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  1. This is so sad Commo such a great loss for you. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. Not got Christmas turkey having lamb and gammon at my daughters tomorrow.
  3. All this back biting from a small number of members can upset a lot of members, you can voice an opinion but don't insult people. Go on facebook if you want to do that. Don't like the post then don't read it, if you come on this site just to insult people then leave this site and don't come back. I myself don't post much but I like to read the post that's interesting. Happy Christmas to all.
  4. I'm on the outside not in thanks, and still working at the age of 69
  5. Nice to know that criminals in prison can get a sex change operations on the NHS, money no object for them, I have got a double hernia but I can't have a operation because I don't meet the criteria. i.e. not painful enough and not swollen enough and cost money so said the specialist.
  6. I don't tip anyone we don't have the same postman/woman for the last 6 months or the binmen, and I have take the bin to the gate for them not like the old days when they fetched it
  7. Google - Nottinghamshire History, not much about the hall, lot about Adbolton .
  8. Because this one's gone out.
  9. Can't beat a bonfire on the road and melt the tarmac, them were the days.
  10. Men not opening doors for women or letting women go first.
  11. When the gypsies kept going onto Clifton village greens over the years Nottingham City Council decided put in bollards to stop them, yes it did stop them, but they just moved onto the one a few yards away with no bollards in. so why did the council not do both?
  12. Happy Birthday Loppylugs hope you having a great day.