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  1. fogrider

    St Ann's and surrounding area

    Amazing footage ! Being ex City Brigade, I was very surprised to see the Dennis F12 (UAU 999) doing a "live" rescue from a building, using the wheeled escape. The old breathing apparatus sets , "proper" fire tunics etc. Great days !. Obviously just an exercise, soon to be outlawed after a fireman died in Birmingham about the same era and doing the same sort of thing. Did'nt recognise anyone, it was a bit too quick for me, brilliant to see though, Thanks for posting it
  2. Well, I've had a thorough look through the website and facebook pages, there really is an incredible range of photo's, most of my questions answered. Would still like a peek inside to check some dimensions etc. to make sure my drawing is fully to scale. Something to progress, but it has pretty well completed my report into the Dakins fire, can't believe it's 50 years next January since I was at that fire and I didn't even engage warp drive ! Regards all
  3. Thanks both, not a fan of facebook but it sounds it will be very helpful, I'll have a go..... The features of that North wall ,above the cars, is , in every detail, the same as the Dakins building. I read the listing details and it ties in exactly with Dakins so I assume it's the same builder. Where would we be without Nottstalgians ? Regards, Terry
  4. This fantastic Nottingham building is clearly by the same builder who erected a similar lace factory at 100 Talbot Street, demolished in 1970/71 after the fire.(Dakins) It would be brilliant to have a quick look inside to confirm details of floor construction etc. It is listed, written stuff about it online, but to actually look inside...………….. Anyone connected with the main building ? Coffee and cakes on me ! (got to drive back to Hull) Regards, Terry.
  5. fogrider

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    This is a subject that can really drag you down...…………...
  6. fogrider


    Only just seen this Seagrave photo, fantastic thing, the older yankee fire trucks always impressive, many were volunteer departments thus able to buy what they wanted and "tart" them up as they pleased. No such thing in the UK as they belonged to the local council, under control of the Home Office. Wash, polish, repair when needed, remained as factory. One concession was when registered, Cities like Nottingham retained 999 numbers for the fire appliances. This has reminded me of the first "decent size" fire I went to , around summer, 1968, on Leengate, Dunkirks area. Dri- Pack salt and the Bell Fruit Company. Real adventures then as there was no safety rules at all, you can't break rules that don't exist ! Happy days.
  7. fogrider


    Re Troggs' mention of Harry Hyman being our areas executive council member , I went to a union meeting one night, in Centrals' bar, there was a long debate about pay and conditions chaired by Harry. Eventually, someone ( can't remember who) called a vote of no confidence in the executive council. It carried almost unanimous. Harry looked as though he'd just been given the death sentence. The meeting petered out after that. I felt quite sorry for him. I do remember his car, a beautiful MG (?) 1100 in green and cream . Love the super-sized helmet transfer Trogg, would love to stick one on my ex Central fogrider Triumph twin.
  8. fogrider


    RE IAN123 's previous post referring to Trevor Newton, yes I remember him at Central, joined after me, always well liked , still in touch now and then . He became Deputy Chief . Had a good walk 'round Central with him on the final closing event. Any photo's of that event for this 'fires' (and plant !) section ?
  9. fogrider


    First one, the grey one, is a Fordson 7V escape carrying unit, around 1940/42. Ford V8 side valve. Grey paint used to show they were part of the Defence of the Realm equipment, rather than the "red engines" of the main fire brigades.. Used to own one for a few years when I was really into WW2 stuff (AFS and NFS). Quite rare now.
  10. fogrider


    Bedford TK pump 999 STV, Commer ET, RTV 999, Dennis F12 Pump Escape, UAU 999. The F12 still exists, an enthusiast in the Sunderland area has it. First machine I ever went to a fire in, early July 1968. Great days, great days...……..wipes a tear...…..
  11. fogrider

    The Great '68.

    Re the chippy at the top of Arkwright Street,I remember that chippy well, used to have a bag of chips in there waiting for the girlfriend who worked at Midland station, just over the road. I remember there were adverts for Spanish holidays on the walls. Maybe bull fights too. Good photo, good memories !
  12. fogrider

    Car dealers

    Having a beer with some ex Cripps men ! brilliant, davep5491, enjoy! My Commer is a 1958 Mk1V Superpoise, supplied, of course, by R Cripps.
  13. fogrider

    Car dealers

    well, I've just learnt more about the Rolls Royce owner, this may go back too far for Nottstalgians ! ! The mans name was George Henry Neale, Kegworth address. His involvement with Cripps was apparently in the mid thirties so I rather think that is specific research. Definitely on the heavy plant side, Scammels are mentioned as well as Abbey Lane.
  14. fogrider

    Car dealers

    davep4591's post fills in a lot of useful details about the plant and repairs side. I wonder , Dave,( or anyone who may know), did one of the managers on the plant side have a very old Rolls Royce ? Certainly employed under the Cripps company name, Regards all
  15. fogrider

    Berni Inns....

    I remember a steak-house on Huntingdon St, just South of the bus station, it was opposite Brown Bro's, wasn't that a Berni Inn?, I have a very definite memory of an "incident" outside Brown Bro's around 1972 involving a brown Mk3 Cortina, hope it wasn't somebody off this forum !