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  1. Thank you for clearing that one up for me. I do remember passing through Willougby on the train.
  2. If you caught a South Notts to Gotham/Loughboro' bus from Huntingdon Street you would ask for a fare to the Map. Seemed a thing back in the day when paying your fare you would always say where you wanted to get off.
  3. Thanks for reply Willow, One memory that does stick with me is standing outside an arcade called "Jacksons Radio" every time we (Dad and Mam dragging me along) walked past the place it was always blasting out Kathy's Clown. Must have been late 50's.
  4. Question to Willow Wilson ( re October 2017 Post): You describe the journey from Boston to Mablethorpe as I remember it. Remember the train crawling past a place called "Clover Dairy" . Where was that?. 1955 to 1961 Always had our holiday clothing sent ahead in a large travel trunk. Problem with this was it was collected by BR on the Wednesday before we went on holiday and taken Ruddington station for its onward journey to Victoria Station then to Mablethorpe. Where, if all went well it would be waiting at Trusville on arrival. The only problem with this arrangement was we were r
  5. Boots Island Street, August 1964 My first employment after leaving school. The interview at Station Street consisted of "How many of your family or relatives work at Boots and for how long?" My Dad, Aunt and Uncle had clocked up about 60 odd years between them at the time. OK, just need to sit a test to see what we can offer. Well done! we are offering a Chemical Plant Operators apprenticeship. Sounded OK. All new recruits were assembled and assigned to various departments. I was posted to E16 where they made an assortment of Chemical compounds. As it turned out it was a good pl
  6. Thanks for the jnfo. Nice guy, always had a joke when he called. Once met never forgotten. Or as my Mum would say 'He has me in fits every time he calls'. That was repeated every time he called to who ever was in earshot. Had no idea what being 'in fits" was.
  7. Always smartly dressed as I remember and spent time having a chat and a laugh. Believe he used to do a fair few childrens events at the time. Sad day for all when he left Wigfalls and we had another less entertaining collector. He was a hard act to follow.
  8. Another well known person who was a regular on Woodbridge Ave was Neville King the ventriloquist. Late 50's early 60's he worked for Wigfalls, TV rentals. Every Saturday he would call to collect the TV rental. My mother used to like him, always called her "Mrs Woman" which she found amusing and have a chat. He often spoke of entertaining at parties and clubs. On his final call he did say that he was leaving and going full time entertaining. He eventually turned up on the Black and White Minstrel Show and other TV programmes with his Dummy "Old Boy". and often turned up on various entertain
  9. Hi Cliff, Answer to No1. Correct Answer to No 2. Google search for Anna Wheatcroft, computer say. 1961-1966, Children Daniel and Piers Baker. With regards to the Tardis, it had an early version of cloaking device. Left on the street with one of those car covers thrown over it. Do you remember Mr Sherwin who lived at 35, had a prewar two seater Riley Coupe, rag top that had seen better days, wire wheels. Not sure of exact model but we referred to it as Sherwins Cronk. Probably worth a bit these days. There was a story (as told by my Dad to me) prob
  10. Reply to Cliff Ton, (19.02.20) Morning, The opposite side of the road to Mrs Powells, 2 doors up from Ray Hurst towards the green. On the topic of Harry Wheatcroft, When my Dad part timed at Harry's he always used to mention Harry's relative (Brother), think his name was Alf who's daughter lived or visited. Harry's neice Anna was married to Tom Baker (Dr Who) whom he later divorced. They had 2 children. (Source IMdb) Were the children dropped off at Mrs Powells Tom Bakers? Harrys house was the Nottingham Knight which at the time was on Landmere Lane unti
  11. Evening Cliff Ton, My Dad used do do a bit of part timing at Harry W's. as he was a keen rose grower and for a bit of extra cash. Harry used to have a chat with him and I'm sure he knew the origin of the roses in our garden. (Clue: 2 doors down from the green, entry house). Harry was always tyre kicking and had time to walk about whilst waiting for Mrs W to reappear. Didn't realise Mrs P did a bit of child minding. When i was in my last year at Greencroft I had a nice little earner delivering the school washing to Mrs P and picking it up first thing Monday morning to take
  12. Believe Colin died when they were on holiday, had a sister Carol went to Clifton Hall. Their other next door neighbour were the Powells. Harry Wheatcroft (famous rose grower and has a traffic island named after him) often visited Mrs Powell. harry had a light coloured Merc. Must have been late very late 50's early 60's.
  13. Thanks to all re Warro's. I'll have a search through. My first thoughts of the liquid was it looked like a pint of Duckhams 20/50. Cheers
  14. Hi TBI, Thanks for updating, Wasn't living in Nottingham in the early 70's. first beer fest I have memories of is 75 or 76. One of the exhibitors I remember was Warro's selling genuine Scrumpy sent up from Scrumpy land. Very potent stuff. His supplier was happy to ship it up because of the quantity he could sell. He had a Scrumpy bar called Warro's in Fletcher Gate, somewhere near the Cross Keys. It was up some stairs to the first floor, the decor was minimal and bare floorboards. You only went for the drink not the decor. Back then scrumpy/cider didn'
  15. Under the junk and rubbish stored in my loft I discovered a copy of the CAMRA 1978 Nottingham Guy Fawkes Beer Festival Programme, held at the Victoria Leisure Centre 2/11/ to 5/11/1978. Unlike the recent event held at the Motorpoint this was a somewhat small affair, but back in the day it was huge, I think this may have been the 2nd or 3rd event. Opening hours (A limiting factor back then) Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd November 11.30 to 14.30 and 18.00 to 22.00. Saturday the 4th, extra supping time, 11.00 to 14.30 and 17.30 to 22.00. Sunday you had to be quick to sample any remainin