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  1. Did anyone see Dantalian's Chariot in 1968 at the Boat? Zoot Money's psychedelic band which had a great lightshow. The band dressed all in white. Andy Summers was in the band, too.
  2. Did anyone see Dantalian's Chariot with their lightshow?
  3. I wonder if any remembers any of Zoot Money's bands playing at the Boat? The ones I'm interested in hearing about for a biography are the short-lived 1967/8 psychedelic band , Dantalian's Chariot who dressed all in while and had a super light show, and then in the early 70s ELLIS, where Steve Ellis was the singer. His Big Roll Band played there and at the Brit quite a few times in the early 60s. He also played there in January 1980 but under his own name, probably playing R&B again. Any memories gratefully received!