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  1. Pobs ? It was known as 'Bread in a Basin', or 'Sop' to me and my younger brother. A cause of great embarrassment to this five year old when teacher went round the class asking what we had for breakfast - and I proclaimed "Sop Miss" !! (Much hilarity that caused). Very descriptive titles for this regular breakfast treat in the nineteen forties. As we could not afford the milk, but had to make do with weak tea, bread and perhaps a sprinkling of sugar - but not too sure about the latter !! No point complaining either as that brought forth the comment "take it or leave ".
  2. Rise Park Community Association are holding a 1940's Thank You Celebration today - 15th Nov from 2 - 5 pm. Also includes Past Photo's and items relating to Rise Park for anyone interested. Plus live music of war era, memorabilia. Not to mention Beef / Pork dripping on Toast! Community Association building on Bestwood Park Drive. Please be aware of parking time limits in shops car park though - use other car park or on street. Otherwise risk a £100 fine. Admission is free. (Sorry for late notification).
  3. Thanks Chulla. Info added to the Property pages of my Rise Park web site. Just had my drive resurfaced at not far short of the price the bungalow would have cost in the late sixties !
  4. I can fortunately call upon my good lady to remove outside them using the upturned glass method. But perhaps this is doing them no favours and it would be better to kill them on the spot !!!! A swift death. After all, the experts tell us that these are mainly males looking for a mate. But they also tell us that this is an extremely risky business for the males, as the females generally kill and eat them after mating anyway - perhaps resulting in a very slow and painful death? Just a case then of "being cruel to be kind". (Though maybe they will die with a smile on their faces if they succeed
  5. Hi Chull. Just spotted your post dated April 2014, giving brochure prices for new homes on Rise Park estate. Would make an interesting addition to the Property page of my web site about the estate, if you agree. But was presumably towards completion of the estate, if brochure dated 1971 - as I believe most work was completed from 1965 onwards. Don't suppose you have any earlier prices ?
  6. Some hilarious comments here - but its not really funny !!! What might seem to be a beast the size of half a crown to Carni, can appear the size of a bicycle wheel to us arachnophobics. Strangely enough, the one outdoors don't bother me, it's just the monsters that scuttle across the carpet of an evening! Must be the feeling of being trapped indoors with no where to run, and certainly could not move as fast as some of them. The Kleen eze man used to have a spider catcher in his catalogue. A square plastic 'cup' on end of a long handle and with a sliding panel at the bottom. Plonk it down ove
  7. Thanks Dave 48 for the reminder about the Broad Oak - will have to re visit to see how we are greeted ! Otherwise, all out there seem to have the same problem in tracking down any new candidates for the "dog friendly pubs "site. The Fox, Dixie's and Robin Hood are already listed. And I recently added the Bromley Arms at Fiskerton - though visited too late in the afternoon for a meal. So the only new suggestion to date is the Broad Oak at Strelley. Was surprised to hear about the attitude to dogs in Oz - seems that owners there are also treated as walking cases of leprosy as they are in a
  8. Thanks for responses so far, but still nothing new to add. The Robin Hood at Lambley and Fox at Blidworth are already a couple of the rare nearby pubs that are already listed on the doggiepubs site. What a contrast to areas such as the Lake District, where so many places seem to welcome them with open arms !! Or Llandudno, where we have just spent a weeks holiday, and where I was able to easily come up with four pubs that merited an entry on the aforementioned web site. (Like Rob L we always ask before entering, but the majority around here come up with the "not wanted" response). P.S. Love
  9. Before leaving for any holiday with our dog I visit a web site to check out nearby pubs where we can have a bar meal and where our dog will be made welcome. A great site with over 5000 pubs listed. site is www.doggiepubs.org.uk But when home in Nottingham we find it rather more difficult - especially to find a welcoming place for a Sunday Roast or mid day meal. Particularly in a pleasant location e.g. riverside or park. and within a six or seven mile radius. Am wondering whether there are any like minded dog owners out there who can recommend any such places, not already on the site, and wh
  10. Looking out from the tram, passing close by the Wilkinson Street station, it recently occured to me that the gasholders opposite Shipstones old brewery / Pye Auctioneers are no longer to be seen above ground. Does anyone know whether they are still in use, or have they now been decommissioned?
  11. On my website about Rise Park estate I have some information about the local schools and a Bygones / Timeline of Events page. These now show the opening date of this school as September 1972. But I have had to change this several times over the recent past as someone always seems to come up with a different recollection. The current date has been supplied by the school on the basis of some photographic evidence found by the them, though they do not appear to be 100% confident and do not have an exact date. Enquiries via the City Council have also drawn a blank and it seems amazing that th
  12. Does anyone know if there's any truth in the rumour (just been started) that Entomologists have been told that they must come up with a new name for Ladybirds? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated
  13. I'm looking at the DVLA leaflet reference INF45/1 - sent to me with my licence This states:- Date of Licence issue, photo expiry, issuing Authority "The date shown in 4a is the date the photograph is valid from. 4b shows the date the photograph must be renewed. The authority that issued the licence is shown in 4c. In GB that is DVLA" On the reverse of my licence there is a date (7/1/11) shown in column 11, and this is the date my licence expires. My photo expiry date is in May this year, and I can only assume that they will me send a reminder to ask for a new photo.
  14. The dates on the front of the licence are the dates the photograph is valid from, and the date at 4b is the date when the photograph has to be renewed. Though that doesn't appear to be the case when looking at the notes on the reverse. Believe that the photo has to be renewed every ten years. The actual expiry date of the licence is shown in the table on the reverse side, and does have to be specifically renewed at age 70. It's explained in a leaflet they sent with my licence. (Hope I've got it right!)
  15. Hope you've added your signature and comments to the petition then. Numbers just approaching 12,000 as I watch and seem to be rolling in at a rate of eight or ten a minute!! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/giveupthebonus/ Just seen the interest on my savings account (which we rely on as a supplement to our pension) plummett from £98 a few months ago to just £28 this month and with a further cut in the pipeline! Perhaps the Bankers might like to take a 75% or 80% drop in their salary in lieu of the bonus, but cannot see it happening unless it's forced upon them.