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  1. On Android phone I've had to use Desktop Site and switch to default theme to be able to see notification and PM icons.
  2. Off topic I know but we were living on Grundy Street when I went to Berridge. Our Mam could look over the garden wall to see if we were en route.
  3. Sussex Street top centre (same area: 1884, 1901 and 1915)
  4. The old ha'penny was the same size as 'two new pence' and it would work in telephone kiosks (or so I heard).
  5. I mentioned in an earlier post that our headmaster at Becket, Fr. Roger Killeen (aka 'The Horse'), had a dubious history at Hitchin College. This link includes one pupil's account of what happened to a boy who hid in a stack of bricks.
  6. Lizzie, yes indeed. I never knew of his background until I happened upon the obit. He was a quiet, benign member of staff. I was never taught by him and my only recollection is that he caned me after I refused to write why we should keep quiet in the classroom (my argument was that it was not I making the noise but apparently that is being insolent).
  7. John Douglas (deputy head) obituary
  8. What was the bursar's name? He was one of the Augustinian fathers; I can picture him with his specs and pipe. Had his office upstairs along the corridor from the Horse. He controlled the issue of exercise books and those rough 'jotters'. He also issued the tickets for free school meals.
  9. Burrows has Clifton Boulevard dotted from Dunkirk southwards so I guess yours is a little later.
  10. Lee, try comparing yours to this one that is said to be c1960 (the cartography looks similar): Burrows Street Map of Nottingham (c. 1960)
  11. 'Basically', adds no value. Starting a sentence with 'Look' or 'Listen' (favourite with politicians). 'Sat' when the correct word is 'sitting' (he was sat on the bench). 'Off of'
  12. Yep, that's him alright. I knew him from Sept 1974 to mid 1977 then we parted ways. He went to work for BT as a technician. Not seen or heard from him since.
  13. Lee, would it take long to take a series of pics to cover the whole map? Different parts might trigger memories of different people and aside of that, a lot of us just like looking at old maps!
  14. I have a map off the Web that I think I have nailed down to 1960. A couple of differences I spotted in the parts you shared are: Next to Highfields Lido, mine says Open Air Theatre and yours says Pavillion. Bottom of St Anns Well Rd, mine says Mecca Bingo and yours says Hall. Bear in mind that maps lag behind demolition and new builds. What about the railways? Are Victoria Station and its lines shown?
  15. Are they Junior 4 (Year 6 in today's money)? I knew a Christopher Holbrook (middle name Timothy) - we started our apprenticeships at at the same time. He would have been about 11 in 1969. Even though looking downwards, he looks similar to the Chris I knew.
  16. Their website mentions a newly acquired Alto 8 drone (I think that's the one they are poring over). A quick web search suggests that it has a payload of 20lb, flight time of 35 minutes and costs and eye-watering £17,751 inc. VAT. Also says they use a Canon DSLR at 50 megapixels.
  17. The style of chimney stack on Sherwood station master's house (photo above from Catfan) helps to identify two other station masters' houses on the Suburban line that still exist: one on The Wells Road (St Anns Station) and the other at bottom of Porchester Road (Thorneywood Station).
  18. The first I knew about Nottingham Suburban Railway was when I was buying a house on Mapperley Rise in the early 1980s. My solicitor said: "Do you know there is a tunnel under there?" He showed me a plan and sure enough the Sherwood tunnel was directly under the lounge. His next question was: "Do you want to get a structural survey done?" I thought that sounded prudent so went ahead. The surveyor said there was minimal risk as the tunnel was bored through sandstone.
  19. Welcome Ian! Could it have been Moss Bros or Huttons (Pelham Street)?
  20. Where is the bottleneck with this vaccination programme? Is it really a logistical nightmare? At least every few years 'the powers that be' manage to organise a General Election where all over 18 can attend a local place on the same day and spend a few minutes in the process. They find the buildings and the administrators. All that we need to add is a supply of vaccine and the medics to inject us. It surely doesn't need to be a sterile environment (we all had jabs at school?). Sourcing domestic freezers (-18C) is not insurmountable. Even the Pfizer vaccine is good for five days at -18C.
  21. One of my late uncles was a ten pound pom, departing in Feb 1968 (he was 39 at the time). Six weeks to get there by liner (via Gran Canaria, Cape Town and Fremantle). Stayed there for two months (Brisbane and Sidney) and didn't like it. He said the cost of living was much higher than back home and he failed to secure employment. With savings diminishing, he paid about £200 for his return (another six weeks by boat via New Zealand, Tahiti, Mexico, Panama and Barbados) and had to pay the Aussie government £150 compensation (for not staying there two years). He put it down to experience and
  22. The Wells Road. What's left of the northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.
  23. So, GCSE candidates get to find out which topics will be covered in the exam and the marking will be more generous. Good opportunity for adult students to get in there and add a few qualifications to their portfolio!
  24. The science and regulation is good enough. I'll take it when offered.