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  1. Terribly sorry, I’ve had a look online but struggle to find many of the inside and of the Turners themselves who lived there.
  2. None of my family alive knew we ever had the hotel, it wasn’t until I started digging I found out about the hotel. It’s a bit of a grey area after William and we don’t exactly know what happened but we believe his son moved away in the late 19th century to Langold in North Nottinghamshire where some of the family still remain to this day. I found old bank statements from when Thomas and William Turner both died, both would have been millionaires today, sadly we have never seen a penny of that money, we don’t know exactly what happened.
  3. This is amazing! Do you still have this?
  4. Is this from the Black Boy Hotel in Nottingham?
  5. Hi David, I am a descendant to the Turners who were proprietors of the Black Boy. Would you be able to help me dig up more info if you’re able to help? Thanks, Josh :)