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  1. BilboroughShirley

    Things that pee you off

    Too much American spelling creeping into our fine language Ian. Sulphur is now sulfur! Less letters to type in their version. They have also changed diarrhoea to diarrhea. Again less letters to type. Does this thin it out a bit!
  2. BilboroughShirley

    Things that pee you off

    Thoughtless parking. Heading for a car park off a very narrow one way street with double yellow lines both sides I could get no further. Some p*** had parked a car on the yellow lines and left it there, giving no room to get past. I guessed the driver was in a building nearby so my Volvo spoke, loud and clear! After the third time a bloke appeared, got in and drove away. He could not look at me! If he had two brain cells to rub together he would have noticed that 10 yards further along the road was a lay-by where he could still have parked on yellow lines but without blocking the whole road.
  3. BilboroughShirley

    Songs that stick in the mind...

    Fairy Tale of New York.
  4. BilboroughShirley

    Old department store - Farmers

    Great photo. Thanks. A lovely place to work. Lots of laughs and nice customers.
  5. BilboroughShirley

    Hello from nostalgia journal Nottinghamshire Past

    Welcome to Nottstalgia. The new publication sounds good.
  6. BilboroughShirley

    Hi from Jackie - new yesterday!!

    Hi Auris246. In the 1950s and 60s a family called Belshaw lived on Tremayne Road in Bilborough. The daughter was Christine and her older brother Laurence.
  7. BilboroughShirley

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    The Handmaid's Tale. Margaret Atwood's novels are a good read. Just finished Maddaddam and now reading The Heart Goes Last. Turning The Handmaid's Tale into TV series must have been a challenge due to the complexity of the story line and the grim content. They have toned it down a bit.
  8. BilboroughShirley


    Thanks for the photos of Canning Circus and its history Ian. I remember there was a funeral director's premises there in 1964. Sad memories.
  9. BilboroughShirley

    Remember these?

    Great photo of Victoria Centre and Scan. I remember shopping in there when it opened and seeing the staff I used to work with when we were all at Farmers shop. Lovely memories. Thanks Ian.
  10. BilboroughShirley

    Where Did They All Go

    He looks lovely! Thanks for the photo. Being a bit threadbare means he has been well loved. A great addition to the household.
  11. BilboroughShirley

    Where Did They All Go

    So glad to hear that the bear was rescued by you Compo. Your good deed for the day. Just a thought Compo, will you be posting a photo of the bear?
  12. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

    A great day today. Enjoyed teaching chemistry and physics this afternoon, then a bit of retail therapy before going to an excellent concert at Coventry Cathedral. The Coventry Cathedral Chorus joined forces with the Sons of Jubal on their Ignite Tour. The Sons of Jubal are from Georgia, America. They were good. The event was to raise funds for the NSPCC. An excellent evening.
  13. BilboroughShirley

    first book

    I like to look in second hand book shops to see how much they are selling for. Quite a lot! I still will not part with them. I have some of the early paperback ones too. Nice bit of social history.
  14. BilboroughShirley

    Favourite clips from films, adverts, soaps.

    Clockwise is a favourite of mine, especially the part with the hymn "He who would valiant be against all disaster!" Very funny and very appropriate. When my friend and I saw this at the cinema we laughed so much our eyes were sore and our ribs ached. We were helpless at the part where the head uses his binoculars to spot smokers from his office. We used to work at a school where the head of year spotted smokers from the staff room window using binoculars.
  15. BilboroughShirley

    first book

    I still have my Rupert Annuals. I loved them, the rhymes and the illustrations. Other early favourites were the Enid Blyton Adventure books: The Sea of Adventure and The Mountain of Adventure. Also the Secret Seven books. One special book I recall is Davy Crockett. My grandfather read this to me long before I learned to read! Loved it. I still have his book.