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  1. Buses in Nottingham

    skills yard..nice Matador.
  2. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Still part of my 5 a day mate!
  3. Scenes which haven't changed so much.

    Know the area well oz..my mates the Monk family lived in Lane House.
  4. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Loved that Gaymers Cider.
  5. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Saw these at The Nottingham Playhouse with me Ma. Nottm Festival '74!
  6. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Up until the late 1970's the Nottm Festival was excellent..before it became hi-brow.Taste 1970Family at the festival.Atomic Rooster under the canvas at Nottm Festival.
  7. Demolished Memories

    This the photo..out of sequence after the post image problem.
  8. Vinyl discs

    The two semis i have Harmony Meteor and a sweet Epiphone Casino i run them through a battered old Vox AC30...must be 50 years plus...after the initial crackle...they match lovely. Kids go for rehashed Orange or WEM..yuk!
  9. 3 from Mansfield, Hyde Barker..did some work for them and they organised a eurorail trip for me..gratis! A photo from the Chad..pub and streets flooded ( year oz?). Wakeys..better than Nottms one..loads of surplus gear. Were Hyde Bain related to Hyde Barker?
  10. Dunkirk - old and new

    Gives you an idea of the site and scale of construction, QMC being built.
  11. Covering All Pockets.

    Bright colour shot from 1966 of Long Eaton, nice Cambridge, Midland Bank gone?,red shippo foden dray. Barton bus,big prams and no Gregg's.
  12. Scenes which haven't changed so much.

    I see the powers that be haven't ruined those Cliff, very good.
  13. A few random photos - 2

    Three colour uns' to mull over' The old cricket players.Beeston Square 1974..miss Safeway price & Beal and a bit of Sun Valley and snenno mkt.
  14. How's your day?

    Packed up me troubles.... It'not a 'long way' really ...up to the Dublin shortly...see you in blighty.
  15. Photos to cheer us up

    Looks smashing Compo.