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  1. Phil's house is still covered in CCTV, not sure what he has to hide.. although certain stories i've heard over the past few years leads me to think a certain person was a very bad man.. Alphas, i know of one genuine one still about living in Heanor, the rest of the original top band Alphas have passed away, the same ones who did Radio Arthur ?? not the fake CBers who pretend they're alphas like Studney and a couple of others.. BBS's Nick is still about, there was Might Atom, a little scruffy git called Robert Henton, he's still about too the thieving
  2. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    it's all but dead now.. in Nottingham there's maybe half a dozen on the air.. Leon Pieces John the Bassman some twat who sits on 19 sounding crap the new boxer we call him, Will. Alison Keith Blowlamp erm.... hmm, that's about it for nottingham mansfield, derby has a few.. but nottingham...most have sold up or don't bother. some have been driven off, others have gone to skype where they can talk openly without fear of being heard or keyed out. if anyone was to come back on, don't expect to talk to anyone, unless there's a few
  3. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    i have a friend who claims to have some of the original Alphas on an old reel to reel, when he gets them on MP3 i'll upload them to the livecbradio site i also have another 10 hours of boxer and some o the bulwell hardnuts, 10-1 tom, betty happiness and smokey, my dogs bigger than yours, all typical brain dead CBer stuff but need to re record it all at a better sound quality, as well as the famous boxer rap and various boxer radio and songs he got played to him.. phil iron cross is still living where he did, cameras all over the house like he has a lot to hide.. radio at the moment is no
  4. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    some boxer tapes on the 'watergates' page. rifleman i had on MP3 and set up to the website but not playing due to having the 'glorious Alphas' instead. i have another load of tapes recorded by Boxer himself and Kath also.. just need to find a good host to have them all on something like soundcloud where they can be played from any position but not downloaded.
  5. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    no mick, Tony passed away towards the end of last year, all information was on facebook CB radio in the nottingham i think it was, funeral was at wilford hill.. there's not many of the 'good ol boys' out there now..
  6. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    currently 40ch FM CB 27/81 radios are legal. PR27GB 'mid band' CB is legal. and now AM/SSB on the 'mid band' is legal BUT you are meant to use type approved radios.. but seeing as OfCom (DTI/Buzby) don't care and can't afford to trace people CB ids a free for all, use what you like.. most CBers run 100w now days on illegal radios, and mostly on ch19.. the live stream at still on 24/7 and now has a ch19 stream so you can listen to the mentally challenged, sexually frustrated and society rejects that are on there.. there's one or two coming back on, but as on
  7. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    As of 27th June Am and SSB on the Mid band will be legal.. will anyone actually be bothered ??? this means the old AM channels will be legal (if you use a legal radio) but no one will check, hey you don't even need a licence to use CB
  8. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    hi again.. on the Jesan, i could find a use for it, but then again it'll probably just sit in the big box of unused stuff best bet is to eBay it, you could see £20 or so for it.. on the recordings mick, i have a few with what i think is gasman on a new Boxer tape (not on-line yet) but i do have three of the Alpha organisation listen on under 'watergates' there's the Alpha's on there.. on the new load i have it's mostly Boxer, Kath, Betty happiness, smokey, 10-1 tom and a few others.. when i get more time i'll transfer the lot to MP3 and get them on the site for
  9. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    Well here's an update.. since my last message, a good few CBers have passed away. most recently Shotgun wayne.. also Kath 'port and lemon' i managed to obtain 9 tapes which were recorded by kath, some very interesting bits on there.. also a tape recorded by 'white lightning' himself.. CB is dead at the moment, nottingham has been taken over by half a dozen weirdo's,inbred, miss fits.. but get your old AM rigs out as the AM skip has been rolling for around 2 years now with the US in regularly, i have many videos on your tube (bigpimp347) with me chatting with the US and when the weathe
  10. packet radio.....ah... i used to run GB7KAP and KAPPA node from Hucknall a few years back, still hold the NOV for it too..
  11. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    Right to get this thread back going again.. there is another recording of old 'boxer' on there was two more of tony rifleman, but recorded quality was low, so being re-done. i also have a few snippets of the glorious alpha if anyone wants an MP3..!! 'attention that man, attention that man'........ i still have a few aerials, power supplies and homebase CB's for sale if anyone wants to take the history plunge..!!
  12. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    While we're on here talking about CB...yet again, lol... looking for a breaker called 'Oddleg' from mansfield... anyone ??? or even where 'Fonzy' is, known to be around broxtowe, bilborough area..
  13. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    The whole talking into a microphone is not ilegal, simply there are to many people who use mics on a daily basis, fire, ambulance, police, taxi, commercial, business and CB and amateur radio.. so to make a law for one would mean them all.. one or two amateurs carry a piece of paper around with them taken from the net regarding this and on occassions have been pulled by the old bill and produced this to the orrifsirs.. needless to say, you can't get done fro it.. now if seen to be driving in a careless manner is a different thing.. as what a 'get' i used to use it and still do, another w
  14. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    Talking on your cell is illegal here, and comes with endorsments on your licence and a fine.. yet talking on a CB is not... crazy..
  15. bigpimp

    CB Radio

    I have a couple of aerials available..i was trying to get the other mick on the air, but seems to have decided against it.. i can locate a 1/2 wave, and i have a 5/8 wave in the garden, just set another guy up afetr 15 years off air only last week.. so want an aerial, drop me a PM..