being reflective, especially when you see others get tagged much like a giant game of British bulldog, which I used to enjoy at Parkdale primary, they had a big net ball court set out, that was a perfect size with two large semi circles at each end as places to run too and from. Anyways, I always was one of the youngest in class, so come September the first lot of folks from school days will be holding their bats aloft and saluting the crowds as they reach their half century. Can not say
  10. Story about the people who have run the pub since 1999
  11. 1907 print of Lloyds bank Netherfield found this while looking for when Lloyds was built.
  12. Just curious as to if the two photographs are of the same place and exactly where the toll gate was. I lived at bottom end of Meadow Road, nowadays and in the 80s if you came from the shops going to Colwick you would swing left to go over the bridge or turn right to continue on Meadow Road, at the time there was a derelict looking house to the left which has since been renovated and to the right just on the corner of Elm drive was the coachworks now replaced with two houses then two railway houses one of which my family lived in and the other was where our neighbour Winnie lived. I
  13. It is funny how things come about. I found this forum much by accident because I was looking for information about Fords shop. Just to see if my memory was still working. This has brought a lot of memories back. My own memories are from the 1980 to 1987 when we moved from Netherfield. For such a small area it had a wealth of shops which many towns would be proud of these days. Unlike the opening post my memories of Netherfield come from the Meadow road end of Netherfield not really venturing passed the CO-OP a lot. only for the Chinese which was near the church and the toy shop whi
  14. My memories of Carlton le willows was as it's last year of having the first years in the building opposite the fire station and the rest of the school at its current site, we used to go for football/rugby on a Friday morning to the main school. A grabd old building which had old ink well desks. Seems nothing changes as the teachers were on strike for most of the year and we would get primitive print outs with our schedule on due to teachers being in or out on strike.