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  1. I'd say about here, full map in link below;,-1.1356308,17.5z
  2. HAIR DYE. I wonder if the Bottles is; Bottles filled,,,,(bring your own back for a refill?)
  3. I think someone has already highlighted some of the letters as they stand out too much in the photo, there was a Mapperley photo which had also been similarly touched up. I think there's an apostrophe on the shop name (unless it's a brand name) HULME'S _AIR_YE ALL COLOURS FOR ALL AGES Bottles _ _ _ _ _ _ WORKING MAN'S TRUSS SELF FITTING RELIABLE (presumably trusses for non working men are fitted for them by others???) Here's an enlarged snip, it blurs too much if elarged more,
  4. Looks like it was 1 building back from the junction but if you compare it to the road on the right on both pictures the theatre would have been on the first piece of land next to the chemists where the gardens are now. The Bank? on the far corner of the junction is still the same building. The Auditorium stretched back behind the houses, now shops, on Gregory Blvd. View from opposite side of road on this link.
  5. Anyone seen Deliveroo,, Starvin here.. (12 days old)
  6. Were those gates the style where you had to step to the side and pull the gate past you?
  7. Aussiegran, the thread isn't exclusively for Spotters. It's just as much about the area which of course was surrounded by the railways. Like most forums threads on here drift, but being a former resident or visitor to the Cottages is enough of a qualification. How long since you left the area and have you been back to visit?
  8. Nonna, I think this is what everyone is concerned about re restaurants. It was a Restaurant in what was Canton in HongKong on Jan 24th, where 1 infected person spread the virus to 9 other people in 1 go. The spread was caused by the Air conditioning blowing the droplets around. Person A1 was asymptomatic and had travelled from Wuhan. The dates show when when others showed symptoms. Tables were 1mtr apart but several of the infected diners were more than 2 mtrs apart.
  9. It's a long time since I heard it , but it was common in the 60's. Can't remember the next level up and down but TWERP wasn't a particularly offensive term.
  10. Ah,, I Googled the name of both Dolores Cahill and the interviewer and it appears the interviewer's videos normally get removed. There's still another version on another Youtube link, I won't bother posting it.
  11. So according to the World Expert, Dolores, anyone who has had Covid - 19 is Guaranteed to be immune for life, I must have missed the announcement of that long term study then. And Covid has no serious effects on people under 50 unless they have underlying conditions, so that means anyone under 50 who has died must have had serious underlying conditions and nobody noticed. And lockdown is totally unnecesary the virus will just run it's course through the population. I gave up watching after about 15 minutes.
  12. There used to be 2 cameras but 1 is out of action and can't be repaired /replaced till the Falcons have gone. The missing one looked down the the side where the chicks walk before they can fly. There were 3 eggs, 1 hatched, 1 is still an egg and the other must have failed as it disappeared from the nest but can now be seen bottom left on the gravel. It's Brown / white whereas the othe 2 eggs were brown.
  13. "Got to go, looks like lunch is here",
  14. "Mum says if I look after this Brown thing she'll get me some lunch. Proper joker my Mum, she says I was inside another one of those brown things 7 days ago,, No wayy."
  15. The pictures with Arrows on pop up all over the place.
  16. Just watched it followed by Kier Starmer commenting on it. He obviously watched a different version to me as he's confused and I'm not. Kier seems to think millions of people are going to get up tomorrow and go to work and wants to know how they'll get there without using public transport and be able to work safely. Is he too thick to see that if employers haven't made arrangements for safe working and already told the employees to go back tomorrow then they won't be going. I doubt that they'll be thousands going back let alone millions. And the Union guy was just as bad with his comments.
  17. Yes the Buses have a tank for the gas, which is Liquefied Natural Gas as opposed to Liquified Petroleum Gas, previously and still used in cars and vans for many years. The L.N.G is mains gas but pressurised at the fill point into a liquid to be pumped into the Bus tank. The bus company, or any other user, has to have a contract with a Biogas supplier in order to get the grants they receive and the Biogas supplier can't sell more Biogas than they produce (or buy from producers). It's all metered both ends to check no-one is fiddling it. The Biogas is produced mainly on farms and pumped into the normal gas mains. Locally there's a few production sites along the A.46
  18. The problem is knowing what the next Pandemic will be and who it will affect the most, old, young etc. Will it be respiratory and need ventillators / visors etc or will it affect circulation / soft organs so Kidney machines might be needed or could it be a skin infection, who knows. The only guaranteed items needed would be Scrubs , masks and gloves and they all have a shelf life.
  19. Oztalgian You statement mentions Adelaide being 3000sq km, similar to Nottinghamshire, BUT surrounded 800,000sq km of nothing The whole of the U.K is only 250,000sq km with 68m people in it. Nottingham in is the East Midlands 4.8million and part of the Midlands as a whole 10.7m which is surrounded by millions of other people in adjacent Counties. People move freely between all the surrounding counties and cities. I'll repeat my original statement,, Direct comparisons between Countries is not easily possible.
  20. As is being constantly said, direct comparisons between countries is not easily possible. Size of Nottinghamshire is 2160km sq. Size of South Australia is 983482km sq., roughly 455 times larger, so the risk of contact between individuals is far less.
  21. As Lizzies picture straight onto the fresh meat for the chick, feeding time a few minutes ago. 3rd picture showing shift changeover just before.
  22. There's another plaque on the Lower Parliament St end near where Carter Gate Ford used to be. Suggesting that although the building looks like at least 3 separate developments it was all constructed at the same time.
  23. It doesn't take much in the U.S for the minority of idiots to reveal themselves. Within days of the emergency orders coming into place there was a court case brought by a group of civil rights lawyers in Pennsylvania trying to rule the Disaster Emergency order illegal and wanting it overturned on the grounds that "Pandemic or Viruses" were not listed as reasons in that state's legislation for bringing in such a the Order. Hurricane, flooding, civil unrest etc were. The Judge delayed the hearing till later in the year and prohibited any appeal.
  24. Happy Birthday Capt Tom (Honorary Colonel) Just giving page now at £30,272,202. Page closes tonight, last chance.