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  1. Yes, I remember Pounders closing and later becoming the 'Moon café'. I was an assistant manager in a shop close by in the 1970's. it was like a community of shop workers around goosegate/Hockley and people watched out for each other, shop lifters, gangs etc. I remember the staff at pounders with affection.
  2. Well spotted. Yes the name above is a little faded but it's definitely pounders. Well that's a start, I've downloaded the pic, thanks for that.
  3. Nope, it was on the left side going down, just past Bright more street and joy Hutchinson clothing shop
  4. I don't mind if it's a 'Mine' a 'Pit' or a 'Crator' as long as someone responds
  5. Does anyone remember Pounders shoe shop on goosegate Nottingham in the 1970's