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    3 randoms.

    My mistake Lizzie, it is looking from Pilcher Gate but Halifax Place will be to the right of the car park out of shot. To the left is St Marys Gate. Sorry, I thought you were asking if Halifax Place is now the Stoney St car park.
  2. Yes CT, the original Homebase was up by the canal bridge.
  3. TBI

    3 randoms.

    No Lizzie, Halifax Place is still there, off Pilcher Gate, where the Lace Market car park is. Stoney St car park is a block away top of Barker Gate. Where the white end of the building can be seen is now the Lace market Theatre.
  4. Yes, Castle Meadow Rd, the area just before clearance for the Tax Offices. John Stephens Roofing can be seen, they're now across the road. The long building isn't/wasn't Homebase which was further up, apparently it's Castle Park, retail and factory unit. Second picture also Woodside Rd as stated. I think the bus is turning into Brook Rd. I think that might be the petrol station on the island corner just visible behind the bus. We used to catch the bus to my aunt's just across the road, I always thought it was the 45, could be wrong, can't remember if it went past Wollaton Park.
  5. TBI

    Remembering Nicky.

    So sorry to hear of your loss, Commo. Please accept my sympathy and condolences to you and your family.
  6. TBI

    More from the cash cow motorist

    This is some information from RoSPA which seems to be at odds with the 3% government figures though, Brew. Whatever the figures, I've always thought that speed-related accidents tended to be the most serious as regards casualties, although that's just my interpretation. https://www.rospa.com/rospaweb/docs/advice-services/road-safety/drivers/inappropriate-speed.pdf Interesting the comment about lorries overtaking because of boredom, Lizzie. I know it's a right pain and winds up many car drivers. I wouldn't want to speculate but we have lorry drivers on here, what do you think?
  7. TBI

    More from the cash cow motorist

    Thanks for the warning poohbear, isn't this just another example of fake news though? From changes within the past 12 months... on a motorway with 70mph limit (and no temporary lower) over 70 up to 90mph the penalty is 3 points and a fine dependent upon income. Between 91 and 100 it's a fine, 4-6 points or ban. Over 101 it's a fine and minimum of six points or ban and only possible custodial sentence dependent on actual speed and circumstances. I'd say responsible drivers who keep to speed limits needn't be worried, if you choose to exceed limits be prepared to risk you licence as has always been the case. As to the M25 though, I don't think it's possible to get anywhere near the limit most of the time.
  8. Yes you're right, my mistake David. No Bertram recorded anywhere and somehow missed that.
  9. Bertie Mee is shown as Herbert on birth records.
  10. TBI


    One of my wife's friends works at QMC booking appointments. One aspect of this also entails continual booking of interpreters for many different languages, at £200+ per visit, for the many foreign patients who can't speak English. This is a significant cost which gets hidden. What's even worse is many of the patients then don't bother to turn up but the interpreter still gets paid!
  11. TBI

    All Kinds of Everything.

    He got an easy job I reckon, couldn't see him or hear him, could have been anybody. Must have been a bit hot in that suit I suppose.
  12. Yes, those are doors directly facing the chip shop. Kicked many a football up against the shutters, that's before those swing doors were added, the scabby bit of partition wasn't there either. We used to muck about in there until we got chased out. Down behind those buses out the other end on the left were the scrap bays. We used to furtle out the wheel bearing races, crack them open and use the ball bearings for marbles.
  13. TBI

    Vanished shops

    I think that might have been Bridgers Discount Electricals, opposite the bus station.. '80s.
  14. Sorry, Waddo. Yes, reading back, the thread did seem to get a bit confusing.
  15. That's certainly a wonderful photo, Lizzie. It took me a little while to figure where it was taken...in front of the south-west corner annexe, the woodwork room roof just visible on the left. Mundella was a mixed school from the outset, so I'm wondering if that picture was an all-girls class in the early years or a club/society/team of some sort. They look a very smart lot and the very dapper man I presume is the teacher. As you say, children usually left school at 14 before WW1 but I'm not sure if it was later if they were perhaps studying for further education.
  16. Lol...at least you got your own right..I was in Wollaton (red)..Hardwick was yellow and Thoresby green.
  17. When did you attend Mundella, Waddo? It was Welbeck, Wollaton, Thoresby and Hardwick at least since the 1940s. Actually, just having a quick shufti on the website seems to be at least '20s....
  18. TBI

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    It was actually upstairs. Victoria Centre bus station was accessed from the left upper floor, above the food court. Buses exited via Cairns St. Very large and busy, it was situated where House of Fraser, upper shops and the Emmett clock are currently located.
  19. Now that is a bit of an upmarket touch see, not any old street sign, a special one etched into the stone.
  20. TBI

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    So just going back to the factory, which always looked quite anonymous; in the other thread there's mention of a Parrs who made circuits. Was it actually Parrs, were they sub-contractors, were they taken over by Ericcsons?
  21. TBI

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    Yes, that's the one. I'm a bit confused though, which restaurant was in front of it?
  22. TBI

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    That's correct, shown as Engineering Works at the time.
  23. Yes, you can see them on Britain From Above. The Belgrave Square houses were three-storey Victorian semis, set up above pavement level with a Bulwell stone-fronted wall. There were other similar houses in the same block between Chaucer/Goldsmith/Clarendon/Talbot Streets. They seemed largish residences, some may possibly have contained apartments, set amongst warehouses and factories, especially the dyers which would have been a bit smelly. Demolished mid-60s it would appear.
  24. You're lucky you didn't end up having an afternoon kip with the fishes.
  25. Most parts except Sicily and Naples, very common