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  1. Rats! Eww!

    My first teaching job was at the time when schools kept gerbils and other small mammals. One day a little girl came in with a small animal in her hand saying that a baby gerbil had escaped. I took it from her very quickly. It was a baby rat and its fleas were crawling on her hand!. I disposed of it and then there was much use of disinfectant! At another school there was an infestation inside the building. The drama teacher was taking a lesson in the school hall when a baby rat came out from under the stage. One of the lads picked it up so she told him to take it to me as I was Head of Biology and would know what to do! The lad arrived at my lab with the rat. I took it from him very fast thinking of all the forms I would have to fill in if it bit him. Instead it bit me! The technicians disposed of the rat and I applied neat Dettol. Painful! Then I needed an anti-tetanus injection. A few days later I was in the office first thing in the morning. A member of staff found more baby rats and brought them to me in a plastic waste bin. This time I decided drowning was the answer. The bin would not fit under the tap in the small kitchen next to the head's office but there was one of those water heaters higher on the wall. The rats were drowned in hot water then I left a message for the caretaker. Some years later I returned to the school as a Trade Union Caseworker to sort out a problem in a meeting with the head. When the problem was sorted I told him I had o worked there in the past and how I had dealt with rats in the little kitchen. He was politely amused by the description but after that always very wary in his dealings with me. When dealing with rats take no prisoners!
  2. Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    John Boje, I was a pupil at Portland Junior School in the late 50's. I was in Miss Maxwell's class, then Miss Martinson, then Miss Whitworth then Mrs Pearson. Mrs Bowker was at the infant school. In the infants I was in Miss Mosely's class then Miss Henshaw. I remember Miss Henshaw always seemed to wear a bright green dress. She was the one who lost my maths book and did not find it until she tidied her cupboard at the end of term. I seemed to go for weeks without doing any maths! She never noticed! I believe that it was the teacher called Rees who took our class when our teacher was absent. She shouted at me because I did no close my eyes for prayers at the end of the day. I do not remember you. Sorry! I only knew the teachers who taught our class or did an activity with us. That was the way in those days. You mention Lawrence Belshaw. He lived in the next road to us and I knew his sister.
  3. Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    The old photos of Broad Marsh bus station bring back memories. I remember the tea shop in the first photo. Mum and dad took me in there when I was very little and the toast was lovely!
  4. Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    Mumblefuzz, I was there from 55 to 61. Do you remember Mrs Pearson?
  5. NC500 route in Scotland

    Wonderful photos Compo. They bring back lots of memories. When I was 18 I went on holiday with my parents touring the north of Scotland. I was a learner driver the first time driving 2000 miles around Scotland was great experience for me and a chance for Dad to sit back and enjoy the view! (He like that so I went with them again a few times!) It was August, lovely weather and I loved driving along the North Coast. Generally mum and dad never booked hotels or B&B, we just looked out for the signs and booked in when we saw somewhere! Quite exciting when it was getting late in the day. We did stay in Brora a few times where we got to know the couple who ran the B%B. They were so nice. It was Pier House on Harbour Road.
  6. Bring back any memories?

    Lots of memories. The arrangement of desks in the classroom. The chairs are different, I remember wooden ones. The crate of milk bottles! At Portland they did not put straws in for us. I hated school milk and my mum used to write a note each year saying I should not have it! It used to make me feel sick. Even now I do not have milk in tea or coffee. Not an allergy just general disgust!
  7. Bilborough Grammar School

    I remember the Head Boy you mention. Everyone was devastated. He was always the life and soul of any event and was the main organiser of country dancing social events. A tragic loss. When I started at BGS I was in 1M, Miss Mcfarlane. She was nice and I remember the long hikes she organised. Good fun!
  8. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    We watched the Christmas edition of Call the Midwife. The episode had a story line based around Christmas 1962 with the big snow and frees that started on Boxing Day. I remember it well in Nottingham! Great winter. The story line had detail of food shortages and milk delivery problems. I do not remember this happening in Nottingham. They must have put this in for the story line so the Cubs could come to the rescue and collect milk bottles buried in snow!! The Dr Who Christmas special was disappointing. I fell asleep! It was good wine with lunch. For me the best bit of Christmas TV was Songs of Praise on Christmas Eve. Our son was in one of the featured choirs in front of the organ at the Royal Albert Hall. Proud mum seeing my son on TV!
  9. Black holes & quantum physics.

    Last night on BBC4 an excellent programme: The Secrets of Quantum Physics. The link is to iPlayer. Well worth watching. Also my son sent me a link to a Youtube clip: Christmas songs for scientists. The last part is funny and very clever., starting at about 2 minutes 10 seconds: O Black-holy night!
  10. Kev 'Fynger'

    So sad. Condolences to his family.
  11. Stephen Wright street photographer

    Great photos. Black and white photography gives atmosphere to the image. Vaping people nicely caught on film. Makes me cringe, but at least when they breathe out the vapour you can very clearly see the extent of their output and avoid it.
  12. Cycling Clubs of Nottingham

    @Rob.L In 1934 my dad would have been 24 years old. He would have known your parents. Finding these links is one of the great things about this site!
  13. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is excellent. I have not been since 1988. When we visited they had a display of toys including a farm set with the animals, fences and hedges made of metal. I believe it was lead. I had a set like that! Memories! Returning to the thread, the new series of Peaky Blinders started with lots of action. Love it! Wednesday should be a good evening on the box this week with Mary Berry cooking at Highclare Castle at 8.00 pm then Peaky Blinders at 9.00pm.
  14. Cycling Clubs of Nottingham

    Just found this thread. Rob.L, your dad probably knew my dad. He was a member of Nottingham Wheelers cycling club in the 1930s. I have a little badge/medal of his with the club name on!
  15. Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    The Youtube film of Bilborough is good. Right at the end I saw the house where we used to live! There have been so many changes. In the history of Bilborough film showed the building of Portland School. Thanks for posting these links.