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  1. Not changed a great deal..get a nice pint of Bus Depot today.
  2. Could be wrong- but i think the back story to Greg's music was written in protest to the commercialism of Xmas..backfired somewhat!
  3. IAN123.

    Stuff Just Gets Better!!

    Go Anon??!!
  4. IAN123.

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    Apart from alma mater matters..this Sali Army Hostel on Cranmer St.and the locale still jog memories.
  5. Nice bevvy of songs Col..glad we 'Don't Rage Against The Machine'..and all is back to posting normal. Would love to do Cropredy..have you been? Besides Miss Hardy been a bedroom pinup...the wall was shared with Sandy.
  6. IAN123.

    Nottingham from above - Shakespeare Street

    Also David, the rear of Lamberts or what was to become Jersey Kapwoods.
  7. IAN123.

    3 randoms.

    Long Row East, 1930's.Long Row East, 1940's.Long Row East,1950's.
  8. The end of the line..literally!!St.Marys & the Lace Market captured also.London Rd.1973 , recall this view from Sound & Vision Dept at Island Street.Arkwright St. Looks like Station Street Printing Dept in the distance.
  9. IAN123.

    Whatever happened to......?

    Whatever happened to Christmas Day Footy?
  10. Another song that 'became' an Xmas song. Been buzzing around here since 2008 if i recall. Think the red scarves is in relation to the French Revolution. white winter hymnal.
  11. IAN123.

    Buses in Nottingham

    Regards Deepdene 585 certainly looks a 'spanker'.
  12. IAN123.


    Chatty and chockers..still use 'em.
  13. IAN123.

    Golden Age of Children's T.V.

    Dawsons Funny Old Farm, Rentaghost, Animal Kwackers and Crown Court.
  14. IAN123.

    St Anns

    One of St.Anns Well Road.One of Wells Road. Cavco chat reminded me of Costain Homes.