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  1. Thanks for the welcomes and comments on the site. The Duke of Newcastle's Tunnel intrigued me too Beefsteak - I had no idea of its existence either - I plan to go exploring when I get the opportunity. Galway Road is pretty close to me Chrissy - I live off High Street so almost everywhere in Arnold is reasonably close I can't say that I know it very well though. I don't know what you mean Concerned Resident - I know bits of Bulwell (I worked for various companies in and around Bulwell over the last 20 years) and 'tis a loverly place (and I'm still up here) Thanks again all.
  2. I came across this forum while looking for info on Peggers Inn, liked what I saw and so joined-up I was born down south but moved to Arnold in about 1970 when I was 2 and have lived here ever since. My mum is an Arnold lass born and bred and I've been able to trace her family back to Framework Knitters working in Arnold and Calverton in the early 1800s I've just started a new web site (link in the sig) which is a personal exploration of the sights and history of our fair city so no doubt I'll be asking lots of questions Anyway, nice to be here - see yer soon