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  1. We used to collect cards showing the performers at 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium', early sixties. I think they must have been cigarette cards not bubble-gum. I do remember one was Dickie Valentine.
  2. That appears to be what was known as a lantern, a Victorian-era skylight. What immediately strikes as odd is the covered arched roof, which would have been glass. A quick shufti on Historic England shows it to be a modern mock-up, sadly. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1254758
  3. CT's suggestion seems to add up. Notts Olympic's ground was on Churchville fields, (that area also known as Friesland of course). I don't know how that area lies but Notts Olympic also played at the Gregory Ground, Radford Marsh when Churchville fields were water-logged, according to 'Lost Teams of the Midlands' Mike Bradbury. You've probably already seen that though soccerdata. 'Fields' might suggest a bigger area than plot 1088 though. The area on south side of Churchville/Outgang Lane looks quite large?
  4. I like the Guardian cryptic and can sometimes get the Independent done too. I suppose we have individual strategies, some folk could tell you the price of a pound of butter or how many boxes of Surf were in an outer in1966.
  5. I subscribe very much to the 'use it or lose it' ethos. Amongst a daily regime of cerebral activities, soduku, crosswords etc I also set myself memory challenges. Amongst other things, I recently memorised the locations all the US states and their capitals, you never know when that might come in handy .
  6. But what was destroyed though, Jill? Old bus station and car-park replaced by new bus station and car-park. Carrington St car-park and the shops on east side, ( Electricity showroom, four or five shoe shops, the closed-down Gunn & Moore, Macfisheries and Burtons ) many went into the new Centre. Old Broad Marsh itself; warehousing, a few small factory units, a newsagents and the Tower pub. Nothing lost there. Some folk have mourned the demise of Drury Hill but remember it had all been condemned by the '70s. It's possible to look back and think why didn't someone have a vision too save it? Simple, cost. Who in their right minds were going to invest a fortune to refurbish a slum in order to provide a quaint, short hill of small shops. I agree though, what they did was invest a fortune in the Broad Marsh Centre. A loser from the start. Victoria Centre had beat them to it, innovative at the time, better location, better shops. Even when folk wanted shops, two shopping centres was one too many. We've just got the one now, that's one too many.
  7. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    That's interesting, I never knew there was a Wimpy down there. We used to go in Capoccis on Huntingdon St, near Central Market opposite the bus station.
  8. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    Yes, I remember that shop HSR, but can't place the name.... Radio Rentals was always at the top of Friar Lane.
  9. Sadly, that is very true. The only candidate I could put forward would be Angela Merkel.
  10. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    Yes Loppy, the major problem was the tv rental cash cow had gone by the '80s. Electricals had stabilised in price and in real terms were dropping, hence profits too.
  11. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    No, Wigfalls opened a spanking new-look store in the Jacksons shop, left bottom of Exchange Walk mid '80s. It didn't last long as they went bust shortly afterwards. I've mentioned before how I was passing one day when two lads came running out with a nicked tv. I followed them and got them apprehended in the Square. The current McDonalds opened in that site shortly afterwards, about 1987.
  12. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    It's still McDonalds BTB, it opened about 1987. Before that Wigfalls, a brand new shop that only lasted a couple of years before they went bust. Before that it was Jacksons the tailor for a long time. As I said, there was a Wimpy very close by, diagonally across St Peters square, just a few doors up the start of Hounds Gate.
  13. TBI

    Wimpy - burger

    Thanks Mess, I am stumped about the Wimpy then. It certainly wasn't in the Boots building, that was always the Boots shop on the corner, the entrance doors to the social club, the tobacconist and then the sweet shop at the end. They were all there as long as I remember. The Wimpy you recall could really only have been the middle shop on the Topknot side, the little tobacconist nearest the buses and the corner shop which always had bakery goods each side of it. The middle shop was a dry cleaners at some point around that time, '60s though. It was quite a small shop, presumably the Wimpy was a takeaway? I lived just around the corner for many years and have no recollection, memory must be going . Thanks for the info though.