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  1. Quite a few updates made on the website:


    The ‘Scene Before in Nottingham’ website has been enhanced with more information, more stories about Nottingham.


    It now contains the following categories and sub-categories which can all be reached from the ‘Home’ page (just click on the pictures or words).


    - Places – Clubs & Venues, Coffee Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Theatres

    - People – In their own words – Alan Askey, Craig Strong, Metal Micky, Peter Groves, Offbeat Characters

    - Performance – who played at The Boat Club, the Dungeon, the Rescue Rooms, Rock City, the Sandpiper plus the Gate to Southwell and Splendour festivals

    - Life – events in the city, videos showing the past

    - Landscape – buildings, natural phenomena, passageway & stairways, plaqiues, statues & artwork


    Please read, pass comments, let me know if you have facts, stories, pictures to add. After all it is all about our lives. Information can be forwarded to the E-mail address specified on the ‘Home’ page (just below the clickable images).


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  2. Can anyone help me with some queries I have from the past.


    - where exactly was the Don Juan coffee bar (on Parliament Street)?

    - what was the name of the Italian restaurant on Lower Parliament Street next or so to Sun Valley opposite the Ice Stadium (certainly in the 80s)?

    - what was the name of the restaurant above the shops on Wheeler Gate (now Dosa & Chutney) nextish to Eldon Chambers where the Beaujolais & Le Mistral were?


    More as I think of them ...

  3. I set up a group on Facebook to gather information about Nottingham (Scene Before In Nottingham), of the past and present, and I've looked at Nottstalgia to an extent to gather more. I have now put some of that information into a website of the same name. I have taken pictures to show the sites of many of those remembered, or not, establishments.

    It currently contains data about - clubs & venues (and bands/acts who played at some of them), shops, restaurants, coffee bars, some of the people who were around, certain events that happened.

    This is a work-in-progress, but I hope people will help me to extend the information with photos, stories, memories. Please comment, good or bad. I hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

    Here is the link:



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  4. I have called this collection ‘Micky’s Choice’ as the songs were requested by Micky, my wife. Here are her reasons for choosing them.
    “Thank you, Maurice, for covering my selection.
    “The first song, ‘Man of the World’ by Peter Green, and the second ‘Blues Run The Game’ by Jackson C. Frank, both have music and words I can really relate to and feel a connection with (Nick Drake a contemporary of Jackson C. Frank covered ‘Blues Run The Game’). I take comfort in knowing I am not alone in the way I see the world.
    “The next two songs, Neil Young’s ‘Like A Hurricane’ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’ had little impact on me the first time round but, revisited in later life, I love them! The latter was reintroduced to me by my son, Max.
    “Finally, one of my all time favourites – Jethro Tull was the first band I saw live and ‘We Used To Know’ is my favourite track on ‘Stand Up’, the first album I ever bought. The 14-year old me didn’t listen to words much, I just loved the way the music built and built. Note how similar a later song, ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles sounds (with its chord sequence).”
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