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  1. Someone mentioned British Bulldog-Our version was everyone bar one would line up on one side of the playground and the 'one' had to stop people running across to the other side. Obviously, at first only one person would get caught so then it was 2 versus the rest. Eventually you would have 10 or 15 trying to stop the last few crossing from side to side.

    Bit like rugby but on concrete!

    Don't suppose it's played much now coz by time you've put on your protective helmet, knee and elbow pads, done a risk assessment and found 5 adults to supervise playtime would be over!!

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  2. Although this idea for a topic is stolen from another magazine I thought the good folk on Nottstalgia would come up with some crackers :) .

    To get the ball rolling I thought something from Alex Ferguson "The opposition played really well and the ref/linesmen were excellent-however we were poor".

    Closer to home, person selling house to potential buyer "Oh no that's far too much money, let me drop the asking price a bit".

  3. Does anyone remember this place, think it was in Hockley. We would go to the Salutation, Flying Horse, then Frodos. They didn't sell beer just wine, cider and my choice-Pernod!!

    We would finish at the Sal, I can still hear 'Benny and the Jets' and 'bluebird' blasting out, then off up to Mount St bus station to get the last bus home-11.10 weekdays or 11.45 Saturdays!!