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  1. It looks like the old Nottingham CO-Op building on Parliement and Dearby Road around 1945
  2. you are right about the shops my Dad had a wet fish shop on Manvers street, facing the bus depots for many years and Mum and Dad used to drink at the Billy and I plus my Brothers and Sisters sall went to St phillips school and also London Road School [it was Catholic} and also St Mary's. Both my Sons attended Trent Bridge as I moved to the meadows after I got Married, and again it was ALL COUMUNITY SPIRIT
  3. i remember the Globe,trent bridge the Grove in the Meadows, Imperial Wilford Road, Queens near the station, Odeon, Carlton Guamount, Scala, News Theater,Cavondish wells road,Vernon Sherwood Metropole, and the one on sherwood road Empress wells road, the Dale and the Rio there was a couple in Bulwell but cannot recall there names
  4. any remember the "Barn" or Astoria Ballroom on a corner near woolworths?Redmyne and Todd cannot remember the street on a Monday in the early 1950's used to get "two for the price of one tickets two a sixpence for two, got the tickets on one monday, for the next monday used to be a great hang out to meet girls/boys [or whatever was your pleasure]
  5. any one know about this little book called, I think, "Nottingham, how it is spoke" need to "Edificate" some Australians on whats good english, as spoke by true englanders