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  1. You probably know by now that the manager's name is Chris Seale (no 'r')
  2. Very pleasant memories, Stu, although slightly blurred. I remember hearing Abba blaring out of the ground floor system, mixing with Jamaican dub from the basement, while a regular listened to Steve Hillage's 'L' on the personal headphones every time he called in. What a mixture!
  3. I stumbled upon this site while looking for material about the 'Never mind the bollocks' case. I can confirm it was the Virgin shop at 7 King St that the police raided - I was there when it happened. The manager was Chris Seale and other staff were Pete, Steve and Mike. No idea what the place looks like now as I haven't been to Nottingham for about 25 years but here's a photo from back in the day - Chris is on the right. I hope this ends the arguments!