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  1. This is 1966, there's a white building where the hoarding was.
  2. Talking of Winwood Heights, I remember the afore mentioned American Auto garage as being same side as White Horse a couple of buildings back, as Phil said where the flats are now. But may have been later than 1965.,-1.1822268,3a,75y,124.94h,87.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQyW57ijYYerr9gjqh1tLMw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Probably where the hoardings were in 1949
  3. Yes there were 2 Gasometers in that area. Ilkeston Rd top left to bottom right, Triumph Rd across the front of the Gmtrs. One of them is trying to hide.. Britain from above 1947
  4. Lizzie, My practice on Hucknall Rd are closed till Monday "Due to supporting the Vaccine program". So they must all be down on the Forest, presumably with lots of other staff from Local Health Centres.
  5. Beekay What years were you on the Corpo buses, I've got a 75 year old mate who was there for 20 years not sure what years, you may now each other.? Bob Watling was his name.
  6. And it contains info about the Gun emplacements that have been discussed on here.
  7. R-R Liked the "Went out of their way to be unhelpful" comment. Not mine but there's a practice in Arnold gets hammered for poor or no service on a local F-Book group.
  8. My Niece, who is 43, has just come out of hospital having been in for over 2 weeks as a result of catching Covid. She was previously of good health, no underlying health conditions. She must have caught it just before New Year as she tested positive on the 2nd Jan with only a persistant cough. A few days later having lost her sense of taste and smell and thought she was over it she was admitted with double pneumonia and went on Oxygen full time for a few days. They weaned her off it over a few days, she managed to walk 20mtrs down the ward without needing oxygen, just and w
  9. beamerr You'll need to use an image host site then paste the link for the photos. IMGUR or similar free sites.
  10. You can still see the outline of some of the track in the grass, near Day-Brook (stream not locality) Tennis courts, skate park, Petanque court (very posh!) further to the right. NOT the grey line, Google thinks that's a footpath.,-1.1576292,230m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. Picture of the brickworks. Sherwood station along the bottom leading to the tunnel and you can see the railway spur line heading off into the brickworks. Woodthopre Drive across the top of the picture Similar view nowadays;,-1.1430216,548a,35y,80.47h,50.98t/data=!3m1!1e3
  12. That spur may have been used during construction of the railway to get bricks from the brickyard or dump spoil or even clay if they found any.
  13. This shows some of the mineral lines as well as the suburban line. From a PDF on here, even has pic of Mr Ashwell; Bottom row, Woodthorpe Park Historical & Pictorial Guide
  14. DJ360 There was a Pharmacist on the news earlier in the week complaining he'd offered to do the jabs but had been told that unless he could process 1000 patients per week he wouldn't be considered, for the time being. Presumably the 975 (ish) jabs per batch within 5 days of opening it is the restriction. Given that there is a mandatory 15 minute waiting time after the jab anywhere doing them needs quite bit of safe waiting area. I suspect my practice, opposite the City Hospital, would have a high proportion of people who don't qualify, although they do have plenty of room.
  15. JIll, it's been around for a good few years, tended to be used by younger people who have now grown up and continue to use it. Examples in this video, assuming you can see Youtube on your device.
  16. Chick Zamick's daughter, Susan I think, was in my year and initially my class at Arnold high, I think she arrived in year 2 , so 1963. I know they lived in Mapperley and the Squash club was built later at the Mapperley corner of Gedling Road. I don't know whether he originally owned / lived on that land or whether he financed the building of the Club. I seem to remember it was described as Managed by Chick Zamick.
  17. Robin Hood Energy sold me to British Gas, for approx £200 according to the original figures quoted. I escaped after a month or so and went to Shell Energy.
  18. C-T the Vaccine calculator is
  19. My date has moved from mid Feb / March to May / June. The prediction is still based on 1m per week, which they aren't doing and 70% take up. I can only assume by the wording that it's now allowing for the up to 12 weeks for second dose and it's been corrected for the numbers actually vaccinated to date, which as of today is 1m you should expect to receive your two doses of vaccine and be fully protected by between 21/05/2021 and 23/06/2021. I'll be 70 before those dates so it may move earlier Interesting to note there are no GP's currently
  20. Welcome, there's a few others from down your way on here.
  21. There doesn't seem to be any mention of The Gables after 1952 as a place for Children and it doesn't appear in any articles re investigations into Nottingham Childrens Homes, although some homes are not mentioned on any lists due to ongoing current enquiries by the Police
  22. The Gables, 43 Sherwood Rise, Nottingham Was previously the residence of Turney, of the Nottingham Leatherworks. (1917) Was previously a Home for Maladjusted Boys, 1946 1952. Is opposite Ebers Rd on the left before Djanogly, still called the Gables (43 to 53) and is a Retirement housing scheme.
  23. Tried the Omni calculator, there's between 9.9m and 12.3m people in front of me in the queue. And an expected date of end of Feb beginning March (based on an average of 1m per week getting it)
  24. C-T, the above links to Jigsaw planet as previously listed, they work. I never thought of searching for Nottingham pictures. There's 82 although some not stricty Nottingham scenes;