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  1. BilboroughShirley

    Things that pee you off

    I agree with you Brew about the cash cows. Parking charges and parking fines also rip off the motorist. Sainsbury's in town has now put up cameras and limited parking to 2 hours with no return within an hour. I can see why they have done this. The pay and display car park opposite is now being built on: retirement flats with little or no parking! They fine you £70 if you overstay in the supermarket now or go back within an hour. So if you forget something from your shopping then the best bet is to go to Morrisons. I prefer them anyway!
  2. BilboroughShirley

    Things that pee you off

    We are constantly reminded about clean air and pollution. We have congestion charges and now there is talk about fining people for keeping car engines running in traffic queues. All important issues needing to be addressed but why do they just hammer the car drivers? On two consecutive days at the same railway station a train that was not next to a platform was running its engine for about 20 minutes and making a great deal of noise, particulate pollution and carbon dioxide. It is one rule for public transport and another for us.
  3. BilboroughShirley

    Who uses

    I now use Ancestry and Findmypast. Ancestry is good for West Yorkshire. Findmypast is better for East Yorkshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Findmypast is good for newspaper archives, and using it avoids paying a separate subscription for this archive. In the 1939 register in Findmypast I like the maps they give. These are not given in Ancestry and they are useful. Findmypast has a lot of transcriptions and I approach these with care. In the 1939 register transcription they have my mum being born back in the 1800s! I emailed them about this mistake, giving the correct date, but I guess they will do nothing. The transcriber should have gone to Specsavers! I do not publish my tree online but I do look at published trees and cringe at the errors they have about my ancestors, remembering that none of us are perfect!
  4. BilboroughShirley

    Out and about with Compo

    Wonderful photos Compo. Some reminders of great holidays in Scotland with my mum and dad!
  5. BilboroughShirley

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    On Saturday at the Family History Fair at the NEC I had a long and interesting talk to members of Nottingham Family History Society. They have recorded the monument inscriptions for the Rock Cemetery and will do a search for you for a small fee. They also said that there is a plan of all the graves at Nottingham Archives. The Nottingham Archives staff are very helpful. Nice place.
  6. BilboroughShirley

    Unions and the AEU

    Thanks Ian. Unions have done much good and these things seem to get overlooked when the strikes and conflicts fill the news. Before the days of the welfare state some unions ran their own pension and sick pay schemes. The Typographical society did. At the Warwick University Modern Records Centre you can read about their pension scheme, sick pay scheme and also in their quarterly magazines there are lists of new members of the union in different towns and cities. In there I found my grandfather's name in a list of those who were retiring and also a notice of when he died. There is a sense of unity. Tomorrow and Wednesday I am delivering training to a group of union members on negotiation. The negotiation training is about "principled" negotiation, not hard or soft styles and it is based on research done at Harvard University. The course is accredited by NOCN. It is a shame that this approach was not used by Christopher Pole-Carew in his negotiations with the compositors at the Nottingham Evening Post back in 1973.
  7. BilboroughShirley

    What are you listening to now ??

    Had Classic FM on and they played Karl Jenkins Palladio. Cannot get it out of my head! Great music.
  8. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

  9. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

    Good day. Now listening to Manx am radio and the TT practice with a spectator sending me video clips on messenger.
  10. BilboroughShirley

    The Old Market Square

    Thanks for all the responses. Interesting to hear about Sneinton market pot man. My dad was born in Sneinton. If anyone is going to the family history event at the NEC on 7th and 8th June the Nottingham Family History Society will be there with lots of books! I believe they used to have a shop in Nottingham.
  11. BilboroughShirley

    The Old Market Square

    Last weekend I was at the Chesterfield Family History Fair. The Nottinghamshire Family History Society has a stand there and they were selling some excellent books. I bought 3: Nottingham city centre on old picture postcards, Nottingham's lost landmarks on old picture postcards and Nottingham events and disasters on old picture postcards. The postcards cover the years when my grandparents and parents lived there. In the city centre book is a photo of the Market Square showing "an informal pot market" at the top end of the square, near the statue of Victoria. People did buy pots from markets in those days and in Bradford there was a "pot man" who went around the estates selling pots. Great grandmother bought some, illustrated in my avatar. I never remember a "pot man" going around Bilborough. Also in the book is a good photo of Farmer's store. These little books of old postcards are interesting as the captions often say who produced the card and a little bit about the scene. Lots of social history. On 21st May 1906 the Nottingham Fire Brigade gave a demonstration at the Exchange. Great photo with firemen on the roof and lots of ladders! In the Yesterday's Nottinghamshire there are 50 of these little books about different parts of the city. I had an interesting chat to the Nottinghamshire Family History Society people. Saturday was a great day out.
  12. BilboroughShirley

    Bilborough Grammar School

    It is good to read the post about failing English Literature. I am in good company on this site! I failed Literature. Thankfully Miss Thompson said there was no point in me retaking it as I was doing all three sciences at A level! I would have refused anyway. I have always loved reading but the literature at BGS was dire! Hated it. Having to read deadly books just to answer exam questions was a pointless exercise for me. Last year we visited the St John's Museum in London. An amazing place and on the guided tour we were shown the room where Shakespeare an writers of his time had to go and have their works vetted before they were performed. It made my day when we learned that Shakespeare had a play banned! All about Thomas Beckett and on the manuscript was written "perform at your peril!! This is in the British Library and you can view it on their website. The best bit of Shakespeare! I prefer reading Margaret Attwood.
  13. Yes. This was Bilborough Grammar School. Looking at the car registration letters this was taken about 1977 so it would have been the Bilborough College by then.
  14. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

    Thanks for the great photo of the hall and its organ pipes radfordred. Loppylugs I agree with you about the modern consoles being movable. In some churches that have had their organ upgraded a movable console is put in complete with all the stops, manuals and pedals. These can have an on-board computer facility so the organist can set their stops in advance and just press a button for each new piece. It also allows the Director of Music to allocate a channel to visiting organists so everyone does not get into a muddle! I am not an organist, our son is. When I see him play using two hands, two feet, a swell pedal and stops as well as reading the music (thousands of notes!) it makes my day! I guess that the console in the hall is put away safely. Expensive. Alternatively the organ could be electronic and the pipes may be for show, just having speakers behind them but it still needs a console to play it. Interesting. I prefer to talk about music rather than BREXIT!
  15. BilboroughShirley

    How's your day?

    Thanks radfordred. It is good to see that they have a big pipe organ in the hall!