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  1. IAN123.

    Things you don't see anymore

    Shall we test him? Ham Hocks. Golden Syrup. Flat Nescafè tin. Puffed Wheat.
  2. IAN123.

    1968 Bus Strike

    I refused to strike at Gerrards in 1984..it was for 8p a day! As in many of my workplaces..i was sent to Coventry...bliss..wrapped a Scotto pool cue round a lippy blokes noggin though.
  3. IAN123.

    Things you don't see anymore

    Can you still get this?..never liked Marg..or Stork..not even the trendy Flora when it came out...no matter how many times Wogan pushed it on the ads .Real butter everytime.
  4. IAN123.

    1968 Bus Strike

    I didn't know about that Mick..thanks. Anyone not strike?
  5. IAN123.

    Buses in Nottingham

    Bit narrer' int' it?Arnold no.20 off Surgeys Lane.
  6. IAN123.

    Backyard Britain.

    I wonder if like me any member went back to the house they lived in years before?..I could not believe how small the house was..certainly had to be broadminded..wash and toilet timetable was pretty basic! We were the last to move out...as we refused Clifton, Aspley and St.Anns. I regret i never lifted our street sign. When i visit Nottingham now..i nip and have a look, as little bits still exist. Was it me ?...the politics regarding the privvy..you weren't supposed to chat to next door when 'engaged'.
  7. IAN123.

    1950's Robin Hood Restaurant?

    I do recall it being closed for years. The Robin Hood Milk Bar...as mentioned and a photo recently posted..Robin Hood and Little John Restaurant was opposite the Albert Hotel on Derby Rd. There is a picture on the net of recently passed actor Bill Maynard in the Robin Hood Milkbar.
  8. IAN123.

    Maid Marian Way

    Good spot for curryhouses though Oz...took nearly 30 years for it to come into it's own.
  9. IAN123.

    How's your day?

    Living out here..never seen one virgin van..or any other Company. We switched back to Eircom two years ago..repair bloke next day, €67 a month...broadband and phone..59 minutes free uk calls per day...go into the hour...ouch!
  10. IAN123.

    Buses in Nottingham

    Onevof my faves Oz.
  11. Really good stuff Col..Buddy was one of the best.Rave On seemed streets ahead of it's time.
  12. IAN123.

    Buses in Nottingham

    A real beauty. 471.
  13. IAN123.

    Various old shops, now gone.

    Derby Road used to be buzzing..before the days of Deliveroo cyclists mowing you down..Lewis the Tailors, Derby Bank firnishings and Clifton Stores..this is 1950.
  14. IAN123.

    Keep One Drop One

    Chop Chop.
  15. IAN123.


    The original Mushroom BookshopI remember it being on one side of Heathcote St.Then outgrew the premises and moved over the road...expanded my reading to 'Zen And The Art Of...books. Purchased handbooks that took me to the States and South America. Still have my Swamp Thatcher badge.