The Tiscali Experience

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Langley Mill is not covered by NTL, having heard bad reports about AOL and BT, a friend decided to sign up with Tiscali. The cost was £15.99 per month.

The contract was for a year, much like most contracts. The 'offer' included free modem and set up. On signing up for this they received the modem, a splitter for the phone line and two in line filters. These were delivered yesterday through the post.

Friend rang Tiscali to ascertain when they would arrive to set up the said modem, etc. We don't do that, you do! on asking about the free set up mentioned they were told we have done that from this end, that is what free set up means, you do the rest.

Add to this the monthly cost only covers you for 8 hours per day on the internet and you have the ingredients for a really good con!!!

My friend is not that good with computers and he is struggling to sort it, if it wasn't for someone going to his rescue he would still be struggling. I know that he should have gone into it a little more thoroughly and probably spoken to one or two other providers and he will learn by the mistake, but what a con!!

A :angry:

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I have rich uncle who own laundry, he got Supanet 2 meg unlimited broadband, it cost him £44.99 per month.

he also got a wonky eye that flickers!

?“¾HìÝÝ?’š?“ITrent ‘åŠwB‰äŠì?’m“¹”@‰Ê‘´‘¼’†‘Šw¶“ß—¢, ”@‰Ê??, ‰ä?ãÚ‰ï˜a”÷Î?˜°D??Ý‰Æ’ë”V@, —^ˆ½?‹—p–^ˆ ¥rŽ§‰Â”\?—ˆÝ‘å?—¿–éÝ?! ‰ä?rŽ§‰Â”\ŽQ?

you ought to see him when he irons ladies blouses!

I stick to dial up till I get good job in tractor repair yard, or find opening in laundry as either a shirt stiffening operative, or a sock runner . then I go on to NTL as they now offer same spec for only £24.99 per month.HìÝ.xiang.

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When you get this good job in Laundry, please would you tell me what sort of starch they use to stiffen the shirts. There is nothing smarter than a nice stiff shirt.

A :D

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I not know too much of process, only to say my friend Chieung is employed as shirt stiffener. he work one hour each day in back of shop and come home totally drained - but very happy!

his girlfriend Su Ling not very happy at his work. she say it ruin his complexion. if I find out any more I let you know..½?‹—p.xiang.

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When you do find out more then I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

It must be the heat in the laundry that makes him so tired. I suppose after an hour or so it would be hard going. He must enjoy the work if he comes home so happy, no wonder you are hoping for a job like this.

Chieungs' girlfriend should be thankful he is happy in his job!!

A :huh:

PS I have three sons who may be interested if any more posts in England come up.

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Here is an old image of one local Biz.


Thankfully, it has now been converted into a Take Away.

Very tasty. I can put up with the limp collars :D

Seriously the Chinese immigrants to any country

have always been hard workers. Ask the Yanks.

The chinese built the railroads, many dying in the process.

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