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  1. Sometimes you have to laugh, don't you. As I said I'm ignorant of St Anns as was and looking to learn a bit more. Where was this Alford St then?
  2. Sorry to butt into this, not being an old St Annswellian and all.... Ian's picture and subsequent comment are all correct, it's Alfred St Central, the post box in front of the Post Office, opposite Alison Rise, can be seen in the picture.
  3. Our coal storage facility was also next to the outside toilet like most in the Meadows. It was referred to as the 'coal-house'. It really did seem ridiculously huge. It was converted into a bathroom/toilet and laundry utility and the outside toilet became the new coal-house, perfectly adequate. I remember we got our coal from Tricketts on Blackstone St. A really mucky job I liked as a kid, breaking down the large pieces into cobbles with this great big hatchet and then using a riddle thing to separate the slack. I couldn't have been more than about five or six.
  4. Yes BK, I can actually remember the wires, they went past the end of our street. It would have been easier than going up Turney St and having to turn and go round the island at the top. Not just the 43 though, 41, 45 and 46.
  5. Weren't there trolley wires from the works, down along to the end of Bunbury St and left on to the last section of the Embankment to the gates?
  6. No Waddo, not that we had that much to pinch. As I think back, I never heard of anyone who was burgled or suffered any other crime for that matter. The Meadows reputation back then was undeserved, folk didn't have much but crime rate must have been low. As I said, the police must have been busy elsewhere, apart from the odd community visit to Trent Bridge Juniors we never saw them.
  7. When I was a kid, every year before we went on holiday, I remember mam would always go to that one on Queens Drive corner to let them know we were away. She told me a policeman would then come and check our doors on his rounds. I reckon she was wasting her time though, I can't ever remember actually seeing a copper on the beat in the Medders.
  8. I remember 'special' buses in the sixties which used to park up at the end of the embankment on match days. Not on the turn-round, on that stretch just through the gates. Not sure if they were trolleys though. As CT says, the vast majority of the crowds went up London Rd and on Arky they often spilled on the road holding up traffic..
  9. TBI

    Nottingham Castle

    You ain't missed much, just as the Castle is a castle, Mortimer's Hole is just.... that
  10. TBI

    Nottingham Castle

    Whilst the current edifice may indeed be underwhelming, it is still quite legitimate to call Nottingham Castle a castle. Historic ruins are still referred to as their original function, even if there is little left of the original. There are some small parts of the original castle left, the site is still the same, it certainly resembles a castle even if the main building is a mansion. It's called Nottingham Castle so isn't that enough?
  11. TBI

    How's your day?

    What folk choose to eat is entirely their concern. I know a number of vegetarians and a vegan and none of them have ever presumed to comment on my diet. Just as I wouldn't presume to call their values and beliefs 'self-righteous'.
  12. TBI

    Nottingham Castle

    Actually an opportunity there for the entrepreneurs... top of the range accomodation for well-heeled students. Not so tongue-in-cheek either. I know students often get a bad press on here but a point many don't consider.... in these straitened times Academia is a growth industry. Aside from various establishments of further education in Nottingham and just taking our two Universities, a total business in excess of £1billion per year with 10,000+ jobs. Total students approaching 70,000, imagine the infrastructure and thousands of ancillary jobs to support that. Like them or not, students are a huge part of the City's economy.
  13. TBI

    Poverty Capital

    Yes Willow, that's a later version than the North Circus St one and a great close-up. That particular one in front of the public bogs would soon be joined by a second one next to it. I'm a bit intrigued by the window signs which show a bell, looks like the South Western Bell logo but I think must be a coincidence. Edit.. yes realised it would be the National Telephone Company logo.
  14. TBI

    Poverty Capital

    Yes, certainly looks like one but it appears very basic. As said, there has always been a box at that location. Phone boxes had started to appear around the town centre before the war but were usually bigger and had a telephone sign above. I wonder if that particular one might have been for police use at that time.
  15. TBI

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    Again, probably about 1981, an Essex 88. The first of these cars were banned by F1 because they were too fast!