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  1. 50 years after Woodstock........Still together.
  2. RIP Peter Fonda... A ride out in the hills in your honour.
  3. Nice and muggy here..off to the races! It's a mixed card..we are in a 'box'..comes with drinks and finger food..whatever that means..Burlington Berty!!!
  4. Bartons had a gas bus...
  5. Our local Bar in Spain does a British Disco once a week..a great laugh. As we have had record temperatures of late..this got a spin. A punkah wallah is much needed.
  6. gettin' ready. Kick off them sandles Paul!
  7. Been reading all about NJ. Crisp.
  8. Yes alan s, a return to some real Nottingham is on the cards.This pearler of Hounds Gate, with bus and Poplar/prefect...undated.
  9. This one is very thought provoking Geoffrey..Sunday, 1961. Angler making his way to the river through a deserted Market Square.
  10. Always thought Midnight Oil kinda pinched the riff...( been in my head.) not easy to play...well for me anyway.B D and G...me hands sruggle with them triads. a belter that should be heard.
  11. Good Vibrations almost opposite The Old Grey Nags Head. Still there when i last visited. Many years ago( early 70s) Ace Records was on Mansfield Rd..just above Richer Sounds but across the way- great for sixties US garage and surf punk...he relocated to Wollaton Street. ..he was a Ted..next to Stockwoods Cafe and Scamps. He is now in West End Arcade!