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  1. Thanks oz..i recall an Arcade ( not amusement) with a number of shops in it. Went to see a puppet show in the Empire..very boring.
  2. Think this is Belvedere St.looking towards cinema..mid 60's.
  3. A pure Gretsch fest ! Boy Norma Jean had it all..good looks, groove , guitar. Jerome was Bo's best sidekick..
  4. IAN123.

    Keep One Drop One.

    Proper Order.
  5. IAN123.

    Local shops or beer offs that you remember

    Couple of Offies.
  6. Dublin in the rare old times...paddy Reilly.
  7. IAN123.

    Buses in Nottingham

    Lads crowd the 43...there's one of them red stops Deepdene mentioned.
  8. IAN123.

    How's your day?

    Well done Terry! I did it for a good few years..but tired of grannies coming in with scissors.. "Taking Slips".. and leaving my place well topiaried!
  9. IAN123.

    Things you don't see anymore

    Miss these...love Tomsk.Chris Spedding was the guitarist on TOTP.
  10. IAN123.

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Old mate Alan Simpson lives to the left of where this was taken.Did some work on his Eco gaff..sound bloke.
  11. IAN123.

    Get Down Snenno !

    originally a cricket ground..Victoria Bath St.Park...great for those double swings. Sit and suck on a blood orange...
  12. IAN123.

    A few random photos - 2

    St.Lukes on Carlton Rd.Part of it still exists today Shire Hall and Police Station.3 in 1..Boundary / police and Trent.
  13. I was taught by my Mum how to dress a crab..Razor Clams ...cooked on the beach with a bonfire , guitar and wine- to die for!
  14. IAN123.

    World cup squad

    Please!!! I hope the Germans go home so funny to watch these mardy's bullying the Ref...got 20 notes on Sweden.
  15. IAN123.

    Songs that stick in the mind...

    I must have seen this amazing film over thirty times.Straight from the off and that pretty Lamborghini Miura P400 whizzing 'round those bends to Matt Monro. A game changer...1969... And produced by Mr.Stanley Baker. Questi giorni quando vieni il belle sole