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  1. Our high streets and cities have also been affected by the removal of decent car parking. Where we live car parking is being reduced and the land used for building new hotels and shops! I rarely went into the town, preferring to go to the out of town shopping areas where there is adequate free parking.
  2. In the last 20 years I have been into Nottingham city centre once. I went to visit the archives for research. That was very interesting and pleasant. I came off the motorway and parked at Phoenix park then caught the tram. I did stop off in the market square but it was not like the place I knew and loved as a child and teenager. Farmers shop had been demolished (yes it was very old and in need of repair), and no Toby's or Pearson's. I stick with the memories of how it was. This is just one of the many reasons why I enjoy this forum.
  3. Great night tonight! New series of Midsomer Murders and Line of Duty. Both on at the same time so thank goodness for BBCiplayer.
  4. A very sad day today. The demise of Debenhams. I agree with those who say they did not move with the times and our local Debenhams shop has gone downhill. My sad moment is because I worked in Farmers in Nottingham, a store owned by Debenhams (in addition to Griffin and S) and a very happy workplace with a great staff. Farmers closed and moved to Scan in the Victoria centre, then that closed. The demise of Debenhams is the end of the line and a total disaster for all their workers.
  5. I would like to go back to the early 1800s to talk to my 3 times great grandfather, a person of colour who worked as a fisherman/sailor in Grimsby. His early life is a complete mystery. His adult life and family life is an interesting story passed down the generations. The evidence suggests he was a nice guy.
  6. If you read the book "Someone had to do it", all about Christopher Pole-Carew it tells the whole story. A very nasty episode in the early 1970's. My dad worked there. When the full scale use of computers was established Pole-Carew was dismissed and went to work for Rupert Murdoch at Wapping to get ready for the move from Fleet Street. The other newspaper in Nottingham was the Guardian Journal, printed at the Watson-Fothergill building on Parliament Street. The Journal and the Post combined and the staff from the Journal moved "over the road" as they called it. I agree that the newspaper
  7. My gran gave Epsom salts to her chickens to make they lay eggs. My mum said it worked well on the hens so they laid lots and my gran used some to barter during the war. The science behind it:
  8. Wonderful day. I now have my new Kenwood Chef. The old one died on me last week, having given good service since 1976! It just had one new motor in all that time! The new one has the good features of the old plus more. A binge of baking now.
  9. I had not heard of Pom Bears. Just googled the name and from the description they sound good. I do remember Nibbits.
  10. Intu is in the news due to the possibility of going into administration. When I read their list of shopping centres the Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh were both there. When they were both set up who owned the centres then? Was it the council and then they sold out? It will be a disaster if they both close as a result of what is going on. Another bit of Nottingham history that I am clueless about! I appreciate the posts from Nottstalgia members who put me right. Big thanks.
  11. Thanks for your replies Cliff Ton and Beekay. Very interesting history of Nottingham.
  12. Watched Supermarket Wars: Battle of the High Street on Channel 5 last night. Very interesting. Gem superstore was mentioned as being the first in the country. I remembered the name but not where it was. A google search came up with West Bridgford and I found some photos. Was this the only Gem in Nottingham? As I lived in Bilborough we never shopped there! The Co-op on Bracebridge or Cockington was the shop o
  13. It is sad to see church graveyards that are not valued or respected. The one in the town where we live falls into this category. The council cut the grass but do not remove sapling trees that grow up and destroy the monuments. Part of the graveyard was dug up for road widening and headstones were all taken down and laid flat beside the wall. A drive and car park were put in the graveyard. The Vicar will not allow any fund raising to put lights on the path to the car park and does not care that the path is lethal in snowy or wet weather. The one nice thing is that a volunteer plants flowers at
  14. I guess you are recalling the winter of 62-63. A wonderful winter when we never played hockey! I hated sport as the PE teachers were so unpleasant. The teaching killed any interest in Shakespeare. I failed literature. The best part was the excellent company of my friends and the enjoyment of A-level chemistry explosions and filling the physics lab with smoke. I was guilty of dropping radioactive isotopes on the floor! We were lethal! I cannot remember my last day there. I was so happy to get out and get on with my life. What came after was of greater importance.