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  1. Yes, letsavagoo. All that frontage, right-hand of the ramp, was originally Moons garage/car showroom and extended the whole length of the building. When Moons closed, the first section (right-hand between the pillars where you can see the door in the middle) was bricked in. The rest was still open and it became the Shakespeare St Service petrol station and car wash. When they closed, sometime '80s onwards I believe, the other two sections were bricked in and the blue shutters installed. Just to the right of the ramp, the other side of the wall was the petrol station office/kiosk where the petrol pump attendant was. As CT said, everytime a traffic car used the ramp it used to make a right racket, but if you were in that office, it used to shake the shelves too.
  2. Cheers for that info, letsavagoo. I certainly remember a back ramp, which you could see from the Peachey St rear entrance of the garage/car-wash, that'd be '71/72. I must have got the wrong impression, I could have sworn I saw traffic cars on Peachey St. Long time though...
  3. The blue shutters were added when the Service Station/ 5 minute car wash closed down and the frontage bricked up. I'd guess that was 80s/90s. As I recall early 70s, the cars went up the ramp Shakespeare St, but I thought exited down a rear ramp into Peachy St yard? I remember one driver commenting the ramp always needed a quick run up and quite tight. The Car wash had the contract for cleaning the police vehicles, Triumph 2.5 p.i.s mostly. I worked at the service station for a couple of years whilst at school.
  4. Moon's Garage then Shakespeare St Garage, University Radio stores, a chip shop and newsagent in that row. There's a comprehensive thread on this.
  5. No Oztalgian, I think it's the same as it ever was. Perhaps one of those optional delusion thingys.
  6. My old man used to call the Bridgford end the kop, for what it's worth. Reckon the picture is 78/79? Old Ivor had been given the boot by 1980 and a proper scoreboard put up.
  7. Music Inn's been there since I were a lad. They've relieved me of loads of my hard-earned over the years.
  8. Yes thanks Stuart, I saw that. Couldn't place a Fords but wouldn't know pre-70s, before my time.
  9. That's interesting, I don't recall a Fords on Central Avenue. Would it still have been there in the '70s?
  10. Yes, I remember the Art Gallery, Bamber. I think it was pretty much where the French Connection shop you mentioned was. Not the actual FC unit though, I think that was a bank, maybe next door. Edit - just looked on old maps, next to the bank at number 12. Looks like it was there for some time.
  11. You're cracking me up, BK. Not in '65 I don't think though. Perhaps a special Daimler fleetline powered by a Flux Capacitor doing a literal 'flyover' ?.
  12. Yes, that's right. I had a pal lived off Beeston Rd and used to cycle there regularly. I'd say construction actually started late '67.
  13. Both Rogers and Gaggs were between Skills and Halls in the '70s. Rogers, much larger and sold plenty of Jap bikes.
  14. TBI

    Royal Hotel

    I remember the walkway. Our firm had a few conferences in the Royal Centre in the late '80s and after we'd troop through the walkway into the hotel for dinner. It's referred to in CT's post above as 'a tree-lined walkway' although I don't recall any trees. It can just be seen here... https://picturenottingham.co.uk/image-library/image-details/poster/ntgm000739/posterid/ntgm000739.html
  15. All I remember Waddo, is he drove it there and back, so presumably no problems. He had at least three and swore by them. Still, he knew what he was doing with the engines.