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  1. As the saying goes.....There are none so blind as they who will not see. I'll leave you to your site. Goodbye.
  2. Perhaps you may want to do some research on the characteristics of cliques, Brew.
  3. Brew, I think you've overlooked the post to which the 'clique' comment alluded to - as classic an example of cliquism as I ever saw. More so, the likes your post has attracted.... Just sayin' ...
  4. That's sad to hear Jill, I can still picture them both from nearly sixty years ago. My mum was quite friendly with June.
  5. Think that's cracked it Jill, thanks
  6. Yes Jill, that would sound about right, he was a little younger than me. I remember his dad's name was Len and worked at Players.
  7. Thanks Jill, I do remember David had a baby sibling very early sixties but don't remember if it was a boy or girl. Yes, might be a cousin perhaps, quite a strong resemblance.
  8. Wonder if the girl second from right bottom row, Linda Wing, is perhaps a sister of a little mate of mine from the Meadows, David Wing. They moved to Knighton Ave early '60s. She looks very like I remember him.
  9. 'An accusation of altruism'. Almost an oxymoron?
  10. Sad, but kept intact. The following year, the building to the left ( Novacade ) was totally demolished and re-built.
  11. You can guarantee, whenever there's a big 'ole, there'll be some nosey boggers looking down it.
  12. Yes, the Mundella 1969 shows seven rows, about a hundred persons on each row. Looks like the staging was for the top three rows.
  13. FWIW, I remember all the staging being put up for the Mundella panoramic. It wasn't done by people or with materials from the school. I've no idea which photo company was used. Mundella had them done every five years. Rickety thing too, I was stood up near the back row, no H&S then.
  14. You do not have to have your car serviced at the main dealer to maintain warranty, that hasn't been a requirement for years under EU regs. I have found Mercedes are one of the worst for servicing costs and I've picked them up a number of times for mistakes too. I wouldn't buy another. Our current Jaguar had a 3 year servicing deal for, I think about £450, bargain. The problem with not having a main dealer FSH with prestige vehicles reflects on re-sale values when you want to change it.