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  1. benjamin1945

    Daft, I Call It.

    Used to catch loads of lifters in the Coop there,,posh cars loads of money,still went on the thieve. Most indignant when Collared, bless em. Lol
  2. Loved my time at ABG too Socram,,,,they were soon to be taken over'' again when i left about 1979,,,i was offered a job with em down at Eastliegh on the south coast,,,considered it too close to France so declined. lol Ron Fox is a member on here and visits very occasionally,,,and yes SAS had some very pretty girls work for them. I believed (may be wrong) that Bill Mason took over SAS completely and moved to premises in Arnold ? Edit,,thought i'd throw in some names to see if you recall any,, David Kitchen,,be about your age worked in Sales office, Pat Warwick ,,Warehouse Manager Geoff Parr,,Pats number 2 Roy Lander Sales Manager,, great fella Pete Ward Sales Manager,, another top man John Talbot Salesman John Coote,,salesman,,also played football with him Horace Butler Salesman,,liked a game of Dominoes in the 'Vale'' Bert Fletcher Salesman and could play Piano Keith Scotney,,an old friend i lost touch with,,great character,,,we went to Spain together for long weekend,,unforgetable lol Brian Brindley Salesman and brother of Bill ex Notts and Forest footballer Tommy Deans,,big rough Scot,, ex Notts county player,,lovely bloke,, and the pretty girl in Silk Screen' wouldn't have been Janet would it ?
  3. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Thanks Margie,,strange how some days from years ago seem like only yesterday,, Remember many of the lady customers from my Teen years, many had songs written about them,, already mentioned Mrs Robinson,,then there was Mrs Jones,, we had a thing going on "" not forgetting Mrs Brown,,who had a lovely daughter,, lol,,
  4. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Memory is a strange thing.........whilst relating the above.......names of other staff from that day in 1963 came back to me,,and a full memory of what the customer was wearing....IE Light coloured suit and he had an ''hair lip''.......the Manager i was standing in for was Mr Coleman,,who had a broad Norfolk accent,, and the two staff members were Rob Farrell and Elsie Taylor...........from one day 56 years ago,,, feel very old now..............
  5. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    First day as Relief Manager at Farrands, Mansfield rd,Sherwood,,i was just a boy 18,, Man comes in 9am,, Man,,wheres the free balloons with the Quash i bought Saturday? Me,,sorry sir,,don't know,,ive just walked in,,the other staff will be here soon,if you can hang on a bit, Man,,not good enough,i want them Now,, Me,,really sorry,just hang on,, Man,,who do you think you are talking to? Me,, if you can't wait a minute or two,, go away,,(in Bulwell speak f off) He left saying he woukd be reporting me, 9am next morning General manager mr Vaughan (dad of one of the paper lace group) comes in shop,,i thought ey up sack coming up Ben,, Told him what happened and said "what would you have done sir? I'd have told him to f off Ben,, Great bloke. Lol,
  6. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Coffee stronger the better thanks nonna,, Most customers in my few years in retail for Marsdens/Farrands were very nice,,if you had a sense of humour,,
  7. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Ah Lady Nonna ,just slip me a little note with your requirments on,,,then go home and put the Coffee Pot on.....i'll deliver your needs later
  8. benjamin1945

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Done my bit too........Ounce of Yeast Mrs Williams ? Pound of Dried Peas.......Mrs Griffiths ? Half pound of Tub Butter......Mrs Carling ? Qtr of Potted Meat..........Mrs Robinson ? And it went on all day,,talk about hard Graft..........thank-you ladies thats 4/8............
  9. benjamin1945

    St Ann's and surrounding area

    Sorry cliff ton ,,forgot that.............
  10. benjamin1945

    St Ann's and surrounding area

    Some memories among that lot Malc........used to deal with the couple that ran that little shop under the Gardeners pub,,,,Carlton rd Coop told a few tales about that place,,, and even a Coop when it was NCS...........always liked the old St Anns.........cliff ton won't believe me but there was a Vernons store too,,,
  11. benjamin1945

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Please don't Col,,
  12. benjamin1945

    Nottingham General Hospital

    Well not in my case Brew,, some say the craving never ends,, my worse times are,, 1/with first coffee early morning,, 2/after shower, 3/after getting dressed 4/getting in my car 5/getting out my car 6/after eating breakfast 7/walking back to my car 8/then rest of the day. Lol
  13. benjamin1945

    Nottingham General Hospital

    Me too Waddo,,, been 6 months,, now.still struggle.,,....and watching ''Talking Pictures'' don't help,,everyone's got one on.........went out back into the smoking area at Wethers this morning,, just to watch
  14. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Thats brilliant Margie/Kath................... Edit Paul put some weight on ?
  15. Odd times when flying there's been a map on a screen in front of me,,,showing the route and where you are exactly........even the pilot telling you ''we are over Paris etc''........don't know who i was flying with,,but thought it was a good little service,,being interested in all things Geographical,,,i only fly poor people class,,so it might be normal for the richer