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  1. Hi dave, I'll email you tonight when I get home from work. We are talking about the same person, hopefully i can give you some answers.
  2. Hi Dave, do you want me to reply on the forum or shall I email you?
  3. Hi Dave, just so I dont give you any false hope do you mind me asking what your mums first name was? There were at least two similar incidents in woodthorpe in the 1980s so I want to be sure I'm giving you accurate information. Hope you dont mind me asking.
  4. Hi David, I remember it well, she was my teacher at junior school. They lived in woodthorpe on pateley road. Will always remember the headmaster coming into class in the afternoon to tell us she had died. Only found out later what actually happened. Very sad.
  5. Does anyone remember orgills bakery in Radford? I believe it was based in the building which later became the variety club.