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  1. Hi I attended Peveril School from 55 to59 lived oposite and attd Berridge rd school . Emmigrated to Canada in 76 to Calgary - 30c yesterday but now retired to Vancouver Island Peveril School Principal was Sam Ward Mr Cole and Killer Keywood --an anoying little guy he had a Velocette motorbike with blocks on the pedals There was also a Mr Wragg for metalwork. Some of the pupils names that come to mind are Adrian White .Mike Munday .Susan Snowden .Frank Hodder .Mike Morris .Richard Brown. Josephine Peas .Kathleen Whinning.Dave Stanley Went on a trip Switzerland in 57 one of the Searsys from the TV repair shop on Alfreton was bitten by a snake and Janet Morley nearly drowned in the pool Would really like to hear from anyone from this time Paul R