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  1. fogrider

    3 randoms.

    The Austin (or Hillman ) utility is ex army, WW2. The reg JRL was issued in 1947, probably when disposed of. It's a Cornwall issue, long way to fetch a pile of sand from !
  2. fogrider


    First machine I rode in July 1968.Fantastic. Looks fairly well presented, but the hook ladder on its R/H side roof wasn't something we carried. I was told the City stopped carrying hook ladders after WW2. There would have been a roof ladder though. Strangely, we still did hook ladder training at the Birmingham training school. Up to the 4th floor on the outside. Said to be confidence training, wether we used them at jobs or not ! I remember seeing Ken Blatherwick back the TL into the front of UAU, nearside screen pillar all smashed in. No idea who mended it, a local coachbuilder I think. Great photo Willow.
  3. fogrider


    What a crazy chassis ! All the weight over twin drive axles , I reckon that would go straight ahead on a wet bend and scrub front tyres off in the dry. I bet the drivers hated it Great pic though !
  4. fogrider

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    Correct, up that lane behind the Cortina was Lambert Cottages. From some research I did into the Dakins fire, I read that Dakin and Stirling owned Lambert Cottages as well as that terrace on the left, after the Cort, 72 to 82 Talbot Street. They had applied in 1966 to demolish the lot, both those terraces as well as the storage building. That was to build a huge "modern" office type building. It was refused. Strange that in 1969 the major fire occurred !, still for sale at the time (Walker Walton and Hansons for sale board can be seen above the wall on that 'morning after the fire' photo.) And what's there now ? yep...……!
  5. fogrider

    Buses in Nottingham

    You're right Ian, Arkwright Street had the Golden Curry, Star of India (I think) and down on the right an army surplus shop. I bought a pair of Victorian leather fire helmets from them, a bag full of 'em in the basement. Still have them, on the wall in the front room. My one "fogride" to lead the machine to a fire in the fog was to a shop fire down there on the left, just after Crocus Street Bridge. That was on the old Norton, November 1971 I think. Hilarious !
  6. fogrider

    Buses in Nottingham

    In a similar vein, there are four Nottingham trolley buses at the Sandtoft Trolley bus museum, well worth a visit on a running day for public transport fans
  7. fogrider

    The Old Market Square

    From the smiling faces, it looks like they were made very welcome by the City
  8. fogrider

    The Old Market Square

    Did'nt spot those trousers in boots and would never had guessed American Paratroopers, a long long way from home and further to go still - brave lads
  9. fogrider

    The Old Market Square

    Those uniforms have a sort of American/Canadian look, but the headwear is unfamiliar. Polish maybe? Military uniform not my world. I wonder how many of those unfortunates survived 'till 1945 ? Or even to the end of June '44...……..
  10. fogrider

    From the Castle.....

    The gates of Eden ?
  11. fogrider

    The Lost City.

    Thanks Ian, interesting post , keep the old pics coming !
  12. fogrider

    The Lost City.

    That's it, the building that burnt down must have been roughly behind, long gone as the cars appear to be eighties jobs. I assume Queens Rd must be to the left where the white truck is about to emerge ? but it shows a no entry sign to reach Arkwright Street, my memory is it was 2 way. I think the City works department was almost opposite, is that where the new station was built ?
  13. fogrider

    The Lost City.

    Comparing old maps, before and after that Queens Rd fire, it must have been the old timber yard buildings, London Rd end, between the railway lines and Queens Rd. That building disappears after the fire. Looks like there was a pub on that corner with London Rd, The Lord Gordon maybe ?
  14. fogrider


    Nope, don't recognise anyone. But, the back of that machine doesn't look like a City machine. Not sure where Parrs were, somewhere on the outskirts ? I don't remember when we changed from black leggings to the yellow "trousers", the county had them before us I'm sure and there are both types on the photo. I suspect City and County were working together . Another interesting find Ian, great to see
  15. fogrider

    The Lost City.

    Got it ! the furniture fire I remembered , nowhere near Colwick !,, it was a furniture warehouse on Queens Rd, 24th March 1967, a year before I joined. The old record I found says there was 14 other fires started by flying debris and that three road vehicles and 4 railway wagons were also destroyed. Demolished straight after.