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  1. May I clarify my recent lead-foot outburst - I see Nottstalgia as a resource about Nottingham, its' buildings, streets, roads and all the people who live/lived there. Their homes, neighbours, friends, schools , places of work, the shops, pubs events, what people did , events that happened and so on. When I log on I hope to see something that will remind me of the city and hopefully something or someone I remember. When I read posts that are only about someones' personal life I have to think that does not belong on Nottstalgia, there are ( I believe) loads of purely social media sites wher
  2. Everything IAN123 posted was of interest to me and he showed great enthusiasm for the historic City of Nottingham. FAR superior to reading bo**ocks about what someone had for breakfast etc etc etc..... That's the stuff that moderators need to put the brakes on, is it not ? Or am I out of touch with what nostalgia means ? Regards all
  3. Zack, I can't remember what that was all about, I was looking into a few things at the time, Cripps, Dakins, there must be a few more responses to look at but I can never find anything on here, maybe some of the regulars with the expertise to point you to the original discussion will chime in ? Apologies and regards,
  4. I was told of a murder on Burns Street, just off Waverley Street. The story was told to me by Bob Highton "Big Red " soon after I joined the City fire brigade in early '68. It must have been earlier sixties I think - they had been called to a fire on Burns Street. As he was going up the stairs, through the smoke, his head hit something. looking up it was some ones legs, hanging. He told me he ran out in fright !. When the smoke had cleared, blood was seen leaking through a bedroom ceiling, in the attic was found the body of a girl. It was found, apparently, that the father had murdered
  5. Thanks for that interesting link Clifton, the consensus appears to be anti-aircraft gun site, but, would that many huts be needed even with a 2 or 3 shift system. ? I suppose it's possible that if homeless were given them after the war, maybe a few more were added later, it's quite a large space. When we moved here in the mid seventies, there was a similar layout of huts in a wooded area nearby. Put up for Italian prisoners of war. Eden camp museum, near Malton ,is based on an Italian prisoner of war camp with many of the original huts still in use. Good bit of Nottingham history , will l
  6. I've found this topic fascinating, parts of the City I never saw. Looking at railway lines referred to on the old maps, I spotted an area to the right of Ransom Road where there is an unusual semi circular layout of small blocks, marked as ruins, there are what look like old barracks nearby. This is on a post war map and I wonder if it's an anti-aircraft site or perhaps a barrage balloon site. I'm intrigued, anyone know about that site ? On Google maps there is now an education centre. Regards all.....
  7. Is there a facility on the new layout to add photo's ? The drop box and photo bucket things are beyond me and I have a 'where is this' photo I'd love the historians on here to identify. Where it says, below, drag, or choose or other media, will that do it ? Regards all.
  8. I found a vast on-line list of basket makers in the Nottingham area. Nothing tied in with ML&S so I now assume they were simply the people who used the basket, not made it. It could even be a sellers' tart-up to make it look more interesting to buyers. Never mind, some interesting history never the less. Regards all.
  9. Thanks both, not an exact tie up but an insight into that activity in the City. I will do some more digging on-line. Like lace, there could be a number of firms, even small long forgotten ones, I'll have a look in Kelly's next year in the archive centre, I 'm looking forward to a day out in the City.
  10. Just seen, on Bargain Hunt, someone bought a basket made by a Nottingham Company. On the side , stencilled on - ML &S Ltd Nott'm. I don't recall such a company but would like to know more as we used identical baskets in the City Fire Brigade to send kit on to another station. We called them "the laundry baskets" and I'm sure I saw them in the various City Hospitals too. We would have bought local for sure.
  11. Looking at the details on that plan, I'm amazed at how many back to back terraced houses there are and the number of streets that have since gone. Vast changes over the years. Very interesting.
  12. You're right, it would have been the carpark , the graveyard was long gone. That space could'nt be seen from Lower Parliament Street as there were large advertising hoardings directly at the foot of the sandstone bank. It was a wide footpath (at that point) , with a fairly wide grass verge too between path and hoardings. The cave the fire was in must have been a peaceful little space for whoever was dossing in it, out of sight behind the hoardings. I believe the graveyard was not in use for decades, well before Lower Parliament Street was put through. Vast changes in th
  13. Well found , Clifton. I now recall a later conversation with that City Engineer, behind the fire area in the main cave , was a small pothole off to the right, I crawled down it about 8 foot to where there was just a small hole into a cold blackness. He told me that it was probably the void under the steps up to the graveyard. I think that was most likely, that sandstone bank up to the top was about 7 foot .
  14. HSR, re the new Ice Stadium, some research was done by a City department tied to the City Engineers. Archaeology ? A couple of years ago I was in touch with a guy at that department about the caves in that area. They had discovered all sorts of caves whilst preparing the site for the new building but very little was documented as it did not seem important at the time. The caves were all filled in. I looked at the old maps and I think there had been an old pub somewhere on the southern end of that area. Just to the north of that, there were some steps leading up into an old graveyard. I had bee
  15. Bamboo was right up Mansfield Road, on the left ,maybe a hundred yards or so before the lights at Forest Road. Was quite trendy at the time, despite being a wierd orange based decor. I remember it well, I met a fabulous looking girl with glasses on, there was a record playing - judy in disguise, with glasses - whilst I was chatting her up, I went to get two more coffees and my mates told me stories about her that put me off. I never went back. It later turned out that they did'nt even know her and made it all up just for fun. The ba**ards !!!! What might have been ?