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  1. EVRI scam! Watch out. It had me fooled as I am expecting an Evri delivery. Yesterday 04.12.23 text a message popped up. "Hello, wayne attempted to reach you today at 13.35. from phone number +44 7742 494351 Please visit. (there was a https.// in front of the evri. and wayne written in lower case). Almost had me, has I arrived home at 13.55. Opened the link. Mistake! This took me to a poor mock up of the Evri web site. There was a 16 digit EVRI look alike 16 digit consignment number to track and the option to re schedule the deli
  2. Of all the records listeners to Dennis McCarthy won in phone-in competitions requesting "Send them to the hospital Dennis". Did any of the records get any better?
  3. To re-ignite this subject of Boots in days gone by. Rummaging around in the family junk store (The loft) today and in a box that hadn't been opened for years found a Tea strainer and a Coat hanger inscribed with "Boots Cafe". Any ideas where Boots Cafe may have been?
  4. Did Debenhams store in the Market Square have any lifts? Can't ever remember seeing any. (Argument arose after seeing an announcement that it gained a Grade 2 listed building)
  5. I've been a member for a few years. Whats the point in going to the trouble of putting up dekko's for a couple of weeks just to take them down again? A joy to put up, a chore to take down. The one that wins the naffish decoration is the sign that says "Santa Stop Here". Yuk, humbug, Second prize goes to Christmas themed films, so sugary. The champion of them all is Noddy Holder screetching out a Christmas greeting. Long Live Bah Humbug!! Although years ago had some memorable times and Christmas Eve did seem special This year I'll try a bit harder , here goes.. HAPPY Christma
  6. Hello Dave D, Being ex Woodbridge (other end nearest Brinkhill)and Greencroft (left in 1960) I too was press ganged into being a member of the school Morris Dancing team for a display and "mass dance off" of other schools Morris teams at High Pavement School. Think it was for Nottingham Schools sports day 1960. Having all the grace and poise of a newly born hippo this seemed the qualities that Jack Bailey (Teacher at Greencroft) was looking for. After what seemed months he managed to turn out a Morris team fit for display. We had to do two "dance offs" one bashing each other
  7. Sometime in the mid 50's I can remember the roadways and crossings being painted in the playground in some bright yellowy orange (dayglo) colour. Also the Road Safety PC who presented the flags on the day got the school assembly singing an annoying song. must have been annoying as I can remember the tune and the first few words which went something like "We must have safety on the Queens Highway......" . A Teacher, think it may have been a Miss Leigh kept at me to enrol. Never took the course, my bike was my mams and the brakes were a bit iffy didn't want to get a rollicking off the instru
  8. Thank you for clearing that one up for me. I do remember passing through Willougby on the train.
  9. If you caught a South Notts to Gotham/Loughboro' bus from Huntingdon Street you would ask for a fare to the Map. Seemed a thing back in the day when paying your fare you would always say where you wanted to get off.
  10. Thanks for reply Willow, One memory that does stick with me is standing outside an arcade called "Jacksons Radio" every time we (Dad and Mam dragging me along) walked past the place it was always blasting out Kathy's Clown. Must have been late 50's.
  11. Question to Willow Wilson ( re October 2017 Post): You describe the journey from Boston to Mablethorpe as I remember it. Remember the train crawling past a place called "Clover Dairy" . Where was that?. 1955 to 1961 Always had our holiday clothing sent ahead in a large travel trunk. Problem with this was it was collected by BR on the Wednesday before we went on holiday and taken Ruddington station for its onward journey to Victoria Station then to Mablethorpe. Where, if all went well it would be waiting at Trusville on arrival. The only problem with this arrangement was we were r
  12. Boots Island Street, August 1964 My first employment after leaving school. The interview at Station Street consisted of "How many of your family or relatives work at Boots and for how long?" My Dad, Aunt and Uncle had clocked up about 60 odd years between them at the time. OK, just need to sit a test to see what we can offer. Well done! we are offering a Chemical Plant Operators apprenticeship. Sounded OK. All new recruits were assembled and assigned to various departments. I was posted to E16 where they made an assortment of Chemical compounds. As it turned out it was a good pl
  13. Thanks for the jnfo. Nice guy, always had a joke when he called. Once met never forgotten. Or as my Mum would say 'He has me in fits every time he calls'. That was repeated every time he called to who ever was in earshot. Had no idea what being 'in fits" was.
  14. Always smartly dressed as I remember and spent time having a chat and a laugh. Believe he used to do a fair few childrens events at the time. Sad day for all when he left Wigfalls and we had another less entertaining collector. He was a hard act to follow.