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  1. BilboroughShirley

    Bilborough Grammar School

    Yes! I had a pair of beetles tights, they were black. Thanks LizzieM. I had forgotten about them!
  2. BilboroughShirley

    Time Lord!

    Thanks jonab. I remember the Army Game now. My grandfather used to like it! Memories!
  3. BilboroughShirley

    Bilborough Grammar School

    30 denier stockings with seams up the back! I had forgotten all about them. Best not remembered. I recall one girl being in trouble for wearing ones with a diamond pattern on. They were good!
  4. BilboroughShirley

    Time Lord!

    Yes the first Dr Who was William Hartnell. I do not remember the Army Game.
  5. BilboroughShirley

    Time Lord!

    I watched the very first series of Dr Who with my dad. We loved it. The new series is a big improvement on the last two. It is refreshing to have a new female Dr Who with a Yorkshire accent.
  6. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

    I have been busy with work and not looking at Nottstalgia for quite a few days. The new layout and colour scheme of the site is great. Big thanks to the person(s) who set this up. Love it!
  7. BilboroughShirley

    Canning Circus - gone blue

    Amazing photos. Thanks. The last time i drove around Canning Circus was in 1988 when I visited General Cemetery. What is the round building under construction on the left? When the E1 bus came up Ilkeston Road and turned to the left around Canning Circus there was a dress shop just before it got to the cemetery buildings. They always had a lovely dress on display in an upstairs widow. Does anyone remember the shop?
  8. BilboroughShirley

    Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    Great chips from the chip shop on Cockington Road. I remember them well.
  9. BilboroughShirley

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Fly. Have a great day!
  10. BilboroughShirley

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    When I was 16 my dad bought a white Morris 1100 with a red interior. I loved it. When I was old enough to learn to drive the L plates went on and I went with my parents to Scotland on holiday. I did most of the driving. So exciting! Passing place roads, steep hills and getting instruction on how to drive if the fuel is getting low and you are in the middle of nowhere! Good training for a learner. When dad got his new Wolseley 1300 I needed a car to get to work so I had the Morris 1100 from him. Sadly the rusting started, even though we did our best to take care of him. A hole developed in the floor pan at the back and sadly he had to go. I am not easily moved to tears but this was the loss of my first motor. An Austin Allegro replaced him but this car was not nearly as good. I have a photo in the dining room of my 1100 and my dad with his Wolseley 1300. Happy memories. If someone asks me if I have a pet I say yes, I drive it! Now it is my Volvo!
  11. BilboroughShirley

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Ian, the photo you posted on 20th July is very interesting. The Riley looks like a version of the Morris/Austin 1100. There was also a Wolseley version. My dad had a Wolseley 1300 in 1973. I loved it! It was Crypton tuned and I used to enjoy beating other larger cars when the lights turned green. A young woman driving a small car: I took the blokes by surprise! Happy memories. Radford baths in the background is an attractive building. I never noticed this before because I hated that place! These are bad memories of primary school swimming lessons. The instructor just shouted at us! Every Tuesday I used to hope that the bus would break down so we could not go. I was saved by verrucas! My mum did not let the school know when they were gone. I escaped and was taught to swim by an excellent instructor many years later.
  12. BilboroughShirley

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    When my Grandfather married my Grandmother and they moved from East Yorkshire to Nottingham his address was Russell Street. This was where they lived before they moved to live in Sneinton. I have found Russell Street on the map. My mother's cousin said that this was a street full of lodging houses in the early 1900 s . I am sure that Nottstalgians will know lots about Russell Street.
  13. BilboroughShirley

    From the Castle.....

    I have many happy memories of visiting the castle. As a child I went with my parents and we had a grand day out. Dad and I went down Mortimer's hole before the days of health and safety legislation. Part of the tour involved us going on our hands and knees through a tunnel. It was wonderful and so exciting. I loved looking at the old coaches and the tea shop was nice. When our son was primary school age I wanted to give him a similar experience. We caught a train to Nottingham. It was packed with cricket supporters and when I offered a lady a seat asking my son to sit on my lap people thought we were odd! Our son loved the castle, especially the playground and the trip down Mortimer's hole. It was not as exciting as the one I went on with my Dad. No crawling through tunnels! My disappointments were the terrace was partly closed so we did not see the views. The coaches were gone and I was told they are now at Wollaton Hall Industrial Museum. We did not have time to go there. The tea room had been moved but it was OK. He had a good day, but we have visited lots of National Trust, Cadw in Wales, English Heritage and Historic Scotland castles that have more to offer. It is very hard to decide which is our favourite.
  14. BilboroughShirley

    Photos to cheer us up

    Back in the 1960 s a couple by the name of Hamilton ran a B and B at Pier House on Harbour Road Brora. My parents found this absolute gem of a place to stay on holiday. A lovely couple and lots of nice memories. Loved Brora. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
  15. BilboroughShirley

    1939 Register

    The register is so useful for finding where people lived, and for giving married names for females that were added later. This register was used for NHS records up to the 1990 s. I worked through the register for the village where my husband was born to get the whole population. My husband and brother in law found this very interesting to see families they remembered and where they were in 1939 (before their time!).