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  1. My mate Ken Duffield lived at Paddy Freelys mothers house on Huttingdon street in the 60s. His mam Mrs Freely and her partner Wilf were the salt of the earth . Last saw paddy in 1971 before getting married and moving to Manchester Can well remember the sausage and onion cobs at Nora's caf'e ,and the hot peas and mint sauce for a tanner in Central market.
  2. l remember the Lone Ranger visiting the kids at the childrens hospital in the late fifties , i was in hospital at the time. also the temporary buildings on Huntingdon street were classrooms for Huntingdon street school ,they also had a woodworking class at a school off Freeman street , can't remember the name but thats where we caught the coach for skegness holiday camp for three weeks holiday. having left my home city of Nottingham over 45 years a go ,
  3. My family lived just off Union road on Hedderly street in the sixties ,I remember going to the cavandish picture house, and our weekly trips to the corporation hot baths on st anns wells road for a weekly scrub, we had no bathroom or inside toilet . and when we had no money,going with my sister to Andos pawnshop to pop dads suit