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  1. BilboroughShirley

    Back In Time For School

    In the episode this week they talked about the "open air school". I remember my mum talking about an "open air school in Nottingham" and someone she knew whose child went there. Where was it? I had not heard of "forest schools" before. Now we have the rash of academies and free schools a Wildlife Trust is setting up a free school based on outdoor learning and nature. Looks like we are going back in time!
  2. BilboroughShirley

    Catstone Hill Farm, Strelley

    Thanks Steve. This is very helpful. On this site we learn so much from discussions with members. I have found out so many things about Nottingham that I had no idea about before I joined.
  3. BilboroughShirley

    Catstone Hill Farm, Strelley

    I have fond memories of the hours of fun with friends in the sandy banks! In about 1956 my grandfather was out walking with his friends. They went up the lane towards Strelley and then across a field. Grandfather had a massive heart attack. His friend had to go to a farm to phone for an ambulance and the ambulance had difficulty getting across the field. They had to carry grandfather. I am guessing that it may have been Catstone Hill Farm. From your description Steve I wonder if they had a phone at that time. When it was getting close to bonfire night my friends and I used to go up Sandy Lane to collect wood from hedge bottoms for our bonfire. We were always told to be very careful because farmers had guns. Interesting times!
  4. BilboroughShirley

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    I agree with you Eileen, Watership Down was good. It follows the book very well and I like the animation. It is a book that children read, however there are concepts in there that can be appreciated by all age groups. The rabbit farm reminds me of a job interview I went to some years ago. The place seemed perfect and well equipped but I spotted an undercurrent in the way certain managers spoke to some staff. I withdrew. Later I did a lot of union case work there. People found it amusing when I likened the establishment to the rabbit farm in Watership Down! The last time I saw the head before he retired he shook my hand and said he hoped he would not have to see me again! Loved it! The staff there escaped in droves thankfully. Looking forward to episode 2 tonight.
  5. BilboroughShirley

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    So pleased Stacey won. She did so well and made such progress. Brilliant. This is the first time I have watched Strictly. I could not watch it with Len Goodman as a judge. His old fashioned style made me cringe. Much better now.
  6. BilboroughShirley

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Found "Reach For The Sky" on Freeview channel 81. Brilliant. This was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. I went with my mum, dad and granddad. Another vintage gem on this channel: "Every Home Should Have One", the 1970 Marty Feldman slapstick comedy. Mum loved the cinema. She met me when I finished work at Farmers store and we went to see this film. We were both helpless with laughing all the way through! Happy memories. Seeing it again after all these years I still laughed and this time I appreciated the clever send up of product marketing and advertising.
  7. BilboroughShirley

    Christmas Tips

    With the range of different delivery services and different people delivering the mail I have not known tipping for many years. My mum told me the story about my grandmother in the 1930's. She always gave the bin men a Christmas box as it was called in that part of Yorkshire. One year the bin man knocked on her door and said " compliments of the season, I'm the man who empties your bin". She replied " and the same to you, I'm the lady who fills it". He would have got a tip if he had not asked!
  8. BilboroughShirley

    Hard Teachers!

    How times have changed! Reading the posts about teachers coming into the job from the forces all those years ago, behaviour was very different then. Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone who had left the armed forces and trained as a teacher. He said there were 15 in his group doing the training. All of them completed it but after a year only 2 had remained in the job!
  9. BilboroughShirley

    Things that pee you off

    The idiot who was reversing their car on the inside lane of the M6! I was driving south through the roadworks in the early hours of Sunday amd making steady progress within the speed limit. In front I saw hazard lights flashing so I pulled out into the middle lane in plenty of time/distance feeling sorry for the poor driver who had broken down. As I got closer no more sympathy as I saw reversing lights on and the car was reversing! A shame I do not have a dashcam. Checking the online news when I got home there was no report of an accident on that part of the motorway and I was hugely relieved. Stupidity like that puts lives at risk.
  10. BilboroughShirley

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Dark Heart on ITV 1. A bit grim. They caught the bad guy. Killing Eve on BBC. Another grim tale and I hope they catch the psychopath. I prefer to watch the episodes week by week rather than going down the box set route in iPlayer.
  11. BilboroughShirley

    Come on all you foodies - Giss some dinner ideas!

    Cooking a special dinner tonight: venison and chestnut pie. Used the Mary Berry recipe for the filling and substituted potato pastry for the crust as this is less fatty than puff pastry. The potato pastry recipe is in the Hairy Dieters cookbook. They loved it!
  12. BilboroughShirley

    Is this grave enquiry fair?

    It is so sad when these places are not respected. My Mum was cremated and her ashes buried in the garden of remembrance at the Church in West Yorkshire where she was baptised and married. Her name is in the book of remembrance. It is an active Church and well cared for. Her friend told us that she looked over the wall and knew my Mum was safe there.
  13. BilboroughShirley

    Is this grave enquiry fair?

    They have big maps of the graves at the General Cemetery in the Nottingham Archives. Very nice helpful staff there. Also they have the burial records. All access is free but it is a good idea to book. There are also burial records there for the Rock Cemetery. In 1988 I wanted to find my grandmother's grave. She was buried at the General Cemetery in 1917 when my dad was a very young child. So sad. I had the grave certificate with the number and details on. A council employee met me and showed me a paper map and found the grave number. We walked down to where the grave was. There was no grave stone. I guess it was probably a wooden cross put there at the time. The man then explained to me that the cemetery fell into disrepair and many records were lost. He had met people looking for graves and found that the grave they wanted to find was under a tarmac path! He was a very pleasant helpful man. When I made that visit I drove in through the archway in the building at Canning Circus and down to a little car park. I guess you cannot do that now. I had phoned the council beforehand to make an appointment with their member of staff. There was no charge.
  14. BilboroughShirley

    Berni Inns....

    Thanks for the replies. From what you are saying I am glad that he did not book at the Shipley Boat Inn and we went to the Cricketers! We did not miss anything.
  15. BilboroughShirley

    Hello Nottingham!

    Welcome Bilborough Girl. Bilborough was a great place to grow up in!