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  1. Yes, it was at the Bilborough end. The cameraman would be looking towards Glaisdale. The railway line would be behind the hedge with the barred gate?
  2. Not familiar with it myself but wasn't Raleigh Sports field on Glaisdale Drive?
  3. If you search the site Mr M, I think you'll find Warros has been mentioned quite a bit. Never went there myself, I'd left our fair city by then.
  4. I think there may have been a few more though, I went to the very first CAMRA event held at Victoria Leisure Centre in either 1971 or '72.
  5. Yes, the large bar on the Wollaton St side was the Tryst and where the music was played. Never heard of the Shieling bar, on the Derby Rd side was the small ( pretty rubbish ) restaurant. Don't know what was upstairs though. Pub I miss for lunchtime was the Sal, we often nipped up from Woolies for a couple of pints and great ham/cheese salad crusty cobs.
  6. Yes and no, Lizzie. The car is going the right way...coming down Listergate/Greyfriar Gate was actually a through-road, so the island would be on the drivers left. The light van has just exited Broad Marsh and strictly speaking should have gone round the island ( on his right ) to enter Greyfriar Gate. He's nipped across though, ( commercial vehicle drivers for you...lol ).
  7. What are those two tall things on the left? Putting up the Xmas decs? Btw...Merry Christmas everyone
  8. Yes, a great picture. Must be very early fifties, temporary lamps to warn motorists, the Fountain has just been demolished.
  9. Bit more info, a description of another Heavy AA battery. The guns used more powerful ammunition when static and a helpful picture showing what the emplacements would look like, matching the outline on Cliff's map. https://www.portlandhistory.co.uk/verne-heavy-anti-aircraft-battery.html
  10. The site was definitely the Anti-Aircraft Battery, as evidenced... https://www.pastscape.org.uk/hob.aspx?a=0&hob_id=1473141https://www.pastscape.org.uk/hob.aspx?a=0&hob_id=1473141 Whilst ack ack guns were usually mobile, the permanent camps may have had emplacements built to accomodate the guns, particularly heavier ones like these. I suppose there would be searchlight positions too.
  11. Problem is FLY, people don't always realise when they're being snobbish. Just my opinion aka 'just sayin'...
  12. There was a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery situated at Mapperley, so the camp was presumably that.
  13. Presumably Jaguar had learned its lesson, they must have been pretty quick to supply the XJS for the '80s follow-up series.
  14. Took the bike out for a spin this morning and headed through Melton Mowbray. Big mistake, there were crews surface gritting from the Grantham Rd with tail-backs at rolling traffic lights. Loads of bikers but most taking it very easy. One muppet trying to overtake too fast and came down and scrawked his pride and joy, no injury just hurt pride, you can't believe some folk. Clouds of dust everywhere, not good news for quite a few in the opposite tail-back. Classics, at least half a dozen Rover P4s and some Triumphs all polished up lovely, getting caked. I bet they were spitting, passed more heading towards Melton as I rode through, must be a show somewhere. Some folk won't be happy.