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  1. Presumably Jaguar had learned its lesson, they must have been pretty quick to supply the XJS for the '80s follow-up series.
  2. Took the bike out for a spin this morning and headed through Melton Mowbray. Big mistake, there were crews surface gritting from the Grantham Rd with tail-backs at rolling traffic lights. Loads of bikers but most taking it very easy. One muppet trying to overtake too fast and came down and scrawked his pride and joy, no injury just hurt pride, you can't believe some folk. Clouds of dust everywhere, not good news for quite a few in the opposite tail-back. Classics, at least half a dozen Rover P4s and some Triumphs all polished up lovely, getting caked. I bet they were spitting, passed more heading towards Melton as I rode through, must be a show somewhere. Some folk won't be happy.
  3. I had exactly the same thing a few years back, Lizzie. It didn't go and I went to the doc to get it checked out. Referred to a specialist it was diagnosed as sun damage. The specialist said he would have lasered the area if it wasn't so close to my eye. He prescribed Efudix cream which burned the area off in a couple of weeks. Been fine ever since.
  4. Actually DB, I'd say the opposite, from that pic it must be coming from Bilborough to Trent Bridge works. Perhaps Clifton Boulevard/Queens Drive way. Another possibility, it's been in the works and having a ' run round the block ' to check something. I seem to remember buses occasionally running round the rec, Wilford Grove/Embankment. I lived right next to the works for years.
  5. No Lizzie, I'm not a fan of Paddy Tipping, my comments have only been about his role. I guess he's as visible as you want him to be, on the Notts Police site. What issues would you want to take up with a PCC? CIearly some folk on here don't like the man or possibly his politics, don't seem to understand the role or indeed the system. There's plenty of information available, just have a look.
  6. There is no eighty grand a year saving by not having a PCC, it's an opportunity cost. Prior to that the Police Authority cost more, the PCC has worked out cheaper so far. Why would one argue about an elected official who is visible to the public and accountable to them. Someone who members of the public can go to and have a say. The Police Authority was never accountable to the public. There has indeed been a poor turnout in elections so far. Like another recent vote, the Government made a fundemental balls-up by not providing sufficient information to the public in order for them to fully understand and make an informed choice. The Government was condemned by the Electoral Commission for not following their recommendations. I suspect the % of the electorate who actually understood what PCC's were about was reflected in the % who turned out. In terms of the election costs of PCC's, don't forget these were often lumped in with other local elections.
  7. But is the Crime Commissioner an unnecessary post? I may be wrong but I suspect the cost of Paddy Tipping and his office would be less than the costs of the old Police Authority.
  8. Actually Margie, it seems much of Bulwell stone was also limestone, a different composition. I'm not sure when or exactly where the two sorts were quarried.
  9. Bulwell sandstone, Margie. Unsurprisingly, it was quarried up the top end of Quarry Rd, near the pit. My dad was born on Quarry Rd, later Commercial Rd.
  10. Yes, your point about the effects of manual work is very valid, Oz. Don't under-estimate the effects on some of those involved in cerebral work though. I spent a lot of my working life behind a desk in 'shiney arse' mode, I suppose. Long demanding days in a very fast- moving business, I decided at the age of 56 I'd done enough and made enough and packed in work before the stress did it's worst. No way could I have worked to 65. Some folk thrive on it though, mental and physical, horses for courses I'd say.
  11. Yes Ian, they're the other ones, Park Hill. It would be those HSR, Ben and probably Jill were referring to earlier.
  12. Next to the railway bridge up by the tennis courts, Mary.
  13. Yes, HSR. As I said, the steps you recall are not the St Helens St steps in the picture, they would be Park Hill which was a little further down nearer the Drill Hall. They are still there today. Back then they led up to a walkway to some cottages, a dead-end.
  14. The steps in the picture were St Helens St, until about 1960, when it was considerably widened as CT mentions. There were also steps a little further down Derby Rd, Park Hill and they are still there.
  15. I thought it was what posh folk got their 'taters in.